Arcade: Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons

BrothersContent: Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
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Description: Guide two brothers on an epic fairy tale journey from visionary Swedish film director, Josef Fares and top-tier developer Starbreeze Studios. Control both brothers at once as you experience co-op play in single player mode, like never before. Solve puzzles, explore the varied locations and fight boss battles, controlling one brother with each thumb stick. This is one journey you will never forget.


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105 thoughts on “Arcade: Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons

    1. The offers were two weeks ago, quite good by the way, but I’m not sure if they were part of it. I guess the XBO took the spotlight of this year’s Summer of Arcade. Last year’s had a nice design at the dashboard revealing all the games like they were top secret, but this year feels like it’s not happening at all.

  1. It is not avaliable in Mexico yet, only the demo. This is going to be a good sunday for me, since I just got The Walking Dead: 400 Days and I will get this game! 🙂

    1. You might like this deal thing – Xbox Summer of Arcade: “Buy Any Two Summer of Arcade Games and receive a Souls Pack for Ascend: Hand of Kul, FREE!*”
      I thought there was something about buy 3 get the fourth one? (perhaps a previous year.)

  2. Hey majornelson. Back when you switched to WordPress you also threw away the xbox login feature because it was technically not possible integrate in WP.

    Maybe it’s a good time to revisit that idea of having people log in with their microsoft accounts? With an obligatory account login to be able to comment here. In disqus it seems to be way too easy to circumvent bans and impersonate people (both happening below)

    1. ^This, my offer still stands to make this possible in HTML5.
      But Major Nelson can require people to make accounts for this site alone in Disqus too and then moderating will be easy peasy for him as well.

      I already have a troll stalking me, so it would be best if things changed. I have no problem signing in with my GamerTag like we did back then.

      1. Hi Major, it’s called Single Sign-On (SSO) and I think you need to contact Disqus for them to enable it in your admin commenter panel, that’s why it’s not apparent to you right now.

      2. Will i still be able to use my disqus username and will people be able to see my xbox account, the reason i signed up here was so people wouldnt know my xbox username, i’ve never trolled or insulted anyone here i just dont want my account to be inundated with messages.

      3. well thats not probable but still a side effect. but i would take over the trolling and bs this blog has experienced over the past few months

      4. But then when get trolls on here we will get them on xbox as well as this blog if it changes to this, at least if its restricted to this blog i dont have to look at it everyday.

      5. Yes, you can make an account with that name if MN forces this. I think it is possible to couple your main account with a site account, but I haven’t tried it myself.

  3. Metacritic for this is currently 86. And people said that this summer of arcade wouldn’t be good 😉 Definitely interested in this, have so many games in my backlog though that I’ll probably wait for to buy this around Christmas on sale.

      1. That’s why I’m waiting for it to be on sale, I don’t mind waiting anyways, there plenty to play in the mean time. I like shorter games anyways, so this sounds great.

      2. sure, they aren’t exactly alike, but they are similar.
        they’re both experiences.
        you can replay both when you finish.
        they’re entertainment.

      3. actually if you go to the movies you cant “replay” it without paying again,and this game has no replay value so i wouldnt play it again.

        amazing game though im not saying its bad just feel it should be $10 for the length and lack of replay value,already bought it this morning anyway *shrugs*

      4. Either way its longer than any movie i’ve seen and games are far more immersive than movies, the reason why games don’t convert well to movies and movies don’t convert well to games.

  4. I’ve played the demo, and I must say this may be my XBLA GOTY, maybe even 360 GOTY. A few words come to mind while playing this masterpiece: charming, unique, fun, emotional, gorgeous. I may not be able to wait to buy this one, even at $15.

  5. Skype and DVR only for Gold
    I was not ashamed and even protective with you when you announced always online, DRM and many other “needy” features in front of sonyboys
    MS, I was really patient, but that is too much

    Going to buy PS4 and use FREE skype and FREE 15 minute DVR, LOL
    And get dozens of games for as low as 50 bucks per year

    Greedy, greeedy, greedy

      1. I am not playing online now, having 360, though have to pay full for games that consist much of multiplayer content. I have gold live for deal of the weeks

        Logic is that you do not need live gold to use skype and digital recording

        Im telling you, i defended every single feature of xbox, but thats too much

        The principle is “give and it will be given unto you”

      2. But your still paying for psn, either way your can still pay for gold and use these features as you would with psn, sony havent mentioned whether you need psn+ for dvr features, but again either way your paying £40 for the service and thats fine its up to you but why you had to mention it here is beyond me. its like everyone who’s jumping ship to ps4 has to justify their decision.

      3. Yeah, lets hope MS will sell a billion xbox one as they had in plans
        May be then they will be generous enough to allow free skype as Sony

        Right now xbox one has next to nothing of “out of the box” features that do not require live gold, thats not the way to invite people

      4. Yes, microsoft could be cheeky and stop skype from being available on the ps4 so swings and roundabouts i guess. plus you would have to buy the ps eye to use it.

      5. Blu rays – no
        Explorer – yes
        HD avatars- no
        Gamepad – no
        This answer your question?
        Why would they sell to themselves?
        Your clutching at straws now, if your paying to play online then why worry about services you get anyway as part of the subscription.

      6. well thats a good question.

        why would you record that? ah right walkthroughs correct? well that way i agree with you. but still to say you would buy a ps4 over this i cant see that unless you work for true achievments or xbox360achievements.

      1. Not to mention most games last more than 15 minutes, the dvr function on both console is only meant for clips, if you want to live stream your games your gonna have to use a capture card, MS has already said you can do this as their not using HDCP. Good luck using skype on ps4, xbox only feature.

      2. seriously slasaru you shouldnt be getting upset for this. skype you can use on your pc so i dont get why your upset about it.
        think about it will ya. its not that bad and neither a deal breaker.

      3. I know hes get annoyed about a service he could have been using on pc for years, not to mention its not on ps4, theres no logic here, he want to play online and use dvr function to record gameplay but is complaining about a service he can use anyway as part of that subscription.

      4. Game DVR for gold is more frustrating that skype, it is a good feature
        I cannot see why single player cannot use it and why PC needed for that, especially when competitor offers this feature

        I agree, live Gold is really needed to order pizza, but not for DVR

        For it to be next gen it has to offer more not only with Gold but without it as well.

        I use Pc only for some online payments and at work. Used to watch movies also but purchased a media player, which CAN do skype for free. PS vita can do skype for free, soon even refrigerators will be doing skype for free, and thats all because we Gold live members pay for that.

      5. well i think i read somewhere its the premium version of skype so im good with that being on gold and separate sub.
        but i can get your upset about the dvr but really i want to know why do you need it for single player?

      6. The recording of the DVR on the Xbox One is up to 5 minutes locally, but I thought they said the Twitch.TV partnership would allow you to stream much longer towards the internet and it is possible to record much longer sessions from there. If you want to record longer sessions, you’ll need better tools for editing anyway.

      7. Exactly, would be cool if they announced you could live stream as long as you like but not a big deal as recording with a capture card gives you much more tools and video formats at your disposal.

      8. If its only for multiplayer sessions, than LOL even more
        I have gold for DOTW, upload stats in Forza, auto-logs, etc

        Sony will have DVR for single player as well

        But this is not about Sony, this is about my favourite xbox, which becomes completely naked without live gold, it’s like buying a car without wheels. And how Ms is going to engage millions of casual players – also a mistery.

        I would suggest making half a year of free DVR and skype, that would be something at least

      9. I am complaining that xbox one offers nothing out of the box, see the difference?

        I owned 3 xbox 360 already, so i am ready and willing to pay for necessary features. DVR should no way be for a charge

      10. But its included with the price of gold no extra charge on top of that, you say youve already got gold so i dont see the problem here.

    1. Why? You’ll still pay the same 5 bucks a month for complete use of your consoles and that’s now a fact on the PS4 too, but I agree with you that MS needs to change what Gold holds for consumers and make it more about must-have extra’s than features that are free everywhere else.
      The game DVR requires online to be useful, just like the EPG OneGuide does and just like the Share button on the PS4 pad. Skype also isn’t the premium package on the PS4.

    2. Are you trolling? I can’t tell!

      I don’t know how this is news and this so called page has been up there for a while now. These are premium apps that fall in line with all the other premium apps that need Gold.

      You know what would be news? If MS actually allowed premium apps to run on non-Gold accounts. You fell for the bait on other sites making this out as new information.

  6. Got to say, i played the trial and it looks stunning in 1080p and the use of each analog stick for each character is something i’ve never experienced before.

  7. The rest of the upcoming games look promising, though I didn’t like much the way they are presenting them at the dashboard. The offer should have been “universally” appealing, getting content for an specific game when you buy two of these games doesn’t make me have an irresistible urge to get two of them right now. MS Points or avatar stuff or a free 400MSP-XBLA game would have been better.

  8. this is the Brothers comment page right? doesn’t seem like it.

    Good game, very unique. Felt like a cross between Journey, Fable, and Limbo.

    100% it in 3 hours and I wasn’t rushing. That’s a little short for $15, but I enjoyed it and would recommend it because we need more games like this.

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