Arcade: Narco Terror

Narco TerrorContent: Narco Terror
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
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Dash Text: Dishing out justice, one grenade at a time! Narco Terror combines the good of the old and the amazing of the new in an action-packed twin-stick shooter about an over-the-top one-man war against a drug cartel. In true arcade-style, it is filled with unlimited ammo, ear-splitting grenades, huge explosions, massive tanks, armed helicopters and fast planes. 1-2 players drop in/out, local and online.


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11 thoughts on “Arcade: Narco Terror

  1. lol all these weird arcade games coming out that i never heard of before now and i try to read all the gaming news. its cool though. i will have to check it out. i wonder why the summer of arcade comes near the end of summer instead of at the start. i have bought 3 of the arcade games that come out this summer so by the time the summer of arcade arrives i won’t have any money. not a good move by MS in my opinion.

  2. So I guess I won’t even give this game a try. Since I’m not getting info on whether it’s worth picking up or not. So I’ll save my monies for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows!

  3. I decided to give both games a try and they didn’t impress me so for the next 4 weeks I’ll be saving my money for TMNT Out Of The Shadows since that’s the only summer of arcade game that I want and can afford.

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