The Xbox 360 version of Diablo III will be unleashed on September 3

Blizzard just announced that Diablo III is coming to Xbox 360 on September 3rd, 2013.


45 thoughts on “The Xbox 360 version of Diablo III will be unleashed on September 3

      1. i doubt you will need to be always online, they had to have that because of the real money auction house on the pc version. that isn’t in the console version so shouldn’t need it

  1. I wonder when we will find out the price. Surely they won’t be trying to charge full price for a game that’s been out for as long as this has.

  2. If you are planning on buying an Xbox One, I’d wait for the game. Worse case is that it doesn’t come out and by then you can get the game cheaper.

    I think that most games from August and on will make it to the Xbox One, especially if it is a big game. Chances are the new console will be out in November, so the big titles will want to get onto the ‘next gen’ system too.

  3. I would say that Diablo 3 sux but everyone already knows that.

    Still, I’m curious about how the multiplayer would work. Are Xbox Live interfacing with Battle.Net somehow?

  4. “The Xbox 360 version of Diablo III will be unleashed on September 3” — I wonder if by Version they mean as compared to the PC/PS3/PS4 or if they mean in comparison to the One.

    I just can’t imagine they would make it for the PS4 and not the One — but at the same time why not say something like “The One later this year” — unless they either are not getting it on the One or they have something bigger planned for it (something cool) that is exclusive to the One that they want to release at E3…

    I guess what I am trying to say in my ramble is I am looking forward to E3 and all it’s informational goodness!

    1. Why would you want it to stay exclusive? I understand exclusive game when they are funded by MS/Sony/Nintendo — but wanting a game to be exclusive is just dumb.

      1. Multiple reasons:
        1) Exclusives usually take better advantage of the hardware they are on.
        2) Since sales are limited to one platform only, quality is usually higher to help ensure ROI (return on investment).
        3) It affects people’s next gen buying choices. Launch exclusives tend to be system sellers. Given my obvious displeasure with X1 vs the competition, it should have come as no surprise to you.
        4) I like companies that keep their promises or at least try not to mislead you. The way Blizzard acted during the PS4 event, if they came out and made an X1 version, I would fee like they were lying to everyone.

        Is that good enough for you?

      2. C’mon, you’re just one of those obnoxious sony cronies who has no respect for healthy competition. What are you even doing here?.

      3. with your logic, almost no AAA titles should be released on PS3 as most of them were developed on Xbox 360 first and then ported to PS3. Bought Tomb Raider on PS3 for full price via Day 1 Digital and had to re-buy it again on Xbox 360 because I realized that it runs much better on 360.

      4. You have got to be kidding me. You’re right, I don’t belong on a site where the ignorance level is this obscene. Bye.

      5. care to enlighten me why? i know PS4 is more powerful in terms of raw hardware power over Xbox One, but so is PS3 over Xbox 360, PS Vita over 3DS. hardware power is one thing, ease of development is another. We don’t know anything about those yet and you are making such claim without anything to back it up. not sure who is the ignorant one here.

      6. The game is probably being ported from the 360 to the PS3 and from the PS3 to the PS4.

        Also, D3 is not a system seller. I am really surprised they are even making it for NextGen Consoles.

      7. @ElektroDragon:disqus I just read through the last 2 dozen of so posts from your profile — are you really as dumb as you sound or are you just trolling to get a rise out of people?

  5. Sony took a part of its console reveal (that was not revealed) to sign that Diablo III is going to PS4 while it’s going to Xbox 360 before. #fail

  6. Hmmm, hope it comes out cheap. The game has been out a while now, and the interest level is REALLY low now. To get me to buy it, bring it at $29 and I can see myself picking it up.

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