Xbox One Titanfall Beta opening up to everyone

Titanfall Beta
Later today, the teams will be opening up the Titanfall Beta to all Xbox One owners.  That means no code will be necessary to download and play the beta. We are really excited to get a good test on all of our systems before launch and encourage you to join in.

To download the beta, sign in to your Xbox One and head to the “New Game Demos” section of the Game Store and it will appear there. You can also say “Xbox Bing” then “Show me game demos”.  Also, in some Xbox Live regions you’ll see a “Join The Titanfall Beta” link on the home page of Xbox One, next to My Game and Apps.

Note: It may take some time until all Xbox One’s can see the demo in the store. Some members may see it before others. Until then just relax and rest assured everyone will see it soon.

While you are waiting for it to appear on your console, here is some suggested reading to prepare you for battle:

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41 thoughts on “Xbox One Titanfall Beta opening up to everyone

  1. It actually sickens me that people used extra codes to sell on ebay. I had 8 codes total besides my own and went out of my way to give them to anyone I knew who wanted to play and didn’t have a code. I don’t know when gamers stopped being a real community and turned into such hateful, trolls who bash other people because of stupid things whether it be their choice in console or try to do anything they can to belittle people. It just sucks.

  2. Hey guys, I know this is not related to the Beta but yesterday I pre-ordered it for Xbox 360, does anyone knows If we, the ones that pre-ordered it will get any special feature, DLC? A theme? or something? Thanks 😀

  3. Hey guys! So I am psyched to start playing, but I do not have the option of downloading the demo :'( only “pin to home” on my xbo. I am super stressed and have no idea what to do. Someone be my Obi Wan Kenobi.

  4. i’ll give my honest impression of the game and I suggest you guys add your opinion so we can share and discuss (and not flame and destroy). Keep in minde your opinion is as worthless as mine =)

    First of all, as a quick review, yes I think it will be successful, yes it is worth it, but is it for everyone and really the most interesting game, definitely not.

    Can it reach Esport level ?
    this game has it all. Spectator mode, quick replay, low amount of player, various game mode, etc. It is a FAST game, sometimes multiple round, level are various and it take skill to master because of all the verticality, etc.

    Fun factor
    If you like fast and aggressive action, this is the game for you. The kind of game that doesn’t leave you a lot of time to think about your next move, but that still require your brain to work. If you prefer strategy, intense (long) war, etc. it’s not really there because right now it is really to quick. You win or you loose and you’ll know it fast

    6v6 is enough ?
    Yes, the way the game is design work really well with 6v6 and the map doesn’t feel empty with all the AI that does add fun to the game. They nailed it for that specific type of game. If you were hoping for a mechwarrior ultimate large scale battle (like a sci-fi bf4), this game is not giving you that sens at all. At no point i felt i was in a big war, it just fill you are in a quick battle with low volume infantry. It doesn’t feel big, and that, to me, is disapointing. I would have like to work hard to win, to have intense battle holding spot with titan and infantry going into epic battle, but it is not. The map are small, fast, the AI won’t change the winning side and did i say it’s fast ?

    The titan are cool, they add a great layer of fun and gameplay. They are usually quick boost, but the size of the map and number of titan that can pop fast on both side often lead to a small life span. Already, people with titan are playing from further distant to make them more efficient and some are just rushing hoping to pop a pilot of of another titan. They are fun, they are cool, but it is not spectacular from a game point of view. Nothing really special or unique that you never felt before

    Skill, card, customisation
    I didn’t test it enough and many stuff are blocked, it’s hard to judge, but according to the info we have yet, this is a big win.

    Cod vs bf4 vs titanfall
    Ok, i hate these kind of comparison, but they will pop anyway. According to me, bf4 is too different from the two other to even take time to compare. Bf4 is large scall game that take 30 mins and with complex realistic environment you can destroy.
    Cod VS titanfall = I was a big fan of COD up to black OPS 1. titanfall, at worst, match the fun of COD. I think titanfall is not a COD killer, but game can have his own player base, but i think titanfall really did great in that kind of game that get extremely competitive and fast.

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