“Kinect Sports Rivals” Free Trial Experience Launches Nov. 22

I wanted to let you know that you can be among the first to play “Kinect Sports Rivals” this November and discover the power of the all new Kinect, in “Kinect Sports Rivals” Preseason. Starting on Nov. 22, Xbox One’s launch day, you can download a free trial experience of “Kinect Sports Rivals’” wake racing, unlock exclusive in-game rewards and get ahead of the competition before the full game launches in spring 2014. Players can get information on upcoming challenges, rewards, and Xbox One news in the “Kinect Sports Rivals” Hub, also available to download starting on Nov. 22. The “Kinect Sports Rivals” Hub will be the best way for players to track progress across the monthly challenges and stay on top of their competition.

The “Kinect Sports Rivals” Preseason will run from Nov. 22, 2013 until March 2014, and throughout this time, players will face monthly challenges with the chance to earn points and unlock rewards only available in Preseason. See below for details:

  • Download the free trial experience anytime from Nov. 22 thru Nov. 30 and start earning points to unlock the special “Founder” player title, an exclusive “Kinect Sports Rivals” wetsuit and a “Kinect Sports Rivals” wake racer to commemorate the launch of Xbox One.
  • Players will compete against familiar faces – including a fully digital version of me and my good friend AceyBongos who will step in as tough competition.
  • New monthly challenges with unique objectives and rewards will become available within the “Kinect Sports Rivals” Hub – some will be personal, some will be co-op, and some will pit nation against nation in a global battle for international fame. Each challenge will deliver its own exclusive rewards that will carry over to the full game when it launches next spring.
  • Complete every player challenge given and expand the fun by racing against a friend in the same room in split screen mode.
  • Enjoy an all-new track by rising musical group Youngblood Hawke. They recorded “Collide” just for “Kinect Sports Rivals.”

Launching in spring of 2014, “Kinect Sports Rivals” is the next generation of the best-selling Kinect franchise, “Kinect Sports.” “Kinect Sports Rivals” brings favorite sports back in re-imagined ways, and delivers new sports and events made possible only with Xbox One’s revolutionary technology. “Kinect Sports Rivals” puts players in the game like never before, tracks their movements and expressions with incredible accuracy, and offers never-ending competition with friends and rivals.

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174 thoughts on ““Kinect Sports Rivals” Free Trial Experience Launches Nov. 22

    1. Based on your other posts I doubt you’re even buying an Xbox One but assuming you were wouldn’t you want to control it with your voice even if you used the Kinect for nothing else?

      1. Yea, why make different games when what most people is COD, BF, GOW, Halo, GTA and sports game.

        spoiler alert: because people have different tastes and want to play something else.

        Maybe an arcade game or Jet Force Gemini HD.

    1. It’s not worth it for Rare to work on something else. The people who were the masterminds behind the games we all loved from the past left Rare a long time ago, leaving only the replaceable grunt staff behind. In fact, the only reason they probably still exist is due to Microsoft reassigning them.

      That being said, Microsoft does have the Rare IPs (the ones not owned by Nintendo), so we can hope they will license those out to other companies like they have done with Killer Instinct and licensing it to Double Helix.

      1. If you actually check the credits of the games you all loved, you may realize many (if not most) of those guys are credited under pretty much all those underperforming Xbox and Xbox 360 games from Rare. Some were even working on Kinect Sports.
        I think its more about the developers and the gamers getting older.

  1. I played this at GamesCom. It was pretty great and worked better than what I was used to with Kinect on Xbox 360.
    There were even 2 player tournaments at the main stage then and it was pretty fun watching people run into mines, :D.

  2. Played the waverunner demo at an Area One event. It was meh. I was impressed that the XB1 Kinect could track better in the dark than the 360 version ever could, but completely underwhelmed by the same latency-prone, laggy feel.

    Give us a Kinect-free Xbox One for $399, Microsoft!

  3. I took this from another site, a post from a fan getting a XB1, allegedly now has cancelled his pre-order. I think it should worry Microsoft and Mr Hryb!

    Microsoft needs to start addressing the rumours on the web, or it will get lot worse, leading up to launch. We need clarity, i too am looking at my pre-order because Microsoft isn’t addressing at all any of the rumours that came out over the weekend.

    I’ve cancelled my XB1 preorder.
    It’s a sad day for a huge XB360 fan.
    The rumours circulating are pretty concerning. If MS came out and talked straight and provided some clarity perhaps I wouldn’t have cancelled the order. With just over 3 weeks to go, however, I’m not prepared to risk over £500 (I had XB1 with fifa plus forza plus extra controller on order) on a system that even the manufacturers aren’t effectively communicating will work.
    Whilst it’s fine for other XB fans to decide to ignore rumour after rumour after rumour the fact MS haven’t provided anything to counter any concerns means buying on day 1 may be complete folly.

      1. The rumours are becoming toxic and if you don’t respond. X Box fans will naturally think there is some substance to the rumours. I live in European and these rumours are already getting discussed on forums here, and fans are not happy with the lack of responses from Microsoft!

        I can cancel my pre-order any time before launch. People other than me have already decided to stop their pre-order. It can only get worse, if Microsoft says nothing and lets Sony fans run riot on the web attacking X Box fans for buying the X Box.

      2. Well, then you and others will be highly disappointed when these rumors turn out to be false. And you know what will happen again, you’ll believe the next set of rumors from neogaf! And the cycle will repeat every time you hear a rumor. And somehow this is MS’s fault!

      3. But what if there not false? Don’t you think responses from Microsoft would end those rumours? Saying nothing suggests there may be something to hide. I don’t want to buy a 500 Euro console and end up having a host of problems on launch day.

      4. Not at all, morons hate to hate. The thing that drives me nuts is people that rip on something when they don’t have all of the facts and are just making stuff up. 8/10 times that site is proven wrong and it’s infamous “users” are huge trolls (not just about the XBO, but anything).

        I’m totally fine with my purchase of the XBO, just like I was with my NES / SNES / Genesis / N64 and so on. I didn’t care what was inside of the systems because I was excited to play the games that came out on them.

      5. Hmmm I agree with most of your post, however if you’d been on gaf pre E3 you’d know that most of these insiders, *especially* CBOAT have been correct (70%).

      6. So, can you bullet point what MS needs to answer that you are so “worried” about? Please, enlighten us so what we can proceed to point you to the facts that you are ignoring.

      7. I posted a long post what the issues are, but it needs to get confirmation. Come back later and see if its there and approved by the moderator. I have to go now.

      8. People like me aren’t stupid and don’t base any decision making on “rumors”. MS doesn’t need to say anything as they have provided a ton of answers already by showing a fantastic looking UI and a bunch of grade A games to play. That’s all I need. Plus I can read and discern what is real and what isn’t.

      9. “The rumours are becoming toxic” the rumors aren’t toxic, the people spreading the rumors are. MS responding to any specific rumor temporarily addresses a symptom and not the cause. It’s a fool’s errand.

      10. Really, wow! I mean they must know because MS told them right? Or maybe they just feed off the garbage to get more clicks like every other news site. I can’t wait for these people to eat their own words.

      11. Try not to get too angry. They have sources apparently, and have been saying this for quite a while (see, 6 months behind development article).

        Not saying it’s true or not. Just saying what’s there. The DRM started with a rumor, and people couldn’t possibly fathom for it to be true…and look what happened.

      12. are you butthurt bro? it doesn’t matter. you could play bf4 on xbox 360 or ps3 and be just as happy. now you can sleep better at night.

      13. Now Polygon just said it was true. BattleField 4 is 720p on Xbox One and 900p on PS4.

        “As a result, the PS4 version is somewhat sharper than the Xbox One release”

    1. Microsoft’s official policy has always been “We do not comment on rumors and speculation.”
      I don’t know why people are expecting different suddenly.

    2. haha, cancelling something over “rumors” shows how smart this tardo is. Go to the ps4, one less moron. Oh, and enjoy that killer launch line up sony doesn’t have 😀 I’m still dumbfounded that other than second son, they do not have ONE game I would buy on that system announced yet. Honestly, I had a ps4 paid off early on but once they announced the final line up I dumped it.

      Also, what “answers” does this fool need? Bet you any money there are already answers but he hasn’t bothered to look them up since they weren’t thrown right in his face (lazy, like most “gamers” these days that need things spoon fed to them).

      1. If Xbox keeps losing all these “morons” as you call them, you will have a very lonely time on your Xbox One. See it’s the informed gamers that are cancelling, not the morons, the morons are the ones who have no clue, we, the informed are the early adopters. We buy it, then tell others to buy it (like our friends). So if you have all these people who are INFORMED cancelling and telling their friends, then you can be sure that droves of people will be affected, and the tarnished xbone name will lead it to obscurity. I have always purchased consoles day one, not this time. That says something since I was a die hard fan and now I am pretty disappointed. Not just in the poor performance of the console but in the attitude MS had going into this. They didn’t listen, had no clue what people wanted and now they will pay the price. I’m sure they will find something to do with their cloud servers after they discontinue the xone in 3 years.

      1. hmmmm……..lol i never thought to do that. i still have a ps4 and an x1 preordered. for a good profit i wouldn’t mind waiting to play.

  4. Gotta say, for a game that is so important for MS and kinect as a device, it was really lacking.

    Still felt like a kids game. But at least it was more accurate.

  5. Can’t believe MS wasted all of their time for next gen on this dumb Kinect the Xbox is a gaming console not a garbage entertainment system Xbone can’t even handle a ugly game like COD Ghosts only in 720p should have called it the Xbox720p

      1. Source on BattleField 4. Review from Polygon.

        “The Xbox One version of Battlefield 4 is currently rendering at 1280×720, while the PS4 is natively rendering at 1600×900. As a result, the PS4 version is somewhat sharper than the Xbox One release.”

        http://www polygon com/2013/10/29/5040656/battlefield-4-review

      2. Alright so as far as Polygon is saying neither copy of BF4 is getting native 1080p but apparently PS4 does have more push for higher resolutions.

        BTW I still need a proper source for the IW quote.

      3. Basically.

        The official quote from IW is from June, and they said it would be 1080p/60 fps.
        As far as I know, there has been no official quote about it being native or upscaled.

      4. Great. I found the articles by narrowing to that time lapse in my search. I kept getting the articles that show the more recent rumors about the 720p on XBox One with CoD but that’s coming from a 3rd party and a rumor at best.

  6. Damn, I was going to hold off on the Xbox One til I could get Kinect Sports Rivals and Titanfall in my hands. Having this already there makes the trigger to buy sooner a bit lighter.

  7. That’s what happens when you sell to the lowest bidder. Just like how all movie tie-in games are done.

    However, I thought I was the only one in the entire world that actually enjoyed Homecoming…

  8. That’s funny because everything you have in that post has already been said to be working fine. The video driver was a tad behind and they are still working with devs on getting it smoothed out for their games.

    Party chat and cross game chat works like it does now, you have settings to manage how party chat moves. I have a few friends that have had a good hands on with the OS and it works exactly like it does in the videos, it’s fast, lag free and works as advertised.

    I’m guessing this “dev” you talked too sucks and hasn’t a clue as to how to get things working lol, seems like everyone else got it working just fine as it all looks great.

  9. i’m not in that gang that bash MS for kinect, and i’m a kinect enthousiast, but this, to me, look extremely boring and N64 style. I can’t wait to see good use of kinect (if that ever come to life)

  10. today i will buy my last game for my xbox 360… dead island riptide!!!!.. and after that… i will have to sell my games to buy new ones for my xbox one… mass effect 3,ssx,CoD BO1,mw,mw2,mw3,BO2,bioshock,bioshock 2,bioshock infinite, assassins creed brotherhood,revelations, AC3,halo 4,halo reach,injustice gods among us,gears of wars 3,max payne 3,gta IV,fable 3,h.a.w.x 2… and maybe gta V, the multiplayer is boring… well at least i have no regrets… i bought all the dlcs for all those games, and i really enjoyed them… at least i will buy CoD:Ghosts,Quantum Break and Ryse:son of rome with some money of those games ^^

    1. I’m keeping Infinite because I desperately want to play the “Buried At Sea” DLC. I wasn’t a fan of Riptide to be honest…hopefully you like it more than I did.

      1. hehe… i really wanted to play the “burial at sea” dlc but… it’s keep the xbox 360 to buy that dlc or install my xbox one to play call of duty ghosts… it’s a really hard choice ^^

  11. Okay, I’m a bit upset. I just learned today that Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One will run @ 1280×720, while the PS4 will run @ 1600×900. That comes out to a 50% increase in graphics quality. And I also see that Kinect Sports Rivals also runs @ 720p.

    We’ve waited almost ten years for a new console. Ten years. And after all that wait we are still only getting 720p from several Xbox One titles.

    I’m not saying I’d rather buy a PS4. I never even bought a PS3, or a PS2. Heck, my name is Kinectamaniac. I’m all about Xbox.

    But I can’t help but feel quite a bit disappointed that the Xbox One wasn’t made powerful enough to handle 1080p with all titles. And, this is gonna be our new console for how long? Another possible nine or ten years?

    I’m still not gonna buy a PS4…but I have to admit, I’m now having second thoughts about buying an Xbox One…and now considering just saying screw it and buying a nice PC and switching to PC gaming.

    I’ve been gaming since Pong…owned almost every video game console that has ever existed. And I feel like Xbox has really let me down, after waiting this long for a new console, and all I’m getting is a tiny group of 1080p titles, and a whole bunch of 720p titles.

    I don’t even know what I want to do now. I’m really gonna be doing some heavy thinking in the next few weeks on whether or not I want to cancel my Xbox One Day One Edition Pre-Order.

    Xbox, I’m pretty mad right now.

    1. Wait for Steam machines to release and see which one suits you. I build gaming computers for a living and i could show you my site but would probably have to do it somewhere else but here because of the fan trolls.

    2. Xbox 360 is not an essentially a gaming device. Of course, we have great games, but when we consider exclusives or cost / benefit for having a Gold account, we, gamers, lose. But there are loads of people paying twice to watch Netflix or ESPN and barely caring about gaming.

      With Xbox One it won’t be different. Or have you already forgotten about the TV, TV, TV, Sports, Sports, TV, TV, Sports?

      So, I don’t think we have a considerable amount of gamers that really care about the difference 720p / 1080p. They will release, people will buy.

      I assume that most people coming here are those who care, those that have the console to play and not to watch cable TV. However, it’s still a really small percentage.

      Talking about myself, I’m not only disappointed with Xbox One: this end of generation for Xbox 360 got really bitter for me. Games with Gold region locked; obligation to add a credit card if we want to queue even a demo through the website; paying taxes twice (whey you buy a prepaid card and when you use it) after the conversion to real currency (not counting that the prices inflated, not corresponding to the conversion from Microsoft Points – considering most countries outside the USA). Well, that’s what I remember by now… but, for sure, there are other things I’ll recall later.

    3. Same here.. All this talk about “Resolution does not matter”… Seems like there are BIG problems in power… It’s right, we’ll get some good looking games, but it’s a psychological thing, too. There is always the comparison to the PS4 and with BF4, we again get out butts kicked. The resultion is lower. Okay. But the framerate is worse, too?? No ambient occlusion and heavier aliasing?? It’s NextGen? It’s nearly 2014? If it’s like this, I’ll skip this Xbox generation. 🙁

    4. When the PS4 was announced I was a bit excited for MS. The reason is that I felt that the PS4 is underpowered, it is little more than a mid-range gaming machine. I thought that MS would reveal a true next gen gaming machine but what they finally revealed was an even bigger disappointment. I am sitting out this generation. I hope that both consoles fail so that we can move on to the true next generation in a few years instead of having to wait 7 or more. I have a nice big library of 360 and PC games to keep be busy until then.

      1. Me too! It’s hard to believe the mindset of the people at MS. This is what happens when you base a console off of metrics instead of talking to gamers about what they want in a console. Remember what they did with the 360? Added more RAM because Epic suggested it (or so the legend goes). This time they forgot to ask anyone and did what no one wanted. Their initial reveal was proof of that. Unless MS cuts $100 from the price AND adds a free game they are in for a long struggle. They put all their money in cloud and Kinect and the risk is not going to pay off. Seriously, MS needs some new blood that actually understand gamers and gaming. I think they were looking at iphone specs and assumed hardware didn’t matter.

      2. Where do you get the “no one wanted” thing? How about the 360 has a TON of hours of media being played on it other than games? I’m sure that speaks loudly to MS when they look at the stats. I use my 360 for movies, tv shows, music and games, so the way they are marketing it is a great idea.

        The system is meant to play great games, but do a lot of other things too. If it was such a bad idea, why did sony copy them with the ps3 and offer music, movies and tv stuff too? Why has sony announced big plans for TV, movies and music for the ps4?

        I love how so many of you still think that sony isn’t doing anything with the “all in one concept” with ALL media.. not just games. Are you really that blind? Or just stupid? If the XBO isn’t for you that’s fine, but you will see that sony is doing a lot of the same things on the ps4 lol.

      3. I use HBO Go and Netflix a lot on 360, but when that’s the focus of the next console, might as well get a smart TV or Roku.

        There are other devices that do this for cheaper and without and extra subscription.

    5. I’m not mad, just a bit disappointed in these prelaunch figures out there. Like I said earlier, prices will need to come down fast and undercut the PS4 if MS wants the Xbox One to succeed in the long run and including Kinect at the cost of performance during the design fase of the Xbox One may end up costing MS more if things continue in the same trend across platforms during the generation, especially if it is truly noticeable. I don’t mind the drop in resolution (IMHO some a lot of BF4 shots look better on the XBO), but Digital Foundry stated that drops in performance are there as well and that has a lot of people worried.
      I’ve spoken to my friend at MS and his reply was “Please don’t judge until the final product is out there and updated with the launch OS”, so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

      1. As I have said to everyone, don’t get your panties in a bunch over a third party launch game. there are many better examples (like first party) to look at that run at higher rez’s and the like.

        Honestly resolution means nothing to me anymore, as long as it looks good and plays very good I’m happy. I have a nice pc to run at 1080p 60fps but I don’t like sitting at a desk all day for work then to play games on when I get home.

        You should never expect “fantastic” at the launch of new hardware. Look at the last bunch of quality games for the 360/ps3, would you have thought those were possible 7-8 years ago?? Give it time, things will work themselves out.

        Both next gen systems will be great in many ways.

      1. If this is your reason for canceling, you chose the Xbox One for the wrong reasons.

        With that money you can get some decent PC upgrades though, for that 1080p60 you crave so much 🙂

      2. “you chose the Xbox One for the wrong reasons.” The Xbox one is a video game system first and foremost ant it. Yes it dose more then just games but to most people its about the games and if these next gen games are going to be the same res as this gen, then whats the point..Your better of saving $500 and keeping your 360…

      3. If your goal is a guaranteed 1080p at 60fps and you are going to be melodramatic for less? Don’t buy a gaming console. We’ve known for ages that there will be games that don’t make that goal. We also know that PC gamers are used to nothing less than 1080p60.

        I don’t want to sound like the “pc master race” ‘tards, but their platform delivers what you are looking for, their games are cheaper too, yet you keep barking at the wrong tree.

        The features with which the One is being sold in the US are pretty damn nice. Combined with ease of use it makes a great family entertainment device and it has great games too. If you are only obsessed with min-maxing graphics, why did you even consider the xbox in the first place?

      4. Yes the pc is the best place to go if you wont hi end 1080p. But it also has a cost. Most people don’t have the money or know how to make a hi end pc. Xbox one is supposed to be next gen, and most people only wont it for games nothing more. If the games don’t look any better then the 360, and all you wont to do is play game the xbox one is a wast off money.

      5. Dont you understand it? 720P is available in xbox 360 so why should someone buy a xbox one if the resolution stays this low.

        i think a new console should have more power than the last one 🙂

      6. If the only comparison point for you is the resolution, you clearly know nothing about what you’re talking about.
        Hint: Do you think a machine running Transport Tycoon in 4K is “better” than a machine running BF4 in 720p?

      7. Look at 720p games on the 360 / ps3 vs. pc, xbox 1 , ps4. There is major difference when it comes to actual texture work lol, it’s night and day.

      8. Over a third party shooter?? Wow, so Forza running at 1080p 60fps means nothing huh? It is possible and if you put that much trust into a third party dev on launch you.. well never mind lol.

      9. I was given false information from digital foundry.

        But i’m gonna buy a Titanfall edition xbox one, as it is the game I’m looking forward to it a lot

      1. Your monitor crushes the resolution and you aren’t seeing a 1:1 pixel ratio. On a TV with both running, I don’t think you’d be still saying that.

        900p to 720p isn’t a gigantic difference, but it is different.

    6. I feel the exact same way! Not buying a “next-gen” console til I see the Steam Box. Pretty disappointed in Xone in terms of hardware, like you said, this is supposed to last 10 years?? I don’t really care for the PS4 either, it’s basically a 360 with better graphics, but if I had to pick a console PS4 would be it. I have a ton of games on Steam and maybe I should spend the money on a PC upgrade rather than a traditional console.

    7. Now look at the comparisons and tell me how different they look? Oh really, you can’t tell the difference? Man you guys complain way to much, not every launch game (mostly third party) will take any real advantage of the systems because they are running it more on middleware standards (same across all platforms).

      New systems need a year or two to hit their stride when dev’s can start taking full advantage of the hardware when they have more time and not rushing to get things out on specific hardware launch dates. Things like this happen with EVERY new system launch, this is nothing new at all (unless you are a young kiddo and haven’t been around long enough for many systems launches in the past).

      1. you now what, I was typing the exactly same thing…but you were faster. I saw both videos on you tube and stuff (digital foundry, ign, comparisons…), I found the versions pretty similar each other, in fact, XB1 a bit better for my taste…I know people will say its 720p against 1080p, but people are saying PS4 version has 50% more pixels and stuff, up to 20% more gpu power…I honestly didn´t see that difference…Well, my complaint was the frames drop (but in the video I saw it was very slight), but I think this will be corrected with time and posterior updates…for now both systems are pretty similar in terms of graphics, just as the current gen..

        PS…sorry for comment above I replied the wrong person tried to erase but it didn´t work…

      2. Well the funny thing is, the ps4 isn’t at 1080p anyways, it’s around 900p (like Ryse for the XBO). Both versions have some frame dips but I’m sure the day one patch will help take care of that. Plus, the XBO version had a few missing features (like the AO) that will be added in before launch.

        Exactly my point, even if they are running at a tad lower res, you really can’t tell. I honestly like the XBO look a bit better because it wasn’t so dark/drab looking. But honestly, it’s a miniscule difference that it doesn’t even matter. BF4 looks pretty much exactly the same on both systems.

        Good post btw.

      3. Yep…Ryse in fact looks amazing…

        there is a hype on internet and was also endorsed by the press that PS4 is the ultimate game console, because MS focused on TV, stuff…honestly it´s hard to see some good news on gaming sites about X1…Not saying PS4 is no gonna be a good console…just not that good people are saying…

        This negative feedback in part is MS fault, because of bad marketing and initial “draconian” features (which I not disliked after I got fully understanding about them)…but everything you see on press about X1 is not good, even the recent demo of dashboard (which was pretty amazing for me) were criticized because people said it was edited and it was not real and stuffs like that…and blablabla

        For these reasons everything I heard from gaming sites I take with a grain (or more) of salt…

      4. Again, agreed. Once the hate bandwagon starts rolling against something on the internet it’s impossible to stop. People said MS had nothing but tv, then destroyed sony at E3 by showing up with a much better GAME lineup. It’s funny how the haters call out for this or that, then MS answers with a good response and then the haters find something else to nitpick on.

        They honestly have to much time on their hands. Sony’s UI is horrible, but if it works for them that’s fine. I have seen every XBO UI video and it’s always consistent, not to mention I highly doubt they are faking it for many reasons. One, I k now a few people that test drove it and say it’s fast and works as advertised (as have many sites).

        Two: Why show all of this then have it on day one be clunky slow knowing they will get ripped apart about it with everything that has happened? Seriously. It will work like they have showed it. I never minded the DRM and always on internet because honestly, none of it would have bothered me. I don’t loan games out, I’m connected to the internet 24/7 (and have very reliable internet) and I buy all digital anyways 😀

        But I’m not blind to the fact that I may be in the smaller % of people that are lucky like that and have good internet among other things. I would hate for someone to drop that kind of money and not be able to fully utilize it. I’m just glad MS is a company that took the beating and changed what needed to be changed to move forward.

        Sony is still in financial trouble and they have had to sell off big portions of the company to remain afloat (mostly due to horrible decision making and poor product sales / being over priced). But they did what they had to do in the way of making changes to keep on going.

      5. It seems that the XBO version is missing Ambient Occlusion, and that the PS4 version is very similar to PC.

        Your monitor WILL NOT register the difference, as it has been crushed to your resolution settings. It will make a difference on your TV, as all the reviewers have mentioned.

    8. you now what, I was typing the exactly same thing…but you were faster. I saw both videos on you tube and stuff (digital foundry, ign, comparisons…), I found the versions pretty similar each other, in fact, XB1 a bit better for my taste…I know people will say its 720p against 1080p, but people are saying PS4 version has 50% more pixels and stuff, up to 20% more gpu power…I honestly didn´t see that difference…Well, my complaint was the frames drop (but in the video I saw it was very slight), but I think this will be corrected with time and posterior updates…for now both systems are pretty similar in terms of graphics, just as the current gen…

      1. Yeah…I heard about that too. Definitely not helping with a positive decision to keep my Xbox One pre-order. I’m being told by friends that this could just be a launch title thing, and that in the future more games should run @ 1080p 60fps. Still undecided.

      2. this is likely the case, since developers are having issues with the ESRAM right now. This is pretty much no different from the issues that the PS3 had at launch

      3. This better not be the same issue Sony had with their cell processor…cause if it is, developers are gonna hate making games for the Xbox One for it’s entire lifetime, not just launch.

        And if it is the same issue as the cell processor, then Xbox designers are idiots for using console construction that we’ve known for nine years was a developers nightmare.

  12. The PS3 and Xbox 360 ended
    this generation neck-and-neck in terms of sales. This is because, in the
    end, both systems provided a similar gaming experience. Aside from the
    argument of exclusives, the only major advantage the PS3 really had over
    the Xbox 360 was the vast storage capacity of Blu-ray discs. This
    generation, Microsoft caved in, and the Xbox One has adopted Blu-ray.
    However, Guerrilla Games — developer of the upcoming Killzone Shadow Fall
    — claims that the original build of the game was 290GB in size because
    the PS4 is powerful enough to output textures that high-res, whereas
    “competing systems” are not.

    The statement comes directly from Guerrilla Games technical director Michiel van der Leeuw. He posited that the ludicrous original 290GB size of Killzone Shadow Fall
    is mainly because the game doesn’t have any assets that have been made
    for consoles with a lower spec. He did mention cross-generation games as
    a main reason for this, as the upcoming Killzone is PS4-only, rather than releasing on both the PS3 and PS4 like the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV or NBA 2K14. He also noted that Shadow Fall’s
    larger, open areas contribute to that ridiculous 290GB size, as the
    surface area of the zones are about five-to-10 times larger than those
    in Killzone 3.

    Guerrilla Games was able to compress Shadow Fall down to 40GB in order to fit onto the Blu-ray, but interestingly, Killzone 3
    back on the PS3 reached 41.5GB in size. This was because not only had
    Guerrilla included copies of high quality videos in various languages on
    the disc, but because the developers duplicated each level’s textures
    in order to make the content stream from the Blu-ray faster.

    Van der Leeuw notes that, originally, the Killzone Shadow Fall disc image was 180GB, and that was before all
    of the level data was added in, which is when the data reached 290GB.
    Guerrilla Games was the first developer to hit this snag of image size,
    so Sony made special libraries for the developer to use. Regardless of
    those special libraries, though, a 40GB game is a very large file to
    download if you opt for digital distribution. In this day and age, in
    large part thanks to Steam and smartphones, users have accepted digital distribution as a more convenient way to purchase a piece of media.

    our internet speeds are relatively fast nowadays, downloading a 40GB
    file will still take quite a while, but Sony will allow you to play
    while you download. The startup file that’ll get you going will be 7.5GB
    in size, and you can play the first piece of the game while the next
    piece downloads in the background.

    1. That’s some BIG PR BS right there. The PS4 is capable of running the game at 290GB, but we decided to shrink that quality to 40GB because COMPETING SYSTEMS can’t run it and the internet is too slow?!?. Sure Guerilla, sure. Why not release it on multiple or higher capacity BD discs then? The first runtime install would still be 7.5GB. That’s the typical Dutch BS (and this is coming from someone who lives in the Netherlands BTW).
      That’s why we saw the large drop in visuals in the later builds too…compression.

  13. I want to play nice Killer Games, i do not want to do aerobic infront of my tv. XBOX ONE is alienating a lot of core gamers who dont want to catch casualitis disease 🙂

    1. It’s such a tremendous tragedy that Xbox One should launch with even a single game not explicitly targeted at core gamers. How dare those filthy casuals exist!?

  14. That is just what i think: Kinect was a big sucess in selling 27 mio units! But Microsoft forget about the other 2/3 of the XBOX Owners, who decided not to buy a Kinect because they just dont want aerobic stuff!

    Nintendo scared me away (after owning NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube) and i went on to Microsoft XBOX 360 and now, just one Generation later, i have to move again to PS4.

    Normally i am a multi platform gamer, so a xbox one still has a chance to be my second system if it will be available without kinect. But i will never pay more money for a module which makes games uncomfortable.

    1. Wow you are so wrong it’s not even funny. Next to no peripheral that comes out after the system it works with never sells close to the amount of systems sold. That is why you never see much made for add ons because there isn’t much point in supporting them when 2% of the user base actually has it.

      Now that the Kinect is in with every XBO, it will be fully supported. Since you seem smart (heh, kidding) you would realize that the Kinect supports a ton more than “aerobic stuff”. I have never cared for motion gaming at all but I like everything else the Kinect can do.

      Who are you kidding, how many games are there worth buying on the ps4 in the first 6 months? I only see one, Second Son, and that’s it, but that’s just me.

      1. Fully supported as in:

        Removed almost entirely from Ryse
        Removed almost entirely from Crimson Dragon
        No announced AAA Kinect games.

        Nothing has changed, even with it in the box.

      2. tell me how does waving hands and shouting in front of your TV going to change the world?? Kinect has been out for 4 years. What exactly changed? Of course you can blame the lack of user base. But don’t forget one thing. Even Kinect 2.0 is forced bundled, or even it’s 500% more accurate than the previous one. YOU ARE still doing the same waving hands and shouting things in front of you TV. NOTHING will change.

    1. and how big of a screen were you watching it on?? your not going to see a difference if your watching on a small screen. Its only when you get up to a 42in and up screen were your going to see the difference.

      1. 46″ is where I stop, I don’t care for bigger screen TV’s as everything tends to look a bit worse on them. Still won’t see much of a difference though so I’m not worried.

      1. The more I see of this game the less interested I get, the footage from
        gamescom showed a very buggy performance. It has a lot of potential but
        it needs so much more time to polish up, the ai looked terrible.
        Visually its stunning but regardless of how pretty it is if it doesn’t
        play well no gamer will want it.

    2. True, but that’s just the thing isn’t it. Why can’t the new consoles even run this year’s AAA games at full HD with all the bells and whistles and good performance? How does MS (or Sony) think it can drag this console on for the entire generation if this is already the case and the architecture is so close to the PC already and we have even higher resolution standards coming up? I hope that scaler can perform miracles as the gen-gen performance gap is so much smaller than the ones in the past.

      1. I agree, but running everything at that res 100% of the time is still kinda expensive, though I’m sure they could have done better in the hardware (both systems). People are too worried about specs than enjoying the content these days sadly.

  15. Ive been reading the list of posts and glad to see that the new info from certain websites that talk about resolution issues has been weeding out the gamers and fanboys. I dont know how many down votes and complaints that i have gotten through out these past months saying that the Xbox One and PS4 isnt a real gaming machine for gamers. Just by knowing the specs of those systems you could have already known that the quality the gamers want in their games resolution wouldnt last 8 years. Probably not even 2. These consoles have lost touch with the gamer and its more about what they can squeeze into these machines in order to grab more money from the consumer. Gamers just want to game thats all. Ive decided to move away from Xbox brand months ago because of all that Microsoft has gotten away with and tried to get away with before they changed everything knowing that they are losing customers. Just glad that i will be keeping my 360 for just a memory of one of the last great gaming consoles and moving my PC to the living room. I have a feeling that SteamOS and Steam machines are going to be the benchmark for gamers this gen. Im actually “jumping ahead”.

  16. While the PS4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 1080p,
    at least going by IGN’s video coverage which was broadcast at this
    resolution, it appears as though the Xbox One version may have a lower
    resolution of just 720p, which isn’t really ideal for next generation

    This comes from a few reliable sources on NeoGAF, including famousmortimer, thuway and forum moderator bishoptl, so there’s no confirmation (though we should find that out quite soon) other than what they’re saying.

    Cryptic as ever, cboat jumped in on the action, saying that this is known, and (((Titanfall))) will also have the lower 720p resolution.

    It’s all still up in the air, but with Battlefield 4 currently at 720p on
    Xbox One, and with 1080p in extreme doubt for that game on either next
    generation platform, things aren’t looking very good for
    cross-generation titles.

    Source: NeoGAF

    1. I think Microsoft needs to do something quick. But, I don’t think they have any option really but offering something for free. Cloud computing improving graphics is obviously a lie. But there is tangible benefits like dedicated servers and storage possible because of the cloud. I think Microsoft should have installed a better GPU and not have gone cheap because of Kinect. I’m still up in the air about my pre-order. I’d like to stay with Microsoft, but 720p been a standard for shooters is bad though.

      I don’t think Microsoft fully understood what people were expecting from next gen.

      1. ya just read this blog, there people on here already saying they are cancelling the pre order…this next gen console is looking more like Xbox 360 2.0 then Xbox one…..Microsoft needs to step it up.

      2. According to people on the web. The Jackfrag comparison of XB1 AND PS4 versions of Battlefield 4, is the best. I’ll watch that and see how i feel after it.

      3. It’s not. Johan Andersson from DICE has said that review copies are NOT the final builds on Xbox and that all the fixes are still coming before it goes gold.

      4. I watched some videos, the XB1 version was fine, the graphics weren’t awe dropping. But hopefully it will be upscaled to 1080P on XB1 anyways.

        Fifa 14 is native 1080p and its runs at 60 frames, so i might as well stick with XB1, for now. I just hope non of the other rumours turn out to be true. That the XB1 has OS and X Box live problems. I will be annoyed

      5. Oh, I guess it was just that specific video I watched.

        Anyway, at the conferences when you press the guide button, you get kicked off from using console. Wonder if that is indicative of launch issues

    2. NeoGAF and CBOAT are a bad joke. They aren’t even considered gamers. You posting this FUD on here and hiding behind Guest every single time Turkish, makes you look even worse.

      1. Source: international business news

        Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One had some bad publicity when

        it was first announced, and now a new theory on Reddit
        suggests the next-gen console could face some new PR challenges.
        According to the Reddit thread, game journalists are dropping plenty of
        hints that suggest the Xbox One may have a potential graphics resolution problem
        When Microsoft first announced the Xbox One, there were plenty of
        features, such as the always-on feature, that made fans unhappy, but the company quickly flip-flopped on them.
        Now, Reddit user C-Ron has a thread that’s seeing plenty of activity
        after he claimed Microsoft is trying to delay some potentially damaging
        news that the Xbox One may not stack up to expectations. According to C-Ron, “From what I’ve read on Twitter, NeoGAF and other sources, basically, the console’s ESRAM is this generation’s Cell CPU. It makes games harder to develop for, which is resulting in a lot of multiplatform games being in lower resolutions, slower frame rates, and lower textures.”

        Before getting into C-Ron’s claims, the main rumor that ignited this
        talk was the suggestion that the highly anticipated “Call of Duty:
        Ghosts” video game will run at 1080p resolution for Sony’s (NYSE: SNE) PlayStation 4, or PS4, but Xbox One’s “COD: Ghosts” will run at 720p. That rumor started on the NeoGAF forum, and Kotaku picked it up but was waiting for official word from Activision prior to running a complete article.

        The Xbox One resolution problem traveled around the Internet and gained some traction. Jeremy Conrad, a former IGN editor, discusses the situation on his Furious Fanboys
        site and says that the biggest problem is the inability to discuss the
        resolution. According to Conrad, Sony has repeatedly said “COD: Ghosts” runs at 1080p on the PS4 while Microsoft has remained quiet on the issue. Another problem is the supposed embargo of the game for the Xbox One. Whereas other reviews of “COD: Ghosts” can run on Nov. 5, reviewers will have to wait until Nov. 12 to file their Xbox One review.
        The issue may have been introduced by Pete Dodd, who updated his blog about the 720p resolution rumor recently. Dodd was hesitant to run the rumor but now says, “Days have passed and I’ve heard it from many sources now. This is no longer something I consider flimsy.” Journalists such as Erik Kain, who writes about videogames for Forbes, have also said that Microsoft’s embargo is preventing anyone from discussing the resolution of “COD: Ghosts.” Other reviewers have also mentioned that some potential bad news may be coming for the Xbox One.

      2. Warlord, why are you deleting your comments? Solliciting for a ban for trolling with TLDRs?
        Anyway, yes. I think MS needs to outright deny all the rumors and allegations at this point. But NeoGAF is receiving too much credit and that is GameTrailer’s fault. It’s going out of control now because BS is being repeated on the internet.

      3. Its not just NeoGAF though saying this, and MS is not letting anyone talk about it…Not including that IGN has video of BF4 running at 720p on Xbox one… The rumers are starting to look more and more true.

      4. They are a bad joke, that community is full of lies and bans everyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with their BS. But it’s not Turkish (who would probably be banned the instant he got on here).

  17. Thanks major, was disappointed this was delayed, it was one of the titles i wanted to get at launch to try out the new kinect, now at least i’ll have one of the events to try.

    1. Kinect is one of my favorite additions to the xbox. I say additions because i wouldn’t want it to take the place of a controller, but create new experiences that both myself and my kids have enjoyed. It’s also great for exercise as i’m not one to goto the gym ever. Since eating more healthy and doing kinect more often for games and exercise i’ve lost nearly 30lbs. It’s also great for navigation, alot of times i need to pause a show or start a show back up quickly and a remote isn’t nearby.

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