This Week’s Xbox Live Store Deals

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 8 April 2014.

Xbox 360


Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Xbox 360 Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

129 thoughts on “This Week’s Xbox Live Store Deals

    1. Could do with Ryse getting another price drop, just sold my disc version as I want to go fully digital. Also looking for EA to drop the prices so I can pick up Battlefield 4 digital and sell my disc.

      1. Thumbs up to the digital move. some people complain about the hard drive sizes, however, the disk games now require you to install half the game anyway.

        For me, the plus to going digital has been playing video games is more like watching TV now.

        In the past, playing a game was more like watching a movie, I had to make up my mind what I was going to watch before siting down.

        Now, I turn on my Xbox and flip through my library of games until i come across the one I am interested in playing.

        Sounds superficial, but really has made a difference.

      2. Couldn’t agree more. I also love using the kinect to instantly switch to another game or going to TV if a game is pissin me off.

      3. Or just price Titanfall appropriately. £55 digital, £42 on disc from most places, I got it for £32 from Tesco.

        Digital doesn’t stand a chance while it remains more expensive than discs not to mention the resale value of said disc!

  1. No word on Hitman HD and Blood money being on sale?
    Well, for the people that don’t work at microsoft and have a legitimate excuse to have no idea of the deals:
    Both Hitman games are 67% off (gold only) and Limbo is 33% off(price drop)

    1. The Hitman games are on sale through GwG and Limbo is a price drop like you said. Neither of these bear mention here since this is for the Deal of the Week.

      1. Well, that’s what the dashboard say but that’s just because Ms can’t into math(among other things)

        Blood Money: 19.99$
        63% off 19.99$ = 7.40$
        67% off 19.99$ = 6.59$

        Hitman HD: 24.99$
        60% off 24.99$ = 9.99$
        67% off 24.99$ = 8.24$

    1. I know we are all hoping it is a joke, but sadly I think this is the real list. Only two games + DLC for them? Competing platforms have 10-20 games on sale per week!

      1. I used to think PS+ was an amazing deal, but now I realize that it’s because of IGN (the site I primarily go to). IGN has weekly articles about what’s available for PSN, but nothing for XBL gold. So from my perspective, PSN has all these glorious sales all the time, while XBL has none. Well at it turns out, 2 games that I’ve been waiting to go on sale on PSN forever, have yet to go on sale, but they have already gone on sale on XBL earlier this year. Those games being: Dark Souls, and Sonic Generations. As I went back through the list, there were plenty more games that have gone on sale, that I likely would have bought if I knew about them, more games that did not go on sale on PS+.

        In summary, it seems to me that the major selling point of PS+ is the “free” games, but for me personally, that point is worthless. There is not a single free game on PS+ (that I hadn’t already bought prior) that I’ve played for more than a couple sit downs. Typically, games that I want go on sale and I buy them, but it seems that the same sales (50-75% off, etc.) applies for XBL gold deals as well.

      2. Dark Souls has been on sale on PS3 last year and earlier this year. Sonic games have also been on sale. Xbox sales are in fact covered in most places when their actually of note and not the same games over and over. PS+ is not needed to buy things during a sale and is therefore irrelevant in such a conversation. PSN sales also tend to have some variety. Most things that went on sale on PSN have/ will never go on sale on XBL.
        Also, PS+ games are worthless? That’s fine I guess… you can have that opinion… I’ll continue playing my Metro LL, Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3, Shadow of the Colossus, Tomb Raider… etc.

      3. I didn’t say PS+ freebies were worthless. I said they were worthless “to me”, because the games that are released I have already bought previously, or have little to no interest in playing.

        As I said, I only go to IGN. And they haven’t reported an Xbox weekly deals sale in years (if ever), and if they did, it must have left the front page very quickly. I only stumbled onto this site out of curiosity, specifically to find out if the games that I wanted for PS3 could have been retrieved on Xbox had I been keeping up with their sales.

        As far as “most things that go on sale on PSN, don’t go sale on Xbox,” when I looked through the xbox sales history, I saw plenty of games that I would have bought if I knew they were on sale. Maybe different PSN games have been on sale, but it seems that most of the games I want have gone on sale on Xbox within the past 3 – 4 months (that’s as far back as I went).

        And when did Dark Souls or Sonic Generations go on sale? Because I have been actively checking the PS Store every week for several months now waiting for those 2 particular games.

  2. Hahaha, good one MS! You really had me there for a second before I remembered today’s date. So, what are the real deals? 😉

    BTW, I was just prompted to update my 360. Anyone know what’s new?

    1. Majorn Nelson twitter:
      Start an #XboxVideo rental on Xbox 360 & pick it up on another platform. That’s one of the only new features.
      I hope you weren’t expecting anything.

    2. The update has to do with enhancements to Xbox Video and Xbox Music. Not only what was mentioned below but also the ability to store you music on One Drive and listen to it through Xbox Music anywhere. But there are several enhancements as well all having to do with Video and Music.

      1. would have liked it better, and maybe bought them if Amazon/Steam hadn’t have had a better deal, Bioshock 1, 2, and Infinite all together for $12

  3. Come on!!! Like there aren’t a few xbox one games that have lost their sales ranking..can’t tell me black flag has been on high demand lately…we couldn’t get that offered for $30? What is going on at MS? Seriously!!

      1. The single-player campaign was amazing, but the tacked-on multiplayer was horrible and completely unnecessary. If they had just stayed focused on the story (maybe made it a little longer?) and made the DLC into extra missions like with past Tomb Raider games, it would have been excellent!

        That being said, I do still think the game is definitely worth getting just for the campaign alone, but only at a discount (like the one it just had).

  4. I don’t know what people are on about, this is great!
    I bought Bioshock Infinite a few days ago and finally get to start playing it. With these deals, I’m not tempted to try another game or spend more money…I can just enjoy the purchase I’ve already made. Thanks for looking out for me MS!

  5. I’m wondering is everyone here complaining about the sales logging onto their favorite grocery store website and complaining because Eggplant and Pigs Feet are on sale this week?

    1. Yeah that comparison makes a wholllllllllllllleeeee lot of sense…if that eggplant was just sitting there and not moving you bet your @ss it would be on sale.

      1. I think so far you are the only one to get the irony of my statement. I also like how you compared games that are not selling to rotting Eggplants. Touche’

    2. Nope but if my local grocer only put the same five or six items (WWE2K14, CoD: Ghosts, Bully, etc.) I’d stop going to that particular grocer. The problem is you can’t do that with a digital marketplace from a proprietary company, you’re stuck with what they offer you.

      1. Aye, I admit it’s a bit of an exaggeration but not by much. The same titles consistently get looped on a 4-6 week rotation and it really is pretty sad for the consumer. Are the discounts better? Definitely but at the same time when you see NBA2K14 on sale 3 or 4 times in as many months it starts to get insulting.

        I get it, we complained about Steam/PSN having better sales so Microsoft gives us better sales but essentially only with EA Sports and Rockstar (and only with their 3+ year old back catalogue). How many times do they have to put a game like Bully up (a PS2/Xbox era game in the PS4/Xbox One era) before they put something like Alan Wake or Silent Hill back on sale? Those games haven’t been offered in a year. Bully has been $3.75 3 times in less than 6 months. It’s ridiculous.

      1. Why you paying a fee for reduced prices? I pay for gold for a superior online experience (chat, apps etc.) and the sales/free games is a bonus for me.

      2. Okay, I know I am a bit polemic here, and thanks, I know what Live Gold offers. My point was, since these sales are obviously part of the paid service, I think there’s a huge difference to sales in a grocery store. I really care about Xbox Live and that’s why I think it’s right to criticise those deals.

      3. Also, do you stand in front of your local grocery store and tell the other customers not to complain about eggplants? 😉

      4. If I was waling into the store and you or anyone else was out there complaining about the sales? YES I would give you/them an ear full as well.

        BTW my statement could be taken two ways and you chose to take this side of the fence and thus I’m defending the other side. My statement was a broad one and one that needed to be considered IMO.

      5. paying for apps that are free everywhere else hmmm and party chat is on ps4 now and they have better deals,Xbox Gold isnt a superior experience anymore :shrug:

      6. It most certainly is. I don’t have to go out and buy another system and other games to get this service. It cost me less than a happy meal every 2 months and as I stated I don’t have to purchase any other equipment to access these services.

      7. I’d rather be slow than so ignorant that I make personal attacks on people. Coming from someone that uses the name flawless. SMDH

      8. Not really sure what your trying to say, but why would you have to “go out and buy another system and other games to get this service.”?

        You don’t have to buy any other equipment to get this stuff on PS4 either, in fact you don’t even need be subscribed to PS+ to use app’s like Netflix and Hulu or to play most MMO games (unlike on the Xbox sadly). And Xbox gold has a higher monthly fee than PS+.

        It sounds as if the only console’s you have ever tried were Microsoft brand.

      9. yes im trolling by stating facts,yes im a fanboy even though i own a 360 and x1 not a ps4,no even though i post on here maybe 5 times a month and have already put 2 days into Titanfall i dont have anything better to do.

        i wouldve agreed last gen and the gen before that XBL was a “superior online experience” but now that its not anymore im “trolling”

      10. Don’t bother, he’s retarded. He’ll circle jerk anything. If Microsoft price jacked Call of Duty to $90 he’d try to justify it. He’s just one of those stupid fanboys that can’t criticize anything in order to get the deals better across the board. Everything Microsoft does is great to him, while the sane people that want Microsoft to improve get ignored because vocal idiots like him consume forums.

        This is the first time I’ve ever seen people complain about the deals, people are finally starting to get it. DOTW are getting bad, the odd week does good, but most suck. Take a look at his history, he can’t help but eat Nelson’s shlong when a bad deal comes out.

      11. You obviously haven’t read all my posts. I have criticized things that I don’t agree with but complaining about a sale will never happen by me. You like to type using your arse I see. Maybe next time before you make a statement like “Everything Microsoft does is great to him” and other statements you do your research.

        I’m sick and tired of personal attacks by those that are so ignorant to make things personal when someone states their opinions on the internet.

  6. Everyone here is on an emotional rollercoaster. Ok, I don’t love this games either. But there are people who do. For those these sales matter…
    And seriously, stop threatening that you won’t extend your gold membership. If you really want to do that, do it! No one cares, you’re all attention whores, the real dissatisfied customers would have already quit months ago with the weak new years sale..

    1. Learn proper grammar. The correct grammar response would be I don’t love these* games either. because you put games not game. Also the new years sale wasn’t weak. It was the end of the New Years sale that was weak. It had good deals early on though. So calm down.

      1. Lol, english isn’t even my native language. I think I speak like 4 languages. You can’t expect me to write them all properly. Have some respect.

      2. You complain about HIS grammar, yet you don’t use complete sentences or proper capitalization at the start of your sentences (or stuck the period in the middle of the sentence instead of using a comma)?

    1. AHHH, someone posting a rational thought on WHY this product is on sale this week instead of complaining it was on sale some other time in the recent past. Thumbs up!!

  7. I was happy about the WWE 2K14 Season Pass on sale, until I remembered it was on sale in January. This is also a bigger discount then what was the sale price in January.

      1. unfortunately, there is probably a good chance there will be a sale on CoD, Titanfall 360 comes out the same day as the new deals come out, and CoD will try to steal customers probably

  8. How about DLC sales?

    I buy all the DLC for these games if they will participate in future sales, but I NEVER buy them at full price!

    1: Angry Birds Trilogy
    2: Army of Two: The 40th Day
    3: Brutal Legend
    4: Bulletstorm
    5: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    6: Crackdown
    7: Dante’s Inferno
    8: Duke Nukem Forever
    9: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
    10: Halo Wars
    11: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
    12: Mass Effect
    13: Mirror’s Edge
    14: Resident Evil 6
    15: Tomb Raider: Underworld

    Maybe the time has come to change everything for the better, rather than engage in a sellout of junk which nobody wants, what do you think?

      1. Sorry buddy, but Angry Birds Trilogy was free to download last September, using the Russian account, which is why my request for the sale of DLC does not look strange.

        Both games that Angry Birds Trilogy, that Duke Nukem Forever is very bad, but I still want complete them, and do not overpay for their DLC. All simple.

      2. Haha… to great, feel sorry that that was your replacement game, for GwG, lmfao. A game you can get free on a smart phone. I hope they have a Capcom sale in the near future, would love to pick up Megaman 9 and 10, MvC: Origins, and Strider.

      3. You know Microsoft is banning people for improper account usage. It’s marketplace fraud and they now have your IP address too.

  9. WWE GOD version is $30 on the US Store yet $74.95 on the Australian store. All the xbox one games are kinda inline pricewise . The 360 games are not. This title in particular is severely different. I would of purchased the game if it was a much more reasonable price on the AUS Store 🙁 it shouldn’t be more than $40 on the Australian store surely.

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