Win a pass to see the Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing

If you are in the LA area and you want to attend the Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing on Monday, June 10th at The Galen Center on the campus of USC this is your chance. I’ve got 250 tickets to giveaway so you can watch the show and see for yourself the games we have planned for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.  

Hit this link if you are in the LA area and want to enter to win.

Who: You
What: The Xbox E3 2013 Media briefing
Why: Be the first to see our line up of Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games
Where: The Galen Center on the campus of USC (directions)
When: Monday, June 10th,  2013. Briefing begins at 9:30am, but you’ll need to check in by 8:30am.
How: Enter using this form I have set up on my SkyDrive.

Deadline to enter is Monday June 3rd at 12n PT. If you are chosen, an email will be sent to you after this time with information on how to obtain your pass. Due to the way the registration works you’ll only win one pass.

Some details:
Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email.
If you are randomly chosen, you’ll win a single pass to they event. You must be able to be in Los Angeles on the morning of June 10th by 8:30am. Winners will not receive tickets to E3 show floor or any other related events. Winner must be over 18 due to the M rated content that will be shown at the briefing.

Update: The contest is now over. Check your email, winners have been notified!


  • Brunski419

    It’s sad to see Microsoft seemingly alienate almost every fan that they have. Seems like every bad decision you could have made, you did make. It’s bad when even the look of the console is being attacked. I mean seriously if you can’t even design the thing, maybe you shouldn’t be making it. If i decided to get a new console any time soon it would be the PS4 by a long shot.

    Hey Microsoft why not just charge everyone every time the console is turned on? I mean it seems like you tried anything to get people to not buy this thing and I’m pretty sure that would deter even more people. Though it looks like you really don’t need my help in destroying your product before it even comes out.


  • Sam

    Lets go down the list .
    Xbox One – Terrible Name with no thought
    Look – My time warner cable box looks fancier with clock and lights
    Restrictions – people want to buy games put them in and play them .period.
    Not get charged if they want to pay it on a different system or account.

    Lastly having kinect a must connected device is a real deal breaker.


    • Tuan Dinh

      The games will be able to play off the harddrive and not the cd, thats why you have to pay a small fee for a full game.
      and you can turn off the xbox fully off if wanted to


    • Morgon Britton

      and who cares about the name of the system? I think people just look for things to complain about these days because that is something that is just stupid.


  • Major Nelson

    Closing comments. The contest is now over.


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