Major League Gaming App Now Available for Xbox One

Just in time for the MLG Championship, Major League Gaming released the MLG app for Xbox One today.

Xbox Live members can now watch all of’s competitive gaming content on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. In addition to the MLG Championship starting tomorrow, MLG programming includes the MLG news show eSports Report, plus the world’s best players, teams and leagues and premier competitions. Check out the programming schedule for more information.

The MLG App is also available for Xbox 360. For more on the MLG App for Xbox One, as well as highlights of upcoming content, head over to Xbox Wire.

75 thoughts on “Major League Gaming App Now Available for Xbox One

    1. I agree. it’s a bunch of soulless goons that never leave the house. I can’t imagine wasting 8-10 hours a day, or more, playing the same game over and over.

  1. I came here expecting a joyous response but have been very pleasantly surprised by the responses below. There’s a reason geeks played video games instead of engaging in team sports. Now it’s like we’re being overrun by aliens! Note to aliens: Go outside and leave us alone.

  2. agreed twitch is less formal and more importantly more interesting to watch. MLG has the most uninteresting players and commentators. The players all look and behave like shut-ins who never come out. Its dull to watch the gameplay and commentary. Between the players who mumble and behave like teenagers when interviewed and the commentators who have no presentation skills. Neither have onscreen personality.

    1. What are you talking about? You do realise that MLG / Game Battles is a free to play service that you don’t have to participate in? Not all maps are well balanced for the competitive scene!

      1. Gamebattles when Chip owned it did not turn off any maps or weapons. When Major League Cheaters took over the site they banned maps and weapons. Learn all the maps and weapons. Don’t cry you can only use noob weapons with a modded controller.

    1. According to the app announcement a couple of weeks ago, the MLG app is US, UK, CA, AU.

      So it might not be available in your country, but it’s not US only.

  3. MLG has no personality whatsoever. It dry and unentertaining to watch because its like watching robots. From the players themeselves to the way they play.

    1. dude thats what everyone was thinking when they saw that image. Also the presenter looks kinda scruffy himself.

      Can mlg enforce an appearance clause or something? Seriously a hoodie on while conducting an interview? He’s representing them and looks like he rolled out of bed.

    1. If I did my math right, they can’t even come close.

      capcom’s stock is worth over $17 per share, and they have 100BILLION shares outstanding. this means to buy 50% MS would have to spend about 850 BILLION dollars

      so at least a hostile takeover couldn’t happen. and I doubt capcom would willingly be eaten up by MS because japan.

      1. Capcom, the $1,700,000,000,000 company. It must have been the 19th re-release of Street Fighter IV that finally got them over the $1.5 trillion mark.


        Son, there is something wrong with your calculations. And your sensibility.

        I mean who on earth thinks Capcom is worth more than MS and Apple combined?

      3. WTF are you talking about? Man your idiotic statements take the cake more and more Curtis. PSLS indoctrination effect?
        Capcom (CCOEF) are around $13 at the moment and they have 56 million outstanding shares. Their market cap is only $966 million. They’re not even worth $1 Billion.

    2. As much as I’d love it if MS bought Capcom and revive the old IP, the truth is MS don’t care about old IP outside making appearances in DLC and in project Spark. That said I’m surprised they revived Phantom Dust.

  4. MLG was good when it didn’t hit mainstream back in the early 00’s, and them picking up call of duty as a competitive game LOL….now its just a joke untill rainbow six and halo come out.

  5. Major Nelson…please look into something. For the last several days, the “real name sharing” feature has not been working correctly. Even though I have my settings to “block” my real name from being shown next to my gamertag, it’s showing it anyways. Customer Support even had me go through the set up process, and then choosing, “turn off name sharing” to see if that would fix it….it did not.

    This is MAJOR safety/security issue…having you real name suddenly appearing next to your gamertag even though you have the setting blocked.

    Even if it’s not a widespread issue…if even ONE person is having their real name suddenly show up next to their gamertag, even though it should be “blocked”…that feature should be removed from Xbox LIVE immediately.

    Customer support has had me “band-aid” the issue by having my change what my display name says, rather than my real name…so at least I was able to change my display name so that my real name wasn’t being shown.

    This is really bad, though. It really is a MAJOR security/safety issue.

    How many people right now are having their real names shown next to their gamertags and they don’t even realize it yet.

    That feature needs to be removed immediately until ALL the bugs are worked out of it.

    1. Just because you see it on your side doesn’t mean that others see it when they see you. Unless you are saying you’ve logged in on another system on another account and there you saw your ‘real name’ I think you have said a lot to do without nothing. And if that is the fact you never stated that in your 200 word essay.

      1. Don’t believe me? Check yourself. Either friend or follow me…then go to your list of people you’ve friend’d or follow’d…NOT my profile page…and you will see my issue. You will see it saying, “Kinectamaniac Kinect amaniac”….but that second Kinectamaniac shouldn’t even be appearing because I have real name sharing turned off.

      2. I believe you HOWEVER you didn’t make it clear that this was happening that way even after I read your complete manifesto. THAT was my point.

      3. implying major nelson doesn’t have other things to do then deal with your tech problems. Call tech support and report it to them then posting a lengthy message here. Seriously not the place to be ranting/whining? about it. He’s just a spokesperson and I’m pretty sure between his job and family and this being the weekend etc etc. he has better things to deal with.

      4. Major Nelson is an awesome dude. I’m sure he rolled his eyes at my post, but…I know he’d be glad to help someone having a serious issue with the Xbox One.

      5. true. Still you are acting a bit ridiculous and ranting about it in a huge post isn’t very sympathetic regardless. The huge post coupled with the fact that its just your real name ( what are you in witness protection?) you seem to be whining like its some huge security flaw and omg stop the presses and address it immediately attitude.

    2. OMG real name showing up! its an outrage! Being way over melodramatic. Why are you acting like its the biggest security risk in the history of the world. Lengthy essay in a blog comment section by a company spokesperson which is pointless.

    1. Do you unplug it? Coming out of stand by is faster than my ps4 with a hybrid sshd in it lol. Not by much so it’s not really worth talking about, but it’s not slow at all. I do wish we could swap out the internal HD though.

      I moved all of my games to my external Buffalo 3tb super usb3.0 and it loads games up much faster.

  6. I’m sorry.. but I have to express my worthless opinion regarding this.

    It’s a fantastic thing that people get to earn money using video games, but this competitive MLG-crap is making gaming really boring. If I join a team and have the motivation to kick back and relax, I always get some kid screaming at me for using a certain weapon or something. The competitive stuff is a cancer to gaming and to see Xbox embrace it all this way really shatters my heart! I just want to have fun, not get stressed!

    1. Pretty much how I see professional sports lol. After the NBA strike in 94/95 I walked away (though I watch some baseball here n there). But do what I do, just ignore it and mute people and play how you want to 😀

    2. Yeah, that’s my big problem with the competitive gaming stuff. If you want to do that, fine, go for it, but when I, someone who doesn’t care at all about that stuff, start getting yelled at over using certain guns/rule sets/etc, it really ruins the experience.

      It’s honestly part of why I don’t really play much online multiplayer anymore, or if I do, I don’t plug in a headset.

      1. Very true. I used to really love playing online multiplayer, even with random people, but so many things have ruined the experience now.

        I miss the Xbox Live experience from the original Xbox.

    1. A truck load of game is on sale.
      Anarchy reigns, Alpha protocol, Lego games, vanquish, sonic, virtua fighter, viking, hell yea, condemned, mickey mouse, virtual tennis, The cave.
      Basicly it’s a SEGA sale.

    2. I would tend to think that maybe this would be the coming Ultimate Game Sale of this season, would not be it? (nb. sorry for the off-subject)

      1. If this is the “ultimate” sale it’s pretty disappointing. A bunch of decade old games set at $5.

        Though at $5 no one should pass on Alpha Protocol.

      2. For now it is just a probable guess. Since many of them are Lego, Sega and Microsoft games, and offered to all, and that it corresponds to the right time of the year… But be reassured, if this is so, games offered will change each day. Let’s wait a day to see if this is it, but it seems…

  7. Ladies and gentelman! Ryse: son of rome IS on sale on xbox market place for a whopping 18% OFF!! WOW Microsoft!! Deals with gold or rip offs with gold lol?

    I can’t believe my eyes! I don’t know if this a joke or what…

    1. Wow, I figured we would see that game go on sale for at least 50% off by now, seeing how it sold so badly and Crytek being close to bankrupting.

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