Join us Saturday for the PAX Podcast

If you are attending PAX this weekend, be sure to join us Saturday at 4pm for our annual PAX Prime Podcast recording. Joining us this year will be Chris Charla who runs the ID @ Xbox Independent Game Developer program and Abbie Heppe the community manager for Titanfall.

PLUS, one lucky attendee will win an Xbox One courtesy of Mt. Dew and Doritos “Every Two Minutes” promotion.

See you Saturday afternoon!

84 thoughts on “Join us Saturday for the PAX Podcast

  1. Off topic, but just seen the games that are being released for “Games with Gold” and I must address this atrocity. Rainbow six Vegas? That game is like 3 dollars at GameStop. Not to mention the online community is dead. What kind of incentive do you think you offering gamers with this type of program? Go gold and get old games for free that value under 5 bucks. That’s like a car salesman asking you to buy a new car and he will give you a free cup holder. Microsoft is failing to keep their fan base with stuff like this when Playstation are giving away titles like saints row 3 and xcom for free. It’s a disgrace to us fans and xbox supporters. We are tired of the mistreatment! How do you expect anyone to buy gold or continue to support a company that craps on its customers. This saddens me because I have been a Xbox supporter from day one. And this is my reward for years of loyal support. You can keep your free bargain bin cheap old games. No one wants them.

    1. I have liked everyone I got so far since I never played any of them lol. AC2 was fantastic and has made me buy AC1 and 3 so I can get the whole story in before AC4.

      I don’t care much this Sept’s two games but I’m sure many will like them. They are free, take em or leave em, but don’t sit and complain about it. They have plenty of fans so I wouldn’t worry about it. If a free game has set you over the edge, then leave, no one will miss you.

      1. I sold most of my xbox games to save up for next gen. I enjoyed vegas but sold it, so to see it for free this month makes me happy and I still made some cash out the deal.

      2. Lol fan boy much? Seriously it’s people like you that support company’s that run over their customers and that enables them to keep doing it. Xbox still has it’s fans. I think you need to do a little research buddy. After E3 the majority of pre-orders fell and went to Sony. Ask yourself why? Then Microsoft changes everything and claims they needed to listen to the community more. Well I’m speaking out. I’m not complaining bc I want a new game free. There are plenty of better titles that could have been given out. Halo 3, Braid, Counter Strike, Red Dead, etc. the list goes on and on. But yet they gives us ancient old games that have no online communities or have broken achievements. Then you have to compare the Games with Gold to Sony’s PS+ program and then you realize how bad we really are getting screwed. It’s called logic my friend. You are allowed to your opinion but don’t open your mouth and discredit others before you do any research. Microsoft will continue to do as they please until the community lashes out like they did after E3 and then they listened. Your hard headed just like Micro$oft. Point proven.

      3. its easier for sony to offer games for free since their service is a RENTAL, in that aslong as people pay sony they can play those games (constant stream of money coming in) which sony no doubt gives a slice of to companies who give their games. MS on the other hand are actually giving you the game, like buying a game from GoD, you can sub for 1 month then have the game forever, thats not possible on PS+

      4. Do your research “buddy”, just in my area a lone at best buy, and 3 different game stops they have ps4 pre orders dropping like crazy due to the horrible launch lineup that sony has. I have talked to many people and I keep laughing about it. It is what it is.

        MS has never “run me over” because I choose what to buy and not to buy. SO if I buy it, it is something I want so thanks, I’m perfectly fine. Who cares if they changed everything? It’d DONE and it won’t affect anyone so how about you get out of the past and stop beating the dead horse, it has long since rotted away and is a pile of bones by now.

        As for psn+, go look on their blog site, they have people CRYING non stop because they don’t like the free rentals they get. You can’t please anyone. At least with XBL I have no game install times and my games download (8gb in 2hrs) quickly vs. the 6gb 5 hour download on psn.

    2. I would have picked one of the following if given the choice,

      Cod 4, GTA 4, Halo 3, Red Dead Remp paired with Limbo, Baston, Braid,

      All Still have great online communities and strong single player also LAN.

      In hindsight if the Xbox360 is only good for another 2-3 years online then that is the most we are going to get out of games Single Player and Lan.
      Most publishers stop making the Triple AAA titles after the launch of a new system for the older one, exception are sports games and terrible movie tie ins which is why the life span is limited.

      So if the games we are given have single player or lan you will get the most out of them. Vegas should get some more life out of it this month and next after that I cant see to many people rocking it out.

      1. The “Good for another 2 or 3 years” is something I’m heavily in question of. Let’s look at history on this. Xbox announced the X360 and first party titles all but disappeared. When you look back at Sony, several outstanding titles were not only made, but also sold well, in the same window. Even now, Sony, like it or not, is still planning and advertising first party titles on the PS3. Even if they pulled up stakes in six months, they have the presentation that they are willing to support both consoles. From a consumer perspective, this boasts the faith people have and feeds their loyalty to that Sony ecosystem.
        I don’t think any of us are blind to the idea that all parties involved are in this business to make money. I’ve personally spent more than 500 dollars on Live. It’s been a console in itself over the whole process. I understand the reason you might not want to directly announce “we’re still supporting X360.” Ultimately though, it causes this feeling that while we may WANT the system to last another 2-3 years, Microsoft is definitely not supporting it. Keeping the life support on is one thing, it’s like treating it as a dying patient. Sony at least attempts to treat it as a hospice.
        Believe me, it pains me to say these things. I loved my original Xbox and my Xbox 360. Beta tested Live and have supported the service in multiple veins throughout the years. I’m merely stating history and observation.
        With that said, “RS6:V” hands DOWN has the BEST cover system EVER. I still don’t know why it’s not used for ALL cover based games!

      2. I agree with everything you said.
        The Xbox 360 hasn’t been supported with new IP’s since 2010, and that was Alan Wake (which was being made since the 360 was in beta). So it really hasn’t been supported since 2007.
        Every AAA exclusive has been a sequel, spinoff or rehash.

        I’m keeping my 360 for sure, but I have serious doubts about it getting any support.
        Meanwhile Sony is still giving out AAA new IP’s…Last of Us may be the best game of the generation (and the PS2 was heavily supported).
        So history can tell us what’s most likely to happen.

        Like to add, that type of cover system is around from time to time. Most recent example was probably “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”. Worked very well and was extremely fluid.

      3. I did enjoy “Deus Ex.” So much so I beat the daylights out of that game. And yes, Mr. Jensen, we know you didn’t ask for this. But here we are… and you’re totally gonna kill some dudes.
        Enjoyable game but you’re definitely at a “disadvantage” if you don’t learn to hack. They should have advertised hack as, “Oh, the thing you’ll need if you insist on getting EVERYTHING (except that one key code which is ridiculous and you have to guess it.)” Yes, it have a decent cover system. -Adam

    3. Did you notice every game so far has a sequel coming out for the Xbox One either at launch or shortly after?

      I bet you that $5 that a new Rainbow Six game is coming to the Xbox One within the first year, maybe the first 6 months.

      1. I considered the same thing but I do not believe this is the case. If anything it is a reminder that “R6” was delayed and is undergoing some major changes internally. There aren’t enough Ubi teams working on Clancy projects to address the “R6” in that timeframe. The year, MAYBE but if you look at their lineup, there’s no timeline they aren’t attempting to compete with themselves in. When you consider we’ve already got advertising for titles within that timeframe, why have we not seen any news on “R6:Patriots” other than several important members have left the company? The best way to look at “R6” is “Conviction.” Conviction hit a similar wall and emerged in a completely new design. Am I the only one who thought the trailer for “the Division” was “R6” until a minute in? -Adam

      2. RB6 PATRIOT is under developpement for a while and have been post pone for X1 we all know that. Honestly if they have given a ravenshield port i would have been so happy.

  2. It would be nice but Watch Dogs is suppose to be a launch title and that is not coming out until the 19th. Not sure why the Xbox 1 would catter to Cod solo-ly

    My guess is the 12th or 19th of Nov

      1. the only question i have is, Will it come out sooner for next Gen seeing the dates are Xbox 1/Ps4 are blacked out on all sites selling it. This gives me hope that it comes out sooner.

  3. Off topic but Ben 10 Rise of Hex XBLA is currently free, not sure how long for. I know it’s no masterpiece but I’ll always take a free game!

  4. Maj. Nelson just confirmed that there will be no free game for x1 in the US Like they did in Europe . My question is why not? Even if it’s just an x one arcade game or something for us loyal fans that have pre-ordered the system or like myself that have it paid off I just find it a crying shame that they’re showing more loyalty to the UK than to us in the states

    1. Why do you need a free game? Sure it would be nice but you should know by now the US never gets stuff like that because we are the biggest market. MS knows they have the US locked up but need a little “edge” for the Euro market.

      Sure it would be nice but I don’t really care as I’m sure we will get something down the road. I will have plenty to play come launch day anyways.

  5. I have been saying the same thing man. That would be the secret launch date that would mess up everything Sony had planned (stealing Microsoft’s historical release date.) Not only that, next gen versions of both “Ghosts” and “BF4” will be sold off the chain. -Adam

  6. Just confirmed! BF4 was running on Win8 PC at PAX.. NOT XBONE. They
    put the Xbone controller on it to make it seem like it’s running on a
    Dev Kit.
    The real question is, why won’t you guys show what BF4 really looks like on Xbone? It must look that bad.

    1. you do realize console games are made on PC 😐

      them making it look like its running on X1 is sketchy but it is the norm, doesnt mean the game will not look like how it does on the showfloor.

      people whining about these things i do not get… its happened forever for launch consoles, its happened for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and X1

      1. Look, another sheepy. Major Nelson basically lied to you, the CONSUMER. It wouldn’t have been a problem if they said from the jump that it was running on PC. It shows that MS isn’t ready to release their console. That’s why they didn’t give us a release date yet. Yield issues, and watered-down BF4 confirmed.

        You’re right, I’ll stick with PC, over the overpriced BS MS is offering for lowered performance games.

      2. its already been known BF4 will look better on PC LOL PC will always be ahead of consoles so i dont even get your point, you were expecting PS4 and X1 versions to be better?

        what they ran at the show was BF4 on a PC with specs close to X1.

        and as i said, it is shady for MS to make it look like it was running on X1 but thats normal for any company releasing a new console. 3rd party devs have no choice sometimes to run their games on PC before transfering the game over when it is finished. its not like they were running BF4 on ultra and trying to make it seem like it was X1 lol it was i believe around normal graphics settings

        you just seem like an ignorant person on what it takes to develop games especially on a brand new console that is month away from release

      3. No one is lied to, you are just a blind fantard that is going off of no actual info other than what another sony fantard said. Look it up, not to mention in my other posts to you, sony is running all of their games on ps4 pc dev kits running off of win7 lol. Again, nice try.

        Also, go read the several articles on how bad bf4 looks on the ps4 currently. The game will be decent on the new systems, but they won’t look or run nearly as good as they will on the PC (provided they fix the problems, though dice isn’t the fastest fixer uppers around).

    2. good god sony did the same thing. please just cork it. bf4 sucks on consoles. happy? 720p with 60 fps. that’s it’s specifications on both consoles. and they look exactly the same.

      1. Now that 4K TVs are out and quickly becoming the next standard, 720p is simply just not good enough. There is no reason why a “next generation” gaming system couldn’t run every game at a minimum of 1080p.

      2. 60 fps?
        while i agree they can do it i think it is also the problem with the next generation in the beginning. they dont know how much they can advance games at that time.

      1. seeing what a 10yrs old xbox 360 can do, i have no doubt about X1 pleasing my eyes. 64bit, custom driver, custom hardware, custom directX faster gpu faster cpu… what do you expect ? And performance will improve over the year when developper tweak it out like they did on the 360, compare the graphic now to the first year ! I don’t expect disapointment so i’m not too angry about not seeing it run and keeping that for me on the release date =)

      2. the odd are very low if you set it in a proper environnement (well ventilated, stable, not under physical stress and not under any clothes etc.) Even if it do, it will be under warranty. Xbox one is known to produce less heat and less vibration

      3. I don’t know, the dev kits use Win7, just like sonys pc dev kits that they are running their games off of as well.

        At the PAX show in the MS store they were running some games off of the XBO, and some other games must not be done enought to run on the hardware yet. Doesn’t matter, it’s how it will look and play on the XBO anyways.

  7. Why do they show footage like the Witcher 3 running on Xbox one dev kit behind closed doors??? you should be showing it to us the Gamers who have the console on pre order… Larry can you answer?

  8. My biggest worry would be, not the fact there running on Dev kits still, we all know that’s how its done, but “still” now only 2 months from official release to.?
    I have to say as a consumer at the point still to make a choice ,still seeing these kind of things worries me at this point.
    If it was January, then OK, but September ?, just scares me that there struggling to meet demands, I see big disappointments on the horizon…hope I’m wrong

  9. So… Just out of curiosity, is PAX just a developers conference? I looked it up, but I was under the impression Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo actually help press conferences there. Guess I was wrong. So when will the “PAX Xbox teases” be announced? During the podcast?

  10. Why the heck was lollipop doing showing off an iPhone only game she made, at an Xbox panel no less? And why isn’t it also on my brand new Windows Phone 8, which I can’t use to win an Xbox One with via every2minutes at PAX, by the way Some heads need to roll over at MS. SUPPOORT YOUR OWN BLOODY PLATFORM MICROSOFT!!!

      1. No dude… lollipop woman from Major Nelson’s podcast. She has an iPhone game for some godawful reason but no Windows Phone game. Traitor.

  11. Major, can you post an article about the new reward system. To be honest, it’s quite unclear what are the credit for and what is their value. I bought my xbox one on the microsoft store i was expecting the 2% rebate for champion to apply but it didn’t (yah i know, it’s just 5$). Anyway, more info would be appreciated on the reward system. I was expecting a ton on info here

    1. It is rather simple. It is no different than before, other than the points. 1, 000 points = $1. You’re pre-order was routed through the Microsoft store, not a marketplace purchase. Even if it had been, you haven’t paid anything yet. They don’t charge your card until they ship your console.

      1. didn’t saw anywhere that 1000 credit = 1 $ thanks for the info. they change how you acquire point which may make it possible to eventually hit 5000$ to get the rebate.

  12. Just found out the surprises eluded to by MN in a previous post on here were just playable demos of titanfall and lococycle, what a very big disappointment. What is going over at xbox HQ.

    The message coming out is very confusing, and poorly executed. So many missteps going on over this upcoming generation.

    Currently have both consoles pre-ordered, and was leaning towards getting the xbox one, but im now reconsidering this after so many disappointments from MS over the new xbox. Sony really do seem to be providing more for gamers.

    And of course the false information coming from MN regarding the BF4 gameplay, supposedly being shown on the xbox one with 64 player games, this never materialised. And we have never seen this game being played on the xbox one at all so far.

    Sadly ive been with the xbox since the original xbox one and was a beta participant for xbox live when it started. But it really has gone downhill now.

    If there isnt any more compelling reasons to get the xbox one other than dead rising 3 (Ryse was getting poor comments on its mp from ign) then I may just end up cancelling my xbox pre-order and keeping the PS4 one now.

    Gamertag : falviousuk

    1. Why would everyone moarn about BF4?

      It is not a FP exclusive and the next gen version is just updated 360/ps3 game

      As for the PAX, I think Major is also frustrated and EA / Dice did not what was promised

    2. I was also expecting something, but don´t think MN lied…and we have one more day…who knows he announces something tomorrow.

      About Ryse…an advice: don´t give much credit to IGN, for me its the most biased site around…Colin and Greg rule that sh#t and make me nauseous!

      I pre-ordered a Xbox One and pretty satisfied with the current games that will be available…in my humble opinion a much better initial list of games than PS4, except for the indies…at least for a while.

  13. just a thought but how about instead of telling us what we can play, and how we can win it, just tell us when we can get it. I think with so much invested in preordering the console and accessories/games we would be told when we can have it. not everyone can go to the PAX-E3-Gamescon etc. Please just get us a date. Starting to feel as if they truly don’t know themselves.

    1. What a date would change in your life. It’s november, thats quite precise enough for any normal adult. I know i want it bad too, but it’s like christmas, juste don’t think about it and first think you’ll know, it’s going to be the next morning ! =)

      hold on !
      (you can already narrow it down to novembre 8th up to black friday and NOT november 15th)

      1. It would help me feel at ease that they know themselves. with so many changes in what the one was supposed to be, who was getting it in November, who is getting voice functionality, DRM, and so on. I preordered mine on the first day we were able to and now feel its a watered down version of what it was supposed to be. I fully support xbox all the way, but am starting to feel a bit apprehensive as to if it will actually be truly ready for prime time in November. and we all know Christmas is the 25th, not sometime in December. LOL.

      2. do you think that they are going to build/package/ship the unit when they are going to announce the date ? All the unit is already in their box at MS wharehouse and ready to be ship to stores and people. They could probably release it now, but they are probably working on tuning drivers and correcting bug for their day 1 patch

      3. I feel this discussion is going in the wrong direction. I am 42 and understand how the process works. I just think that with all the changes made, have they made the launch a little harder to make? I understand they have the product built and they are just probably working on the final software fixes right now but as we know one fix may cause another bug, and so on. plus like I said I ordered on the very first day and now feel I am getting an inferior product than was advertised I was good with all the drm, checkins, being all digital and such. now all those are gone and we are still in the dark about when we get it. I am just questioning if having to remove what was advertised has slowed up the process. and if so, be honest and let us know. not trying to bash on them, just wanting some type of feedback from them beyond the you’re going to like “to play this and that” and be able to do “this and that”. they ought to know where they are in the process by now and clue is into when we can do and play “this and that”.

      4. i agree the whole whats included and whats not is somewhat unclear at this point. But fear not, this console is going to get new feature every month and you can expect that in 6 month it will do a lot new thing that you will enjoy. They didn’t change a lot with their so call 180degree policy. I would call it a 5 degree policy. They change a few minor stuff and rephrase so that people better understand what they want and so they can lead them slowly into that idea. 95% of people will play online and they it make sens to push foward that crowd.

      5. while we do agree that most of the changes are not deal breakers, they must be having effects on the readiness of the software. otherwise it would still be launching in 21 countries not 13-voice commands would still work for all not just 10. I also preferred being able to share games with 10 friends/family digitally as I don’t like to lend out my discs. and the Kinect being mandatory made the price okay, but now saying its not but you still have to buy one anyway is not right. whether I use it or not if it is not mandatory for the system to work I should have the option of paying for it. “kinda like a car dealer saying a sunroof is not mandatory but you have to buy it anyway cause you might use it.” but the whole thing was about a launch date, even the game publishers are starting to vocalize about wanting a date. with over $800.00 invested “so far” is it too much to ask when I can enjoy my investment? That’s it, nothing more just WHEN?

      6. mandatory for they philosophy, it like a cadillac not coming all equip, your not going to see that. Is it essetial for the unit to power up, no, is it essentiel in their philosophy of what their gaming vision is, yes.

        i do agree that some feature not available at launch, may be the result of recent change, but i guess they have so many people working in many specific item that the time loss is very minimal compare to the whole process of engineering a new unit and system. soon we will see

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