Killer Instinct at Evo This Weekend

This weekend, fighting game enthusiasts from around the world descend will on Las Vegas for The Evolution Championship Series. Evo is the largest fighting game tournament in the world, and Killer Instinct will play a big part again this year.

TJ Combo KIller Instinct

Killer Instinct is the only current gen fighter in competition. Here’s when its in action:

  • Tournament pools start at 10am Pacific Saturday 7/12
  • Semifinals begin at 6pm Pacific Saturday 7/12
  • Finals begin at 11am Pacific Sunday 7/13

For those of you at the show, we’ll have the latest build of Killer Instinct with TJ Combo available to play at the Mad Catz booth.

We’re also presenting a Killer Instinct Season 2 Developer Panel at 10am Saturday 7/12, where we’ll be presenting the season 2 philosophy, hearing from Iron Galaxy and Microsoft, and of course, answering questions from attendees. It turns out the panel was Friday.

For those who can’t make it to Vegas, we encourage you to watch from wherever you may be via the Twitch-hosted broadcast.

  • Click here to watch the initial pools and semifinals Saturday
  • Click here to watch the Finals on Sunday


  • Bennijin

    To be fair it is also the only current-gen fighter.

    I’m a fan of KI3, hoping we get a Cinder reveal later today.


  • Todd Bell

    When will Season 2 be released is what I want to know


  • ZMikeZ

    Hope you guys post the Cinder reveal after it happens!


  • Bush

    the first KI is still one of my favourite fighting games. was playing the new one waiting for the danger warning for the death moves screen. have they removed them?

    also if i buy the season pass for the new one, do you get the original arcade version of KI? or is it a remake.


    • Adrian Cajili

      If you get the Ultimate edition, you get the Arcade version, and a few builds of it + some other features


      • Bush

        thanks for the answer man. will be buying it for the original alone.


  • Snake eyes 211

    Is there anyway to watch the Killer Instinct Season 2 Developer Panel?_?


  • Praytoseedeath

    Anyone have experience with the 500 hard drive just found online didn’t know they went that high for slim..:


  • LeTHaL MiGRaiNe

    nothing more boring then button mashers. well, other then mobas and mmos.


  • Death Dealer

    I hope you release a port of KI2 Arcade with season 2.


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