Standby for Titanfall Coming March 11(NA) and 13(EU) 2014

Today, our friends at Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have announced that Titanfalll for Xbox One Xbox 360 and PC will be released on March 11, 2013 in North America and March 13, 2014 in Europe.
Also announced was the Titanfall: Collector’s Edition:

Highlights of the press release below:


Titanfall: Collector’s Edition Available for Pre-Order Now in Extremely Limited Quantities

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Oct. 22, 2013 Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) announced today that Titanfall™, the debut game from acclaimed independent videogame developer Respawn Entertainment, will be landing on store shelves beginning March 11, 2014 exclusively for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Xbox 360 games and entertainment system and PC. Already the winner of more than 80 coveted awards from critics around the world, Titanfall is winning over fans with its thrilling, dynamic first-person action gameplay featuring elite assault Pilots and agile, heavily-armored, 24-foot Titans. Crafted by one of the co-creators of Call of Duty and other key designers behind the Call of Duty franchise, Titanfall delivers a brand-new online experience that combines fluid, fast-paced multiplayer action with heroic, set-piece moments found in traditional campaign modes.

“Since we revealed the game in June we’ve been absolutely blown away by the reaction to Titanfall,” said Vince Zampella, a Co-Creator of Call of Duty and Co-Founder of Respawn Entertainment. “The feedback we’re getting from fans around the world is fueling our team as we head towards March and motivating us to deliver an experience that lives up to the hype.”

In addition to the standard edition of the game, the Titanfall: Collector’s Edition (SRP $249.99) will include an exclusive collectible 18” hand-crafted Atlas Titan statue with diorama and battery-powered LED lighting, a full-size art book featuring more than 190 pages of rare concept art, and an exclusive full-size schematic poster of the Atlas Titan. The Titanfall: Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order now at select retailers.

Set in the near future on a distant frontier torn apart by war, Titanfall drops players in the middle of a conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. The action is rapid and varied – featuring parkour-style wall running, massive double jumps and the ability to hijack Titans. The freedom to shift back and forth between Pilot and Titan allows players to change tactics on the fly, attacking or escaping depending on the situation and extending the action vertically to new heights.

Titanfall and the Titanfall: Collector’s Edition will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11, 2014 in North America, and beginning March 13, 2014 in Europe.

Here is a new screenshot to share with you as well


163 thoughts on “Standby for Titanfall Coming March 11(NA) and 13(EU) 2014

    1. Anyone know how long the xbone exclusivity is going to be? 6 months or a year? I wonder how much money Microsoft paid for that exclusivity. Now with resolutiongate you kind of wish they had spent their money on making the xbone a better console.

    1. I like it when America gets games a couple days earlier then us in the EU. I like to call them my beta testing monkeys, because by the time I get the game all the broken bugs are fixed.

  1. Major, could you confirm or deny if the PC version will be sold from the Store with Xbox for Windows on Windows 8? A few friends of mine want it on PC but would like to know if it interacts with any of the other versions.

  2. The only thing I need to know is the price. That’s close enough to my birthday, but I don’t think I could justify $150. Getting Titanfall regardless. Looks amazing!

      1. Yes but today it took me 30 minutes to download a 537 mb size file. I have a 75mbps fibre optic line and it took me 30minutes because of Microsoft limit download speeds.

        So good luck downloading 20+ gig Blu-Ray sized games.

      2. Well that’s clearly impossible unless you live next to a data center or in America. Because there is no way it would take me 30 minutes to download a 537mb file without the download being limited by Microsoft.

    1. Same here! Now that plenty of more people will be moving to PC after “certain announcements” looks like this game might be one that will last as long as console series.

    1. I completely agree. COD is getting old and this is a great step up from the well over played COD. Lets just hope those nutty COD fans dont take over after they realize that Titanfall is such a better upgrade. 🙂

      1. It doesn’t exist anymore. Unfortunately.

        Anyway, EA’s involvement ruined Overstrike/Fuse. The change was done because of “focus groups”. All about the money, no passion. The irony is that it sold horribly, and I bet Overstrike would have been a hit.

        Hopefully the same doesn’t happen to “Sunset Overdrive”

      2. Yep. Sunset Overdrive has a VERY similar art style and fun aspect to it that Overstrike had. Same type of CGI trailer, same hype.

        I sincerely hope it doesn’t go the same route as Overstrike.

    1. at first i wanted this to be on ps4 so everyone could play it but look anywhere all the phonys saying OMG ITS TIMED its like stfu and then they rub it in our face that they have all the exclusives its like grow up

  3. I get that xbone games are going to be more expensive but what about the extras in collector editions like this one. Are they made out of anything different than before? I’m just trying to think how they come up with the $250 price point because its ridiculously high.

    1. “In addition to the standard edition of the game, the Titanfall: Collector’s Edition (SRP $249.99) will include an exclusive collectible 18” hand-crafted Atlas Titan statue with diorama and battery-powered LED lighting, a full-size art book featuring more than 190 pages of rare concept art, and an exclusive full-size schematic poster of the Atlas Titan. The Titanfall: Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order now at select retailers.”

      From the article itself

      1. A hand-crafted 18” statue with LEDs and a 190 page artbook. If you don’t really want those then it’s not worth the price, if you do then it is.
        Are you expecting someone to convince you to buy a Collector’s Edition?

  4. I can’t wait to play this game. Personally cod has gotten stale to me. I’m also looking forward to battlefield 4 for my fps thirst. I’ve had my xbox 1 preordered since June, and now have ryse, cod ghosts, battlefield, forza, assasins creed 4, dead rising 3 preordered for day one… This is going to be one expensive November for me lol. Oh well.. gaming is a huge passion of mine and in my opinion very much worth the money.

  5. Since there is no single player, why is the game 60 dollars?

    Also, it employs many of the same concepts that Brink tried to pull off. Luckily, it looks much better than that crappy game.

    1. No single player? That’s a no deal for me. Its dose look good but not only do you have to pay $60 for it, you also have to pay for xbox live just to play.

      1. Obviously that person thought this game had a campaign like every other full priced game.

        Most people like to play single player campaigns. That doesn’t mean they don’t play online.

        Imagine an original Medal of Honor game without a Normandy mission. Only multiplayer maps. It wouldn’t be the same.

      2. lets bo honest, cod, bf3, etc. have all very easy and fast single player campain that require little to no time to complete with flawed AI. Time taken to produce it result is lesser time building a real MP gameplay where you actually spend 95% of your time (most player). So seeing a game dedicated to MP is promising.

      3. yah of course, i didn’t meant to discredit your taste or opinion about the need of solo gaming. Of course if this is the part that you like most, and i can see plenty of reason for that, it is a downer. this game is not for you for sure. But for multiplayer enthousiast, this is a must

      4. fair enough…and I guess if you really like SP then its a valid point..I tend to judge a game by how much entertainment value it brings me..sp, MP, whatever…

      1. Lets also question the price of movies then shall we? since it’s another viable form of entertainment, $20 for a movie that lasts 2 hours tops, a movie that can only be watched one way, you can’t change anything about it. Now $60 for a game that lasts as long as you want to play it for and is different depending on how you want to play it AND has a story you can enjoy with others I think that is VALUE for money.

      2. Exactly right. Some people move from Point B to Point A, some people move from Point A to Point B, and some people don’t move at all, but will complain the entire time they’re standing still.

        See you online, Carnage. It’s going to be a blast to play. Sad that some will never know…

    2. Some people will complain about anything. And from being a long-time visitor to this site, I can safely say that “some people” is you. How sad it must be to spend a lifetime complaining about such minor annoyances. Don’t want to move forward? Then don’t. See ya…

      1. How is no single-player the step forward?
        How is that even relevant?

        All I’m doing is questioning the price point. I think the game looks cool, but if all they did was make multiplayer maps with story in the background, why is it 60?

    3. ? That’s like saying why is a single player only game $60, its story comes in the form of multiplayer that’s something different to other games, so because a games different it should cost $60, in that case cod should be $40 because there is hardly a single player to accompany the multiplayer. This game has been getting fantastic reviews from people who have played it and the demand for it judging by most comments and reviews suggest finding people to play with is not going to be a problem, it’s meant for multiplayer and it delivers so $60 it is. Sorry for the rant but i felt i had to say something about this insane comment.

    4. From what I understand, with Call of Duty the IW guys that are now at Respawn saw that the majority of people never touched the single player campaign and just went straight to multiplayer. So the multiplayer on Titanfall integrates singleplayer story elements into the multiplayer and they also have MP modes without these elements that just focus on the objective, so the SP and MP experiences are still kind of there, but they are just integrated into MP.

      Also, as you mentioned, Brink didn’t do a good job of integrating story and had very standard gameplay, the gameplay of Titanfall looks like a lot of fun with the jetpacks and wall-running mixed up with the Titans. I personally think it will be worth the $60.

      1. Hey look at that! A reasonable comment that doesn’t jump to conclusions about my intentions! Well done.

        Though I would say Call of Duty 4 was always critically commended for its groundbreaking campaign.

        I wonder how they’re going to treat progression in the story. Imagine if a level 3 guy joins a game with a level 36, is that level 3 going to see a much later part of the story? Or is it non-sequential story elements like Brink?

      2. Each map in the multiplayer has it’s own story attached to it. I am assuming they have some kind of order to it, but I’m not sure.

        As for separating higher levels and lower levels, if they don’t have separate lobbies for them (which they usually do) Titanfall also has bots to fill in the teams. The bots are there to make the game feel like a real war with lots of casualties, but they also help newbies have easy people to kill on the ground (although the points are worth less), while the higher level guys are more likely to fight among themselves in more remote parts of the maps, like on rooftops, or while jumping around the map.

        I haven’t played the game well to see if this works, but I’ve heard good things about it.

  6. As long as the game has plenty of content, lots of maps abnd characters, and stuff. I’ll happily pay the full price. A campaign is fine, but after your done, very few play it over and over again. Worse case scenario with this game is the lack of content, and if there is a lack of content, Respawn and EA would be better off delaying the game, If it hasn’t least 15 maps or more on day one. Fans will not be happy paying for DLC if the game lacks content.

  7. These CEs are getting more and more over the top. Please publishers, I don’t want anything bigger or more expensive than than the original Bioshock CE with the all metal Big Daddy in it. And I never want to spend more than $80 on a CE. $250 is beyond insane. Please, nobody buy this. It just encourages the insanity.

  8. It doesn’t seem like X1 will be available in my region by March. As this game is using Azure Cloud as dedicated servers, if I buy an import console and game and then play online, what servers will I be connected to? Those located in US? or the Azure datacenter nearest to my region?

    1. What country do you live in? AFAIK, every country with at least a CDN node will be able support Xbox Live for the Xbox One next year and there are a couple of new datacenters and nodes planned for this year as well.

      1. My region has an existing Azure datacenter. I just don’t know if X1 is not officially released in my region yet, will X1 use the datacenter in my region.

  9. The new Halo game planned for release next year is not actually Halo 5. However I can pretty much guarantee that it will be released in September, October, or November.
    I would like to disagree with you about Infinity Ward, CoD 1-4 were excellent games. I am also optimistic that now that Infinity Ward’s founders have now founded Respawn Entertainment and are not bound to the CoD franchise they can explore fresh ideas and make excellent games again.

      1. It’s just a rumor in recent few days.

        X1 can upscale to 1080p for sure. The rumor just said X1 can’t support native 1080p, which is in fact not true, as Forza5 is native 1080p. M$ also said X1 does support native 1080p.

        But people (intentionally?) doesn’t believe in M$. So all M$ said are lies 🙂

    1. The game res is up to the developers. The xbox one is made to support 1080p, but whether or not the game is 1080p is on the developers. It’s the same for the ps4…..

      1. you mean you have to pay for something that someone else has worked hard on and should rightly be remunerated for their efforts? Outrageous.
        Seriously though – the world does not owe you a living.

    1. Whomever it was at MS that came up with the name Xbox One should have anticipated this. Now they are stuck with a terrible name which has an even more terrible abbreviation that will continue to be used for the life of the console (and beyond).

      1. LMAO!!! THANK YOU!!! So glad somebody said something about that guy saying that word all the time. Ive been laughing hysterically ever since ive read that word on here. Its funny that they think it makes them “cool”. Such a feminine word. Imagine a man wearing a pink polo shirt with a purple scarf on his neck…. and a monocle over his left eye. Thats the type.

  10. The inevitable PS4 version is going to be 1080p native (unless Microsoft tries to gimp it for the sake of parity) so might as well wait for the superior console version. Why am I not getting it on PC? I don’t like to play on PC. Never liked the keyboard and mouse.

    1. Enjoy your game Christmas 2015 or Spring 2016. What don’t you get about “exclusive?” I wanna play Infamous, but I’m not demanding it is a timed exclusive lol

  11. Mass effect? Dead Rising? All those exclusives that made their way to PS3. Titanfall is just a matter of time, and to boot the best version will be on PS4.

    The funny thing is timed-exclusives makes no difference. Its money wasted from Microsoft.

  12. www oxm co uk/64778/call-of-duty-ghosts-has-fantastic-graphics-on-xbox-one-reiterates-infinity-ward/
    www eurogamer net/articles/2013-06-11-call-of-duty-ghosts-runs-at-1080p-and-60fps-on-xbox-one-and-ps4
    CBOAT once again proven a liar!

  13. One of the only reasons to get the XBONE! lol Just wish it was a launch title so I would have something to play. Can’t wait for good games to actually come out for this machine!

  14. Major, the first line of that posting reads “Titanfalll for Xbox One Xbox 360 and PC will be released on March 11, 2013 in North America and March 13, 2014 in Europe”.
    There’s a typo for North America, should be 2014, not 2013, unless I’ve missed some really big news earl on this year?!!

  15. Larry you may want to correct the spelling of this article. “March 11, 2013 in North America” was LAST spring and you spelled Titanfall as Titanfalll.

    You were in a rush I guess. LOL!!!!!

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      1. It’s probably for the laughs that the PoS4 needs an update to be able to do anything, even play Blu-Ray. So much for the offline console champion the PoS4 was supposed to be. Can’t wait for the hypocrisy going on at N4G and NeoGAF now.

      2. My be… but if that was the intention they should know we will need a update on day one of the xbox one as well. When they did the 180 a few months back, They said on day one we would have to download a patch/update so we could use the xbox one offline and with out DRM. But I take it was your intention to troll…. about the ps4, you fanboys just need to chill.

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