What to Expect with the Next Xbox One Update

You have made Xbox what it is today and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support and valuable feedback. Our focus continues to be on you and what you want in the product. Last month, we launched Xbox Feedback, a dedicated channel for all your thoughts and recommendations. We will begin implementing some of the features you requested by rolling out the next Xbox One system update for folks who get early access. We’re looking forward to hearing feedback on features before we roll them out to all Xbox One consoles next month and beyond.

In the next update, we’ll improve a number of social features to make sharing your gaming experiences with friends better and easier. Here’s a shortlist of features rolling out next week to those with early access to the Xbox One system update:

  • Activity feed updates: We’re adding new ways for you to interact with friends in the activity feed.  The interface will change to a single column scrolling list that is longer and includes more content. We’ll add the ability to post text to your feed, and to “like” and comment on feed items. You can share game clips and anything else in the feed with friends either publically (to your activity feed) or privately (as an attachment to a message). You’ll also be notified when anyone likes, comments on or shares your items. Each user will get a personal feed on their profile, so you can see what specific friends have been up to. And, with SmartGlass, you can see what your friends have shared to their activity feed and “like” specific posts (additional activity feed support coming in future SmartGlass updates).
  • Expanded Friends area on Home: Right from Home, see what’s going on with your friends. Stay up-to-date with their current activity, the top trending games your friends are playing, and a leaderboard to see who has been working the hardest on their Gamerscore. We’re doing an extended preview on this, rolling it into the early access preview this month to a subset of our preview audience so we can refine it until it’s ready for the entire Xbox One market.
  • Mobile purchase: One of the most requested features on Xbox Feedback. Using Xbox SmartGlass or on Xbox.com, you can remotely purchase games and Add-on content. No more waiting to begin downloading when you get home – if your console is set to automatically take updates, your console will begin downloading your purchase.
  • Low battery notification: You asked for it, now a notification will pop up when your controller battery is getting low.
  • Disable notifications during video: Adding the ability to turn off notifications based feedback we heard from you.
  • Enabling 3D Blu-ray: An update to the Blu-ray player app will enable 3D Blu-ray functionality on Xbox One.
  • OneGuide in Brazil, Mexico, Austria and Ireland: Live TV listings can be configured for four new countries as part of this month’s Preview program. And now there is an OneGuide Issue Reporter available under the TV & OneGuide settings, Troubleshooting section.
  • Last seen time in Friends list: Direct from Xbox Feedback, the friends list will now show how long it’s been since a friend has been online. For example, “Last seen 20m ago: Forza Motorsport 5.”

In addition to these features, we are still always doing other work on the backend you may not notice including getting ready to ship in 29 new markets starting this September.

Thank you for your incredible support. You’ve helped us make Xbox One a great place to play games and we’re looking forward to the road ahead as we get ready to launch the most critically acclaimed games this holiday.


871 thoughts on “What to Expect with the Next Xbox One Update

  1. Great!!! Now how about away to delete game information from a previous downloaded demo that still shows in the my game portion of the dashboard, this drives me nuts, the games been deleted but it still shows it in the dashboard of my games.

  2. I was really hopeful this would be the update to include the option to auto-boot to TV so I could attempt to re-introduce the console to the family.
    Maybe in September?

      1. Thanks guys. The website is xbox dot uservoice dot com. If you haven’t been there check it out. It allows you to vote on features that you want to see first.

    1. You have to post links like this

      feedback dot xbox dot com

      Then we know what you mean. As Please Clarify stated you can’t post direct links.

  3. Actually I would love to get into the Beta program as well. I have a Mitsubishi 3d TV and while I have used the PS3 to play my 3d Movies I noticed the issue when my Xbox one was on, the kinect would interfere with my active glasses transmitter. I wonder how MS is overcoming this issue. Would be interesting if MS made the Kinect do the transmission. Other wise the device would have to stop sending signals while the movie is playing. Any who, if someone has an available invite for the beta…. 🙂
    Ahh yes gamertag is: Ochimo

  4. Let’s do it again. If you would like an invite to the preview beta just respond with your GT and I’ll invite you. Please note that it takes 2-3 days to process. I hope everyone gets in that invite.

    1. My gamer tag is HackingSpartan8 Please add me, I’ll be very grateful. I really would love to test out the 3D functionality and the new friends area. Thanks

      1. I was able to add you via the app. Don’t know what was going on. Anyway, I’ll send you an invite when I get back home.

  5. Please, the only major update that i am still missing is pre-ordering and pre-downloading games digitally! Make it happen! Thank you. Keep up the awesome work.

    1. This is not what people on the fence are waiting for. These are pointless updates that will not make people go from 360 to Xbone instead of PC or PS4. Xbox One need to think listen to their 360 users. There are plenty of them not going over to Xbox One. They are waiting for the magical words “backwards compatibility” or they will go over to something else. At least that is what I get from 60 of my 64 friends on 360 that dont own a Xbox one.

      1. Don’t get me wrong having backwards compatibility would be cool but I’m getting a Xbox One for Xbox One games not to play my xbox 360 games on it. That’s why I didn’t give up my 360 like all the other dummies did to get a xbox one. If I want to play a xbox 360 game then I will hop on my xbox 360 and if I want to play a xbox one game then I will be on my xbox one. It don’t make sense to buy a next gen console just so you can play your last gen games on it.

      2. Not just cool, but essential to game collectors who have more than a few games from the old console. Again, I have 64 friends on Xbox360 and only 4 have bought a xbox one. That is a very low % of the 360 players (if my list is representative). The ones on that friends list I do talk to (some of them I dont even remember where I met) all seem to agree that the main reason they are not buying Xbone is that it is not backwards compatible.

        I havent gotten rid of my 360, nor did I get rid of the game cube when buying the wii (that was backwards compatible with game cube). Most of my xbox 360 friends also agree that Xbone is not backwards compatible not because its hard to convert “36x too whatever xbone is” but because Xbone wants to sell us our games again on xbone. Just like Sony does on Playstation Now.

        I am wondering if I should buy a new 360 console instead of Xbone because I want to make sure that I can play all my 360 games should my old 360 die (It has many 100 hours of use).

      3. Go for it. Still money in microsoft’s pocket. Study show BC is barely used. Its why Sony and MS are both not doing it…and no PSN Now or whatever its called is not true BC. You’re still repaying for games you own.

      4. yeah we kind of already know that.

        but its the next best thing.

        plus old games are cheaper so unless you cant afford them i do not see a problem

        so what if you already own the game. if you like a game enough you should be willing pay what little the cost is to play it again

      5. No! I do not want to buy the same game twice on the same console family. That would be having to buy new DVDs for a new player. Its bad economy to buy same thing twice. If they want that they better have some great add-ons.

        I have only bought one game twice. Resident Evil 4. I had it on Game Cube and I bought it again on Xbox. The reason was that it was to completely different console families and that the new edition had content that the Game Cube version didnt (new story and achivments).

        Its sleezy off Xbone to force people to buy the same game twice for reasons that I (and many others) do not believe. If there is “power in the cloud” and Xbone is really Next Gen it should be powerful enough to read digital games on a DVD disc.

      6. No, its not the next best thing. That is a con. If we have to buy the same game twice or trice or whatever because of reasons that isnt reasonable then that is a con and we should be angry (and many are angry to the point of not buying xbone).

      7. Yes, but it shows that it is possible to play old games on new consoles. It’s not like Xbox360 is analog and Xbone is digital. No, it’s just codes and desifering codes. And PS Now shows that as long as they can sell the old games anew then code is no problem. It also shows that there is a marked (therefor a want) to play games that isnt just NEXT Gen. And I for one do NOT want to be forced to buy the same games again on the same console family.

  6. How about some backwards compatibility that 60 of my 64 friends on Xbox360 is waiting for? I mean, just for fun, now that Xbox One just lost its best exclusive (Dead Rising 3) to PC it would be fun if you did something that we want. Also did you know that I can not see what the 4 friends who were dumb enough to buy the xbox one do? All I see is Xbox One when they are on. Then they return to Xbox 360 later to have some fun.

    Why do you guys at Microsoft love to fail so much? I am a Xbox fanboy but I know that PS4 and PC users are just laughing at us cuz of all the stupidity you guys do. Not realizing Xbone in many countries (including mine) before September. ONE YEAR after the rest of the world. Yeah, I am sure people will just run to buy it now.

    Wake up Microsoft and understand that yes, you may be a business, but you need costumers too. That is why you try to please us.

    1. Everyone I know who owns an Xbox One(myself included) is extremely happy with the Xbox One. I’m sorry that you can’t get the X1 until September, but I wouldn’t say “a year after the rest of the world.” It only launched in 13 regions. That is hardly “the rest of the world.” The X1 will launch in more regions in September 2014 than it did in November 2013. If you want to(or have to) wait, so be it. That doesn’t make those of us that already upgraded “dumb.” It just means we had the extra money and are lucky enough to live in one of the original 13 regions(or imported). In response to your complaints about X360 gamers not seeing the activity of X1 gamers, as an X1 gamer, I don’t care if people on the 360 can see what I’m doing. You won’t either, once you have an X1. Why waste time on a feature like that knowing it will be pointless in a year or so when everyone has upgraded to current gen?

      Please, buy an Xbox One before you start griping about its functionality. Most of us Xbox One owners(that I know of) are very pleased with our purchase.

      Microsoft, you are doing a great job with these updates. I am truly impressed with Microsoft for allowing us gamers to shape the future and functionality of the Xbox One through our feedback. I love that us gamers are choosing the features and helping build the console we want. There will always be naysayers, Keep up the good work.

      1. All I see is that the 4 people who do own a X1 goes back to 360 and uses this more than X1. What you do, I can not comment on, but that seems to be the trend.

        That you do not care that people can’t see what you are doing on Xbox One is also fine, but I think that most social games (and most Xbox live players are social gamers) do want to have contact with their friends who do not own a 360. Why Xbone has decided not to intigrate better the 360 users with xbox one (I get that they can’t play togheter, but atleast converse through party and see each others achievements) seems a strange solution. 360 is still an xbox and your friends (I dont know how many you speak to regularly) on xbox360 are still your friends.

        I was about to buy a Xbone recently acctoly. An import I found in a Norwegian store. I thought “Microsoft did promise that they would give us backwards compatibility soon, so I guess I can buy it.” But decided not to when I heard that many of the feuters was not yet available and also saw that there was no games to be bought.

        You may be right that people will not care in a year. I am sure that Xbone and Microsoft is betting on the same. But what if you are wrong? What if the trend that I am seeing will be what will be? The trend is that people are either buying a PS4 or going over to computer gaming.

        What if Xbone becomes a bomb? Oh, you don’t care about that either perhaps cuz you are satisfied? Well I have bought a console that bombed once. It was called the Wii. No games were release for it and the few that were, were bad. Xbone is not the success it was suppose to be and that may lead to downgrading and even selling the xbox franchise (Microsoft has allready said they might).

        If I were you, I would not say that Microsoft is doing a good job if one year from now no one will be playing Xbone and you have a pretty decant Blue-ray player with 3d compatibility and nothing else.

      2. They never promised backwards compatibility its not even possible -.- Just quit asking for a feature that won’t happen and move on.

      3. Actually it is possible Louie. playstation now. heard of it ?

        yeah it is sony’s new service they are working on that lets you stream and play older PS1 , PS2 and PS3 games on your PS4 by using the cloud.

        and since Microsoft have their own cloud service they could theoretically do the same.

        so you see your kind of wrong

      4. That would have you paying for said games they wouldn’t be free. So no its not the same backwards compatibility is basically sticking your old disc from the 360 into the One slot and it working which isn’t possible.

      5. Does not Xbox One read DVD’s? That is the disc format of 360. If it can read DVD then all it needs is a decoder. If the Xbone is so powerful as they want us to believe then it can definitely decode older script. Its all matter of wanting too, but its in conflict with their real wantings of selling Xbox classic games on Xbone.

      6. You clearly don’t understand programming of any kind. No. It does not just need a decoder. It’s a completely different PC infrastructure inside the Xbox One. Not possible. It would have to stream. Which will have latency issues aplenty. Just plug your 360 in the hdmi. It will have better response time than streaming games like Playstation Now. That’s why MS is not wasting resources on it. Next gen consoles are not made to play last gen games. Keep your last gen console for that or don’t. Not up to me. But next gen consoles are made primarily for next gen games.

      7. No, I clearly don’t understand programming, but I am sure you do. The PC infrastructure is irrelevant. I can use 1990s games on my 2014 PC. Even if it has a new structure.

        There are people on the internett that I like to call “the first responders” as they often are the first people to respond to a troubleshooting forum. They always say the same thing: “Your problem can’t be helped, you have to do something you do not want to do (like formatting the hard-drive, buying new computer or accepting that Xbone will never be backwards compatible”).

        I remember one time I had a set of video files called .ts that I couldnt import into my video editing program. I searched forums for a solution. The first responders were computer wizes like yourself. Oh, I had to recode it. I had to find another software to record. had to buy a codec for 20$. Oh, it just couldnt be helped. Then someone like me came along. He wrote “I just change the file name from .ts to .mpeg and it works for me”.

        Do you see the point of my story? No? Then let me walk you the last mile. Xbox 360 and Xbox One are both digital consoles with DVD drive. One is not analogue and the other is digital. The difference in architecture is not so big as you want it to be. In fact I can go all in and say not only is it possible to make my xbox 360 games compatible with Xbox One but the 360 games should also be possible to play on PS4! *bam, bam, bam*, But of course I dont expect Sony to do that.

        But yeah… architecture. The xbone is conected to the rib bone, the dvd drive is connected to the kinect, so no… impossible. Thanks for telling me nothing.

      8. Like I said. You just don’t understand programming. I’ll now add business and economics to that list.

        You claim to know what can and cannot be done while admitting you know nothing about programming.

        I agreed it could be streamed. But it’s not worth their money so it’s not going to happen. Move on. By the time Playstation is done solving the problems they are having with Now .. no one will care about backwards compatibility any more. It would be a financial loss.

        That’s why companies like Sony are in the hole and MS is worth trillions.

      9. I am going to do something I very rarly do when I debate online: I am going to give up on you. After reading your comments (not just to me but to others) I understand that you are a hopeless case.

        I especially sighed by this comment: “I hope they ignore you just because of your attitude.” That made me understand what I am dealing with.

      10. Um what..no media disc used does not= backwards compatibility lol. Xbox 360 is different architecture compared to the one. so no as stated again backwards compatibility is not possible unless some addon was created which would cost money and wouldn’t sell as well .

      1. Hi Andy. i so agree with you about backward compatibility.

        most people on my friends list are on the Xbox 360 and i can not play a game with them. it sucks !

        also cross platform multiplayers would be great so if you had call of duty for example. you have a xbox360 and i have an xbox 0ne but with cross platform multi player implemented into call of duty or Halo we could still play games together

      2. Then they should upgrade to the One or you should play with them using your 360…
        As for cross platform gaming the only good I would see from that is if its for ps4xbox One but that will never happen. There is no point for it being xbox Onexbox 360 since game support for the 360 is slowing down etc

    1. yeah i hope it is better than my 3D blu-ray player cause it would mean i could get rid of my 3D blu-ray playerand have one less power wasting device

  7. Still no streaming music during gameplay, or the ability to send voice messages? Terrific.

    Well, thanks for nothing this upcoming August. Yet again, functions that the Xbox 360 has been able to do since day one in 2005 continue to elude the Xbox One.

    I’m guessing I should be grateful for that innovative ‘low battery life’ indicator though. A couple more years and this thing might be a real console in terms of standard functions and features.

      1. If the future holds more months like August where every new “feature” is simply a throwaway useless social feature, then it will take years to catch up with the functionally superior 360.

        The low battery indicator is the only thing of any value next month, and it’s hilarious that something as simple as that wasn’t there from Day One. However, this is no surprise considering that we didn’t have a battery life indicator at all until a few months ago.

        This console. God bless the tragic comedy gold it brings.

  8. For the low battery, not a pop-up, it would get in the way of gaming and not a toast because it goes away and you might miss it. For low battery, the controller light should turn red. Theres no way you’d miss that and it doesn’t take up screen space.

  9. Thanks for the heads up. I see 10.000 xbox players agree with me. I told all of my xbox friends to upvote it too. This is not a small issue although some people seem to forget the past and always fokus on the new. “Ending is better than mending”, “the more stitches, the less riches.”

    Also you need to see the difference between being passionate and being childish.

    1. A rant is a rant. Whether you are passionate or not. I don’t disagree with what you want and I would like it too, but I will send my feedback and execute like the rest of the public to change the things we want. Going off on this forum will accomplish nothing.

      P.S. It is spelled focus. And there is a coma in 10,000 unless you meant 10.

  10. Jupp 🙂

    But then Xbox can’t sell Xbox 360 classic for 20$. Xbox need to decide if it wants costumers. THe producers may love xbox one as they can re-sell old games again and all that other crapp they tried to force on us. But Microsoft needs to think if producers will keep on producing if no one is buying.

  11. I’ve just updated, can’t get the 3D blu ray stuff to work. Just keep getting the same message about the player not being 3D compatible. In settings under display and sound there is now a 3D menu, but looks like the fonts are all messed up for the word ‘allow’… Any ideas?

  12. So apparently I have been invited to participate in the preview program by many people but have not received a single email from Microsoft. It’s been over a week since the first person invited me. Am I missing something here?

    1. It was only a select portion of preview testers getting that version of the extended preview. I think everyone else will probably get it I’m the next preview update and then it will go to public after that. That’s my guess, from the way they described it.

  13. How about some damn video streaming. My original Xbox can do it with XBMC, my 360 can do it… the Xbox One, supposedly the “one media solution” has “play to” with dumbed down transcoding. Get on it already.

      1. Did you try a full system reboot? It helped me. Sometimes you need to reboot after a new update. Mine was taking a little longer than usual to load some apps. Restarted it and is back to normal. Hold the power button on console until the console shuts down completely. 7-10 seconds should do it.

  14. Can some tweet Major Nelson and ask him to get someone to inform us of what’s going on with the bluray update? I don’t have Twitter. Why would they not let us know it wasn’t releasing? It’s common sense to communicate so people know what is going on and arent thinking there is something wrong with their update. Seriously.

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