Bioshock Infinite Sounds

As you know I am a big fan of game audio (and audio in general) so I asked the fine folks at Irrational Games for some audio from Bioshock Infinite. They sent over a couple of files that fit the bill:

“New Objective” Ringtone (This is the tone heard in game whenever a new objective is given to the player)

“Step On Up” Ringtone (This is what one of the vending machines says when you walk near it)

You can preview them above and download a ZIP file containing both files in your preferred format:


.M4R (for iOS)

Also, Irrational has posted 5 additional audio clips to download from their blog (“Salt Machine” is now my text tone)

Collect ‘em all!

Also: Here are some sound files from the original Bioshock I posted back in 2008 in case you missed ‘em the first time

Note: These audio clips are provided for personal, non-commercial use only


  • Collin Crowder

    Awesome! Thanks for this.


  • Chancely Stater

    This is great!!


  • disqus_FwfonDt7zE

    Anyone know why they won’t play on a Samsung S3?


    • benloh2001

      google on how to apply custom tones


  • lgndk11r

    Thanks, Major!


  • EvanTheGamer

    Dddddownloading! Thank ya sir!


  • MaidenLOKO

    Great songs for a great a game!!An example that a game to be amazing doesn’t depend only on graphics!!

    Thanks Major!!


  • Hugoku

    Love these audio posts. Keep’em coming Major!


  • disqus_2KWIVsAQqd

    The new objective tone sounds slightly wrong, they can upload it with better quality?


  • NBA Kirkland

    I’d rather have the Battleblock Theater ringtones found here 🙂


  • Stefan Fenix

    do you have something like this for gears of war? i would love the “all enemies in area are dead” sound for my text sound..


  • Andrew Welter

    The Songbird Tune would be better if it weren’t as high-pitched.


  • Daniel Sherlock

    I have windows phone so you can’t have custom notification sounds 😦 Major You should have a windows phone as you work for them!


    • John

      What on earth are you talking about? It’s been possible for ages now.
      Go read the article “Ringing in Mango” on the Windows Phone Blog (for WP7). For Windows Phone 8 you’ll need to sync MP3 audio files to your device and set them for your different alerts in the Ringtones and Sounds tab under Settings.


      • Ian Wilson

        You cannot set custom alert tones in Windows Phone 8!

        Major has an iPhone or a ‘driod – come on major, own up. Which is it?


  • George

    Songbird tune is my fav.


  • Jeffrey Byron

    why is it Winphone is incapable of custom txt sounds my 6yr old Sony erricson can do that but not a so called high end Lumia MSFT phone.


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