Call of Duty: Ghosts Nemesis DLC Arrives Next Week

Nemesis, the fourth and final DLC Pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts arrives first on Xbox Live next week. Take a look:

Here’s more info on Nemesis, courtesy of Activision:

Get the first look at Nemesis, the fourth and final DLC Pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Nemesis includes four Multiplayer maps: Goldrush, Subzero, Dynasty, and Showtime, a reimagined version of the fan-favorite Shipment from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The four-part Extinction saga concludes with Episode 4: Exodus. Explore the biggest Extinction level yet and take on nearly every Cryptid species from previous episodes. You will also contend with the Ancestors – a powerful new enemy with mind control and psionic attacks.

Nemesis arrives first on Xbox LIVE on August 5th

68 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Ghosts Nemesis DLC Arrives Next Week

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    1. lag? where? hackers? is there a way to hack on xbox 360 or xbox one?, terrible graphics… maybe… boring gameplay? depends on the way you play the game

    2. The lag and hit detection is far better than MW3 or BO2, I have only seen one hacker in 1000+ games, graphics are mediocre so I agree there I suppose, gameplay is good imo but you don’t detail anything i can counter in detail…Halo 4 was worse, BO2 was worse. I’m happy with Ghosts.

      1. Halo4 was worse with what? Graphics? It’s a last gen title. It’s “ops” replacement of firefight was definitely worse. It was basically firefight with a story, but the story was bad and dialog was utterly cringe-worthy.

  1. literally nobody cares….

    where’s Pinball F/X?? oh, that’s right, Microsoft panders to a small group of loud mouths instead of to the player base every single time so it’s been delayed.

    1. So you would have rather paid for all the courses that you may have already purchased on the 360 again instead of waiting a couples of weeks for them to fix this issue? It was FAR from a small group that was up in arms about this, more like the majority of people who had bought the games and tables before if you browse through the blog announcing FX Pinball 2 for the One. Since when is it a bad thing when a company like Microsoft listens to its customers and makes a change that benefits them? SMH!!!

      Also, judging by the first few posts there are some people who do care about this DLC. Do you even know what “literally” means?

      1. I do know what literally means which is why I said it. 1 of the CoD devs said last year that people who enjoy CoD aren’t gamers. I agree with that. If you enjoy CoD, you aren’t a gamer, so when I say literally nobody cares, I mean no actual gamer cares.

        As for paying for tables I already have, I’m willing to do that. You know why? They don’t just magically appear. A group of people have put in long hours to get those tables to work on Xbox One and they deserve to be compensated for their efforts. Gaming in the year 2014 is nothing short of a joke. It’s a bunch of whiny little children begging for free stuff all the time. It’s pathetic.

      2. All these years I have been living a lie. Thanks to you and the CoD devs for clarifying that because I play COD and enjoy it I’m not a gamer any more…ignoring the fact I play a wide varity of genres on varying platforms.

      3. It’s their fan base that Zen Studios themselves said whenever possible they want to allow their fans to import tables, you take care of your customers and things fall into place financially. Zen knows this. Count me in as one of the fans who bought many tables on the xbox 360, i’m now excited again to buy new tables, knowing that my collection will continue. Thanks Zen!

      4. On the other hand, crying because you have to wait a whole month to play a game you want sure makes you sound like a more adult, mature, and “true” gamer.

      5. Maybe i’m the odd one out. But when I read the article I got that he meant that a handful of people that play COD aren’t gamers as in sense they just play it cause it’s the cool thing right now and they don’t want to be left out, as well as they don’t usually play video games.

      6. Having owed this game on the 360 (All tables) and now the free version on my PS4, it’s not worth it unless you get the tables you already paid for.

        If you’re not a diehard pinball fan desperate for a next gen pinball game… it’s a pass. It’s the same game with better visuals. Which means once you have all the tables …Zzzz … Zzzz.

    2. The reason you are waiting for Pinball FX is the devs decided to give Xbox One the same experience that PS4 has which is you get the tables you already purchased. Unfortunately they have to delay the game to implement it.

  2. Ghosts was so bad that even a fanboy like me had to pass on any packs for it. I would’ve preferred a remake of an older COD am still disappointed by how bad this game actually was and still is.

      1. The story mode is the only saving grace for this franchise in my opinion. The multiplayer has gone to shhhh to make it more casual friendly, between that and the scuff controllers playing the game now is nothing but a frustrating experience.

      1. I don’t know what happens at your gamestop, but when I bought my copies they were not opened, you can literally just ask them for an unopened copy if they give you one that is opened.

  3. Guys i need help, my CoD:Ghosts on xbox one is saying that my invasion map pack is not installed but it is installed on my internal HD, i tried to delete the dlc and install again but now it doesn’t allow me to download again, everytime i choose to download the option disappears and appears again, i’m asking for help here to see if this happened to someone, and if yes, how i can fix it.

  4. Anybody wish to hear a fascinating yet totally unrelated story to this blog post ?
    You do , you say – good .
    ……….I totally forgot I had purchased Thief on digital d/l on my XB1 .
    I was on game management and noticed it right there , I got it in the sale when that and Tomb Raider were $30 each haha haha .
    The feeling was a kin to when you put your hand in a pocket of a jacket you have not worn for ages and find a forgotten $20 bill or something .
    Everything is coming up Milhouse .
    True story .

  5. Question: Does anybody know if you can purchase any of the free Games For Gold games on Xbox One once your Gold Membership expires. I know you have to make another PS plus account if you wanna purchase the previous PS plus games if your membership expires. Does the same apply for Xbox One because I may wanna purchase Crimson Dragon and SS Zero in the future when they are on sale.

  6. Incredible.. as if the millions of overprices micro-DLCs weren’t enough (that should’ve been included in the game), they keep releasing these standard DLCs. What will they charge for next in Call of Duty Ghosts 1.2 (aka. Advanced Warfare)? Buttons layouts? Sensitivities? It’s amazing how they’re selling so many copies! Bloody tradition, I’m telling you..

    1. I look forward to being the best player on the team and being yelled at by the guys who suck and constantly go down…I look forward to match-making which matches my maxed-out level with level 1 guys. I look forward to folks with high levels that still don’t know how to do challenges…I look forwarded to all the “squeaker” 9-year olds. Thank god the thing has mute…

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