Countdown to 2014 Daily Deal Day 13: Undead Deals

Think you could make it in a world swarming with zombies? Hone those survival skills at a hefty discount – today only.


Content Title Content Type Discount %
State of Decay Arcade 50%
Zombie Apocalypse Arcade 75%
Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone Arcade 75%
How to Survive Arcade 50%

Daily Deals continue all the way through December 31, so be sure to visit again tomorrow, and to take advantage of these weekly deals.


  • Thomas Gilmore

    I guess putting the games on sale alongside their season passes wasn’t smart business, huh, guys?


  • Bobby B

    Saints Row IV Season Pass is also on sale!


  • Austin

    You know, I get not liking the deals, but thinking they are better over on the PS3 is kind of ludicrous. While Sony has better free games, Microsoft is much better at discounts. For example, The PSN weekly sale has Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey Two as headliners, for $3.75 and $10, Ducktales is 7 bucks, and Terrarria is $13.50. For their holiday sales GTA V is $40 Diablo 3 is $35. Nothing really special, especially considering that GTA V as a download suffers from some terrible pop in.


  • Ted

    I like how the ONE day I’m not home and have no Internet access is the day state of decay is on sale. I hate you so much Microsoft…so much.


    • I am Smiling

      You can still buy it…the sale is still open for at least a few more hours.


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