“Destiny” Beta

Details on the Destiny Beta that was just announced. In addition Activision and Bungie have released a new trailer entitled “The Moon,” featuring a highlighted destination in the game, and the Hive, one of the four enemy races featured in Destiny:

Here are the pertinent details on the Beta that I’ve parsed out of the announcement:

Pre-Order Now at Participating Retailers for Invite-Only Access to Beta
Shared World Shooter Game Launches Next Spring

Activision Publishing and Bungie today announced that fans who pre-order the game at participating retailers worldwide will get early access to the Destiny Beta, which will include a diverse sampling of major activities featured in the full game. The Beta will begin in early 2014 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.

Destiny Beta Redemption Codes are only available while supplies last. To see a list of participating global retailers, fans can visit http://www.destinythegame.com/wheretobuy. Upon pre-ordering the game at a participating retailer, fans can visit http://bungie.net/beta and follow the instructions on the page to secure their spot in the Beta. The required 9-digit entry code will be printed on their receipt, on a flyer distributed at time of purchase or sent via email through their respective retail rewards program. Fans that pre-ordered before October 1st 2013 and qualify for this offer are automatically entered into the Beta and will receive their entry code from their retailer via email. All questions or concerns related to the Beta code should be brought to the attention of the retailer.

Pre-Order Destiny for Xbox 360 or Xbox One from Amazon or the Microsoft Store

101 thoughts on ““Destiny” Beta

    1. Same here. I won’t get any cross platform game on the current gen either unless there is some incentive to do so.
      I’m also very hesitant of this game. The gameplay looks great, but stretching the story for 10 years looks like a task nobody will complete.
      And then there’s the Master Chief lookalike boxart…

    1. I rather have the ability to sell a game. I mean, lets say destiny is cool, but a month later you don’t play it anymore.

      you COULD sell it for $20 or so if you bought retail, but with digital.. it’s stuck there…

  1. Whats up major Nelson … Watup with tha Xbox one promotion? It should be in full effect. Just like the window phone.. Taking on iPhone and galaxy. Controversy sells! It’s like the Xbox one has layed down on the battlefield ..meanwhile ps4 is in taco bell adds and ext….If the Xbox one lose the battle at least go out with a boom! Talking trash on how it’s a better system.

      1. Yeah…. I am sure he is there to help… funny he kept the PS4 off the list…. probably an oversight. 🙂 I am surprised Activision hasn’t gone exclusive with this and COD. I am sure they have to see what is going on by now.

      2. It should if they realize what is going on, it’s right there…. of course, I think EA bet on the wrong horse. All this would be over very quickly, if Activision got upset…. I would say someone needs to probably be taught a valuable lesson.

        I am surprised Activision hasn’t pulled it out yet, we’ll see.

      3. Yeah sounds like all the kids telling me Bungie would not buy itself back from MS when the rumors started flying…. I laugh when people say “never”., It made sense to me.

        When I hear someone say “never” I know they have no experience… as it’s a one sided bet. I will always bet someone if they put up unlimited funds and I have to put up nothing… .best kind of bets.

        Going exclusive would not be for money, it would be to break an alliance which is in plain sight which could affect the business later.

      4. Yeah, no.
        Activision is too money hungry to stay exclusive. same as EA.

        Now if you think titanfall is any measure may I remind you, respawn is part of the EA partners program. Respawn calls the shots and owns The IP and its rights. They also choose what platform to release on.
        EA just helps them publish it.

        But either way you are an idiot for thinking otherwise

      5. Has nothing to do with Money, at least short-term.

        Name calling… awesome… from someone that has no life experience. 🙂

        The writing is on the wall… EA+MS to put Valve, Sony and Activision in their place. MS can’t compete and EA can’t compete really so…. next best thing… alliance and join up. They are stupid for doing it out in the open.

        EA picked the wrong horse, eventually they will pay the price, IMHO. All will be answered in time.

        You can go on to calling me names…. I get a laugh out of kids like you.

      6. You are completely within your right to omit the competition though. Of course I guess you like to play fair which is why you let lollipop showcase her iPhone app during an Xbox blogcast.

  2. speaking of beta’s, where is the BF4 beta? it’s up on ps3 now apparently and it’s still not on xbox 360 even for premium members and stuff. kinda ridiculous.

      1. The 360 has a 32 GB cap. Why? Because they want you to buy the official Xbox hard drives which are more expensive.

        Why should I assume that to change? They have made no such announcement.

        Heck, they won’t even *support* external hard drives at launch.

      2. Yes but at launch you WILL have unlimited storage to the cloud. And if we are assuming things, I’d assume games being 50gb, they aren’t going to cap your external hard drive to 16 gb.

      3. dude, you can’t take out the XBO hd, so how are you going to “buy an MS hd” then? They have ALREADY stated that you can plug in a usb HD and format the entire drives. Learn the facts before posting incorrect nonsense.

        I have a usb 3.0 2tb HD just waiting for my movie/tv show downloads as well as game data for games I’m done with or not playing at the moment. They kept the data caps small on the 360 because they were only qualifying USB keys and not external HD’s (which I still don’t really understand why).

      4. Because they only updated to use usb pen drives with the 360 it was only really meant for portability of game saves, while i would have liked external hdd storage, pen drives are really cheap and you could use 3 or even a usb hub and use as many as 12.

      5. It’s been confirmed that they will not have a cap any external HDD will work. but not at launch. this will come in a later update. probably when windows 9 get’s released.

      6. The thing is that all games will have to be installed so it doesn’t matter if you buy the disc or download the game it is going to take up that hard drive space. The biggest concern is the growing trend of ISPs implementing download caps with high over-usage charges.

      7. all games MUST be installed the thing they 180’d on was if the disc has to be in the drive. It now does, it originally did not.

      8. Judging from this genetation, digital only version is significantly less than installed from the disk. So should be the same in the nex gen, i think

    1. Amen… Though this is one of my biggest concerns with the new Digital+Physical model… Will the Physical copies get things like Early DLC, Pre-order bonuses, Free Day-one content that digital copies of the same price wont?

      1. No, I don’t think that will happen. If anything digital should get the favors from now on IF that bonus segregation would ever happen.
        Retail will mostly be dead by the end of next gen apart from the large internet warehouses like Amazon.

      1. I was at GamesCom and agree with that and so do my friends that went there. People that played both consoles favor the Xbox One right now and it also has the better lineup (and no stupid LED controller reflection).

      2. lol and that fugly big kinect is better? Good thing that i dont care about all this exclusives on both consoles. Will get my CoDGhosts and BF4 with a PS4.

      3. I wouldnt worry about which machine has more power, its all about the games, go with the console that has games that appeal more to you, did you get to play battlefield 4? lots of people reporting it looked terrible on ps4.

      4. no idea about ps4 but it looks terrible maxed out on my pc. as a battlefield fan after playing the beta for a while yesterday im not to pushed to get it. glad i didnt preorder off origin at least.

      5. I have 2 HD 7950’s and everything on ultra and think Battlefield 4 is pretty amazing for a beta for graphics. What card(s) are you using?

      6. im running it maxed out with a gtx650ti boost, the weird thing is its only using about 30% of my gpu and sitting at 90% of my cpu.
        i hope it is the early build that everyone keeps saying it is. it has that cartoony cod look about it.
        i will buy it for next gen tho, i need my shooter for the console after destiny.

      7. I read that the PS4 will run BF4 at 900p (odd resolution) while the new Xbox will run it at 720p. I think it is sad that neither “next gen” system is powerful enough to run all games at 1080p or higher.

      8. I heard the opposite… Xbone version look bad and blurry and PS4 version looked sharp and clean at TGS.
        Will get the PS4 anyway. Wont waste money on the Kinect cam which i dont want

    1. Why? I love halo but lets face it there will be a 6 hour story mode and that’s it. all that’s left is the multiplayer which I’ve never enjoyed as all the people playing it online are retards. screaming racism and abuse down the mic. destiny should last ages. playing with your friends in a group. fighting together and levelling up, finding new weapons and items.

      1. Correct, it doesn’t and I think the decision makers at MS are as hesitant with this game as I am.
        It all looks cool but it is somewhat of a gamble with a story that could stretch the entire generation and be milked to all eternity with microtransactions.
        But what about the gameplay? How is that going to remain fresh for that much time.
        I think for that reason MS didn’t go with exclusivity with this game while they could have, it was shown in the leaked contract with Activision and Bungie.

      2. Good for you, but the single player doesn’t drive the sales. I’ve played all campaigns on Legendary and they’re good, but they’re 15 hours tops. MP can be a thousand hours. That’s no “average drone”. I put 3500 games into Halo 3. You need to get better online friends.

      1. It’s only worth doing it that way if you want the GS pre order bonus DLC / items. It looks like all retailers will start selling download codes so that you can take advantage of pre order bonuses that you would normally only get with disc versions.

        You won’t get store bonus stuff via XBL downloads, just dev and MS related stuff if there is any.

  3. It’s not an architecture limitation. It’s a artificially imposed limitation.
    FATX has a filesize limit of a little over 2GB (the maximum arcade game size).
    Anything larger (as the theoretical max is 4GB) shows up errors. Any game going over that size is nog an archive format but a directory (most Games on Demand).
    The maximum partition size for FATX is theoretically at 2TB.

    1. i personnally feel titanfall is going to be much better. Activision advertising on “company who brought COD” is just an insult. You want something made by the famous team that did COD, go for titanfall, this is where they work. It was build from the ground up on new floor, all with cloud in mind and all with multiplayer in mind. They focus on that. So if you want to go multiplayer for the extended game life. Titanfall is the wise choice.

  4. What’s going on with pre-ordering the digital version for the Xbox One?

    I want to buy the digital version…not the disc…but I also want to get in on the Beta, which you can only do by pre-ordering.

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