Arcade: Doodle Jump for Kinect

Doodle Jump for Kinect™Content: Doodle Jump for Kinect
Price: 400 Microsoft Points
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Dash Text: Doodle Jump, the most addictive mobile platformer ever, comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade with amazing new Kinect-only features. Guide Doodle the Doodler on a journey up, up, up, bouncing from platform to platform, past monsters, black holes and other obstacles. Players step left and right to move, point to blast nose balls at baddies, flap their arms to fly and more with other unique gesture controls. Doodle Jump for Kinect introduces 3 all-new worlds, treacherous bosses, and unique power-ups. Get off your couch and get your friends and family together to see who can score the most points and collect the most stars.

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27 thoughts on “Arcade: Doodle Jump for Kinect

  1. Why was the WP version of Doodle Jump delisted? I look forward to playing the Kinect version, but it seems odd that the WP version was taken away, and just a couple months after it was on sale. Apparently MS still has a relationship with the Doodle Jump devs, so I hope the WP version will come back soon.

      1. Windows Phone. It was delisted sometime this Spring. And unfortunately the WP Download History works differently than XBL. If you delete an app off your phone and it’s delisted, you can’t get it back.

    1. Yeah I thought it was pretty fun, not a bad price and the sensor tracked me pretty good. I was first in the world to play it according to leaderboards 😀

      1. Oh really? I own 280 Arcade games, 366 physical X360 games, and have been on Live for 8 years with a GS of over 111K. Not once did I realize arcade game had demos! Gee whiz, thanks so much, mister!

  2. its fun for 400 points, since crimson dragon was my only expectative for kinect and now its “one”, i want to grab anything that makes me feel the kinect useful

  3. Downloaded the demo- my kids are having fun with the two levels on the demo. I would buy this game if I could buy only 150 points to go with the 250 points I already have… I am glad no more points for the xbox one…

  4. That’s a lot of games for subscribing to PlayStation Plus for just $49.99 a year. This got me wondering… just how much does that $49.99 get you in value? Now that I had all of the free games offered right before my very eyes, a little bit of lazy Googling and lazier mathematics through an Excel spreadsheet I whipped up gave me the answer I was looking for.

    Ready for this? In just one year of PlayStation Plus—all the free games pictured up top—are valued at roughly $1854.86.

    PS3 Retail Titles infamous 259.99LittleBigPlanet 259.99Ratchet and Clank: All for One59.99Borderlands59.99Resident Evil 559.99Just Cause 259.99Warhammer 40K Space Marine59.99Saints Row 259.99BioShock 259.99Darksiders59.99Vanquish59.99Spec Ops: The Line59.99Demons Souls59.99Sleeping Dogs59.99Guardians of Middle Earth49.99King of the Fighters XIII59.99Super Street Fighter IV39.99Disgaea 459.99The Walking Dead49.99 PS Vita Retail Titles Uncharted: Golden Abyss49.99Gravity Rush39.99WipeOut 204839.99Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus39.99BlazBlue Calamity Trigger II39.99 PSP Retail Titles Tekken 629.99Final Fantasy Tactics29.99Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny29.99Megal Man X Maverick Hunter29.99 PS3 Digital-Only PSN Titles Gotham City Imposters14.99Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light14.99Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown14.99Outland9.99Pac-Man Championship Edition DX9.99NFL Blitz4.99Rochard9.99The Cave14.99Labyrinth Legends14.99Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 109.99NBA Jam: On Fire Edition14.99Double Dragon Neon9.99Renegade Ops14.99Choplifter HD14.99Sideway: New York9.99Zombie Apocalypse9.99Hard Corps: Uprising14.99BloodRayne Betrayal14.99Scott Pilgrim Vs The World9.99PayDay: The Heist13.99Quantum Conundrum9.99Dungeon Defenders14.99Closure14.99Malicious9.99Joe Danger 214.99Anomaly: Warzone Earth9.99 PS Vita Digital-Only PSN Titles Germinator9.99Plants Vs Zombies10.49Chronovolt4.99Tales from Space: When Mutant Blobs Attack7.99Jet Set Radio9.99 Cross-Buy Digital-Only Titles Retro City Rampage14.99Knytt Underground14.99Zombie Tycoon II9.99Foosball 20127.99Pinball Arcade9.99

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    This is unheard of in the history of consoles. No matter which way you slice it.

    You can argue all you want about you not owning them forever, but let’s be real. Most of us gamers have enough games to play without having to revisit every single game we own. Some games are meant to be beaten in a weekend, enjoyed for what they are, and never be touched again.

    Put it however you want, that is one hell of a deal.

    Plus, if you have to revisit a game after owning it for one year, you should probably buy it. And you would be crazy to not be a PS+ life long subscriber. So I guess, maybe they are yours forever.

      1. Why not go and enjoy all those games instead of posting this here where no one cares?

        I dont say PS+ is a bad deal for some, but 1st it wont stay like that with PS4 and 2nd even with all these “free” rentals I like ma 360 more.
        Wacha gonna do now?

  5. It seems very few people are buying this game… I bought this game and I am ranked 13th in the world (Only a little over 1000 playing this game)… it is very fun…

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