Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale Final Update

The Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale concludes with these Day 7 deals; save 50-80% on the following titles through tomorrow, July 14th onlyClick the links below to see local pricing and add items to your Xbox 360 download queue:


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Bioshock Infinite Games on Demand 67%
Modern Warfare 3 Games on Demand 60%
NASCAR 14 Games on Demand 58%
Peggle 2 Arcade 50%
Painkiller Hell & Damnation Games on Demand 80%
Split/Second Games on Demand 75%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.

Don’t forget – a large number of titles are on sale through tomorrow as well. Click here for that list.

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820 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale Final Update

      1. Well I believe first someone was saying ms was incompetent for always having problems changing prices… Then Some Person was saying it was because of regions and it’s not really their fault… The OP said something about customer support only being indians and I’m pretty sure it went downhill from there… but I just skimmed over it so I don’t know too much.

      2. Yeah plus he seems stubborn… but he was attacking the guy who was being racist so idk if that’s why… it might be because he just argues with everyone? or maybe he deleted his own stuff idk… I’m just guessing

      3. imma gonan say no i say he posts he was mostly helpful cept for wit like two peolpe who gave him a hard time i just said i were done with xbox cuz of racists and i mean it there aint no excuse for dis

  1. I agree and I think a good way to win them back and also help encourage developers would be good digital sales or just making most of their catalog closer to the going rates at retail stores… They had GwG before spencer and I think (recently) they haven’t been too appealing (for me at least). As someone who as a 360 the sales and overall decisions of the company don’t make me want to drop a couple hundred on a new console… (Honestly I’m more interested in enjoying some 360 or original xbox games I’ve missed… and if they had more titles or better prices I think I would buy a ton of their digital games… but it’s either all the same titles or it’s more than I would like to pay)

  2. Bioshock Infinite £6.59: Nice price, season pass on sale next yeah?

    Modern Warfare 3 £19.99: Haha are you joking? You can get Ghosts for less than that.

    NASCAR 14: Unavailable in the UK. And nothing of value was lost?

    Peggle 2 £4.99: Kinda funny how this came out on December 9th on XB1 and May 7th on 360 yet the 360 version is already cheaper than the XB1 version was (£5.19) when it was on sale.
    Still, it would be less if it wasn’t for that UK price gouging Microsoft like to partake in now. Anyway, get it if you like it but all these Peggle games seem identical to me.

  3. Xbox isn’t a bad brand. Xbox has the potential to hit Sony hard, but with lackluster efforts how will Microsoft ever get the profit they want? Xbox 360 did good for the 7th generation, xbox sold more software games than playstation. However what ruined the xbox is the red ring problem, so many malfunctions which cost billions(or millions).

    Xbox also needs to have variety like Nintendo which Sony also tries to do with their games, but actually test them out constantly(which nintendo does) to make sure the consumer likes them. Sony may have a variety of games but the gameplay isn’t always there and this why Nintendo excels since the gameplay is guaranteed to be fun.Many people may dislike Nintendo using the same series of character but Nintendo changes up the formula. Changing the formula makes the game better with each new release and Nintendo makes sure that each game is polish. Current day publishers and devs seem to lack in today’s time and try to update to fix the problem which isn’t always guaranteed(skyrim)

    1. I thought they handled the red ring stuff well… they extended the warranty so you could get a new one… I think what ruined xbox is that they stopped innovating and became content with the status quo and now they’re behind and trying to catch up… The changes from xbox to 360 were revolutionary and the changes from 360 to xbone was voice commands and windows 8…

      1. I agree that the changes from both Xbox 360 and Ps3 successor’s are minimal, that’s true. Xbox wasted money by changing in system and the systems that they gave you weren’t guaranteed to work, some people had to keep on replacing them. The only model that was reliable was the new slim for the Xbox 360.

        For the games argument I think Xbox is looking more innovative than ps4 as of right now, they should keep on going foward.

      2. Well I don’t think it hurt them too bad cause they sold tons of 360’s and the slim should’ve been what they released… but I’m not impressed by “next gen”. Graphics aren’t a big draw for me… I thought late release games looked great. AC 4, Bioshock infinite, Gta 5 look amazing on the 360… I’d rather have good game play than gimmicks like kinect or snapping apps

    2. The thing is Sony made screwup after screwup with the PS3 in the early days, something people are so quick to forget. Why? Because when they were on the back foot (and especially after that hacking incident) they worked hard to do better by their customers and now look. You’d think the sun shines out of their backside.

      Microsoft’s in a similar position now to how Sony were then, but have been a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to doing anything about it.
      They can’t have that “I’m #1 So Why Try Harder?” mentality now because after losing focus for a few years they’re not #1 anymore and so need to try harder.
      Still, they’re in a good position with Phil Spencer in charge now

      1. Yea, the arcades games are great.
        But even if was always about money, they tried to make money by making quality stuff, even if it meant losing money at first.

    1. i were gonna buy an one when i went back to school in the fall but i deal with enuff racism on black ops 2 without seein that ms bans people for tryin to stop it they just lost a sale for sure

  4. Do you guys think they will reveal next week’s sale? If there is anything good on that sale I might save some of my Xbox Live credit for it.

      1. God. You’re still better off buying the season pass.. They could have just made the season pass 5-10$ off and exclude the individual price cuts… you still have to pay 20$ for both… :/

  5. Well since discussing this with support for 3 hours only got me
    crappy copy/paste replies like “the current price is the correct one”
    and right after that “It’s not available in my region.” I’ll just leave
    it here. Maybe someone will actually read it.

    Split/Second is still full price here in the Netherlands (€14,99). I checked the other Euro countires that were available. In Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Spain it’s €3,74. In Italy €4,99.

  6. Bioshock 1 and 2 are on sale for $4.99, but Australia has it for $12, well I know I wont be buying it. Also Bioshock Infinite DLC on sale but not season pass, fail.

    1. I really liked Split/Second. It’s a different take on a racing game, and I thought the controls handled really well. A good game from Disney!

      Also, I’m a Peggle fan, so I bought that one today.

    2. Two very different games.
      I have only played them for a few minutes yet, but for what I can tell you:
      Split/Second is a dynamic racing game witch charged visuals, in which racing is joint to explosive events on the road. In the lign of Burnout or Ridge Racer Unbounded.
      Peggle 2 is a friendly puzzle game for the family, colorful and simple to play. In the lign of Bejeweled 3, or Tetris.
      So for the graphic spectacle and high production value, and of course, if it is for someone who like racing or do not own something similar, I would suggest Split/Second first. Knowing that after the sale, it will come back to 20 $, while Peggle 2 will be downloadable for 12 $ if it still appeals to you.
      Obviously, you could have your reasons to prefer Peggle – for example, if it is for a family or more casual players that like puzzles. It is very simple,following the genre, and challenging. Sometimes, we have more pleasure from simplicity.
      Personnaly, I will probably acquire Split/Second.

  7. wait a sec.. are you telling me that burial at sea episodes 1&2 cost 20$ while on sale which is the same amount as the season pass (also 20$) which is not on sale? So I gain exactly 0.0$ from this deal!!

      1. Burial at sea episodes 1-2 are currently on sale at 10 dollars each.. unless you mean something else.. P.S. I am talking about deals with gold which started today..

      1. yeah it was between last year ending or beginning of this year. i remember not buying it because i thought the episode 2 would not be included

    1. buy the directors cut version from Amazon for almost the same amount instead. it comes with all story dlcs, augmentations, visual enhancements, boss level reworked and companion app.

  8. Considering you can buy MW3 with DLC 1 for under $20 on amazon and get it on ebay for under $10…what exactly is the point of keeping it at $50 digital? This is the one thing that bothers me about the marketplace. It’s one thing to be a little more or about the same as a physical copy, but that’s way overpriced.

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