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Welcome to the next generation of Trials! With its glimmering vision of what our future holds were technology and nature to co-exist, combined with today’s most exciting and popular motorsport, Trials Fusion has retained and enhanced the essential features from its best-selling, critically acclaimed predecessors, Trials Evolution and Trials HD. A magnificent fusion of the proven, no-frills Trials formula based on ultra-addictive competition with the cutting edge of graphics and social networking.

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Trials Fusion is also available for Xbox 360.
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I spent some time with Trials Fusion this weekend at PAX East, where Creative Director and co-founder of RedLynx Antti Ilvessuo walked me through some of what’s new in this latest Trials title (hint: there’s a lot).

The new look and feel is apparent from the title screen, which is simplified to just two main options: Ride and Create. “The first game (Trials HD) was in a warehouse, next (Trials Evolution) was outdoors,” Ilvessuo explained. “This will be the first experience in a new game, and it won’t look like an Evolution level. Everything will be shiny and new.”

The way Fusion treats your progress is also quite different, which you’ll notice in the post-race screen. Everything you do on the track: career, multiplayer, everything is represented by a total experience level for each track across every mode. You also now have a overal XP level, which supplements the returning, all-important leaderboards. Now you know who has spent the most time on tracks, putting in work to post a fantastic time on a course.

Everything in between the main menu and the post-race is the pure, awesome physics-based gameplay that has made the Trials games so fun. “The great thing about physics is you don’t know how it will end until you land,” said Ilvessuo.

This fact is never more apparent than in the new FMX mode, which has players gunning for high scores by pulling risky tricks and successfully landing Tony Hawk-style; you only bank the points if you don’t crash. You’ll have the opportunity to plot out devastating combos in FMX Training, a kind of zero-gravity safe zone where you can toy with the moveset, free of the fear of crashing.

The realistic physics engine means wipeouts are still incredibly fun to watch, and I’d expect Upload Studio to be filled with painful-looking blooper reels in short order.

There’s a lot more “new” in Trials Fusion: 40 new levels, including many aimed at the hardcore audience, more character customization options, unique – and sometimes bizarre – challenges for each track, and a 4-wheeler that handles completely differently than the bikes you’re accustomed to.

RedLynx apparently has much more in the works. “The whole idea of Trials is what we call the ‘Minecraft Model’ you buy it once, and you get all the upcoming features for free,” Ilvessuo told me. “You buy the game, you’re buying a ticket. We know what we want to do one year in advance, we’re planning two years in advance. We’re planning online tournaments, teams, and then online multiplayer. Huge stuff is coming.” (Ubisoft clarified that while they will be offering players many upcoming features for free, this does not preclude paid DLC for new tracks and editor mode assets)

So why “Fusion”? “Fusion is the greatest power in the universe,” said Ilvessuo. “Evolution was second.”

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      1. And the game will be the exact same gameplay-wise on the system of your choosing. Let’s cut the graphics comparisons since what we should be demanding out of games is quality of the gameplay, not quality of the eye candy.

      2. It’s fine to demand both, Microsoft released an underpowered console and they deserve the bad press until they sort it out.
        It may not be important to everyone, but it’s going to keep being brought up as long as it keeps happening.

        With the original Xbox they released the most powerful console of its generation, then the 360 consistently put out the best-looking versions of console games most of the time despite launching a year ahead of the PlayStation 3.
        Even then the differences were usually margainal, nothing as big as a difference in output resolution. The biggest discrepancy was Bayonetta.

        But over time Microsoft have lost their way, forgetting what’s important. Who knew people wanted a games console that was made for games? You can thank Mattrick.

      3. The funny thing is that the Xbox division is, and always has been an entertainment division, not purely a games division. The Xbox will always play games, and that’s something we all know now. Adding on additional features to make it more of an entertainment hub in one device is not “losing the way, forgetting what’s important.” It’s called expanding the vision and is something every company must do in order to stay competitive, especially in tech.

        As for hardware power, the Xbox One is as weak compared to the PS4 as the Xbox 360 was compared to the PS3 in terms of theoretical computational performance. Sony has focused on hardware bandwidth throughput on both the PS3 (the very reason Cell was/is a nightmare for developers apparently) and PS4 (in the form of the GDDR5 memory pool); Microsoft focused more on hardware and software efficiency to achieve similar results. The Xenon processor used in the 360 was wildly underpowered compared to CBEA in the PS3. Between the PS4 and Xbox One where both APUs are far too similar in design? Not so much. DDR3 still delivers less latency than GDDR5; it also consumes less power than GDDR5. The eSRAM of the Xbox One is essentially the same type of story with the 360’s eDRAM. The caveat is that is takes time to optimize for eSRAM, which is where developers are getting lazy and just reducing resources needed. That’s where you get texture and or resolution differences from, not because the hardware isn’t capable.

  1. I have nearly finished the 3rd last stage is ridiculous, it is a massive troll from the devs when people get to it you’ll know what i mean. At this stage i would pay someone to do those tracks for me

    1. Yes it is. Apparently demos on the One require separate certification, even when there is a version that contains a demo within the app on one of their own platforms. More freedom for the developers, but this is ridiculous if you ask me…

  2. cant believe the lazy ubisoft stupid devs can only run this crappy game at 900p on xbox one. it is really a joke and im not buying any lazy ports by any developer whatever the game is until they start utilizing the power of the one. If forza 5 can run at 1080p 60fps there is no excuse that any other game cant achieve that other than lazy ports…

    1. It is lazy. This game could have easily used multiple techniques to create a native 1080p game. It’s indeed laziness to fit it within the confined 32MB of eSRAM.

      1. It’s Ubisoft. What did you expect 🙂
        First AC4, Watchdogs, now this. And I’m 100% sure we will be adding the division to the list soon.

    2. Forza 5 is 1080 60fps but it was dumbed down for the one with stuff like lighting, textures and trees even removed from what they displayed at e3 last year. I’m with u. I’ll be snapping this up on my 360 tonight for $26.95 aus. And I won’t have to deal with the crappy bumpers on the one pad. I just don’t understand the ones bumper buttons. I played ghosts at launch on a friends one and frags were a nightmare. I’ve seen the articles on the net and there’s no way I’m rolling my index finger to hit the bumpers. Absolutely ridiculous. Each to their own I guess. But the ones bumpers have to be the top reason I don’t want a one….that’s right….above the 900p vs 1080p war. The bad thing is its the pad so every single game would be a problem playing for me. If people out their don’t have a problem with it….then kudos to them.

      1. I actually like the bumpers myself and don’t roll. They’re sturdier than the ones on the Xbox 360, for sure. But I see that as a good thing as I’ve wasted about 8 or so controllers over the past 8 years and it was always one of the bumpers that gave out (mostly the right one as I active reloaded a lot in Gears of War).

      2. Agreed, I almost hate the 360 controller now vs. XBO’s controller. I don’t even like the 360’s bumpers feel anymore, kinda crazy when you get used to the newer version. XBO controller if fantastic imo. But to each his own.

      3. I agree, I can’t go back and play on the 360 controller now. It feels horrible after playing the X1 controller for so long.

        At first I hated the bumpers on the X1 controller but I’ve got use to them now and find they work perfectly fine.

      1. No, NDA’s prevent anything being said by attached developers about the Xbox SDK other than what’s already been released by MS (which isn’t much yet for a company that wants to attract all kinds of developers I must say), even the upcoming DX12 features (a couple of which DO require new hardware on the PC next year). But more will leak out eventually and with every slip of the tongue by MS spokespeople, more facts will be presented.

      2. How many of the sim Forza games had weather… exactly. Those types of games don’t call for it. Games like forza horizon or more open world racers are a different story. They cut back on textures? Look damn good to me.

      1. PS4 only gets 16 trophies and no Platinum, Xbox One gets 1000 gamerscore. Now my PS4 is my primary console because of all the sub 1080p games, but in this case, Xbox One wins because I’d rather have the 1000 gamerscore than 180 extra lines of rez. Not like the game is graphical tour de force anyway.

    3. Ubisoft is the publisher and redlynx is the developers. I know that Ubisoft bought out Redlynx but they are the same guys for the most part that developed all the other Trials games. So why do you blame this on Ubisoft?

    4. it’s not laziness. it’s MS only having 32mb of ESRAM when a single 1080p frame takes about 31mb space. to get forza to be 1080p it took A LOT of memory optimization and stuff, which frankly isn’t worth it. it’s much much easier to just make it 900p and be done with it, which doesn’t look a whole lot worse after the upscaling and AA.

      tl;dr it’s MS’s fault for not having more ESRAM or using 1 pool of memory like ps4 did.

    1. There’s no mention of that anywhere, so don’t count on it and buy it on a whim. The only games I know that do that are Assassins’s Creed BF, Battlefield 4 and CoD Ghosts and those have it specifically mentioned in the item descriptions.

      1. Played the demo and I was quite let down……the graphics don’t seem right they look un polished on the actual tracks were as the environment looks nice. the sounds don’t as good quite tinny effect. glad I didn’t buy it just because I played the others

      1. There’s a demo on 360, it’s because on Xbox One they dropped the requirement for trial versions of games to be available.

        Which is daft, if a game costs a lot and I can’t try it then the chance of me buying it is even lower than it already was. Massive step backwards.

  3. I find it very annoying that if I want the five bonus items I have to buy the physical version. I don’t want to have to use a disc to play. Why does digital keep getting the shaft.

      1. No, people were scared, that they were locked out of their complete game library if the internet went down for more than 24 hours. Just two days after I got my One on launch day, my router broke, and it took my ISP one and a half month to send a replacement.

        Had Microsoft kept with their plan, it would have meant that I weren’t allowed to play any games despite me having the discs in my hand.

        Get the facts straight.

        People loved the basic idea, but had Microsoft just disabled cloud sharing for my friends if the One couldn’t sign in, and allowed local playing for those who own the games and prove it with physical discs, they wouldn’t have freaked out.

      2. But instead of making that suggestion to used disc-based authentication in the event that your internet went down for an extended period of time, the vocal internet called for a complete removal and Sony played too well off that to force Microsoft’s hand to put the Xbox One as a slightly upgraded 7th-generation console.

      3. Before this gets too much off topic: Unlike most ISPs, my ISP provides its customers with one of the best router model range. I can understand your laughing if I had gotten a $20 cheapo router.

        However the router I got fully supports UPnP and more than one Xbox console at the same time with open NAT, has built in NAS functionality that, when you simply plug in an USB drive, is able to provide DLNA compliant media sharing which also works with Xbox (360).
        And the replacement provides me with 802.11AC aka. Gigabit WLAN, that is supported by the Xbox One.
        Not to mention built in phone functions (wired and DECT wireless) that even some small office installations can only dream of.

        The router that broke was over 5 years old, and was replaced free of charge.

        So yes, it’s my own fault for *wanting* that free ISP provided router that normally would have cost me 289€ in a store (recommended retail price converted to US$400.02, however the street price is usually about 230€ or US$318)

        That it took them almost a month and a half was due to the fact that the router broke late November (a week after the One release), and at first I suspected a problem with the Internet connection itself as I was still able to log into the router and configure it. So my phone line was measured and monitored for a few days.
        After some more troubleshooting it was decided the router was defective, and the new model was sent out free of charge. However due to the Christmas holidays and New Year, the delivery was delayed until January.

        So, in conclusion: My ISP is one of the best ISPs that a customer can have and I regret NOTHING! 😉
        For those interested: The ISP provided router I now use is an AVM Fritz!Box 7490. I can’t recommend it enough (after AVM patched their firmware because the Xbox One uses Teredo in a “weird” way).

    1. What are the bonus items you are talking about? I know if you buy the disk it comes with the season pass but you can purchase that separate with the digital copy and still pay the same amount in total. Curious what I’m missing out on as I just pulled the trigger on digital while at work so it would be ready when I got home.

      1. It’s just some cosmetic items but I would still like to have them.

        Light Up the Skies Bike Upgrade

        Fallen Angel Bike Upgrade

        Proud Hero Rider Outfit

        Crater Hazmat Suit Rider Outfit

        Thrillseeker Rhino Rider Helmet

  4. Quick warning, this game doesn’t currently have any form of online multiplayer and wont be getting it for a few months. I didnt do the research and now regret buying it as I wanted something to play with other people. The single player is fun so far but the lack of multiplayer is annoying and lazy on their part.

  5. Good reason to buy this on Xbox One is 1000 gamerscore vs only 16 trophies and no Platinum on the 1080p PS4 version. Would rather have the extra achievements, to be honest.

      1. Of course. I don’t buy based on difficulty, but rather based on potential. I feel like I’m getting more for the money with this version.

    1. Whatever helps you justify your purchase… achievements are fun, but let’s be honest… you don’t spend that kind of money to get a last get looking game… or maybe you do.

  6. Last Gen 360 fanboys = “360 multi-plats have better resolutions, frame-rates, so PS3 multi-plats suck!”

    Now it’s more like☺☺☺

    Xbone fanboys = “I can’t even tell the difference between 900p &
    1080p multi-plat games, we play games and don’t care about resolution,
    or frame-rates, it’s not a big deal”

      1. He’s doing it again…trying to be funny by deleting his posts.
        Don’t forget to come to our TOR tonight. We’re going to do quite some mischief and maybe let you have your revenge.

      1. Pretty much this for me except I didn’t bought a ps4 either because neither of them has games that interest me enough to buy.
        Hard times for video games.

      2. I Second / That. Fanboys stick with a losing console like the a captain on a sinking ship…

        Gamers go with the better experience … 7 million gamers can’t be wrong… can they?

      3. Guess because I brought a X1 first instead of the PS4 that my 20+ years of gaming on many different platforms means I’m not a gamer.

      4. Agree with this…Most of the gamers moved to PS4…

        For cheaper price…
        For faster load times…
        For free full games each month…
        For higher resolutions..
        For better framerates…
        For bigger HDDs….

      1. I agree, the Xbox One is work in progress to put it nicely. I’m hoping with the culture change in MS things will turn around for the better.

  7. For those who didn’t Notice, I saw A season pass sale on my Xbox 360 under Sales and Specials:
    Forza Horizon SP: $37.49
    Forza 4 SP: $22.49
    Halo 4 Map Pass: $18.99 (does not Include Champion Pack, but does Have the 3 Map Packs, 2 Helmets and an emblem)
    Gears of War 3 SP: $19.99
    Gears of War Judgement SP: $16.49

    Posted it here, because it is not Advertised.

  8. Bought it, it’s fun. I completely suck at it but it’s actually fun sucking at this game. Anyone else having trouble streaming to twitch? Shows you are streaming but your channel may in fact be offline.

  9. I bought the game this morning. I like it, but I miss the Level-Editor for Supercross. I hope there will be one in the future. The game is short (I reached the last Levels after 2 hours and won everytime gold), but the price is fair.

      1. That’s what I was thinking and a great way to get more out of less per se’. Turns a 2 hour game into a 10 hour game. If you are into doing them of course.

  10. This really shows up how much the UK is being ripped off as of November 2013 when the prices shot up.
    Trials HD: £10 ($15)
    Trials Evolution: £10 ($15)
    Trials Fusion: £16 ($20) (and no crossbuy)
    £16 = $26.85
    $20 = £11.90

    Is this a joke? Because I’m not laughing. Nor have I been buying anything.
    Change the pricing structure back to how it was before November!

      1. Shipping all that data around the world must incur horrendous shipping costs.
        Sarcasm aside, it’s a rampant issue outside of the US and there’s zero justification for it other than greed.


      2. Yeah, outside of the US we all seem to be paying more for the same things. MS should follow GOG’s lead. Well, everyone should.

        I don’t know about everywhere else, but in the UK the prices actually rose in November last year. That’s what my main grievance is but the whole system’s got to change.

      3. Not my problem. Sony’s prices have often but not always been higher since day one, while Microsoft have actually raised them.

        Alright, I’m getting the numbers. Wall of text incoming.

        DLC pricing model, prices from before November bracketed:
        $19.99 = £15.99 (£13.49)
        $14.99 = £11.99 (£9.99)
        $9.99 = £7.99 (£6.75)
        $4.99 = £3.99 (£3.39)

        USD to GBP conversion using the US pricing model:
        $19.99 = £11.91
        $14.99 = £8.93
        $9.99 = £5.95
        $4.99 = £2.97

        GBP to USD conversion using the current UK pricing model:
        £15.99 = $26.84
        £11.99 = $20.12
        £7.99 = $13.41
        £3.99 = $6.70

        GBP to USD conversion using the previous UK pricing model:
        £13.49 = $22.64
        £9.99 = $16.76
        £6.75 = $11.33
        £3.39 = $5.69

      4. on ebay 1600 point cards are like $100 when from Australia. it was a huge prison at one time so maybe the prices are the same as in prison. everything is high as caca.

  11. It would be awesome to find out why all of a sudden spiderman 2 is being pulled from xbox one? I was really looking forward to grabbing that game to play until watch dogs…. anybody have any information pertaining to this? I hope it’s just a rumor..

    1. I wouldn’t worry to much about it, I have a feeling it won’t be a great game anyways from what I have seen/read so far. So really, they are saving you money!!!

      1. I would worry about it. The last time I heard of a game being cancelled on one platform and not the others the Wii U happened. Look where that is now, dying a slow death.

      2. Very true. I sincerely hope this is not what’s happening nor do I believe it possible but man would that suck. I can’t believe trials evolution couldn’t even run 1080p native on the xbox one. That’s scary man. Not a graphically demanding game at all

      3. Yep I’m scared too. I put a lot of money into X1 and the last thing I want to see is it die or games not getting released on it.

        I went into ASDA last night and saw Injustice: Gods among us for PS4, but no Xbox one version.

      4. It seems in the case of Injustice that Sony paid to keep it off the Xbox One. So they can have a temporary rival for Killer Instinct.

      5. Microsoft are a billion $ company, Sony a scrapping penny’s to release they next IP. Microsoft shouldn’t allow Sony any 3rd party exclusive.

      6. dude this billion dollar company is bleeding money every year and is failing with every new moronic product they release, ffs they even fail with their good products like surface 2. Without their NSA Windows they would be dommed

      7. MS racks in billions every year. Proving supposed analysts wrong every time. And with the new CEO, it’s only getting better.
        Sony, on the other hand has to sell divisions such as laptops and TVs and buildings to get past it’s own operating costs.

      8. no windows=no microsoft,what else do they have? office is irrelevant once windows is gone, btw why are you posting under every single article here?

      9. I’m not going to recite lists for ignorant people that think they can spam blogs with useless comments and can’t even search for it themselves. Bye!

      10. Lol dude you’re seriously delusional. All of Microsofts divisions are turning huge profits. The windows phone division is growing constantly, windows is the dominant os on the entire planet by a huge margin, the surface tablets are doing great, xbox has been making a killing with xbox gold and 80 million+ 360 s sold to date etc etc the list just goes on.. While Sony has to continue to sell off pieces of its company on a regular basis just to stay afloat.. vaio laptop division GONE selling off tv division, just sold all of their stake in square Enix as well.. it just keeps getting worse for them. So seriously just stop speaking because you look retarded.

      11. The Office suite? You know, that thing that makes a lot of money? Now on the IOS and Android so even without Windows MS will make a ton of money.

      12. The stupid thing is Sony continue to make bad moves like releasing a 4k media player, which if it’s anything like they 4k TV products will be too expensive for us everyday normal folk.

        The way I see it is Sony are betting everything they have on they 4k Products and the PS4, but it’s going to be at least 5 years before 4k TVs are going to be cost effective for people to go out and buy and by that time Sony will continue to lose money.

      13. The only company bleeding or rather GUSHING money (having to sell a LOT of assets to stay afloat and still making losses) is Sony. MS has made several Billions of profits over the past decade and isn’t about to fail any time soon. Sony has an 80% chance of going out of business during the next 2 years and MS can financially wipe them out. They could have destroyed them this gen and that’s why all of this is so strange. It’s like MS is handing them their victory in fear of another monopolistic backlash of some sort.

      14. Maybe Microsoft saw what is happening with Nintendo and feared another gaming crash if they went out and destroyed Sony and the PS4.

      15. Scary it is. Actually its downright moronic. I’m playing rayman legends on my 360 in 1080p 60fps and it looks spectacular.
        I wonder if its dumbed down on the one.

      16. Forza 5 may be at 1080 but they really didn’t include a lot more detail than they already had in Forza 4. In a lot of ways Forza 5 just looks like a slightly sharper Forza 4. A real shame really.

      17. No.. actually it’s not. If it was just one game then yes it would make sense that the developers didn’t properly use the consoles capabilities.. but that’s just not the case. Nearly every game on the xbox one doesn’t reach full 1080p HD whereas the ps4 does… ergo it’s a console problem.

      18. Actually to be honest I really enjoyed the first one. I found the Web swinging in the open world super fun. And everything I’ve seen of it so far looks like they’ve improved upon everything.

    2. Activision has said they are working with MS to bring it to the Xbox One but they won’t give a release date for it, other versions will release as planned. Make of that what you will.

      1. Yeah Its obvious that it’s something neither company want getting out.. but it just confuses to me as to what it could be. It’s not like the xbox one would have a hard time running this game.. I assume it will be 900p at least possibly 1080.. I hope they give us some more information soon

      1. Wow I wish I had your powers of seeing into the future. That’s what they said about arkham asylum. I thought the first amazing spiderman was good had tons of potential to make it great which I’m betting they went for this time around. Please don’t respond to me anymore with such ignorant comments.

      2. Lol judging from your past comments I can see you’re a hardcore xbox fanboy so it’s clear you would say that no matter what because of its unknown status on xbox one. I’ll never understand your breed

      3. Are you retarded? I mentioned the batman games because like I said they had a very bad track record too until rock steady came along and released arkham asylum. And the amazing spiderman has a metacritic score of 7.4… you honestly consider that to be terrible? That’s pathetic dude. A game doesn’t need a score of 10 to be a good game. Grow up fanboy.

      1. I’m pretty sure the SpiderMan movie and game IP’s are completing different and owned by different companies even though the game is a movie tie in.

      2. No, something weird is going on. The title was confirmed as finished and running at 1080p/30 on both PS4 and Xbox One. By this time the game would have reached Gold status and reached the printing presses. Why would Sony only pay for keeping Xbox One out of it, when the game will probably not sell any systems and even the Movie won’t be a big hit (the first one wasn’t)?

      3. You do know it’s coming to 360 right? And that Sony has no control over the IP outside of the realm of film?

        This is a developer issue. Probably an issue with with stability of the game on Xbox One.

      4. Lol… come on man that couldn’t have been a serious comment? No they don’t. At all lol. And besides the movie ip and the game are completely different. The game is coming to xbox 360 for God’s sake lol

      1. There certainly is tearing, and I’m not the only one who sees it. Sorry you are unobservant, but I guess ignorance is bliss.

  12. Major!! Why are my comments being Marked as spam? I’m not being disrespectful to other, cursing ,and im not trollng!! The only comment I have made on here for days was in defense of someone saying I was posing on an Guest account, and even then i was not disrespectful or cursing…” LOL ok…. I’m no Sony fanboy I currently own and love my 360. My XBL Gamer tag is WARLORD VIII”

  13. I have been enjoying it. Enjoyed the previous Trials games always attempting to best the ghost racers from my friends. More of the same, enjoying the new environments, but on the new system. Thanks RedLynx!

  14. So MS lost March WITH Titanfall. That’s gotta hurt. Time to drop the price MS and IMHO just drop the mandatory Kinect so you can safely undercut the PS4. At least you’ll be safe then in the marketshare dept. We all understand it will receive a more moderate developer support, but so be it.

      1. And wouldn’t be the first time SONY claimed “shipped” numbers as “Units sold”. They were called out on that during the PS3 as well as inflating numbers of Move units by combining all the Move peripherals to make it look like it was a success.

      2. Ha Sony even obscured facts on their own official quarter financials by combining the PS2 with the PS3 and the PSP with the Vita. I wouldn’t be suprised they did it this time too.

      3. It’s not important…The important thing is XO is $450 and bundled with Titanfall…but still, PS4 sold 60K more in US…This fact is important…

      4. It has a game + Kinect camera and $450 price….Still selling worse and stating this is fanboyish ? This bundle was cheaper than PS4…If you add a new game and camera to PS4 it would be more than $500…

        You talk about same thing as i said long before…There should be a Kinectless SKU…Gamers dont care about that Kinect and tv features. They just want to play games for a better price…MS did a big mistake by investing to Kinect. ı wish they put faster CPU, GPU or RAM…They would be in better position now…

        MS should launch a SKU for $350 without Kinect…This price is fair for that console…Because the more powerful one is $399..

      5. But it’s not cheaper than the PS4 because the value proposition isn’t there for the gamers that the bundle was targeting. That’s why I called it fanboyish. Had the $450 bundle have been Xbox One, no Kinect, two controllers and the Titanfall digital code, it would have already been a much better value proposition for gamers.
        Now this might upset some people here (Death Dealer, sorry bra, I know you love its functionality), but this isn’t going to change until MS shows a true must-have game for the Kinect, which by now, I don’t see happening in the near future.

      6. Yes, I’d like Kinect to remain in place for more development adoption but can understand the need to expand marketshare and you have a point there in your arguments, especially about the entry price.
        I would have loved backwards compatibility too.
        We should see TV deals before the end of this year though.

      7. Fun fact for those who don’t research what they type. The Xbox One chip is more expensive than the PS4’s chip even though it is weaker slightly.

        Why you ask? ESRAM ain’t cheap.

      8. Yes and that’s why it’s a slight problem for MS. On the bright side, they completely own the design and can scale it up however they want for the next Xbox, which guarantees backwards compatibility and maybe even scalability for current One titles.
        I just wish they had made Kinect optional and included an Xbox 360 chip in there. That could have improved perception by quite a lot actually and that chip could have aided in all kinds of tasks too making it just as functional as the PS4 with its additional processor.

      9. Adding in the PowerPC chip to allow for BC would have added significant cost to the console not to mention make it run much hotter, which is an unfortunate reality with the PowerPC line. Also it would have made the system even more complex and might not have even been technically possible due to the different architecture used in the two CPUs (RISC vs CISC).

        And what is this “additional processor” in the PS4 you are referring to? There is no additional processor in the PS4 which aids in tasks – if so, please provide a reference.

        Removing the Kinect would be the biggest mistake Microsoft could make at this time – it is what truly sets the One apart from the PS4. It is a vocal minority that are calling for its removal, and most of those still probably would not purchase a One anyway if they did.

      10. I disagree completely. It’s way more than a vocal minority that don’t like Kinect. Forcing Kinect on everybody was a big mistake but certainly not Microsoft’s only mistake this generation.

      11. If its not a majority (i.e. greater than 50%), then by definition it is a minority. And since the system IS selling well (though admittedly not as well as the PS4 is), it is safe to assume that it IS a minority that is making this demand. You can’t gauge this by internet posts or polls, as those are always skewed by negative comments – many of which are just constant posts by the same people over and over again.

        If it wan’t a minority demanding an Xbox One without a Kinect, I can guarantee the sales for this console would a lot lower and not be beating the 360 sales for the same period as it is of present.

      12. No, if they can just bite the bullet and go for a slight loss, they will most likely sell more. It is all about the price right now.

      13. The integrated design Xbox 360 chip isn’t that expensive and with the next die process wouldn’t produce any significant heat at all as it’s already pretty cool in the 360E models. Integrating it into the design could have been epensive though as you’d need separate pathways for it and could make the PCB a nightmare. The PS4 has a secondary ARM CPU mostly for video recording support and lower power standby operation. The Xbox 360 chip could have replaced that for the Xbox One and would have been possible and not “backwards” as Mattrick ignorantly suggested. The onboard hard drive would have needed another separate FATX partition though for all the Xbox 360 stuff.

        I agree with you about the Kinect, they shouldn’t remove it and rather just cut the price every and a while, but if the need should arise, an optional SKU without Kinect will be inevitable. People are still paranoid about the NSA too, I said that before the launch of the Xbox One too. That’s just the reality if the PS4 is going to sell so much more that the Xbox One will become a second thought for developers.

      14. Actually it is only the GPU that is slightly weaker, the CPU in the One actually runs at a higher clock speed than the PS4.

      15. I think 40% weaker is a bit more than slightly, but at least now you can bring yourself to admit it is weaker, progress rooz, progress. Now if only you could get misterxmedia to admit there is no secret sauce second layer secret gpu hidden in there…

      16. I’ve been an Xbox user since the first console. I’ve really enjoyed what they’ve done for the most part. Yes there were issues along the way but they were always bringing me the games I wanted to play.

        With X1 I’m pretty disappointed in a number of the choices they’ve made. Ramming Kinect down our throats is certainly one of the choices I’ve got a problem with.

        As a core gamer I tend not to play a lot of casual games and the games I do play tend to be played in long sessions, can’t see too many applications for the Kinect in there. Not going to flail my arms around for hours, that’s for sure. And any little Kinect functions are usually things that were better left on the controller to begin with. Having to pay up an extra hundred dollars for something I really didn’t want left me feeling a bit burned.

        Given what is out for Kinect now and what they’ve announced for the future it seems pretty obvious that Microsoft’s big vision for Kinect was to score big advertising dollars from target marketing to individuals. I believe that’s why the initial configuration was to have the console not work without the camera. Also little things like charging you more to watch a movie based on how many people are in the room, things like that.

        Personally I would have had them scrap the camera and add a 2tb HDD to the system. 500 dollars for that would have been alright.

        The bottom line is that it’s a more expensive system with less computing power than it’s competitor is selling for 100 dollars less. The problems Microsoft is having with Xbox are problems they’ve brought on themselves.

      17. That doesn’t matter. other than Japan which wouldn’t help anyway. XB1 and Sony are in all the major regions and PS4 is outselling it. The other regions that XB1 aren’t in would only account for a few thousand sales… PS4 is outselling XB1 here in America so it doesn’t matter where they are sold.

      18. we don’t care for the bone, ms tries to charge the same prices they do in euro, so 69 dollar becomes 69 euro, and that has nothing to do with taxes, no thanks

      19. Don’t mind those little bars on the sides of the box that is scanned at point of sale for … you know … tracking sales… Yeah they don’t mean anything.

        It works in the music industry, the film industry and any other industry that tracks sales, it just doesn’t work for MS when they are losing to their competition by over 3 million consoles sold… or fanboys when they can’t accept the truth.

      20. Warranty registration is automatic with PS4, making it very easy for Sony to tell exactly how many PS4’s are sold. You are just talking out of yur butt on matters which you have no clue.

      21. Lol.. wow. Where do people like you come up with these sorts of ideas? You do realize that we don’t live in the 80s or early 90s and you can just say some bull and people don’t have the Internet to find out and call you out on it.. haha man some peoples kids.

      22. Yeah, Sony fudges the numbers as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s selling and I’ll be sure to buy a PS4 when they actually have an exclusive that I want to play. I tried Infamous and wasn’t very impressed and I think the Killzone series has always been a bit of a joke. So when it comes to the PS4 I’m going to wait a bit.

      23. People buy a console mainly based of which is the cheaper console. The other system was more powerful last generation but yet it sold less because it was more exspensive. Game wise the X1 has the better selection of games right now and in its scheduled pipeline.

  15. just go to say that Titanfall has finally grown on me. the first time you get extracted or pull off some crazy move, your hooked. i just sucked and has bad feeling toward the x1. what the f was i thinking. i’ll admit when i’m wrong. peace.

    1. I’m kind of love/hate with Titanfall. Mostly I think it’s a really cool game and the Mech combat is super fun but I really don’t like the use of bots. I understand that they were trying something new but as I’ve been playing the game I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t like that aspect of it.

    2. Man find players to team up with buddies all loved the game when it came out but it’s gotten boring for me since most have just stopped playing it entirely. It does get boring when you are playing it alone after a while.

    1. I think there’s something wrong with the Disqus system as one of my comments disappeared shortly after I posted yesterday too. Then it reappeared and then permanently disappeared.

      1. Or it’s a funny guy with too much free time that flag every posts he don’t like until they vanish.
        Either way I doubt it’s major nelson doing that.

      2. Could be, but then they wouldn’t reappear and still be in my own history. This one truly vanished. I think it’s some kind of bug.

    2. Try typing a n g r y j o e in a comment and it will automatically get censored. Microsoft does not want to consumer to be heard and they don’t want you to know that you are to quietly feed them money, or else….

      1. Yup, larry hryb has some serious butthurt over that AJ interview where AJ asked him why they don’t just reverse the hated DRM. And larry got very in his face that it isn’t possible, then two days later, they reversed it lmao. Just shows the lies in MS PR have always been there/always will.

      2. Haha yup that was pretty bad I’ve gotta admit lol. That whole interview was really awkward and embarrassing.. you know how sometimes when you watch something and you get embarrassed for the person and you’ve just gotta turn it off.. that’s what I felt like watching that interview hahah

      3. Ya same here, since then I’ve seen hryb tear down a fan on his website, and get upset at a crying baby in the audience of one of the tourny’s he was hosting. I don’t care for hryb as the go between gamers and MS to be honest after seeing stuff like that. He seems to be a suit disguised as a gamer to sell consoles, nothing more.

  16. Man those last levels of this game are hard as heck…but I love the big jump maps. Actually took the #1 spot in the last big jump map by a mere 20 points. Had the run of a lifetime…still don’t know how I pulled it off actually.

  17. Another game with a broken glitchable challenge tracker ala Peggle 2. No point in going for it legit now if that’s your thing. Hope this isn’t a recurring issue.

  18. It’s a shame that even in a Kinectless game thread, people still come here to complain about the Kinect being included. It’s not that hard to understand that in order for the games to improve or the Kinect to improve, developers need assurance that every user has one. I’ll call myself wrong if it ever happens, but Microsoft will not drop Kinect. The next re-hash of the system will be smaller, bigger hard drive, or improved processing (or all of the above) before Kinect doesn’t come with it.

      1. They don’t have to prove anything. Selling 5 million units in 13 markets is a win, with more markets launching this year. Microsoft wants a stellar Kinect game but developers need assurance that if they go to bat for Microsoft every Xbox One user will have one.

      2. whey do they still need assurance ? MS said that Kinect would be included for every console from the beginning…Where is that stellar game ? Demo ? Anything ? Kinect Sports ? Ryse ? If future games will use Kinect like that, so i’ll pass, thanks…

        Maybe they could show us a demo using Kinect for a MMORPG selecting icons easily..But i dont believe that they can do that….It’s not an efficient controller for games, let’s admit that…

    1. Agreed why people say they would get an x1 when kinect is removed us laughable. Ms invested way too much money and tine developing this to walk away so easily. Get used to having to pay for the kinetic for a long while. This console sold well enough so removing it us not an option

  19. The Xbox One version is prob the best version of trials fusion, why? The rumble triggers add a huge layer of useful gaming feedback for this game. Added gameplay element thats useful ill take it!

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