Introducing Season Pass Guarantee: Buy a Season Pass on Xbox 360, Get a Season Pass for the Same Game on Xbox One Free

Good news today via Xbox Wire

Fans of Season Passes now have another reason to look forward to Xbox One with the Season Pass Guarantee program.  With Season Pass Guarantee, you can purchase a Season Pass for a participating Xbox 360 title and automatically receive access to download the equivalent Xbox One Season Pass.* It’s simple.

Some of the biggest publishers, including Activision, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, are lined up for the Season Pass Guarantee program, offering season pass content you can’t find anywhere else for blockbuster titles in 2013 and 2014. You’ll be able access exclusive season pass content on anticipated titles like “Call of Duty: Ghosts” and “Battlefield 4” on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Season Pass Guarantee makes transitioning from Xbox 360 to Xbox One an easier and smoother process, so you don’t have to worry about which console you’re playing games on or repurchasing your existing add-ons on Xbox One.

Stay tuned as publishers and titles participating in the Season Pass program are announced in the coming months.

*Xbox Live members must own the same game on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One in order to receive Season Pass Guarantee benefits.


165 thoughts on “Introducing Season Pass Guarantee: Buy a Season Pass on Xbox 360, Get a Season Pass for the Same Game on Xbox One Free

  1. This combined with Gamestop’s next-gen trade-in promo seems pretty great! Wasn’t expecting much from Gamestop, so they surprised me there, but combined with this, I would feel pretty confident if I could ever play a game long enough to utilize a season pass.

  2. I don’t see myself using it, because I’ll just wait for the Xbox One, instead of buying two copies of a game, but it’s definitely great news for those that are.

  3. Now, if we could just pick up the xbox 360 version of the game and get the xbox one version for free(even a digital download would be great), that would be awsome. I hate having to pay for the same game 2 times and I need to get the 360 version if I want to play my friends on 360 (No cross platform chat or muti-player), then when we get a Xbox 1, I need to buy the game again…

    At least I dont have to pay for the season pass again…. Still need to pay $120 to get COD:Ghosts for both systems….and that sucks…

      1. Ah, I checked it out, maybe I wil do that, I’ll stop by gamestop and pre-order Ghosts today….It says must be used by 12/31/2013, so it gives me a month or so with the 360 games, I hope my friends move over to the Xbox one by the end of the year…

      2. I stopped by game stop and pre-ordered Ghosts today. Figure I will use it till a few days before X-Mas then trade it in for $10, even if I don’t have a Xbox one yet.

    1. So….. instead of paying for multiplayer 3 times we only gotta pay for it twice? Sadly this is still a dissappointment. Season passes give u what live gold is supposed to give. If anything season passes should go the way of the dinos especialy if so many ppl are supposedly moveing to digital only cuz if thats the case u cant realy argue that game makers aint makeing money due to 2nd hand shops anymore.

      1. I will never understand why people have a hate on for Season Passes, they must not know what one actually is. So you do not want the option to get all the DLC together at a lower price? That option does still exist, as you can buy any of the DLC a la carte (pick and choose) if you like, or can get it all in a bundle for a discount with a Season Pass. You are obviously confusing an Online Pass with a Season Pass – the two couldn’t be more different. Most publishers (EA was the first to do so) have or are going to discontinue the practice of requiring Online Passes for second hand titles.

  4. Great news! Would have loved to have used this feature for COD but I just heard that in a lot of countries in Europe (including mine) the One is delayed till 2014. A major fail for MS… You just lost a loooooooot of customers

      1. Yes, but I don’t think it will be a disc but a code voucher for one of the Microsoft published games, which could range from Kinect Sports World (released by then) or games like Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3.

  5. You F***ing idiot! ! ! I Swear to god you guys are fu’king idiots Microsoft! ! ! Netherlands 2014?!?!!?!? Are you fu’ing serieus ?!?!

    You know how many gamers we have in Netherlands compare to fu’king Germany?!?!?!!? I can’t belive this….. I never thought I would say this, but I am off to PS4 if they don’t release it in November!!

    F You Microsoft !

  6. Why is this a big deal? If it wasn’t going to be like this people would have been outraged and we would have seen Microsoft/Activision make ANOTHER 360 regarding their position with the XBone.

    1. This is huge, when I buy a COD game, I pick up the Season pass right away because I do use Multi-player a lot but, I know a lot of my friends are going to get the xbox one right away. Now that it’s been said there will be no Cross-Platform play or chat between the 360 and the X1, I will get the 360 verison for a while then upgrade to the X1 version, this saves me $50/4000ms points (not having to buy the season pass again.
      Yea, I agree, I was kind of expecting this but, I was also expecting cross platform chat and mulit-player but, was very disapointed and still am… total failure on X1…

      1. same with the ps4 so it aint just X1 , but im sure they could add a party chat from 360 to X1 but just less quality auido if theres 360 guys in the chat

    1. You do realize execs from Sony have said they aren’t releasing the PS4 in Japan this year so they can compete against Microsoft.

      “But times have changed and as SCE president and CEO Andrew House recently admitted, Sony is releasing the PlayStation 4 in Western markets first due to “competitive pressures.””

  7. How about this Microsoft, release the console (Xbox One) in November and release the update in 2014 for Netherlands?

    You guys are fu’ing dumb man! How many idiots do you have working for your company Microsoft?

  8. not xbox one in Scandinavia or the Benelux in 2013. What a bunch of jerks. This is probably the countries with the highest density of xbox. ok, f… it then I will buy a PS4 instead.

    1. Well with that said, it’s deff over for Microsoft now! They will never win this console war. I am not a Sony fan, but PS4 is sold-out here in the Netherlands! No gives a sh’t about the Xbox One in Germany, belive me!

      Most of the people in Netherlands use their console in English and we don’t understand why Microsoft is doing this!

      The only thing I can do is travel more than 200KM to Germany and get one, but can I install the Day One Update? I don’t know…

      I don’t if Microsoft has realised it yet, but since they have announced that Xbox One will not be released in November (Netherlands) it’s been every here in the new here in the Netherlands… it’s a big deal, you know what I mean…

      1. MS is simply way too US/North American centric and it’s going to bite them hard this generation you wait and see. Personally I have no current plans to get an Xbox One. I just don’t trust MS at all anymore after all their backtracking. I also believe it’s a guarantee that MS will raise the price of Live again to $70 USD within the next few years which will end up making PSN+ the preferred gaming network for so many people.

        If there is anything I want to play on this platform, I’ll borrow the box from my friend. Other than that, my relationship with microsoft ends with my 360 and my current windows 7 pc. After that, I’m getting a PS4 and a MAC.

      2. No its not over. Playstation history for launching the consoles aint exactly worldwide.
        PS3 was launch in march 2007 in the UK and November 2006 for Japan and US, I doubt any company has manage to launch a product world wide same day/month or even same year.
        Focus on 2 Regions at launch seems the standard no matter what Company

  9. Wish Microsoft would just save themselves some money and remove the damn Kinect and make a bundle without it Kinect 2.0 costs them almost as much as the console to make

      1. Dude dont talk if you don’t know, They already announced that they are going to have a Kinect free version later on. Just like the xbox 360. But for now all you have to is unplug your kinect.

      2. No they haven’t. Go ahead and try and look for an official announcement. In fact Phil Spencer just said they won’t even consider doing that.

        The 360 didn’t start with Kinect either, so that comparison isn’t relevant.

        That doesn’t mean I don’t think it will happen eventually. Probably in a couple years, they’ll drop the Kinect when everyone realizes again that it isn’t a revolution, and largely useless gaming wise.

      3. Phil Spencer doesn’t know everything that goes on at MS Xbox. Hes just a spokes person. It doesn’t matter if kinect didn’t start off with xbox 360. From the market division of Xbox they are making a Kinect free version of Xbox one So its completely relevant. Again as I said, there will be a kinect free version of X1. Not sooner or later, this is a confirmation of YES. Just not at launch. Expect it to be out early 2014.

      4. He knows more than you and he is far from just a spokesman. You have no concrete proof of your claim and are either wishing or trolling as this has never been announced or even hinted at by anyone with Microsoft. Microsoft has clearly stated there will not be a Kinect-less version of the One and it would be a foolish move for them to do so if they want the Kinect to succeed and grow in support.

      5. Seriously, wtf is the matter with you people. I’m not even talking to you. I was letting a xbox fan know inside information that not even the spokesman know about. I’m telling him because I work for MS also. Not trolling. Its already been confirmed for us and we’re working on releasing it soon. We want Xbox to succeed. Even if that means No Kinect. It was supposed to be built into the system. But 100 bucks and make or break a sell. We have other stuff besides Kinect coming to the Xbox console. MS didn’t clearly say they will not have a Kinect-less version. They said they won’t have it at launch. BIG DIFFERENCE. Yes MS is going to force Kinect on you for a short while. But many customers aren’t going to buy it for that reason. What the point on spending 100 More bucks if you’re just going to unplug the kinect anyways. Despite what you think we do take your opinions into consideration. Now stop arguing with me and save your money.

      6. Now we know you are full of it as if you were actually a MS employee leaking this information (on Major Nelson’s blog nonetheless), you will be looking for a new job by the end of the day just like Kevin Orth. And I don’t think the VP of Microsoft Games Studios, Phil Spencer, would appreciate you referring to him as a mere “spokesperson” if any of what you said had the slightest hint of truth. You need to troll better than that.

      7. Its not leaked information because its not one of the “projects” that are being worked on. Its exactly like when people were all saying the new xbox was going to be called Xbox Infinity. I was allowed to say it wasn’t going to be called that. I just couldn’t tell them the actual name. You can look up my past posts on my profile if you want proof of that event. What do you think Vp’s do? Hes does what a spokesman does. I wish I were trolling so I start name calling. But Since I am on the clock and being paid to do this I shall keep it casual. You think its fun to see around and do this. Nope, this is work. All i’m allowed to do is confirm or deny.

      8. Your attempt at double talk is not convincing – if it is not a project being worked on, then it doesn’t exist right? I did look at your previous posts and everything points to you not telling the truth in this instance, as you have spoken against many of Microsoft policies and promoted SONY on more than one occasion. If this was indeed an unannounced plan, you would definitely be in danger of losing your job much like Kevin Orth did for similar transgressions. Anyway I see the good Major has already hidden this thread so to prevent this misinformation from being spread. Have fun trolling or standing in the unemployment line

      9. That does make sense. A finished product is no longer a project. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just because I’m an MS employee doesn’t mean i have to agree with them as a consumer of their products. I don’t Promote Sony, I merely state the differences between the two. Major Nelson is doing me the favor by hiding it because I only have to answer replies for 4 more hours. Then I have to go back to the Xbox Forums. Not gonna do neither because i’m not trolling and my boss is laughing right behind me watching the whole time.

      10. Whatever delusion helps you sleep at night, because I’m not buying it. Too much wrong with your posts for this yarn to even be halfway believable.

      11. your wrong you dummy , do you know how much R&D went in to kinect ? there pushing it and good thing to now will see some good stuff from devs

      12. Sry, but its true. Doesn’t matter how much work went into kinect if the customer doesn’t want it. Thats why you can fully unplug it and your Xbox will work without it. If you like kinect then good for you. But i’m telling “Boss” that he can buy his xbox one at a cheaper price without kinect. Don’t need people like you saying otherwise when you have no clue. He doesn’t have to buy it for the 499 price right now. He can wait till early 2014 when they’ll have the cheaper version without kinect. The kinect and xbox one aren’t indestructible. People are going to replace them. The warranty isn’t for life. people aren’t going to want 5 Xbox One kinects in their house.

      13. lol your delusional , i aint in to motion control and kinect will come with every X1 they put out only thing you will see is a price cut and a slim model in a couple years, and its not true i kno they aint going to to bring a kinect free X1 SKU Dummy so pipe down.

      14. You obviously aren’t reading my replies. They will only come with X1 at launch, early 2014 is when they’ll start releasing a Kinect free version and the option to buy the Kinect on its own. Theres no reason for name calling.

      15. Because we’re trying to release it right away. It takes time and money to make new machines to make new box cut outs. Try to think for once. Because of the fast release, sony now has to catch up to us by releasing their system to the west first. Japan has to wait now. It just looks funny from our perspective.

        Stop being ignorant.

      1. I’m not arguing for or against it.

        But if I saw that the Xbox One was coming to my country, and was hyped up by all of Microsoft’s press releases, and planned on getting it with my friends,

        I’d be pissed when Microsoft said “nevermind we changed our minds, we don’t care if you pre-ordered one, you’ll have to wait a year.”

      2. I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at.

        Microsoft listed 21 countries where Xbox One was going to launch.
        That list didn’t change for months, so no doubt those countries were pre-ordering.

        Then suddenly 33% of those countries will not be getting it at launch despite the initial promise.

    1. You must be sarcastic. They only launch in 13 country’s now. In my country ps4 pre orders outsell xbone pre orders 4 to 1. But now they launch in 2014 if we’re lucky i supose. Well i’m not bending over anymore. Nobody in their right mind is gonna wait till the next 180. Dont bother coming to Gamescon. Just dont. Save yourself the embarrasment.

  10. And what a timing to announce this right? On the same day with Call of Duty Ghost Live Stream! So that everyone will be talking about Call of Duty Ghost and not about 12 country International release!

  11. You want to impress your customers? Extend that offer to the game itself. What if your Digital download of ghosts got upgraded to Xbox One version when you upgrade your console? That would have me on board pretty quickly.

  12. I’m glad for the smooth transition for those that want to buy the game twice, lets hope when they re-release certain XBLA titles they let those of us who already bought them the first time get this smooth a transition, meaning not having to buy it twice but maybe pay a couple of bucks for any added features…since it’s all logged on our profile anyway they’ll be able to see what we’ve already bought. That would be awesome! Then I’d buy an Xbox One.

  13. so wait a minute, basicaly if i buy a x360 copy at 60$ and xone copy at 60$ so 120$ for a game, you reward me by giving me back my virtual unlock that are linked to my account anyway, that will probably take what, a week max…

    i didn’t watch the reveal so maybe they said if you buy x360 you get free xone version too but i highly doubt it.

    Are they really trying to sell us copy of game on both version ?

    1. Pretty much.

      As far as I know, this is supposed to get customers to use GameStop’s new deal. You can trade in your 360 version for the next gen version for 10 dollars if you do it before January.

      1. it’s not worth it to even pay an extra 10$ for a game that you legally own. If they are so scare about not selling x360 version because peole (like me) will wait for the xone release, they either have to gave both version (like when you buy a blu-ray you get a free dvd copy and a free digital copy quite often) OR they can die with their x360 copy of everyone planning to by the xone.

      2. Not going to argue with that.

        Frankly the DVD/Blu Ray deals that have been around for the past year or so are awesome.

        The DVD owners can get it, and have the blu ray when they buy a player eventually.
        Wish they did that with games.

      3. Because you legally “own” the 360 version does not mean you “own” the same game for a different system, even if it is made by Microsoft as well. Technically you do not “own” the game, you just have purchased a license to play the game on the system for which it was programmed and in no way entitles you to the same game coded for another system. You do not own the code, you own the disc and the license to play the code on the disc – nothing more. What you are saying is as absurd as stating that because you bought the 360 version of a game you are also entitled to a free copy of the PS3 version because you already bought the game once.

        Now it would be great if this was offered, but it’s not going to happen. Time and money went into making BOTH versions of the games so I don’t see publishers offering one version for free just because you bought the other. Why do twice the work for half the profit?

      4. i think you know what i mean. They call for transition, im just raising the question about how it should transition. Of course creating the xbox 360 version have more cost related to it compare to a dvd/blu ray that just have compression rate/authoring/physical media. The cost difference is probably bigger but not enough to justify a 120$ purchase. The gamestop proposition is a step forward good transition, but i’de rather user publisher good sens instead of gamestop arguable shop/policy. I’de rather see a Microsoft announcing ok, you bought a xone and you bought a game that is releasing on both console because it will be available sooner (this is even more true for the 8 unlucky country that get delayed). Since we understand gamer, we will offer you a trade-in value.

        I guess other gamer would prefer that too.

      5. just gonna paste my previous comment.

        dude that was about content(like season passes). activision,EA and ubisoft have signed up for it.
        buy a season pass on the 360 version you get it for free on the xbox one version.

    2. dude that was about content(like season passes). activision,EA and ubisoft have signed up for it.
      buy a season pass on the 360 version you get it for free on the xbox one version.

      1. have you even listen to the freaking video dude. She says if you buy a x360 and then a xone your stats and unlock will carry on the other version.

        I don’t know who was stupid enough to downvote a legitimate call for common sens about paying 120$ for a game when people are crying that xone already cost more than ps4

      2. what im telling you is about about the said blog post not common sense. personally i find it stupid to pay for the same twice but for people who do want to this is pretty sweet.

  14. Microsoft let’s have a cross-buy digital preorder program. Preorder the digital version of an Xbox 360 game, and get the digital version of the Xbox One version of the same game for free. This way people can’t really buy one and flip two copies and you get to retain your loyal customers.

  15. 2 free games a month until the Xbox One is released. Well now that the Xbox one is being released in 2014 in tier 2 countries will we be getting 2 free games til then? Thisnis unbelievable, I pre-ordered as soon as you could here in Sweden and the fact that people in America can get it before me if they pre-order today is beyond me. And offering a free game that is probably Kinect Sports doesn’t make up for it. How do you guys sleep at night. Why do you hate Scandinavia? This happened with WP and Surface as well.

    1. Dont worry they seem to hate a lot of Western europian country’s. Only one choice left for us. I hope they enjoy their kinect sports and dance central games kinect games. I’m so mad i gott out off bed at 6. Its my day off today 🙁

  16. I was thinking about canceling my pre order because i’m pissed about the tricks ms give us and me as faithful gamer. I have been buying xbox shit since it came out in 2002. I bought the 360 when it came out i did most if not all of their beta test including kinect.

    Free game i’m not waiting for kinect adventures for free if it would be GTA V or Battlefield 4 or forza 5 okay but MS and their free games has always been a scam. games that are of no value anymore.

    Why now give a damn about all those languages? MS never gave a damn before, for over 10 years about bringing their console in dutch we have been able to read English since the xbox came out. first xbox never saw dutch 360 never saw dutch just before last year they introduced it, and i still have my os set on ENGLISH and i speak ENGLISH to my console as a DUTCH man.

    i’m just one person that was thinking about canceling his preorder but there are ten’s of thousands more in those 8 countries that will, xflop one is going to be a loss just like ms their surface or do i have to remind their investors about those 900 mln.

    ms should include 2 games at the time of delayed release and good expansive games like forza 5 no cheap crap.

    Way to go to piss off thousands if not millions of gamers in those 8 countries. I hear at least 100.000*500= €50.000.000,- missed potential income and not speaking about currency scam ms is pulling against Europeans because $500 is not equal to €500 but €500 = $664,50 seems fair? Way to make gamers furious I give MS a large middle finger but at the end it’s like a fight with your parents and I will forgive and buy the stupid console because I’ve always loved the xbox more than the PS.

    Now for the irony i’ll play on my xbox one a little later on my SONY tv and my SONy surround system and will watch a blu-ray movie in the xbox with a patent of SONY.

    1. I agree with you. The current Xbox 360 dash in the Netherlands is a mess of English and Dutch, even when your preferences are set to English (which I do because I hate it when games like Saints Row force me to Dutch texts when I don’t want it).
      But I don’t think it’s necessary for MS to make it multiple games. Just make people select from a couple of them, that way everybody affected can be happy as they will receive a game they like.
      Blu-Ray isn’t Sony’s BTW, they helped create it, but they don’t own it, the BDA does (of which they are only a part of).

      1. I agree 2 games maybe but I tried to make a statement like how we say it in dutch (bij wijze van).

        Sorry Forgot about the BDA but since SONY is one of the 3 main developers since 1995 my point still counts a little right? BDA now exists out of more then those 3 developers.

    1. kinda but then again they are trying to sell a new system and the best play to do it is on the 360. it doesn’t bother me that much but i coulc see where it would bother someone so yeah.

      1. oh i just saw, well UK isnt one of them so bad luck to whoever was effected lol still doesnt mean people should talk about things that have nothing to do with the article

  17. I hope Microsoft makes sure that at least the servers are running for Xbox Live in the countries they just delayed for launch. A lot of my friends want to import now.

  18. Localization is bullshit. Just put it in English, everybody understand English right?

    After 2-3 months you can still bring out a patch instead of a ********** delay.

    1. And Spanish people here where I live in Spain who don’t speak English? You’re getting it wrong mate, they need to offer multi-lingual games across the board which are offered in that countrys (where it is being sold) local language, plus also in Spanish/English/French as let’s be honest, those are the primary Foreign Residents languages in the EU zone.

      1. Just like Nintendo do I might point out!!! Some games here in Spain I don’t buy because they are only in Spanish or French, which is fair enough as I live in Spain, but no good in this day and age in the EU zone. I just don’t buy those games, simple.

  19. DICE (Battlefield 4) is from Sweden – Xbox One Release 2014
    The Witcher 3 is from Poland – Xbox One Release 2014

    Well done Microsoft, you are doing very well!

    1. So buy it from Amazon in UK, Germany or Spain then, it’s not that hard? Here in Spain PS4 is released 30th Nov and Battlefield shortly after or on release. No reason you cant have one too. Xbone no release dates but in GAME they told me it’s more or less the same.

      1. Im doing it right now myself. It will work. Buy the console from anywhere in the world and it will work. Just be sure to have a account in your region to use your credit card. Heck if you’re not even supported you can use prepaid cards without any regional issue.

      2. When the Xbox One is out in November and I get 1 from Germany, so how is the Xbox Live gonna work? We will have no Xbox Live in Netherlands, you know what am saying?

        I am not sure about this, that’s what I was thinking…

      3. Okay I get what you’re saying. But isn’t xbl currently supported in Holland? I would think it will still be supported but Im not sure.
        Plus let’s say Holland isn’t supported. Why not make an account in a supported country? You can’t use your credit card but you can use pre paid codes you know

      4. It doesn’t work that way. Your ISP tracks your location, So you can’t use a different region account. The Xbox live codes are also region blocked at the moment. Meaning you can use a xbox live code from Mexico in the U.S. You can still use your xbox one offline.

      5. an isp does track your location but that has no effect whatsoever on what ms allows or not. you can use different region accounts. i know cause my account is so. yes xbox live codes are region locked but by an account bases and not by your ip address.

  20. What I find funny about the delay to many EU countries, is that they are trying to soften the blow by offering a free pack in game. Spain is getting Xbox One in November and yet with a pre order here, on time release, we get the same deal of a free game as well as a bunch of other stuff too!! Probably none of it could be avoided, but it’s gotta hurt if you live in those countries.

    1. i think they should give the guys and girls a lil discount with the free game for braking the promise but i hope next week at GDC they explain why to them.

  21. Hey Major, people are still modding their Xbox 360’s and pirating games. I just want to let you know this because I buy everything with my hard earned money and I don’t think it’s fair that these people get things for free.

    The mods that they’re using is most likely called iXtreme. Just google it and click on the first link. Heck, go on craigslist and type in “xbox 360 ixtreme” or “xbox 360 mods” and I guarantee that you’ll find people offering to mod for quick cash.

    I just want Major to be aware of this. Go ahead and search it up on google or craigslist for yourself, I bet you’ll see it.

    1. I hate to tell you this but MS already knows and has known for a while now that people pirate and mod there systems. MS tried to stop it but they always got around it. On a side note people have been pirating games a long time ago first time I heard about it was in the SNES era

      1. …entitlement…
        I don’t think it’s really fair to be asking for it. If the industry does allow it, the prices will be higher in the future as developers still need time and money to develop for other target hardware and including that calculated cost I’d rather avoid.

    1. gamestop has the deal where you buy the 360 version. then you trade in that version for the One version for $10 ($50 trade-in value). that’s a pretty good deal considering you’ll get a month of playing the game to learn the maps, the modes, get the 360 achievements. then you get the upgraded One version and get One achievements.

  22. Cool stuff for those who need it but Major frankly… I know you’re not the guy who get to decide for everything Xbox related but how about we get cross buy instead? Because I’m fed up, just like a lot of people who have invested a lot in the Microsoft ecosystem I’m pretty sure to have to buy the same game twice or thrice on different platform. ilomilo is a good example. I got it on Windows Phone, Xbox Live and Windows 8 and it’s the same game. Another one is Halo Spartan Assault on Windows 8 and Windows Phone that I refused to support because of this. Come on is this that hard to offer to your loyal fans? Why not show the way to developpers by allowing first party games to support it, hence even more and more games (first and third parties) on PS Vita and PS3 support cross buy and the trend is only going to continue with PS4. I mean you killed the Familly Pack for Home Gold without explaining any benefits we can get so people who have more than 2 Xbox 360 at home or were planning to buy 2 or more Xbox One this fall are screwed and now you’re offering us Season Pass Guarantee on both consoles unless we buy twice the same game. Isn’t Microsoft greedy enough as it is? As much as I love my Xbox 360, I cancelled my Xbox One preorder to see how things go between launch and E3 2014.

    1. Cross-buy sounds like a good idea, if developers and publishers receive money for it. It still requires money to make the software for the other platforms as well.
      There’s a reason the Vita receives this incentive, because it’s dead and Sony is doing everything it can to make the Vita look like something worthwhile when the industry has almost entirely abandoned it.
      Now, MS can do this, we’ve already seen it in GameRoom, where you could buy retro games for multiple platforms at a small additional fee. It could be done for the next gen as well, but don’t expect a small additional fee as publishers will not tolerate it.
      I agree that MS could be more lenient with this for their own published games, it would create goodwill, which they need right now.

      1. Let’s be honest I still think the Xbox is the best console out there. Although MS didn’t have a clear message at the reveal, I was sold on the One but they kept until today pushing me out of the ecosystem with their greedy policies. I mean just to add some more examples, using your console DVR feature, the integrated One guide for TV, SmartGlass, apps like Internet Explorer, Skype for simple messaging or call and not video conference should be free because these are built-in features, they’re out of the box part of the experience you get for $499. And it’s a shame they don’t see it that way for a device they market as THE ONE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM OUR HOME NEEDS. How can they even claim that when we have to pay a subscription to fully use that device’s out of the box features?
        Now just to add about cross buy, I don’t know what’s going at Redmond but it is indeed something Microsoft could have used to push Windows Phone or Surface tablets sales because just like the Vita not a lot of people give a damn about these devices. Even devs don’t care about them because MS has been failing at it unlike Nokia who has been pushing the platform forward since. But still I own a Lumia 920 and project to buy the next Surface tablet. Cross buy is something they could have pushed with exclusives on these mobile devices instead of fornicating the Xbox brand with all these casual games. They could have pushed it to help Game for Windwos Live before that ship sinks and that devs start to abandon it. But no, they did not. Just like you, I do hope that the Xbox team comes out with an AMA very fast to clarify things up.

      2. Indeed they could have.
        Games for Windows Live (only the Live portion) is already dead BTW, it was confirmed on the Facebook page.
        MS is going to push Xbox for Windows now on their Store and some games using GfWL are going to be modified.

      3. Sure it is but how much effort did they put in it before it dies? I believe the next big thing in gaming are cross buy and cross play, be thanks to the cloud and solutions like Onlive (where MS is still lacking) or across devices like say Xbox One gamers able to play games against PC gamers. How things are going now, I can tell you that if Sony open their servers and get somekind of integration with Steam, it will be an instant overkill for Xbox especially if Valve and Sony play it nice. Microsoft have an ecosystem, a very big one and too much potential that they don’t even see it. Things like that should be possible across Xbox One, Windows 8 PC and tablets and Windows Phone. I mean seriously we don’t need crazy gaming skills to play ilomilo or Uno on Xbox with a friend online on Windows Phone or Windows 8 via NFC or Wi-Fi. Anyway I do wish MS to succeed, after all competion is always good for consumers. But as greedy as they are right now, don’t expect things to change as long as millions will be willing to pay the price eyes closed. I will hold on to my Xbox 360 and enjoy my games for some more time.

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