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Defense TechnicaContent: Defense Technica
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Dash Text: The new revolution of Tower defense! Defense Technica! A project ‘Noah’ is now released to defeat the cruel invader Hergus and save the world. You should defend the core and struggle against the constantly rushing enemy in the battlefield where attack paths and the land, or weather are changed in real-time. You will be amazed at the gorgeous landscape in the beautiful graphic of Defense Technica. Upgrade various weapons to the enemy’s attribute. Predict and decide promptly how and when to counterattack in response to their changing moving route. Play your own game with more meticulous and strategic system.

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47 thoughts on “Arcade: Defense Technica

  1. I know Defense Grid 2 is coming for the X1 at some point, but we need a game like this. We also need a game like Geometry Wars. Cold Fusion Games makes Beat Hazard Ultra for the 360. We need someone to port that to the X1! It would sell so many copies because it would be the only game of it’s type (until someone gets off their butt and makes Geometry Wars 3.)

    1. Geometry Wars 3 will never happen because MS in their infinite wisdom sold off Bizarre Creations which was then destroyed by Activision. The PGR series was better than Forza, MS bet on the wrong pony. Besides there was no reason MS couldn’t keep both. Now they basically created Forza Horizon spin off to fill in the gaping hole left by PGR (using former PGR devs at that!). It’s a travesty.

      1. Microsoft didn’t own Bizarre Creations, they were independent but published the PGR games through Microsoft Studios. You probably could have considered them to be a 2nd party developer. Activision bought them outright, then proceeded to destroy them.

    2. Geometry Wars needs to come back, I second that, but the IP is Activision’s.
      Selling Bizarre was a bad move, same as Bungie.
      I’m with ElektroDragon on PGR too, that also needs to return, even if it’s only the Kudos gameplay mechanic added to a special mode in Forza games.

    1. They’re a lot of games on the X1 but once you’ve played them all you’re waiting months for the next one. The Xbox one needs indie games to tide the wait over like PS4 has.

      Need a game like Resogun which is a basic concept for a game but it’s a game fans would just continue to go back and play over and over again while waiting for the next big thing.

      1. be careful with the indie games request. Not all of them are well made and developed. Last thing I want personally is the clusterF that was the 360 indie marketplace that was an ugly embarrassment of majority subpar games not rising above quick cash in flash quality.

      2. I never touched the indie section on the 360 because it looked like a 10 year old had created them games.

        However the recent lot of indie games I’ve been seeing look professional and look better then most “AAA” games.

        I’ve played my fair share of games on the X1 already, some may say too many. 11 games I’ve completed / won’t be going back to anytime soon and 3 games I’m playing at the moment.. Once I’ve completed them 3 games I’ve got to wait months for the next game to release, or I can hope we get a sale or price drop on Trials Fusion, Strike suit zero or Need for speed rivals as those are the only games I’m still interested in playing till the next major release.

        If I was on PS4, I’d have played less games but I’d also have them cheaper indie games and there’s about 3 free games I could be playing till the next release.

  2. Bring back game trials on Xbox one there was no need to remove them. With there being independent developers now there is going to be more arcade and indie games than ever before and I’m not dropping £16 on games that I can’t even try first. Not to mention £16 is too steep.

      1. There’s about 8 demos on the Xbox one and at least three of them are the Lego games, Two are Kinect Rivals, and the rest are sports games.

    1. And those games SHOULD be £13.49 tops, that’s Including Trials Fusion.
      I’m gonna post the numbers again because this is discrimination based on location which mortifies me.

      DLC pricing model, prices from before November 2013 in brackets:
      $19.99 = £15.99 (£13.49)
      $14.99 = £11.99 (£9.99)
      $9.99 = £7.99 (£6.75)
      $4.99 = £3.99 (£3.39)

      USD to GBP conversion using the US pricing model:
      $19.99 = £11.91
      $14.99 = £8.93
      $9.99 = £5.95
      $4.99 = £2.97

      GBP to USD conversion using the current UK pricing model:
      £15.99 = $26.84
      £11.99 = $20.12
      £7.99 = $13.41
      £3.99 = $6.70

      GBP to USD conversion using the previous UK pricing model:
      £13.49 = $22.64
      £9.99 = $16.76
      £6.75 = $11.33
      £3.39 = $5.69

      Microsoft, I own over 300 XBLA games and countless DLCs, I have been a loyal Xbox customer since 2001, but since these rises the amount of new downloadable content I’ve actually paid money for is zero.

      That’s down to you. You already release games one or two pricing tiers higher than they should be then raise them further in different regions!

      What are we paying more for? What makes a game cost $20 in America and $26 in the UK? And don’t say tax, that’s way above tax.

      Allow me to quote Phil Spencer: “Definitely in to win. We need to do more, that’s 100% of my focus.”

      So do more.

      1. The prices on the dashboard do, as do the GBP prices I’ve converted from.
        My conversions from USD to GBP do not have it added on, however if they did then they’d still be lower than what we’re actually being charged.

        Even so, these prices went up in November. The tax rate didn’t.

      1. Defense Grid
        Dungeon Defenders
        Orcs Must Die!
        South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense Play
        Toy Soldiers
        Toy Soldiers: Cold War
        Defenders of Ardania
        Anomoly Warzone Earth
        Iron Brigade

        This is just a partial list of the Live Arcade titles, and there are a whole lot more in the Indie section. So you see there are a LOT more than one – and three have been part of Games with Gold!

      2. So 9 games is alot for you? There’s far more sports games,fighters,etc

        We all know defense games might not be everyone’s cup of tea but be grateful that its being met even if your not particularly a fan of said genre

      3. I never said it was a lot (and my list has 10 examples which does not include the new one released even) – I was only pointing out how wrong this guy was saying there was only ONE tower defense game available. Also this was only a PARTIAL list and doesn’t even include the multitude of them in the Indies section. I also pointed out the fact that 3 of the Games with Gold offerings were also tower defense games, which IS a lot when compared to the other genres that were offered through the promotion.

      4. Ok, i thought more in the classic way of TD not the variable gametype of it. In this way your right.

        But to say “There are far too many tower defense XBLA games at this point” is not right. In % their less 1% (not a scientific calculation, just estimate it ;)).

      5. While the total amount of tower defense type games may not be that high, the amount released recently is fairly high as most of them have come out in just the past 2 years. And three being offered for free under the Games with Gold promotions is also giving people the impression that there are a lot of these types of games out there.

        Either way it doesn’t bother me as I have 6 of the 10 I mentioned above and do enjoy them from time to time. And I don’t think there are too many either – if it isn’t something different and unique I’ll just pass, wait for a good sale or wait until Microsoft gives it away with GwG (which was how I got 3 of my 6).

  3. One more defense game who care. 99.9 % of them suck,I hate EA as does most people but I had to get Plants warfare and that’s a defense game that’s fun ,anyone can play, and can do well but in truth pop caps made it so that’s why it’s good and not EA.

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