Project Spark 1 Year Celebration: Bonus XP/Credits and Rebate

To celebrate the first anniversary of Project Spark’s alpha, Team Dakota has special plans for the weekend. I’ll let them explain:

As we approach our 1 year anniversary of the initial alpha launch of Project Spark, it is time to celebrate. We want to show our appreciation to more than 1 million early adopters who have embraced Project Spark and created some of the most amazing and unexpected experiences that have been shared around the world.

As part of this celebration we also need your help. As we drive towards an exciting week at E3, packed with some awesome updates and surprise announcements, we want to stress test our systems to ensure we are ready to support the next wave of Project Spark fans. Our goal is to get as many Project Spark players and creators to show up in-game at one time.

We will be hosting two special community events on Friday, May 30th and Saturday, May 31st between 1100 AM and 0100 PM Pacific Daylight Time (06:00 PM to 08:00 PM GMT / UTC ). As a small token of our appreciation to all that login and play Project Spark during this time, we are doing the following:

  1. 5x Multiplier on All XP and Credits earned in-game (10x Multiplier for Premium Account holders)
  2. 100% Rebate in Spark Credits on any in-game purchases, either with tokens or credits (up to a maximum of 40,000 credits per day). We will process the rebate within two weeks and you can expect to see the rebated Spark Credits posted to your account by June 14th 2014.

Thanks for making Project Spark’s first year a truly unforgettable experience. Come, join the party and overrun Project Spark on Friday May 30th and Saturday May 31st between 11:00 AM and 01:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (06:00 PM to 08:00 PM GMT / UTC )

See you then!

Team Dakota

Click here to download Project Spark for Xbox One and here for Windows 8

What should you check out once you’re in? Xbox Wire has a feature on 10 Unique User-Made Project Spark Creations.


  • todd Wright

    Project Spark > minecraft IMHO


    • AaronionRings

      Not even close to being the same thing. They’re not comparable.


  • ungeheier

    I thought they got rid of the credits stuff? Granted, i havent played since the launch on the X1 and stopped loading it because it felt too F2P for my tastes.


  • x$NIPERx

    Sweet! Not that I played this or care to but It’s pretty awesomeness for the players that do.


  • SectorStar

    I had high hopes for this game when I read about it and signed up for the beta. Got into the beta and started playing on my Xbox One……only to find out that 90 percent of the game’s content was locked out unless you wanted to buy it with micro-transactions…..

    Needless to say the game was promptly uninstalled and I have no desire to try it again.


    • brianful

      They got rid of Spark Time (which was the microtransaction element) months ago. The only thing in the game you can pay for now are additional content packs (like DLC). So the game itself is free, you just pay if you want the extra content for your levels.

      Technically because they’ve released so many content packs, it would look like a lot of the content is locked. But you still have hundreds of default props to work with. Or would you prefer no additional content packs and everyone stuck with the same set of props?


    • fur low

      I was just thinking, wow, this game has been out a year already and I don’t remember hearing anything good about it after release, I wonder why. But alas, you have answered my question. Microtransactionsoft ruined it just like they ruined Forza 5. You want more than a Honda civic? You’re going to have to cough up more than that 60$ game price tag to get it. Cram it up your cram holes MS.


    • eternaldragonx

      I agree and did the same. well I still have it on my hd but with no intentions of playing. Microtransactions are a no no and they will have to learn the hard way I guess.


  • Bl4ckSh33p

    Please use 24 hour formats! Missed it because of AM/PM. -.-


  • Bad Dog Daddy

    The tests went well, I barely had a hiccup during the test. Just to clarify as there are those spreading false information. Almost all content is able to be purchased using in game credits that you earn by playing Spark. There is no need whatsoever to spend any money. In fact with the specials during this testing I earned enough credits to buy several addons and to top it off those credits will be restored to my account on the 14th.


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