Warface Xbox 360 Edition Now Available

Warface Xbox 360 EditionContent: Warface Xbox 360 Edition
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Dash Text: Engage in explosive action with this exhilarating free-to-play FPS from Crytek, keeping you on your toes with daily new missions. Master four soldier classes as you team up to complete daring Co-op raids or dominate Versus modes. Join the battle with unique assault moves and real-time weapon customization. Downloadable and free-to-play to Xbox Live Gold members.

Please note: If you participated in the Warface Open Beta, you don’t need to re-download the game, you will get a title update next time you launch the game. Anything purchased or earned in the open beta will carry forward.

24 thoughts on “Warface Xbox 360 Edition Now Available

    1. You are not paying £40 for Warface, but for a service….it’s getting so old that people like you doesn’t know the difference still by now. It’s been this way for more than 8 years, move on…..nothing new here.

      1. No what is getting old is people like you still defend having to pay for a free game. Weather it’s a service or not, you HAVE to buy Xbox gold to be able to play this FREE game.

        I guess logic doesn’t make sense to some people.

      2. logic never makes sense, but it’s simple logic that you are paying £40 for a service which includes MP-gaming, Warface,Happy Wars, Ascend: Hand of Kul, WSOP and many other. So get a grip on your negativity.

      3. Your “logic” and “common sense” are extraordinarily flawed.

        Yes, you HAVE to pay for a Gold account.
        You also HAVE to buy a 360, HAVE to buy a TV, HAVE to pay for electricity, etc.
        So, you’re right, this game isn’t free.
        However, if you already have all of those things, then it won’t cost you any extra money to play this game.

        If they were promoting this game as “free for 360 owners”, you’d have a point.
        But, as it’s promoted as “free to Xbox Live Gold members”, you don’t have a leg to stand on, and you’re making quite a fool of yourself.

      4. If anyone is paying that much for gold and especially is hard core playing these games then they got problems. These kinda games are only worth playing for a few hours while you wait for UPS to deliver your real game.

  1. I’m surprised they let you keep everything you purchased seeing how anything you wanted to get you didn’t actually need to play a single round as you could buy the currency in the game for free. Good thing I don’t have to start over if I wanted to play this game seeing how I got all the guns I’d want for free.

  2. Can someone let me know if this is actually a FREE game, or is it a “we let you download it for free, but unless you buy micro transactions, you’ll be slaughtered by the spoiled kids that have spent $500 on this game” style game, like Ascend and Happy Wars?

    1. Seeing that they let you keep all your purchases from the beta and they allowed you to buy in game currency for FREE to buy anything you wanted without playing it. I don’t see a fair advantage to new players.

    2. I played the beta and to me unless they did a major overhaul of how the game economy works then yes micro transactions are a big part of the game.. i played the game for a week and still couldn’t afford one gun to rent not keep

      1. PS…I did not spend $678 so that I can destroy you on the battlefield, although, if you play the game, I will destroy you on the battlefield. I paid $678 so that I can make fun of people for being poor before I kill them

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