A Deeper Look at Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad

At E3 2014, Insomniac Games unveiled Sunset Overdrive’s multiplayer Chaos Squad – and even welcomed the public to go hands on with its 8-player co-op action. Today, everyone can take a deeper look at Chaos Squad in this new video, which provides more details on the experience, including how to jump into a multiplayer match from a solo session:

For more on Chaos Squad, including how rewards for your character you can take back to campaign, step over to Xbox Wire.

11 thoughts on “A Deeper Look at Sunset Overdrive’s Chaos Squad

  1. inb4 negativism guy strike back: can you even die in that game? You’re a walking arsenal grinding on rail 2 meters high fighting slow zombie that can’t jump.

    1. Still not done and who cares, as long as it’s fun. I feel bad for people like you (almost) that needs every game to run at a certain spec or you write it off. I’m guessing you don’t play many games then?

      1. ikr? people these days can’t just enjoy games they have to either want achievements or high fps lol they should go back to n64 and play those games and see how lucky we are that games have evolved SO much from the past ^^ even though some of the classics are still top notch today.

  2. I was under the impression this game had CAMPAIGN COOP. Is this not true? Is it simply a mission select multi-player experience built around a single player world? I was looking forward to exploring the city start to finish with a COOP partner, hanging out on rooftops between missions and 100%’ing all the objectives with the help of others. =/

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