Join Us, New England! Microsoft Store Event Invitation

The Event is over. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hello! See you at PAX East

As we detailed earlier this week, Xbox has a lot going on next week for PAX East: games to play, panels to attend, and one special event open to everyone, whether they’re going to PAX or not.

To kick off the big gaming weekend in Boston, we’re holding a community gaming meet-up next Thursday, April 10th at the Microsoft retail store in nearby Natick, MA. We’ll have a number of new and unreleased games for you to play, including the first ever public demonstration of multiplayer mode in Harmonix’s upcoming Fantasia: Music Evolved.


We’ll also be raffling off great prizes, including a Titanfall Xbox One system and a pair of 3-day passes to the completely sold out PAX East expo. Sound good? Here’s everything you need to know:

When: Thursday, April 10th 7:00 PM
Where: Natick Mall Microsoft retail store in Natick, MA
Who: everyone is welcome

Kinect Sports Rivals StrikeSuit Zero #IDARB Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

Games available to play:

  • Disney’s Fantasia: Music Evolved
  • Kinect Sports Rivals
  • ID@Xbox titles:
    • #IDARB
    • Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut
  • Age of Mythology: Extended Edition (Microsoft Surface Pro)

Bonus for you early arrivers: we’re giving away a year of Xbox Live Gold for the first 50 people!

If you’re planning on attending, please let us know by RSVPing on this event’s page on Facebook.

This event is free, and you don’t need PAX tickets to attend. See you there!


  • StudioMultimédia Gon'Interacti

    i wish we had MS store opening in my region 😦


  • Mitchell Hall

    If only I lived in the US. However.. going to E3 is on my bucket list. I wanted to go badly this year but I’m too busy with work. I’m going to make a point to go next year for sure.


  • Flawless

    Fantasia is gonna flop so hard lol.


    • DaeJim

      I think it will do decent enough, Harmonix has a few Xbox fans thanks too Dance Central. Ill likely buy the game since it’s a pretty unique experience.


    • Xhawk27

      And if it doesn’t. lol


      • Flawless

        it wont affect me lol.


  • Disturbed_Court_Jester

    Wow, I remember poking fun at the kinect in the past by saying who wants to stand in front of their TV and flail their arms in the air like Micky Mouse from Fantasia and now people will literally be doing that..


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