Power up (and sign in) to #XboxOne with Kinect.

It’s happens faster than it takes to find your controller

184 thoughts on “Power up (and sign in) to #XboxOne with Kinect.

    1. there is no timetable as to when CD and MP3 playback will be added.

      and PS4 does not support 3D Blu-Ray, period. and it does not support external storage. funny that Sony took away many features PS3 has.

      1. most people don’t care for any of that stuff.

        who even uses CDs anymore? very few.

        3d never took off, so very few even care, those that do have a ps3.

        the only thing that I would miss is the ability to transfer a movie from my laptop to console and play it through my TV, but again, ps3 for that.

        it’s not as big of a deal as people are making it out to be.

    2. How’s wobblegate turning out for the PoS4? It’s so funny that it’s supposed to be a better system, yet isn’t designed properly to stand on 3 legs, where it should have been 4.

      1. there are more serious problems at hand for Sony than the wobbling issue and the unstable frame rate issue and the facebook sharing issue and whatever missing features issue

        http://www ign com/articles/2013/11/14/broken-playstation-4-systems

        it was a rocky start from the beginning but it looks like Sony’s “pre-launch” day self-destructed in a fireball.

      2. I’m sure we will see some X1 self destructing too. Both consoles have been rushed for launch. I got a feeling both Sony and Microsoft wanted their consoles to launch next year.

      3. That is just your wishful thinking at this point. Whether the Xbox one launch will suck as much as the Sony ps4 launch, and whether there will be as many consoles with quality problems as PS4, we will see in a week. Sony doesn’t set the bar very high.

  1. Do you need to look at the Kinect Larry when you talk to it to say “Xbox on”?

    Also why did you shake your head in the reflection of the TV? 😛 Was that just a normal tick or did you do that to get the Kinect to recognize you?

      1. An Amazing TV.. but your not using it to its full potential.
        I Guess 900p native is higher than 720p native. Welcome to the next gen. Only 720p/30fps for Dead Rising 3? LOL!

  2. White bread is bad for you…. so is using Sony TVs in Microsoft promotional material. 😀 Reminds me of the “Your Ad Here” faux pas in the latest promotional video. Get on the ball, guys! The Internet notices everything.

    1. It said “Your Ad Here” because that’s the name of DeadMau5’s new song which they were showing in Xbox Music presented on the screen.

      And why is using another company’s product suddenly an issue? Microsoft is not producing TV’s and thus they are not competing with Sony in that area. Should Sony stop using Windows, Office, Skype etc. just because they happen to be competing with the in the console space?

    1. Matte is not better in any way. Otherwise we would be using them in all television. Manufacturers use glossy screens because matte screen reduce image quality and clearness.

      TV manufacturers are doing everything they can to reduce glossiness without ruining quality. We are starting to go below 1% reflection of the original light source which is very impressive.

      Please stop the incompetent random comments.

      1. i think glossy help them produce better deeper color and better black because less light pass through the external glass. But yah, reflection are annoying

      1. pioneer is coming back to the TV market, they had very nice one too. I was a big panasonic fan because of the plasma, too bad they didn’t win the battle against the rest of the world. good to know about sony becoming better at tv, i stop wondering with their initial flat screen (trinitron ?)

      2. good to know. But then again, we will have to change blu ray to 4k device, 4k compatible amplifier, 4k hdmi calbe, 4k tv…. it’s a gimic again for us to change everything every couple of years. If i had that money, definitly would change, in real life, no i’ll wait a few years

    1. They’ve got one of those in the store just down the road, it is a fantastic looking TV.

      Credit to Major and his crew though, they’ve always been quite open and enthusiastic about ‘rival’ tech. Just listen to the podcasts, one of the guys (I’m bad with names and can’t be bothered to go listen again 🙂 was talking about firing up his Vita to keep gaming through a power cut only last week. All kinds on non-MS stuff pops up all the time.

      I don’t think for a second they wouldn’t buy Sony TVs just because they make a rival console.

    1. and i’m starting to worry if something will go wrong. what if UPS loses or damages my package? what if Amazon messes up and no longer has enough stock to fulfill my day one preorder?

  3. Just a question;
    With the 360s Kinect we were told to place it high.
    But this the X1 Kinect I’ve noticed in all the vids it’s below the screen.
    What is the optimal height or position for the Kinect 2.0?
    (I have a 60″ wall mounted tv with it’s height at 5.9′)

    1. In Marc and Yusuf dashboard video the kinect was placed at the top of TV. I heard you should sit it somewhere between 1.97ft(0.6m) and 5.9ft(1.8m) above the floor.

  4. As much as i’m super excited for the Xbox One and all the cool stuff this new Kinect can do, how are we supposed to remember all these voice commands? There seems to be dozens of them. Will the system come with a list of all the voice commands for quick and easy reference?

    1. The same can be said about all the button on the controller. After a while you just remember them all and I’m pretty sure the voice commands will become a standard.

      Major, make sure we can add Secret Pass phrases for system commands in case someone walks in (gf or family member) and yells Xbox Off… Then it should ask you [if you choose to] say your pass phrase.

      If ya’ll want other great ideas I’m willing to drop out from college like Bill Gates and work with Xbox 🙂

      1. You need to be a registered member on your console for the Kinect to recognize you for you to be able to come in the room and say “Xbox off”.

        I’m sure only the first main profile signed in will be able to say “xbox off” too. So even if you was playing with your brother or sister together and he is a registered member on your console he / she can’t just rage when you beat them.

    2. Just think of it like computer commands. The only reason Linux users are so good with that particular OS is because they constantly are using the system and learning/using the commands needed to get around on the system. It’ll take some time but we’ll get used to it.

    3. When you’re on the dashboard and say “Xbox” green writing pops up on everything you can say. You can then say “Xbox play Halo 5” or “Xbox watch TV”.

    1. It’ll download the update while in standby mode and probably install automatically too, so it will probably be no different than normal unless you try to log in soon after the update is released.

      1. No, he was referring to the fact that it takes a while to boot the Xbox 360 now, compared to when it first launched. He didn’t mean immediately after an update.

      2. Yah mine used to be instant but now takes a bit to get going which is annoying 🙁 Not a huge deal though. Unplug it from the net and it’s on damn near instantly, then plug the net back in and it just logs in in the background (usually).

    2. It like any device that you install updates on, over time the performance slows down, this should come as no surprise. however I find having less friends (25) I sign into xbox pretty fast. the more data link to your gamertag it seems it takes longer to load friends, undeleted messages, games and achievements.
      IMO delete all 0 G games from your gamertag loose some friends(if you no longer play/talk to them and even delete and re download your gamertag so it a smaller file
      back in 2011 my gamertag was upto 71MB (and I use to take 20 to 30 seconds to log in) now I keep it down to a 24 MB file size

    1. I noticed that, using their direct competator’s hardware to show-off their own. I actually considered getting one, but as games won’t be using 4K anytime soon I thought it’d be a waste.

    1. Really? Kotaku is garbage. Not to mention that is the reason why? lol. Looks like the ps4 is having some good issues already and it’s not even launched yet. Ouch.

      1. Far from the only early PS4 adopter to report PS4 problems, members of the games press have also experienced issues with their Xbox One rivals. That’s the gamble you take when you get new tech……

      2. Oh I know, I have read it all. IGN had a lot of issues which makes me laugh because greg is such an ardent sonybot and I could only see him saying to himself “ah great, what are you doing sony!!”.

        But for what you said? Yes, when you are a day one customer you have to know that you are helping test the product so that when things go wrong, they can learn what to do to fix them. It has to start somewhere 😀

      1. They aren’t tucked away. The game pix is bigger than the 360 and snapped into the start up. you didn’t see the 10 min video that was up a few days ago showing how fast kinect is and the dash board . That’s when I saw the avatar and ask Major and he replied

    1. Major Nelson replied to my post directly about that. I saw avatars in the xbox1 demo and thought the same thing . Major said they are brought over but if you want to use a HD one you can also

  5. Having it on stand by mode wont make the console generate any kind of heat? I been always kind of scared when leaving the 360 doing downloads with the console off.
    Could you confirm this Larry? Wont damage the console having it on stand by mode? (if thats the name of the mode)

      1. If you watch other videos of the system, each menu takes time to open. It felt more instant on my Xbox 360 (except opening the Guide), but might be because I expect the Xbox One to be faster than it actually is.
        I’m not talking about the startup.

      1. I haven’t seen the PS4 in action, would like to, if you could share a link? But when they open stuff like Friends, or similar, it takes time. Wasn’t it more instant on the Xbox 360? If I’m going to the next system, I expect it to be faster and more instant, not getting that feeling right now.

      2. 1st 2:50 – It seems to be very much faster than Xbox One.
        2nd 1:41 – again, almost instant
        2nd 5:03 – and instant. Sure, slow download speed, but the menu appears directly with no loading screen.
        The PlayStation Store was slow, but that’s downloading.
        The problem with Xbox One is these loading screens for built in standard menus. I would love it more if it wasn’t because of this.

      3. People who actually know and review tech have clocked the PS4’s OS, and start up to be slower than the X1’s. Do the research. If nothing else Microsoft is going to beat the PS4 on operating system and software.

      4. From what I’ve seen, the Xbox One seems to start up faster than the PS4, and I sure hope so. But the menu, after the startup. Why does to take so long to open the friends list on the Xobx One? Why is there a loading screen with the friend list-icon? It’s built in.

      5. Take a look at Polygon, IGN or any other news site that posts videos. They’ve got videos where they run you through the UI to give you an idea of how everything works. On how quick and smooth the systems are to use, both the Xbox One and PS4 are much faster than current gen consoles.

        The Xbox 360 only shows a hint of being quick and smooth if you have next to no content stored on the device. If you’ve got a lot on your HDD or connected storage devices then it’s sluggish. It’ll take a few minutes for the console to start up and be in a usable state.

        Both next gen systems are undeniably significantly faster than their predecessors with their much better hardware and operating systems. I’d suggest turning on your 360, downloading some demos and stuff and then seeing how things compare. I can guarantee that it’ll be slower even with hardly any content.

      6. It’s already been confirmed that the PS4’s start up is quite a bit slower than the Xbox One’s (which should be expected given Microsoft IS the software company).

      7. AFAIK xbox one installs games while you play. www dot joystiq dot com/2013/05/21/xbox-one-lets-you-play-immediately-during-installs-suspend-an/

      8. You can play games on the X1 while they install. 6 seconds? It took Killzone 13 seconds to start up, and that time came from a Sony fanboy at IGN.

        Both the X1 and PS4 can near enough instantly switch from the dashboard to back in game, but that isn’t starting the game up, that is just resuming game play.

      1. Of course it won’t start up instantly. But I’m more into when it’s started, when opening menus like Friends. Why does that takes several seconds? Wasn’t that menu faster on the Xbox 360?

    1. Not seeing how that’s slow and unresponsive lol. Not sure what you are expecting but that’s pretty quick from being in standby. My PC is on an SSD with 16gb of ram and it isn’t that fast from sleep mode.

      As for app switching, it’s very quick from a cold boot. I’m sure once you have “X” number of things open it will be a tad quicker than opening it for the first time like every other device on the planet. I’m sure 3-5 seconds won’t kill you 😀

      1. The system as a whole looks very smooth and responsive from everything shown thus far. Xbox One is taking a Windows 8 like approach where it’s very app centric. An app will take a few seconds to launch but after you’ve done that you can swap between open apps instantly without any loading times.

        Take a look at Windows 8, it’ll work very similar to that.

      2. I’ve used Windows 8 myself and apps are instant, as soon as the animation is finished, the app opens; Contacts, Email (almost), Music, Wikipedia (almost), Calculator, Desktop.

        My quick guess is that; because the friends app and other apps aren’t built in, the OS can start up much faster, as it’s shown here. With the drawback that it takes time to open apps (that feel as core apps) now.

        The Xbox One must be quicker opening these apps, as the apps opens very quickly on my, not so powerful computer.

        It feels wrong if I have to open Friends, or Settings and… 1… 2… 3… now I can use it. Switch away, switch back and use it directly again. While on PS4, I can open it and use it right away.

        I do want to own a Xbox One, and I hope these apps are instant in the future.

    2. Time your current gen console’s start up from the moment you hit the button to when you actually get to the menu. Literally grab a stopwatch and time it. Go ahead, do it. Come back and tell us how long it took. I can tell you already it wasn’t this fast.

      1. Well, I’m talking about how long it takes to bring up the Friends menu, for instance. Now we have a loading screen? What? When I’ve used the Xbox 360, sure it downloaded it from the internet, and took about the same time, but I have slow internet! It’s much faster when having better internet. But the Xbox One is slow…

      2. I’d hope not the 360 is slow as hell ever since they started the ad filled metro dashboard the console takes 3 times longer to get to the dashboard.

        it still looked pretty slow, the camera slowly panned over and still took about a second or 2 to get to the dashboard.

        faster than 360 doesn’t make it fast. doesn’t mean its slow either though.

    3. The load time is because the friends section is an app this time around. It’ll have to load up then fetch gamerpics and statuses for each profile on your friends list. It should result in a much faster to use friends list this time around though once it’s loaded.

      On the Xbox 360 it lags and freezes a lot, especially just after you’ve started the console up or returned to the dashboard. There’ll be short loading times for apps because they need to startup before you can use them but after that it’s smooth sailing. It’s just like how apps work on Windows 8.

      1. We can have 1000 friends, the PS4 has 2000 friends. Unless Microsoft has changed that?

        Still, it should stream the information and open the app (friends-menu) as quickly as possible. Something like most programs and apps already do on Windows. I hope the time it takes to open it is lowered when it finally is released. And the whole system is more instant.

        It’s nice that it’s startup time is fast however. Games can be launched pretty fast.

        Xbox 360 requires a full sign in with established connection before you are allowed to use the system. With my slower internet, it takes about 7-10 seconds. I hope this is addressed on the Xbox One and I can sign in more instant and it connects in the background.

  6. It’s nice that it’s quick, but, where are the Kinect 2.0 ext cables ? I get my Xbox One on the 22nd and I can’t use the Kinect till I have a 25′ cord for it. So I lose out because Microsoft is delaying the extra parts ? I would love to find a compatable 20′ ext cable for the new Kinect to order so I can run it BEFORE I get my xbox one, so I can plug it in and play.

    Will the Kinect 1.0 USB ext cords work with the Kinect 2.0 ? If not, DOES ANYONE know where I can order a ext cable for the Kinect 2.0 today so I can have it in time ?

    1. Considering Kinect 2 pushes a lot more data than Kinect 1, I doubt you will be able to get cable that long. I have been unable to get USB 3 to work longer than 5′ and odds are Kinect is based on that.

      1. The Kinect 1.0 had a problem with standard cables, you needed a special USB Active Extension / Repeater Cable, you can get those for the Kinect 1.0 at Monoprice for almost nothing (think a 16′ is under $6). I have a 20′ one that works flawless with the Kinect 1.0…

        Just want to know if the same cables that worked with the Kinect 1.0 would work with the Kinect 2.0 *OR* where can I pre-buy the cables, as I can’t use the new Kinect till I exend it…

      2. As I said, there are no guarantees that they will release any cables for this as if its using anything like USB 3.0 the maximum cable length will be much shorter than USB 2.0.

        The faster the protocol, the more latency sensitive is becomes and the shorter the cable needs to be. Fingers crossed I am wrong and they have taken this into consideration while designing Kinect 2.

  7. Major, can we get a list of video file formats that the XB1 will play? I want to use SkyDrive for videos but I can’t find which formats I should use.
    Also, will I be able to watch my cable box with the XB1 off if I run it through the HDMI in on back of the XB1?

      1. My sign? Oookay, sure. I’ve never heard that as a reason to run anything through anything else, but yeah, you seem special so I will just go ahead and nod slowly so as not to make you think I am actually listening to you and not pitying you.

    1. well my 360 is on a sony tv and it doesnt get much better. say what you will they make great tvs since the usa doesn’t any more, Bye rca and zenith and others for years now.Rca not usa product anymore either

    2. Microsoft and Sony are pretty much partners as far as everything non-gaming goes. Go into any Microsoft store and it’s “Check out the new Sony laptops!” In Sony stores they’re all “Try Windows 8!”

  8. Microsoft just needs to launch their system without any problems. As at the moment PS4 consoles are dropping left right and center, but this is Microsoft so it will more then likely fail.

    Guess this is what you get when companies cut corners.
    I just knew that launching the consoles was too early for both Sony and Microsoft. Should have waited till next year like I bet both was originally planning to do.

    1. I would hope lessons were learned from the whole RRoD thing. However, if not, I hope I get as lucky as I did with the 360. I had a Launch day 360 until I traded it in when the slims came out.
      I just have to believe that they tested the crud out of the XB1.

      1. There are reasons why MS did what they did with the hardware and the cooling design so I really doubt they would have glossed over the issue with the original 360 (which again, has been fixed for MANY years now).

        I’m not worried at all, but will there be some duds? Most likely, it’s a mass produced product after all and it always happens.

      2. every electronic will have duds, currently less than .5% of consoles are messed up, as in, less than 1%.

        200 people outside the gamestop waiting to get one, 1 person gets a bad console, that’s not as bad as people make it seem.

      3. yah from RROD we learn that Microsoft extended their warranty to make sure no one loose their console because of something they are responsible for. Which boost my confidence into them in case something will go wrong.

      1. The bricking is from the firmware update. from what I found it bricked from the ps4 being shut off during the update…. That will happen to most tech if your updating firmware and you shut it down before its done. But at lest thy can play wibelwobel with it lol….

      2. ya thy said pull the hard drive and start in safe mode, put the HHD back in and it will reformat the HHD, then use a flash drive for the update.

      3. Apparently people are reporting the ps4 console is also uneven in its casing design to the point were you can make it wobble by touching it, could just be a bad batch though.

    2. They’ve already been fixed….

      Too early to say “cut corners”. Microsoft can be suspected of such a claim, as there have been many reports on them 6 months behind, and we’ve seen them do it before with the rushed launch of the 360.
      Hopefully not.

  9. Good ! Love my windows phone
    Fresh evidence emerged Thursday that Windows Phone has steamed past BlackBerry to establish itself as the world’s No. 3 smartphone OS. New data from Gartner shows that Windows Phone sales hit 8.9 million in the third quarter of 2013, more than doubling the roughly 4 million Windows Phones sold in Q3 2012. Over the same period BlackBerry sales crashed and burned, plummeting from 8.9 million in Q3 2012 to 4.4 million in Q3 2013.

      1. i really want to know what audio formats it outputs during gameplay, why is it so secretive? If its using the same old 448kbps and 640kbps dolby digital as the 360 i will be very upset, 360 games as they have gotten bigger in size they seem to get that space back by compressing the audio to the point were every s sound, sounds like a hiss 🙂

      2. The 360 has a hardware DD encoder in the line. That’s why it didn’t offer other formats. The issue with the “hiss” was a disc space issue far more than a codec one. The audio on the disc itself was super compressed.

      3. Yes but even if there was enough space its maximum bitrate would still be 640kbps shared across 6 channels. I just hope xbox one supports pcm.

      4. It doesn’t make as much difference as you think. Most of what you’re seeing is the “loudness wars” on PS3 games. There’s too many demands on your senses for lossless audio to matter as much as you think. Like I said, you’re hearing the limitations of the source way before the codec. PS3 games wasted a shitload of space just because they had it back in the early days (Contrary to popular belief, MGS4 would have fit on 2-3 DVDs with normal MP3 compression.)

        This is speaking as a huge audiophile .

  10. That’s how I use the Kinect for the 360 once it’s started up. It’s pretty useful being able to navigate the dashboard while getting a few other things done or hunting for your control pad.

    It also makes Skyrim much better, quick saving, quick loading, dragon shouts and other useful commands are used with the Kinect. I could see us getting much more immersive RPGs with the voice commands alone.

  11. Sony is a COPYCAT

    1) XBOX 360 Party Chat…Sony copied and put it on PS4
    2) XBOX ONE Live TV…Sony copied and put it on PS4
    3) XBOX 360 Apps…Sony copied (Same Apps) PS4
    4) XBOX Kinect…Sony copied, making a camera for the PS4 do the same and look the same as the Kinect.

    If you’re on a console team, and your team just sitting there watching another team and trying to do what they’re doing, then your team sucks. Sony is relying on other people to make a GREAT console, and they’re simply gonna copying them, huh!? And so far Sony is relying on Microsoft. Sony need to Work for their self; ignore Microsoft!!

    Sony should think on their own. Try to be better than Microsoft. It’s like Sony is saying “Oh, I wonder what Microsoft is doing.” Microsoft is trying just as hard as Sony to make a new console.

      1. 1986 the first graphical point of sale software was demonstrated on the 16-bit Atari 520ST color computer. It featured a color touchscreen widget-driven interface.

    1. 4) XBOX Kinect…Sony copied, making a camera for the PS4 do the same and look the same as the Kinect.
      no no and NO>>>> Sony had a camera before xbox… and it works nothing like Kinect it’s just ps Move 2.0 witch a copy from the Wii… it tracks the lightbar not your body….

    2. 1) XBOX 360 Party Chat => Conference calling, Teamspeak, Ventrillo, etc.
      2) XBOX ONE Live TV => LIVE TV!
      3) XBOX 360 Apps => Applications from every single Operating System in existence.
      4) XBOX Kinect => Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2 Eye, Motion Capture.

      If your making anything, and your team just sits there observing current trends in the market, and try to take advantage of those trends, that’s called strategy. Companies rely on this all the time. Very few times has a brand new, innovative product actually been the harbinger of success. Often times it is after many iterations, and blatant copying. Ignoring current trends is probably the best way to create a failing company.

      Companies should compete, and keep each other on their toes by trying to create the better version of a certain product or technology. it would be foolish to completely disregard what your direct competition is doing, especially if it is being praised.

  12. MAJOR – You must tell your bosses that MS need to do some type of agreement with Cable and Satellite companies, so they can offer the Box with a subsidies price.. There are 85 millions cable subscriptions alone in the USA.. Because with the bad press of this 6 month and the 100 dollars more the box cost, Sony will have an easy path, this time.. Also there must be some type of integration with Windows,, and make the system Scalable..

    1. That’s coming, trust me it’s coming. Expect those $300 gift cards to morph into discounted x1 as early as this time next year. The cable industry wants out of the cable no. Business so bad they can taste it, but to make that work every channel has to be stream able, or their IP based system nodes much more widely deployed. . They’re not quite there yet

  13. Why hasn’t Larry or anyone at Microsoft mentioned that “arcade” downloadable titles won’t be capped at 400 gamerscore anymore, but will be in fact in line with retail at 1000 gs. That’s a good thing for gamerscore hunters and people who enjoy arcade titles.

    1. My bigger problem is the $20 pricetag. $15 was already pushing it for a game I can’t resell or touch. There will be very few titles I’m buying off sale. I will buy exactly 4 games at $20 sight unseen: Shenmue 3, Power Stone 3, Toy Commander 2, and Jet Set Radio 3. No, I don’t expect I’ll be parting with a lot of Hamiltons. LocoCycle looks fun, but something that’s repetative based on my gameplay at the event, and at 13GB it’s a half day for me to download.

      1. Yea I too thought £10 ( $15 ) was too much, I doubt i’ll be buying any games when they’re first launched.

        13GB will take half a day for everyone. Even for me on my 75 fibre line. Microsoft caps speeds.

    1. It’s not, trust me.

      You get 10 free hours of ad supported music every month on devices with Windows 8 or Windows RT. You have to purchase an Xbox Music Pass in order to listen to anything beyond 30 second previews on Xbox 360, Windows Phones, Xbox One, and web browsers (not sure about that one…haven’t used the web interface).

      To me, the Music Pass is worth it. It really depends on how entrenched you are in Microsoft’s ecosystem, though. I have a Windows 8.1 laptop, Surface RT, 360, and Nokia Lumia 920, so having Xbox Music is a Godsend. I’ve definitely discovered a lot of new music that I never would have listened to if I didn’t have Xbox Music. I’m really looking forward to having the music app running in the background on the Xbox One while I’m playing a game.

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