Xbox Delivers for Core Gamers with Machinima and more

We roll out new entertainment experiences on Xbox LIVE on a weekly basis all over the globe, bringing you movies, television, sports and music week after week and offering something for everyone in the family. But this week, we’re going back to our roots and highlighting experiences for our core Xbox gamers.

We launched Machinima a few weeks ago—our first app to launch in all 41 Xbox LIVE markets—and the download rate has been overwhelming. In fact, after only two weeks on Xbox LIVE, it’s already one of the fastest adopted Xbox Live entertainment apps of the last 12 months.

A few key features integrated in the Machinima app include:

  • Easy access to the latest videos and content in the Machinima Network
  • Easy access to Machinima’s library of original programming
  • Facebook Integration that allows users to connect to the app and their social profile to view content
  • Exclusive content only available on Xbox 360

Download the Machinima app and join some of the top brands in the gaming industry that are available on Xbox—including Twitch, IGN, GameSpot, CNET, Revision3 and GameTrailers and more.

37 thoughts on “Xbox Delivers for Core Gamers with Machinima and more

  1. Nice! Hope there’s a way to move all the apps and their profiles on the 360 to Infinity, saves time and activations and all that hassle… 🙂

  2. Delivering for core gamers with apps! Wow. How about delivering for core gamers with original IPs and exclusives (i.e. GAMES?) Wait, why am I complaining? I can’t wait to watch the Microsoft app+video focus vs Sony game focus war play out. Is there an app for that?

  3. “But this week, we’re going back to our roots and highlighting experiences for our core Xbox gamers.” Wow that’s some marketing speak right there. You guys throw the word “core” around and you don’t even know what it means.

    1. “New ip’s (not shooters)” — yes that — Xbox needs its Mario… Master Chief is cool and all, but it only appeals to a small crowd of players.
      I bought a WiiU just so my kid could play the new Mario Game… And I would have picked it up eventually anyway; but probably would have waited an extra year of so.

      1. Indeed. Platformers are my favorite genre. The xbox marketplace is great for niche games to thrive, just like indie games. But we need more AAA genre’s that aren’t focused on racing and pew pewing.

      2. while i am all for your comment on new IP’s(even non shooter IPs),but Microsoft has tried to have a ‘mascot’ before in the form of Blinx,and it didn’t work…my thought is that we are lucky to have Master Chief

        Not that it would hurt to try and have another ‘mascot’ though….RARE seem to be the best bet for creating the mascot you need,as i have said on here before,i hope the rumours that they are working on a new AAA title is true they don’t belong as a ‘in the background Kinect developer’

      3. it would have if, idk, they had more than 1 game with a character like that. the perfect mascot would be conquer from conquers bad fur day or banjo from banjo kazooie for xbox tbh, but oh look, we havent seen a good rare game in years. you can’t release a game and hope it becomes a mascot for the system, do u think ratchet would be a mascot for ps3 if it only had the first game? no of course not.

      4. That’s now how you create a mascot. You release about a DOZEN games with characters like Blinx, and the mascot EMERGES from the most successful of those games. You don’t just create one character and say “here is our mascot”!!

  4. good app, unfortunately most of these review gaming sites are so infested of fanboys (including the reviewers) that it is a hard task to read or comment something. I gave up IGN, Greg Miller and Colin are so Sony biased that I was slightly infected by their fanboysm and decided to stop reading their articles…

    1. It’s hard to find anyone that is not biased these days. Everyone picks a side and goes for it. Even on Metacritic it can be hard to get an honest response. I tend to go through Metacritic and look for the wordy 3 & 4 star reviews to get what I hope is an honest opinion; then jump on to YouTube and watch a couple of the “1st 30 minutes” videos.

      1. I own every single console, and I’m STILL biased towards the company that is being the least stupid at any given moment. THAT’S how you do bias, folks!

    2. IGN has been a bad site for like a decade. the only reviewer I listen to really at all is angryjoeshow on youtube. he isn’t a fanboy and I can agree with 90% of his reviews.. it’s also funny watching him review bad games

  5. The apps sucks so lets get back to games. You pay for gold so who needs more apps that you pay more for. I vote the dumbest app of all time . Pizza hut . If this is where the 720 is going the wiiu just beat you to # 2 as of now. I have Wii u and like it.

    1. Wii U will never make it to the #2 spot. Most third party support for it has already been dropped and most developers aren’t interested in developing for it seeing they consider it current gen. Wii U is dead before it really got a chance to get going.

      1. Nintendo hasn’t had 3rd party support since the Gamecube when compared to Sony or Ms. Nintendo is known for Nintendo. Like the wii or not they sold 100 mil. The Wiiu may be # 3 but Nintendo has never tried to compare to the xbox or Sony .And Sony just clones everyone. Name 10 games Ms came out with in the last two years.Three, halo, gears( not a ms game) and Forza and those three over and over. Nintendo will have out 10 or more by this year and first party games. They don’t need EA(Hate them any way ) or others. And Nintendo puts out all Sega games. I will be buying a 720 but for 1st party games Nintendo will do just fine . The Gamecube was more powerful than the ps2 and so what Gamecube sold third.And two systems later Nintendo is still around with more money in their pockets than Sony could dream of.We all known Ms can throw money around too.

  6. Lets be honest here, the majority of Xbox apps are not for “core” gamers and we’re all ok with that. Most of us anyway. I think the issue we have here is your non-core audience isn’t interested in paying for Xbox Live AND Netflix/Hulu and because of that reason, more Mom’s, Dad’s, Everyday Joe’s are looking elsewhere.

    Had a pilot in my office this morning, asking about the PS4. I told her a new xbox will be announced on tuesday, she immediately wrote it off because of the fee when she’s such a casual gamer.

    Point being “core audience” is awesome, but as a business it’s obvious you’re trying to appeal to the masses. If you want to do that and continue widespread adoption then drop the fee for your casual apps.

  7. For me it’s more than clear that most of us, core users of xbox, really want new good IPS and improvements most related to GAMES. Don’t understand why MS keep insisting in this app mania. Xbox is a GAMING brand, then i expect to play video games on that, if I’m also able to see a movie, listen to music, browsing internet or even ordering a pizza, great, but what I really want is to play core games, good IPS and have a good service on live.

    I don’t see myself buying a console to see movies, listen to music or just casual gaming…Christ MS!! Is this so hard to understand??

    C’mon Major help us and tell MS staff what we really want to see on 21st!!

    1. Yeah, it takes me minutes to even sign in now with my 100MB profile, and when I tried to launch Twitch, I got a black screen of death.

  8. As a core gamer, why the heck would I want to WATCH game videos rather than PLAY new IPs and new games??? Microsoft, you’ve totally forgotten why people bought an Xbox to begin with and you’re going to lose the hardcore market to Sony the same way Nintendo lost it this gen.

    1. No, the new marketing of positioning of Xbox is as an app and video machine. Isn’t that obvious? Games don’t matter to MS anymore because they’re relying on 3rd party publisher support to deliver all that. MS is trying to commoditize the console into a video/app/subscription revenue device that can play third party game software. Sony is trying to make an incredible games machine with a subscription that gives you free games instead of the right to buy more subscriptions.. Let’s see who wins.

  9. Tried this app for about five minutes. It’s terrible, don’t bother. No way to see who’s posted which video. Far from extensive list of games whose videos you can subscribe to, most of which have no content anyway. Not that it does anything as useful as tell you how many videos there are for any given game — oh no, you have to find the game in a list and open it to see whether it’s empty.

  10. I’m keep telling people we need a sarcasm mark (and a few others) so people will know how things are being said when all we can see is text….

    Yes, I was being serious. Halo has a huge following from the core FPS crowd; but games are more the FPS and there are more gamers out their that don’t play FPS than there are ones that do… Also the more people M$ can get to buy their console the better it is for all of us.

  11. While Microsoft may say it has months to get the kinks in its strategy worked out before launch, the truth is many gamers will be making their opinions based on E3 and the press coverage that will follow. The fact the Xbox PR launch seems so mishandled is troubling this close to the event.

  12. Goes to show where the company’s priorities are when they think Machinima has some kind of reputation amongst ‘core gamers’. Anyone even slightly interesting in that actual segment would know that they’re the laughing stock of content providers.

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