RIP David Dreger

David Dreger (known by many as his Gamertag Knuckles Dawson) went missing last month. Tonight his family confirmed that his body has been found.

I first learned of David right after the Xbox 360 launch when he set his personal goal of getting an Xbox 360 achievement every single day. I was impressed with his passion and commitment and I had the pleasure of having him as a guest on my podcast when I met him at PAX in 2006 to discuss his daily quest. You can listen to the interview I did with him here. It begins approximately 59 minutes in.

David went on to write for  Xbox 360 Fanboy (which was a subset of Joystiq). He then went on to work with the great folks over at Achievement Hunter. I always enjoyed seeing David at industry events, and I along with my colleagues send thoughts and prayers to his family.

If you would like to leave a message for his family, visit this Facebook page



  • Raylz

    its only for pre orders if you camp out you will be getting the regular edition


  • Raltrios

    As one who lives on the Rooster Teeth site, there’s been a lot of news about the search for him lately. I am very sorry to hear about the result. I just hope it didn’t end the way I think it did…


  • Michael D. Harrison

    I agree with Ken C. “Microsoft please dedicate the Xbox One Day One Edition exclusive achievement to David aka Knuckles Dawson#AchievementForKnuckles”


  • BostonSup

    Agreed. But once his family heals enough (in their own time) and then friends, it may be beneficial to talk about. It is not something to be embarrassed about or ashamed of, but it is something that is preventable with help.

    We shouldn’t speculate, but if it is that (or anything really), he and his family can help others in whatever similar situation.


  • Baby_Raptor

    My thoughts for his friends and family. I hope they figure out what happened and punish anyone responsible.


  • Nobodylolz

    Never actually met him in person, but im a rooster teeth fan and i love achievement hunter, he was really important he was an amazing person, he made me laugh so hard with some of his work and he was one of the persons that i wanted to met in my life and tell them that im his fan, its so sad what happened and im shocked , its kinda weird but that really got me bad, feel like i lost a friend, and the internet, no, the world lost a great person, rest in peace man


  • Timothy Hames

    Prayers go with the family, Sorry to hear about the loss of someone special.


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  • HellspawnRei

    Rest In Peace David Dreger


  • Mike Glynn

    Prayers to the family and friends from Me and my family.


  • MrM0N0P0LY

    When everyone turns on their xboxs, Microsoft should push an achievement hunter achievement that’s 360G in dedication of David Dreger. Like if you agree


  • Jason Hoff

    I remember him for the Xbox 360 Fancast. I also met him at PAX 2008. I was at a pre-PAX party. Harmonix was there with Rock Band before its release. I remember the guy playing RB all night long. He had a lot of energy.


  • Bruce Cassner

    I knew Knuckles through Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. I was able to met him at RTX, we played lazer tag and Grif ball together. I just hope he knew how much people cared about him.


  • Mike Putnam

    Man that’s sad to hear. wonder what happened.


    • Bryson Jack

      Geez, my comment keeps getting “awaiting moderation”. Web search “help_find_david_dreger_knucklesdawson_vancouver” and look for a link on Reddit…that should help.


  • Jig

    That sucks!!


  • Chris Moon

    Thanks for writing this, Larry.


  • Glen Patrick

    Rip dude


  • Squirrl

    Use to play with him back in the Perfect Dark 360 start – was a good guy to play with – Going to be a lose to the community.


  • NBA Kirkland

    My “Knuckles Dawson streak” (an achievement a day) hit 197 days today. My great sympathies to his family and friends.


  • Nicholas Coyle

    RIP David. You’ll be missed. I agree with the achievement thoughts for him, but make it 681G, the length of his achievement streak in days.


  • sibtrag

    A sad story. I did enjoy, however, the chance to hear the old show intro music again.


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