Titanfall Frontier’s Edge Available Today

Frontier’s Edge, Titanfall’s second DLC pack, is now live for Xbox One. Find it on the Xbox Store, or select Store from the Titanfall main menu.

Xbox Wire recently provided a look at what can you expect across Frontier’s Edge’s three maps – find that preview here, or see the maps in action from a recent, Respawn-hosted broadcast here:

Releasing simultaneously with Frontier’s Edge today is Titanfall Game Update 5, which among other things,  supplies Achievements for the new maps. Our friends at Respawn were kind enough to share those with us to pass along to you here:

Haven Victor Win a single match on Haven
Haven Connoisseur Play every game mode on Haven
Executioner Execute 2 Titans in a single match on Haven
Overkill Kill 15 Titans while you have a Titan burn card active on Haven
Export Victor Win a single match on Export
Export Connoisseur Play every game mode on Export
It’s a Trap! Kill an enemy with the trap on Export
Hidden export Kill 25 enemies while cloaked in Export
Dig Site Victor Win a single match on Dig Site
Dig Site Connoisseur Play every game mode on Dig Site
Dirt Nap Kill 12 pilots in a single match on Dig Site
Gravesite Kill 50 Pilots in Dig Site

See you on the Frontier’s Edge tonight…

59 thoughts on “Titanfall Frontier’s Edge Available Today

  1. Can’t tell if serious!? This gets posted with achievement list to boost, while achievements aren’t unlocking due to xbox live issues, and all achievement progress has been lost for all users.. Is this post a bad joke?

      1. I have a few times helped a little with game updates but not much else, xbox fitness doesn’t load at all… And my connection is perfect as well…

      1. Just two branches , not Crytek as a whole. They are scaling down a bit obviously. Deep Silver bought up the Homefront game and took some of the employees.

  2. Titanfall was not a full game on arrival, and charging that much for each DLC is ridiculous. Got rid of the game back in April because there was just nothing to do, and -expensive- paid DLC is by no means helping keep the community alive.

    1. It was only 20 or 25 bux for the season pass at launch, doesn’t seem bad to me considering the price you pay on all the cod and battlefield packs… Nothing to do? Still another map pack to go after this and making it to prestige #10 is still a long ways off for me, at #4 now…

      1. I know a lot of shooters including COD and Battlefield -as well as other games- release season passes to get all the future DLC cheaper, but I just feel that Titanfall needed something more. I loved the Beta but the number of gametypes, Titans etc -maps excluded- that the game shipped with felt like not enough. Also, the whole “nothing to do” was just me getting bored too quickly with the game. I don’t tend to try and prestige in games like COD and such, and the gameplay -while fun and interesting at first in the Beta- quickly grew stale. Glad you like it though. Just not for me I guess.

      2. Yeah it does get stale if you play it too much…and I agree it could use more stuff, I’d of liked more character customization and what not but I do still find that flying around jumping into robots and stuff pretty neat.

      3. Ur absolutely missing out on Marked For Death game type. Also, for ppl like u, I’m sure they added more achievements for each new map. U’ll always have somethi g to do

      4. Don’t like the “ppl like u” bit. I got bored with the game -not because I have a short attention span- but because I seriously felt like I had done all I needed in the game and was not driven to complete 10th prestige or what not. I used to go for achievements but that was long ago in the Halo 3 era when they were still fun and interesting.

      1. I understand, but I really liked the beta, but felt the full game lacked… something. I can’t put my finger on it, but I also feel a lot of what’s been released in the DLC should have already been there (or been free).

    2. Actually the Game upgraded pretty much now – the Maps are just the one thing you have to pay for,Extra Modes,new and clearer Menus,Shotcuts,more own Classes etc came for free.
      And – unlike CoD,BF & Co – at least the expensive Maps are really good.

      1. I guess I just got confused because the updates tend to coincide with a DLC release so I thought you needed the DLC to do those things. Good to know they aren’t charging for that.

      2. No,it´s just the Maps – no Weapons (we know that ended in BF4…),no really exclusive Game-Modes or anything – exept those only for the Mappack,which are *Mappack* Mixed and *Mappack* Normal Mode (which Name I forgot in English XD).

        But after they changed pretty much it´s hard to overlook even if they didn´t change anything of the Core-Gameplay itself 😀

      3. So true about the maps, even pretty much all the original maps that come with it are good and balanced in general,while both BF, COD & Halo games only ever have 3 or 4 at most, and no one wants to play any other.

    1. Check the Twitter post above that addresses this. It has not made its way through all the store servers, but you can force your way to it by searching for it by name.

  3. Diablo 3 is on sale 50% on 360… Any word on whether or not once it comes to xbox one owners will get it free or discounted? If so I should pick it up 🙂

      1. Agreed the x1 ultimate if I recall is the same straight 360 port with dlc. Already own the by now cheap 360 version. Will get the x1 version when it comes down enough but certainly not day one full msrp

  4. I got the season pass when it was 20 bucks, best investment i’ve made on the console thus far. The game is super fun when you don’t play it into the ground..those long grinds will make the game feel tedious and too much work for progress. It didn’t turn out to be the world ender we expected but i’m not mad I bought it either.

  5. Anyone else interested in another shadowman, fear effect or seaman (yes that’s the name) game? Or is it just me?? Also a new soul reaver would be awesome…

    1. A new Seaman game using Kinect would be awesome and not sure why Sega hasn’t done this yet, other than total incompetence. Would like to see a new Shadowman as well, loved that game on the Dreamcast.

      1. Also they made a shadowman 2 for Playstation 2 I believe but never had knew it when I had one so long ago…end of the life cycle perhaps…

  6. Titanfall multiplayer is unplayable for me after downloading the update and new maps. Whatever MS did to “fix” their Live social issues yesterday, brought back the Teredo error for me. I had this issue a few updates ago and it was since fixed. I don’t need a Xbox Ambassador (I am one) sending me a Support cut and paste link. Just fix the problem MS!

      1. Lawrence “Larry” Hryb, also known by his Xbox Live gamertag “Major Nelson” is the Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live
        Pretty sure being the director of xbox live mean actually working and not playng titanfall.

      2. Oh so when you play games should someone tell you to stop and go to work? He’s is allowed to not work 24/7. And actually his job involves attending lots of events as a pr guy so the amount of time he spends programming is probs very little but there are plenty of people at Microsoft who do.

        Yes you can complain at Microsoft for not fixing something but you are having a go at someone for playing games in his free time.

  7. Not Sure how I feel about this Titanfall game anymore. Got it the day it came out on the 360. First of all, they shat on the 360 players by delaying it a whole month, the offering no compensation like a deal on the season pass or anything. It was fun the First month of release, but then it lost it’s appeal to me.

    1. Really? Games, movies… Everything can get delayed, but of course they “owe” you something because of it… You self entitled crybabies really need to get over yourselves already…. Compensation.. if I could reach through my monitor.

      1. I never said they owed me anything, would have been nice. But the fact that they delayed it for no reason is what made me mad

      2. Not for no reason. The 360 version was delayed so as not to take away sales of TF on the One (or sales of the console itself).
        Well, that’s a cynical take but you can’t deny the 360 version is the red headed stepchild of the three.

      3. It’s the same exact game. It just runs At 30 FPS and a bit lower Graphics Quality, they continuously Delay Updates and DLC Releases. For no reason. It is ridiculous

      4. Yes, it is. But it seems MS don’t want to advertise that fact. They want people to upgrade and invest in the One.
        Taking off my tinfoil hat, I imagine it takes time to get the maps optimised etc for the 360. Hence some delay.

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