Deals on Xbox 360 Underway at Top Retailers

I wanted to let you know about some Xbox 360 deals that are now available now a select US retailers.

Save up to $50 and get a Free $50 Gift Card on select Xbox 360 consoles at the following retailers:

Or save up to $50 on select Xbox 360 consoles at the following retailers:

As a reminder, here are a few of the upcoming titles coming to Xbox 360:

  • FIFA 14 – Sept. 24
  • NBA 2K14 – Oct. 1
  • Skylanders: SWAP Force – Oct. 13
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Oct. 18
  • Batman: Arkham Origins – Oct. 25
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Oct. 29
  • Battlefield 4 – Oct. 29
  • WWE 2K14 – Oct. 29
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts – Nov. 5


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30 thoughts on “Deals on Xbox 360 Underway at Top Retailers

  1. Holy moly. I’m going to do this right now to get a new model Xbox 360 (that matches the Xbox One). My question is, can I put my current 250GB HDD from my “Slim” Xbox 360 into the 4GB Xbox 360 “E” console?

    1. It isn’t trolling when you have a legitimate reason to complain.

      ( GTA 5 not on demand yet, yet Microsoft wanted to go for a all digital future on the Xbox one )

      ( Games for gold PROMOTION. What are Microsoft promoting? That they have sub par games to give away for free while they competition Sony is killing them with giving away games like AC3 / Far Cry 3 etc? )

      1. Wrong! It’s trolling! Not once did MS say that the 360 games would be available day one. They said the XBox One games would be available day one for digital purchase.

        Get off your soap box when you keep saying that Sony is giving away games. Yes, their collection of games they let you play with PS+ is nice but it’s not like MS doesn’t know this. So repeating the same story on every blog entry is old.

        I hope half these comments are not from adults because that would be sad.

      2. Surely if you was planning on releasing a platform based on day one digital copies you would at least do a trial run to see how it would go. You wouldn’t just launch the Xbox one and hope everything works fine with digital day one.

        Everyone knew how popular GTA was going to be so it would make sense to test your servers and see how they react to a lot of people downloading a popular game on day one.
        Then if the servers came up with problems you would have been able to fix and improve them for the Xbox one day on digital service.

      3. MS already stated why they don’t do day one digital releases for the 360. Go look it up if you need to. But maybe in the future they’ll change their minds. It’s between them and the retailers.

      4. no it isn’t trolling. trolling it instigating an argument by lying, or complaining about something that is a good thing. you know, the people complaining that MS did the 180 are the troll.

        fanboys such as yourself are much worse. look at you. you praise MS for mistakes then will wonder why in a few years their products are sub par.

      5. Hey, it’s the the person who says everyone is a fanboy! The same guy that provides nothing in substance to any comments and thinks his own opinion is worth more than anyone else.

        First off, get a clue.
        Second, if you don’t like MS stay off the board. Pretty easy thing to do unless you’re a troll.

  2. I know that this $h!t has been asked quite a lot lately…but why in the flying f@kk are we still not being updated on when GTA V will be available on GonD! …and pleeease dont tell me to grab one on retail instead.

  3. Not a bad idea to check ebay either, a lot of people are selling their current gen consoles.

    I had to buy a new one because GTA5 killed my 7 year old xbox, paid 100 for one in perfect condition.

  4. Hi here in Brazil th FIFA 14 will be delivery only in 3 october this is really bad I hope the new XBOX ONE in Brazil the games must be in digital at the same day like in other countries

  5. Hi,

    i have a question about the release dates in games on demand. Its Okay for me, that the Price in Games on Demand is like the 70€ for a new Game. But why come new Games soooo late in Games on Demand or some Games never? Why is this on PS3 Possible and not on Xbox? I Charged my Account with 250€ for some Blockbusters like GTA5, FIFA14, Splinter Cell and so on. But i have to wait (forever?) to buy these Games on Xbox Games on Demand.

    this is not Okay!

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