Arcade: Ascend: Hand of Kul

Ascend: Hand of KulContent: Ascend: Hand of Kul
Price: Free to play for Xbox Live Gold Members
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Dash Text: Wage war for your God as a brutal Caos warrior on a unique journey to Ascension. Destroy the spawn of the Titan, invade other players’ worlds, and tip the balance in the Crusade between the alliances. Ascend: Hand of Kul is a free-to-play third-person action RPG featuring innovative seamless single and multiplayer gameplay and multi-platform support.


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97 thoughts on “Arcade: Ascend: Hand of Kul

  1. I wish MS would fix their web site so that we can queue free downloads like this without attaching a credit card to our accounts and also use the converted points that are on our accounts to make purchases. This should have been fixed right away after the conversion (it should really have been fixed during the beta).

      1. I’ve seen others post about using PayPal but I can’t seem to find that option. When I click the link to download to XBox 360 (this is all on their web site using the link that the Major posted above) I get a pop up telling me that I have no valid payment options on file. When I select the Change Payments Options link the only option there is to add a new credit card which is something I don’t want to do and really shouldn’t have to do for a free download. I don’t see any PayPal option anywhere.

        But I don’t really want to link my PayPal account either. I already have about $75 in credit on my account from my converted points. I just want to use them for purchases and not PayPal or a credit card but from their web site I can’t do this.

    1. I beta tested it. There are plenty of MTs available, but you can get good loot from regular gameplay very easily. It’s a bit like mass effct 3’s multiplayer. Microtransactions just get you loot faster, but the game is perfectly playable without them.

    1. Asking things like this make’s “Hryb” think about disabling comment’s like “Popular Science”. did. His comment on Twitter was “Starting to wonder if I should take the @PopSci approach for my blog comments . . .

    1. not sure why you are downvoted(actually I am sure it’s fanboys) when it’s true. it’s why f2p games on ps4 won’t need psn+.

      every person you can get playing your game as f2p is important.

      1. not true at all. someone who had xbox before but doesn’t pay for gold now (like a few of my friends) would be able to play the game and who knows if they like it buy something in game.

        locking out the millions of silver members is kinda dumb. WORST case scenario is silver members play it and it’s free advertising to any friend that sees them playing (and since it’s the only online game they’d be able to play It would probably be decent advertising at that.

  2. Seriously everyday the same people get on majors websites to complain.if you don’t like how Microsoft is running there business stop being there products ita that simple. Us paying for Xbox live is the reason it adapting and evolving to the master online service it is today and even better on there next console.if you don’t like it its other online services you can pay for its other options out there for you but complain about it just makes you look like a troll

    1. It’s the same garbage by the same people (with multiple accounts) saying the same thing on every blog post. And they wonder why no one takes them seriously or even cares what they say.

  3. Man, why do Ms keep asking games from Signal Studios.
    I can take a walk around the world before it finish loading anything.
    Content. Streaming.
    Every studios can do it except them, why?
    Game is fun so far though, co-op would be even better.

  4. Hay major.
    Love the blog and podcast.
    Simple question…
    I’m getting both next gen consoles but as 90% will be multi platform how is the performs looking as reported from your dev partners?
    I would like to pre order these soon so an answer would be nice.
    I hear Sony reps saying there system will run them better.
    Do you guys dispute this at all?
    (note. I’m talking frame rates, native resolution and AA)
    Thanks for your time, see you on Killer Instinct.

  5. love the game, didn’t know it was a beta tho, until it froze…then I saw at the title screen it then said beta…be careful w/these. I played World Series of Poker not knowing it was a beta & it froze while It was saving then my hard drive was wiped off. Microsoft said it was my hard drive and not their game. It was the new 320 gb, & I highly doubt that. Esp. since it says don’t turn off your console when saving, what else are u suppose to do when it freezes? 8 years of transferred saves poof, down the toilet, like XBLA soon… 🙁

      1. funny tho’ when I called microsoft they had me on the phone, doing tech stuff etc…for 2 hours on 2 different days before we had to format it, then “we don’t compensate, we feel that issue’s fixed.” almost robotic

      1. Oh,not only that i did, but also opened it in Marketplace. Still not clear if its multiplayer oriented only, or has single with multiplayer. Would you be so kind, if you understood it?

  6. Why have developers stopped allowing background downloads while playing games?

    Use to be a time when I could download a game while playing another game, now it’s always pending and I have to exit my game to download.

    Never going to get this game downloaded with what playing GTA 5 none stop.

      1. My download keeps popping up and saying “download stopped” every 5 minutes. It’s not like I lose connection or anything.

        Got so annoying I had to turn my notifications off.

      2. It should still download even if the download stops every 5 minutes. Try checking the percentage of the download after a session of GTA 5. It should have downloaded a bit

    1. What is happening is that your game (GTA 5 in this case) is contacting Rockstar’s servers for some reason. When this happens, your download will stop because the download process has no idea how long GTA 5 will need the internet connection it has just made. The game you’re playing takes priority on who gets access to the internet over your download.

  7. i played the beta and this game is pretty good for a free game. The fun didn’t last that long especially now that gta5 is out. it even had achievements during the beta too.

  8. Alright Kids

    Time to play a game, Guess what two Free games are are going to get next Month.

    I’m Calling Call of
    1) Duty Modern Warfare 1 or Battlefield Bad Company
    2) Baston or Limbo

  9. it really is. it seems faster too. sometimes I have to use xbox for netflix for one reason or another and for some reason the buffering to start playing a tv show or movie is like 2-3 times longer than on PS3 (same room and connection and stuff) idk why.

    as you say the interface is much better and faster. it looks, I guess the word is clean.

  10. this game is actually pretty awesome BUT the server kicks you out and you lose dungeon progress. it happens a LOT of times. it’s annoying as heck to the point that I don’t think I want to play anymore. I got the the final boss and almost killed the thing 9 times and every single time “you lost connection how about we kick you to the title screen”

    oh and since your gear takes damage as you hit and get hit, I went through a dungeon 9 times and had to repair all my stuff. it’s annoying and drawn out. it has a lot of potential though.

  11. Major, when I play the game in Germany, the blood color is black. Will this be fixed ? Black blood just looks wrong and this is surely not necessary. Almost no games get censored here anymore…

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