Demo: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

PES 2014Content: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Demo
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Dash Text: Experience a whole new ball game with KONAMI’s PES 2014. The stunning new FOX Engine has been combined with a revolutionary football system that puts the ball at the heart of the action for the first time. Every element has been rebuilt and now features all-new physics systems, bespoke team and player AI and a huge leap forward in animations and atmosphere. This test demo offers an early taste of the refined controls, and incredible depth that make PES2014 the game to beat.


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33 thoughts on “Demo: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

    1. I wish people would stop banging on about the kinect. If the (or any gov) wanted to find peopłe there is a about a thousand other ways they can do it already without having to try create some sort of nonsense conspiricy and get a 3rd party to put a kinect camera in people’s houses.

      Having said that, I do understand why some people would have concerns.

      My Mother used to hate having a webcam in the living room when I was younger for fear that pele could hack the pc and look at us.

      when you compare the two, I’m fairly certain that there are more webcams than kinects in people’s houses

      I’ve got a day one edition on order with a free FIFA 14 download and I can’t wait.

      Just a shame that Pro eve won’t be coming to next gen this year.
      So I’m glad I’m not getting rid of my 360 anytime soon.

      Ignoring the paranoid conspiricies, one of the reasons i dont mind the kinect is that my daughter really enjoyes the using the current one and she can’t wait to use the new kinect.

      And as father, when I’m spending £400+ on something, it’s only fair that I take into account what others living in the house would like.

      Plus MS including the kinect with each xbone and using it in the way that we can, makes it (for me at least) a completely different device to the PS4. And regardless of which console people choose to buy, that can only be a good thing.

      It’s gonna be wicked and I can’t wait for my pre order to drop.

      The only remaining xbone questions for me are:
      1, what extra game should I buy, forza or DR 3.
      2, does anyone have even slightest idea of when Quantum Break is coming?

      I know it’s not a coming during the launch window.
      But seriously, I need my Remedy fix.

      Apologies for the rant

  1. I haven’t played PES since 2009, so I’ll give the demo a try.

    Okay…no I won’t because it’s not available here in the UK? Seriously whose bright idea was it to not allow the UK a FOOTBALL demo? It’s like saying “here try this Madden 25 demo” “oh not for America hahahahahah”.

    Lets just hope this is an oversight.

    1. Hopefully. More likely that MS are stiffing Konami in favour of EA. “oh what a shame there was difficulty in downloading the PES demo” here, try Fifa 14 instead.

      1. A Fifa 14 demo should be out today also. Only time will tell if you’re correct lol.

        From EA twitter “A Fifa 14 demo should be out between 10am – 2pm in the UK” It’s 2:50pm lol.

      2. Its just popped up on the US xbox marketplace! DOH. Hello MS…. FOOTBALL (the one without the 300 players and padding) is our game (Europe) so why not actually release this demo in our region and not just the US?!

  2. So many babies crying in the discussion… Is it such a problem to wait a couple hours or days? The content on Xbox Live just isn’t published all around the world at the same time, just try to live with that just like you have done the years before!
    Here in the Czech Republic FIFA 14 demo available, PES 2014 not yet.

      1. It was Winning Eleven since the beginning in Japan and US (being in Japan “World Soccer: Winning Eleven”). Only in Europe it was called Pro Evolution Soccer (which makes no sense, as Europeans don’t refer to this sport as “soccer”).

        However, from 2008, Konami decided to unify the names in EU and US, being Pro Evolution Soccer everywhere (or simply PES – anyway, I don’t like it as well). Japan kept the same name.

        I still call it Winning Eleven and maybe I’ll never change…

  3. par conte FIFA sa fait long time que avais pas test et ils ont fait de gros éffort depuis le temps et vu que j’ai test le 14 il sera avec ma XBOX ONE et merci MS pour votre travail que le plus de client comme moi veut des vrai jeux, pas trop blabla mais comme il se dois ^^ good game pplz and just ONE game…peace

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