Arcade: WSOP: Full House Pro (Free to Play)

WSOP: Full House ProContent: WSOP: Full House Pro
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Dash Text: There’s no other event like it — the World Series of Poker.  Build your bankroll as you compete against players from around the world.  Personalize your experience with flashy avatar accessories, amazing chip tricks, and real world casino venues.  Download today and play for free, and be sure to come back daily for more free chips!  (The World Series of Poker® brand is owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc. and used under license.)



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42 thoughts on “Arcade: WSOP: Full House Pro (Free to Play)

      1. I’m sure the developer doesn’t like it seeing as it’s a micro transaction and not allowing XBL free member play is a lot of money lose.

      1. In THIS case, you’re right. But with the Xbox One having ‘Same Day Downloadable Releases’ of retail games there IS a physical copy to get. As for time zones… I dont want the game at midnight for New York, I want it at midnight for Arizona… They’re smart people at MS. Im sure they can figure out time zones.

    1. That is happening to me too. I didn’t realize that it was a result of not having a credit card on file. It started happening for me when they converted from points to dollars so I thought it had something to do with that.

      1. It was pretty broken on release, plenty of server issues. It was almost 6 months before I could get it to even play online, but no problems after that.

        This game has none of those problems. The only issue I have found is sometimes it will lock up the Xbox when you quit the game.

    1. This game is to suck people dry, you have to buy gold by paying with real currency, and then buy chips out of gold. why would anyone buy chips in this game, when its as buggy as the previous full house poker!

  1. 2 days straight the “manage payment options” page on the web leads to an error…Why do I have to jump through hoops to DL a free game?..Free is free….I should not have to manage payment options on a free game…

    things like this scare me…if MS can’t manage simple decisions like this…how the eff are they gonna run 300,000 servers…

  2. I just noticed on my Dashboard, under the Demos Tab in the Games section, that WSOP is being advertised there.
    Major, can you please confirm wether this is a Demo, Beta, or Completed Free Game?

    1. Games With Gold Petition is still going. Come sign.
      Remember to put the “.” in between “change” and “org” in the link below.
      http://www.change org/en-CA/petitions/microsoft-xbox-lets-gamers-choose-games-from-a-list-for-games-with-gold-promotion
      Thanks to everyone who has supported the Petition.
      We’ve been able to affect change since after E3, let’s continue.

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