July Xbox One Update Coming Soon: Snap Achievements, Double-Tap to Snap and More

July is upon us and that means we’ll begin rolling out the next system update for Xbox One around the world in the coming days. Last month, we announced the new features coming in this update and since then, the team has been working hard to bring you a new and enhanced Snap mode for achievements, double-tap to Snap, and more voice control choices in select regions.

We’re continuing to gather your suggestions and recommendations on our dedicated channel called Xbox Feedback, so keep it coming. Thank you for taking the time to help us make Xbox the best place to play.


  • Mc Knights

    I have the update, but I can not like Upload-Videos -.- Why it’s in the “patch-notes” if it’s not in the update?!


  • ICDC College Graduate

    Snapping achievements is completely useless. They should do an update changing the Xbox One’s Store, Allow themes, Allow Pre-ordering. Look at the PS4, the Store looks way better, and you could already pre-order games.


  • Philip Lane

    Pretty sure this new system update has completely glitched out one of my achievements. Playing the CoD: Ghosts campaign at the time and the achievement “Federation Day” for simply completing Mission 7 of the game will NOT unlock. Ive done the mission 8 times, every other achievement unlocked in campaign (and the base 1000G) but not this one, Ive power cycled, unplugged the mains, even started a new game over but nothing.

    Thing is, when I did Mission 7 and it didnt unlock, after a few retries I came of my system for a short while and the achievements showed up the old way, when I came back on the new system update had taken effect and now snapped the achievements. Thinking the new system update is the cause and its really annoying and whats more annoying is I cant get any help from any support.


  • Arcona

    We have standby mode where things can be downloaded for us so we don’t have to wait. yet when there’s an update, you bring it out of standby to be told an update is available and you need to download it…. well fookin download it in standby mode then! so we only need to install it when we turn on. Not wait for it to be downloaded…


  • NoWiresNeeded

    are the Skype and Xbox teams FINALY going to add Xbox friends list to Skype contact
    list and use Skype for all Xbox live Messages, voice, game beacons, etc. There are so many people in the US that use
    iPhones with their communication “go to” programs being iMessage and
    Facetime, Skype is platform agnostic and runs on IOS, Android making Skype
    central to Xbox gaming could pull market share back to Skype and indirectly all
    Microsoft properties.


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