Countdown to 2014 Daily Deal Day 9: The Wolf Among Us

Today’s Daily Deal pairs well with this week’s weekly deals; the first chapter of The Wolf Among Us is free all week. Don’t miss your chance to lock down the rest of the story at a sizable discount.

Content Type Discount %
The Wolf Among Us Season Pass Arcade 33%

Drop back tomorrow for a new daily deal; check out  this week’s sale list in the meantime.


  • Christopher Waling

    Black Friday sales do not count – 1. Prices might have been stupid and 2. Might have been US only


  • Chad_7Eleven

    Some hate below but I don’t get it, would be curious if everyone who is hating on this tried playing Episode 1 (which is free). If still hating on this deal after playing the first episode, I’d get it. I had no real interest in these Telltale games until I played Episode 1 earlier this week. Now I’m hooked and this was a great deal while it lasted.


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