Every Xbox E3 Announcement In One Place

The first day of E3 is always a big one for everyone here at Xbox, as it’s our chance to finally show off some of the great games we’ve got in our development pipeline. This year was no different, as our Xbox: Game On media briefing (watch it again here!) was chock full of great games coming in 2014 and beyond. Naturally, we thought you’d appreciate being able to check out all of our announcement in one place:

Xbox Delivers Winning Lineup of Exclusive Games for this Holiday Season – Want all of the info on everything that was shown this morning? Here’s the place to find it!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Puts More Than a Decade of Halo on One Disc – Landing just in time to celebrate Halo 2’s 10-year anniversary on November 11 of this year, this fan-pleasing package contains Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 on a single disc for $59.99. Is this the best deal in gaming?

Crackdown Returns With Even More Mayhem on Xbox One – That’s right, Crackdown is back in a big way! Original creator Dave Jones has returned to bring a brand-new Crackdown experience to Xbox One and it looks like this one will be crazier than ever. Also, orbs!

Forza Horizon 2 Opens Up a Whole New World for Racers – This might not have been a big surprise if you’ve been following the game’s reveal on IGN over the last week, but we’re glad our friends at Turn 10 can finally show this game to the world.

Ori and the Blind Forest – This gorgeous new platformer from Moon Studios tells the tale of Ori, a Forest Guardian that must save his home from a sudden blight. This is one to keep a close eye on.

Top Independent Creators, New ID@Xbox Games Storm E3 – Are you ready for some awesome independent games? We’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out extended montage that shows off all 36 titles mentioned in this article!

Test Your Racing Mettle on Forza Motorsport 5’s Nurburgring – One of the world’s most famous tracks is available right now in Forza Motorsport 5. Not only do you guys this amazing track, you also get five new cars!

We’ll be bringing you more on some of the biggest and best Xbox One games throughout the week of E3, so check Xbox Wire often.

106 thoughts on “Every Xbox E3 Announcement In One Place

    1. Why the sad face? VR will be an overexpensive FAD, much like 3D. Neither of the consoles is powerful enough to make a rich VR experience, so I see no need for MS to jump in.

      1. I have too, multiple times even, but it will still be an overexpensive FAD. If the price isn’t acceptable, it’ll get nowhere in the consumer space. Many also don’t like carrying heavy things on their heads.
        Oculus will at least have wider PC support, so IF MS were to jump on this, they’d best make an SDK update with support for it, especially now that Samsung is making one based on it as that could essentially push Morpheus out of the market rather quickly.

  1. Good games but expected a big surprise as exclusive…That was dissappointing…I’d like to see a Rare game for example..Kameo 2 or Conker as a separate game…
    A Gears Collection, exclusive a good J-RPG maybe ? I dont know, maybe my expectation was high…For example I have waited a Shenmue megabomb for big 3rd party exc 😀
    Halo Masterchief collection and Crackdown 3 are cool

    1. The Halo collection was supposed to be a surprise. Unfortunately, it was leaked a few weeks ago. But I get the idea that it wasn’t leaked on purpose.

  2. But I can’t call it “the best deal in gaming” when it’s games and maps
    that I’ve already paid for once. Still, I will get my monies worth, for

  3. Everything I expected was there. Too much hype and too much given away in advance though. Seems I’ll be buying the games I was already expecting to buy.

    Anyone got any fireworks? Sky seems empty somehow.

  4. I, for one, am PUMPED about Phil Spencer and the job he has done so far in reinvigorating the Xbox Team at MS. When he goes on about how he wants the primary focus to be games, he is 150% genuine and it shows. Such a good move.

  5. I was expecting video games but all I saw was pre rendered movies.

    and like 30 seconds of halo 2 that we already knew how it played.

    The whole E3 was “here’s a movie about a game”
    Then they had to remind us how much they hate their fans with shoehorning Conker in Spark instead of making a game or something.
    I mean, I’m interested in a sequel to phantom dust(named phantom dust), a sequel to crackdown(named crackdown) and Platinum games but we know nothing about them.

      1. I was expecting video games but all I saw was pre rendered movies.

        Your original statement implied that none of the games were demoed live. Don’t get upset when someone proves your gross exaggeration wrong.

        Some games were real gameplay footage, while others were just videos. That is pretty much par for the course at E3 press conferences. I’m not sure why you expect anything more.

      2. They showed gameplay of halo 2 that we already how it played, some more gameplay of sunset overdrive(I think, it was so linear it might as well be pre rendered)
        Didn’t care for multiplat so I didn’t watch those.

      3. on the other side, alpha gameplay is known to be exactly what it is going to be on final retail game :O)

    1. I don’t know, they sure showed a lot of games but they spent so little time on each of them that it feels incomplete. Like each game had a guy introduced for 20 seconds, a video, sometime gameplay and then they went for an other game.

  6. Will the “Master Chief Collection” be available for pre-order digitally and come with the Halo 5 Beta Code and any other pre-order bonuses? Microsoft wanted everyone to go digital yet they haven’t made any strides towards giving digital gamer’s the same pre-ordering options. I want to be able to pre-order my digital copy with ALL the bonuses and have it pre-load so its ready to go when the hard copy goes on sale. Sony does it so when will Microsoft?

    1. Microsoft wanted everyone to go digital yet they haven’t made any strides towards giving digital gamer’s the same pre-ordering options.

      Actually, the original plan was to let you buy the game in retail stores but end up with a digital copy. The perk to that is you have different retailers competing on price, and you end up with both a physical installer to save bandwidth, and a digital license.

      Aside from that correction, I’m all with you. I haven’t bought a single disc for my X1 yet, and I have tried out the optical drive once just to make sure it worked.

      1. My bad 🙂 I haven’t purchased a disc either myself but did borrow a friends disc so I could check and see if my drive worked. Digital pre-ordering and pre-loading should be the standard by now with the way the Xbox One is set up. I personally never thought Sony would beat Microsoft in offering this feature first.

      2. I can handle waiting for the preloading. But what I don’t like is places like Gamestop getting special pre-order bonuses, while I can’t get any for buying the game on day one digitally.

  7. I didn’t see any exclusives that interested me, but they kept their word and brought the games. I play Halo, but it’s not a must have series of games. I’m hoping to hear later this week of some great new features coming.

  8. i wish they would do a gears of war collection, i never played any of the halos but i may give this a shot seems like a really good value

  9. None of the first party games have me interested except Halo 5. I’ll buy Halo TMCC, but it’s not mind blowing. I’m disappointed that Halo 1, 3, and 4 are not being remastered in the new engine like Halo 2 is (and Halo 2 is only being partially remastered as only 6 multiplayer maps are getting the make over). I can already play those games the way they are on my Xbox 360. Microsoft needs to reboot the classics that it owns and drop the dang launch parity policy. How many more games would we have if that stupid policy didn’t exist? Also No, No Man’s Sky or Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty?

      1. I’m not into racing games. Sunset Overdrive and Crackdown are too goofy for me. I have no idea what Phantom Dust is except for a CGI trailer. Ori looks good, but I don’t think it’s an exclusive.

  10. Watched Sonys E3 and I’ll be dang if they if they didn’t have a better presentation again. MS, are you trying to stay behind Sony? After the success of the 360, I was expecting this generation to come out like a roaring lion, but instead it’s more like a lamb. Sony has passed Nintendo as the largest console maker and you seem to be bent on going the other way. You brought the games this year, but Sony clearly has the wow factor. I’m disappointed at the level of creativity my beloved Xbox is at. You have been outclassed so far in the next-gen world. You took the title with the 360 and Sony clearly wanted it back more than you wanted to hang on to it.

    1. I agree that Sony are winning, but after watching the Sony presentation I still feel no desire to buy a PS4, they just haven’t put anything out there that I’m dying to have. Grim Fandango was the best item in my opinion – and that isn’t exactly new. (I inherited a PS3 – but only ever played Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls)

      1. I’m not going anywhere. It’s just disheartening to watch what I’m seeing. I’ll be watching all week hoping to see something that will change my mind about how this gen is going.

      2. Yes, but I still like to see my preferred platform do better than it currently is. The controller and interface is better than the PS IMO, which is only reason I don’t play PS. The UI and controller play a big part in my experience and MS has nailed it for the most part. Just give games that try to bring something new to the market or franchise. I watched my console take a beat down last year and was hoping this year would be different. Xbox did much better, but still seemed to be a step behind.

    2. You definitely must have been watching different shows than the rest of us, as the SONY show was pretty weak. What exclusives did they show or announce once you strip away the indies? What new features did they tout that “WOWWED” you? PS Now where you can rent games you probably already own? TV Shows?

      1. Sony is trying to do something new. I don’t see the virtual headset going any where, but they’re trying. MS is squandering the Kinect. Give me Brothers in Arms where I can say “Jacobs, I want a machine gun on the stone wall at 50 meters.” and the AI does it. Put the distance the player is from the structure on it to help with issuing the command. Or say “Roberts and Callihan, flank left through the house with the green roof and the AI is smart enough to know the route to take. Give me a game with a coop stealth mission that requires line-of-sight and hand signals from the players to make it through. The games shown yesterday showed me nothing new. The game play is nothing I haven’t seen before.

      2. Why are you requesting things of MS and Kinect that no one else is doing with their consoles. MS not doing it and you complain, Sony doesn’t even have the ability to do it and they get a pass.
        Nice avatar though, must be tough to keep it there.

      3. Because MS has the tech and Sony doesn’t. Not having the ability is one thing, but having it and not using it is wasteful. I’m not understanding your logic. Avatar?

      4. PS4 games not on Xbox One revealed at E3 2014: LittleBigPlanet 3, Entwined, Bloodborne, The Talos Principle, Let It Die, Rachet & Clank, Infamous sidestory, Kingdom Under Fire 2 and tons of indie games. No Man’s Land, Grim Fandango, and ABZU timed exclusive.

      5. It looks and feels like Sony is taking a page out of the xbox 360 marketing strategy. Take your time on the first party games while locking in exclusive DLC (content that will only be on the ps4)on 3rd party games along with better graphic fidelity makes it a good strategy…

    3. I would agree to an extent. MS still has a ways to go to prove it’s commitment to gamers. I do believe this conference was a good start.

    4. Yah, I must have watched another sony show because, as always, I was bored to tears except for the first and last 10 min. The entire middle of the show did nothing for me at all. They do have several good AAA games I’m looking forward to, but only announced one new one as the rest we already knew about. So really, they didn’t show anything terribly “new”.

      MS defiantly had the better show but even they didn’t have as many surprises as I was hoping for, but the few they did have were worth it. Phantom Dust was a great surprise as I loved the original one and can’t wait to see more about it.

      But whatever, this is all subjective to the person talking about it really so I hope everything got something out of the show to be excited about no matter what system it’s on.

  11. I guess this is where we agree to disagree.

    I watched 343 at E3 announce how they are once again going to live and make money on the back of Bungie’s work. The Mater Chief Collection only makes me look
    forward to, and want to purchase, the release of Destiny that much more.

    I had the original XBOX. I played HALO CE on it. I have bought and played ever Halo since then on all platforms, but I am tired of waiting on 343 to do something new.

    I honestly believe that most of the audience at E3 were just as disappointed as I am based on the smattering of applause heard in response to each new announcement made by 343. Certainly the level of applause was nowhere NEAR what the other companies received at E3 when they announced their NEW and PIONEERING work for the XBOX ONE.

    Sure I will buy it, for $60 why not? After all, I did pay $619 for the XBOX One with game, Kinect, and 2 controllers, it’s just money. Like a friend of mine once said, any science fiction is better than no science fiction. We put up with 343’s lousy handling of Halo 4, not to mention all the SEVERE growing pains of them building out their online server farm for H4 co-op. Let’s help finance their salaries for the next year as they have moved out the Halo 5 release date and gone after the easy work.

    So Halo Teammates, what is your opinion on 343 announcements to color within the lines of Bungie’s previous work?

      1. That’s rich, especially since the biggest complaint by many gamers is HOW Halo has changed since the first two games.

      2. It’s not changed to me. Adding perks or a few weapons is not enough for me to call change. I want be able to use my environment. Better hand to hand combat. If I’m going hand to hand with someone and another guy is laying dead next is having been shot with a needler, I want be able to grab a needle if it be chance didn’t explode and stab my enemy with it. If run out of ammo in my sniper I want be able to use like baseball bat. Halo has not changed as much as you’re letting on.

      3. The ability to sprint all the time and the added abilities have changed the entire dynamic of the game in my opinion. I’m actually looking forward to playing Halo 4 on dedicated servers. Didn’t think I would be too excited about that but I really liked the multiplayer in Halo 4.

    1. I like 343i and Halo 4’s multiplayer is my absolute favorite of the bunch. I’m looking forward to playing it on dedicated servers. I like bungie as well and I’m looking forward to Destiny but 343i actually got me excited about Halo again.

    2. 343 only exists for HALO games lol, they aren’t there for anything else. That is why MS created the studio, to take over after Bungie left. So of course you will get Halo from them…. Thought that was a pretty well known fact by now.

      They are bringing Halo out again to bring in NEW fans as not everyone played it on the original Xbox and or didn’t really check it out on the 360. Doing it like this will help get the game and story out there in it’s entirety moving forward into Halo 5.

      Plus I’m sure it’s there to help 343 gauge the MP interests so they can add / change / tweak what they are doing for H5. I’m pretty excited for everything they are doing game wise, as well as the side projects. I liked H4, it had a pretty solid story and the gameplay was well done. I didn’t get into the MP as much as I would have liked to only because I have gotten so used to the BF/COD control schemes over the years.

  12. i hate orbs. was it just me or was the first crackdown pretentious instead of actually being good? i kept playing waiting for it to get better but it was only fun with two player to me.

    1. It may just not be your type of game. I personally had a blast hunting down all the orbs & my wife enjoyed pointing them out when I was playing the story missions.

      Did you enjoy Saints Row 4? I thought that game was more like Crackdown than Crackdown 2.

  13. nothing exciting showed off, and the end was a lame montage instead of featuring something that would leave us wanting more. just felt really lackluster this year. Sidebar; Sony’s moving into the tv niche too lol

    1. 8 minutes of it was tv/movie/app talk, the rest was actually games related (PS Now, small sized Vita, Morpheus, and Free to Play). The rest of the show was wall to wall games trailers and reveals, 110-120 minutes total. You are clearly exaggerating and distorting the conference.

      1. But it derailed their conference. It started strong, then when Shawn took the stage it got really boring quickly and although it may have only been 8 minutes (I’ll take your word for it), it seemed MUCH longer. Jack Tretton he is not.

      2. sony’s conference was pretty boring as it always is imo. But they had some pretty solid looking AAA games. They had a solid first and last 10min of the show, everything in-between was of no interest to me.

  14. I thought the press conference was incredibly solid and much better presented and more focused than Sony’s. Will be buying all the exclusives shown. Now if only the X1 had the guts of the PS4 in it, everything would be peachy since all of last year’s missteps have been erased. Too bad bad some like the actual internals can’t be erased.

      1. 8 minutes of it was tv/movie/app talk, the rest was actually games related (PS Now, small sized Vita, Morpheus, and Free to Play). The rest of the show was wall to wall games trailers and reveals, 110-120 minutes total. You are clearly exaggerating and distorting the conference.

        PS4 games not on Xbox One revealed at E3 2014: LittleBigPlanet 3, Entwined, Bloodborne, The Talos Principle, Let It Die, Rachet & Clank, Infamous sidestory, Kingdom Under Fire 2 and tons of indie games. No Man’s Land, Grim Fandango, and ABZU timed exclusive.

        For the rest of 2014 PS4 has the best visuals on every AAA multiplatform game, Entwined, TLOU Remake, Driveclub, LittleBigPlanet 3, Infamous sidestory, and other indie games.

      2. If I was clearly exaggerating I would have said something like 30 minutes of talking. I said 10 minutes, you clearly counted and said they only spoke for 8 minutes. If you think a 2 minute difference is exaggerating then you must live a very boring down to the tie life.

      3. So because I didn’t put all the information I was over exaggerating?

        Edit: Just to put all the information out so I’m not omitting my entire post, I had to edit my post due to a typo.

      4. He’s one of those N4G losers that spams every article with BS. Watch out, he’s a desperate pauper and loser at real life that does this 24/7.

  15. I think it was a solid conference, maybe not the worlds best but I was encouraged to see Microsoft focusing on games! Hopefully this isn’t just lip service and they’ve learned their lesson.

    There were a number of games shown that I’m very much looking forward to. I think this is the fist time in a while that I haven’t hated owning my Xbox One.

      1. I understand that, but just look at the changes that have been made since he took over, a lot has happened in a short time already.

      2. The amount of changes and additions in the updates alone show this as well. Can’t wait for them to put up the digital preordering on XBO, just did it for Destiny on ps4 (only because all of my buddies play on that platform and can only afford one system for the foreseeable future).

        A lot of good things coming to the XBO though, I’m excited.

  16. I actually think Sunset Overdrive looks fun. I do play a lot of military shooters and ultra serious games. I think I’m due for a change up.

  17. Microsoft really played safe, but was a really awesome presentation. I’d say if E3 is a competition, Microsoft Won. I have some notes about this conf, I’ll say what I didn’t like first:
    – I think that MS lost too much time on 3rd party games. They have a LOT of exclusives, but they need to focus more on that. They gave more time to AC or CoD than for they own games. I’d love if they put Capy on the stage and made Below looks like a big exclusive.
    – I’d love to see a new Halo 5 trailer like the Uncharted 4 trailer, the “one more thing” of the show.

    What I really like:
    – Games, games and games!
    – Sunset Overdrive is RAD!! I really loved what I saw. Finally MS is investing on new IPs and good ones.
    – How 2014 lineup is strong. It really is. We have One big game per month from September to November.
    – Masterchief Collection!!! 4 games, 100+ maps and 1080p/60fps for $60? That’s the first HD collection that really worth every dollar.
    – Finally Microsoft have a strong exclusive lineup. Not just for 2014, but for 2015. In 2015 we’ll have Quantum Break, Fable, Halo 5, and maybe Forza 6. That’s a CRAZY lineup.
    – Exclusive Beta for EVOLVE <3
    – Have I said 'Games, games and Games'?

    1. You have to realize they have a lot of games in the pipeline and there is a very specific formula on how they release / reveal games. I’m positive they have many new First Party games in development, but this E3 is way to early to announce them as they are way to far off.

      Hopefully there will be several Rare games mentioned next year because they will be a good ways into their development by then (and obviously many other studios games). But good post, I agree, 2014/15 have a lot of solid games on XBO and ps4. Good time to be a gamer… though not a good time to be my wallet 🙁

  18. I can’t believe that nobody is talking about Ori out there….that trailer was STUNNING, the music, the visuals, it was powerful. Microsoft really did great in my opinion, it was a strong showing all around. Ori just got bumped up to the top of my list next to Halo 5 (and the chief collection), Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, and Alien Isolation.

  19. I would like to apologize to everyone for my outbursts. The games were great this year, which is what was promised. I’m just afraid the Kinect will continue to be used as a gimmick, if at all. I just feel if MS own studios aren’t being innovative in the use of the Kinect then how can they expect other studios to be? As for the gameplay, I guess I was looking for too much too soon. The eye candy is awesome though.

  20. I’ve been pretty critical of MS since the reveal of Xbox One. It was really clear that as a company they were just completely out of touch with their fan base and had become very insular and arrogant. However, this presentation was a step in the right direction. Not the best E3 showing I’ve ever seen but there were a number of titles to be hope full about. They kept it about the games and when they do that they’re speaking my language!

    Of course this won’t make up for the fact that the Xbox One is simply not as powerful as the PS4 but hopefully dropping the Kinect requirement will free up some horse power and get it at least close enough that it won’t make too much of a difference.

    What MS has to do going forward is get out there and grind.. Bring us all the awesome games they can, all the exclusives they can!!!

    Don’t tell us SHOW US!!!!!

    1. It’s never really been that far “behind”, look at all of sonys big exclusives, none of them are running 60fps lol. Not that I’m one that cares about the 1080/60fps BS as I’m in it to play fun games period.

      Phil was the turn around MS needed and it sucks that he wasn’t the front man from the get go. But with that said, even the good guys have to take orders from someone above them, just how it goes. But I’m glad the overlords are letting Phil do his thing as it’s really turning things around for them.

      I enjoy my XBO and ps4, so I’m going to be crazy broke come the end of this year.. good god, the amount of AAA games coming in Oct alone…

      1. I like the all-in-one concept, but you can’t neglect what has bank rolled you so far. I just hope they don’t give up on Kinect. It has a lot of potential. A game using just Kinect doesn’t interest me, but using it with the controller, like Skyrim did, is fun.

  21. I don’t want to engage in hero worshipping or labeling of messianic titles to anyone, but Phil Spencer is one of the best things that has happened to Xbox. Listening to this guy, in interview after interview, and looking at his pedigree with Xbox, he is definitely the right guy, at the right time…hindsight is 20/20, so I won’t speak ill of the dead, but after the leadership of Xbox of last E3, Phil was sooo much the right guy. He has stopped the hemorrhaging, applied first aid, taken Xbox to surgery is the patient is on
    the way to FULL recovery. I love the entertainment value added of the Xbox, but it is a GAME CONSOLE, and if you don’t do that 100% correct…you lose…period, and Phil completely gets it. Also, I dearly love Kinect, as it has provided tons of fun for my family, but Microsoft did an absolutely piss poor job of making sure they justified the value added. We are looking at a year after launch, before we get a killer app for Kinect…epic fail! Look forward, in my most humble of opinions, Phil needs to get on his horse, and ride out to the towns and villages to drum up 2nd parties to Microsoft. The iterative step in gaming is when I look at the movie industry…Microsoft can lock in developers, much as Marvel made a splash, years ago…get first right of refusal to games…it allows the developers more freedom and control, but also more guarantees to Microsoft for Xbox games. Anyway…here’s to a bright future for Xbox, with Phil in charge!

    1. Kinect is extremely fun. I want a game where I can direct my squad using voice commands or have a squad under my command radio in for instructions and me respond audibly. Maybe a stealth coop mission using line-of-sight and hand signals from the player. Even giving funny interactions with the characters, using the camera of course, that have no bearing on the story. If X1 isn’t as powerful as the PS4 or even if it is, I honestly couldn’t tell you either way, but the Kinect can easily give value to the X1 that Sony could never compete with. To me, it has to be done with controller in mind.

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