Follow Xbox Live from gamescom 2014

The world’s largest videogames event, gamescom, is just days away. Xbox is going big in Cologne, Germany next week, and for the first time, you’ll be able to follow along at home – LIVE.

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Tune in on Monday, August 11th at 19:00 CET (1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific) to see Sledgehammer Games present the exclusive live reveal of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer. More details can be found here, and I’ll set up a post on Monday with a video embed for easy viewing.


For the first time, watch the gamescom Xbox Briefing live from wherever you are. The broadcast begins Tuesday, August 12th at 14:00 local time (which is 8am Eastern and an eye-opening 5am Pacific – set your alarm).

Immediately following gamescom 2014 Xbox Briefing, stay tuned for live playthroughs of some of our biggest holiday titles. Hosted by Major Nelson and AceyBongos. explore Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and more with the developers.

Watch everything on, your Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows Phone (download the app here) or on Twitch.


We’ll be broadcasting live to direct from the Xbox booth from all gamescom long. We’re lining up a packed schedule of key first and third party Xbox One titles, including developer guest appearances. More details to come next week.


Of course, I’ll be tweeting from @majornelson all week long, and updating this site. Xbox Wire will be previewing nearly every Xbox game at the show throughout the week, and look for daily videos on Xbox One and Xbox 360 Dashboard.

See you live on Monday!

89 thoughts on “Follow Xbox Live from gamescom 2014

  1. Can we get some new Xbox One exclusives, maybe new AAA IP?

    I’m tired of the same old multiplatform sequels than I’m going to buy on the other platform anyway, and of the only new IPs being indie games.

    Ryse was a breath of fresh air, hopefully Sunset Overdrive will be too.

      1. That’s true that most multiplats will be better or the same on ps4. agreed. Xbox has a great line-up this year, and it’ll be even better next year.

      2. From my count PSN has been down twice and Xbox live five times. Granted I owed a Xbox one since launch and PS4 couple of months, but PSN has been more stable for me.

      3. Oh look. Neil the little pr*ck trying to justify his fanboyism. PS4 has as many AAA exclusives as the Bone does and many more studios making actual exclusives that won’t run away like Ryse and Dead Rising 3 have.

      4. Oh, so you are a PS4 fanboy? Only coming here to troll?
        As long as Ryse and DR3 aren’t on PS4, they are still Microsoft exclusives (Windows and Xbox).

      5. Ahahahahaha “Microsoft exclusives.” Newsflash, Xbot: Steam runs PC gaming and Valve aren’t the biggest fans of MS. Last I checked, people don’t only use Windows OS to play games too.

      6. Yeah, sure, any average user can install and use SteamOS. Also, absolutely any game for PC is available for Linux and Mac.
        And of course, Linux’s market share of private PC OSs is much larger than Windows’s.

        Last time I checked, most gamers use Windows on their PCs and most games only run on Windows. Try to read Steam’s hardware survey.

        Clearly, you are mistaken. Or, how shall I put it? Flat out wrong.

      7. Who’s talking about SteamOS, pleb? I’m talking about Steam the client. Get a clue, Bot.

        Revenue for Windows doesn’t go towards computing and gaming hardware. Buying on PC gives people the power to kick MS out of the console industry.

        Now, please continue to be butthurt. πŸ™‚

      8. Uhh you do realize that making death threats over the internet (whether frivolous or not) is an actual criminal offense in most countries?

        You are committing an actual crime by saying he “is soon going to be murdered”.

        It’s never been more obvious that you need serious psychiatric help.

    1. Agreed. With Ryse and DR3 coming to the PC the only AAA X1 exclusives
      that are left that I can think of is Forza 5 and Killer Instinct, we need more
      exclusives for it.

      1. doesn’t mean ryse 2 (if there is one) and DR4 won’t be exclusives still. lol the fact that those 2 old games are going to pc means nothing. Those games have been played to death on the xbox now is the right time for them to go to pc.

  2. There better be some crackdown 3 footage…. and finally get rareware to do something decent, like an all new big banjo kazooie platforming adventure full of wondrous worlds and secrets like the original! Or Kameo 2! or hell a new Conker game but something! tired of 1000s of fps games!

      1. The only thing you want is a port of 2 old games? Balls to that. I want them to finally do something new and good! If I wanted to play them I’d just use an emulator.

      2. Conkers Bad Fur Day would be an amazing announcement even if it was a HD remaster. I also cannot wait to see what Sierra is working on I thought they went out of business until they teased their company logo.

      3. With Activision owning the IP’s for Spyro and Crash you have a better chance at winning the lottery before seeing them games released.

      4. Activision is reviving the Sierra brand they killed off after the merger – don’t be fooled as it will not be the same company/developer as in the past. It is similar in name only much like the current Infinity Ward.

        That is not to say they may not make any good games, but it isn’t the same as the Sierra of past. But now being completely under the Activision brand, expect franchises that can be “exploited on a yearly basis” (paraphrased from a Bobby Kotick quote).

  3. Really pumped to see the quantum break reveal I’ve been waiting for since e3! Hopefully we’ll finally get a release date as well.

    On another note, who’s seen that brand new trailer for the metro redux? All I can say is, wow. Now that’s how you remaster a game.. I’m looking at you the last of us and tomb raider. I can’t believe just how much work they’ve done on metro 2033 especially but last light as well. I’m extremely fortunate enough to only have tried the second game and never even played the first one so it’s going to be like a brand new next gen 2 games for me! And the craziest of all? They’re selling the total package for 50 dollars. I really hope this thing sells like crazy, and it sets a precedent and standard for what remastered games should entail.

    Now the only thing I’ve gotta do is try to get them both beat before destiny comes out πŸ˜‰

    1. Really excited about Quantum break as well. I basically have the same plan as you for Metro Redux. I want to beat them both before Destiny. But I also want to do one run of Diablo 3 ultimate evil edition before. I played Diablo 3 on pc but never touched the console version. In the previews, it looks super impressive as well.

      Lots of really interesting games coming in the next few months.

      As a side note, did anyone noticed how February 2015 is getting pretty busy with games?

      1. Oh I was definitely not putting down Tomb raider the game, I think it was one of the best games last year.. I was talking about the remastered version that was nothing more than a slight graphics tweak.

      1. Nope. GTA V came out before COD and stole most of its sales and casual gamers only buy a couple games a year. Ghosts had far lower preorders than BO2 did which was before there were reviews were out.

    1. Um, it’s only a waste of your time if you click and watch lol. God forbid because you don’t like it that no one else shouldn’t be able to watch it. Walk on by…

      1. CoD is a horrible franchise run by a horrible company, and is losing supporters big time due to a great BF4, and a great Titanfall. Titanfall 2 is going to be massive, and BF5 (I’m guessing end of 2015 or fall 2016) is going to be massive too, while CoD continues to be mediocre and lose players.

      1. Same here, I haven’t had an issue in forever with my XBO. Most of the ones I did have was because of early BF4 crashing like crazy. But otherwise, nope, been smooth sailing for me.

      1. Same Goldeneye license, completely different game and with the rights to the original split between multiple parties we arn’t going to see it any time soon.

    1. They already did the game it’s called GoldenEye Arcade.
      To get the game started, Microsoft, Rare, MGM, Nintendo and Activision agreed to revive the game in exenge of something, Nintendo would get Banjo for the virtual store.
      Then Nintendo being Nintendo, they just waited until the game was finished to cancel it.

  4. Great that we can watch Live, looking forward to some amazing announcements. Any news on the next system update for the beta program? I.E. the september update.

      1. I thought that would be out by now, the beta update worked perfectly so I dont know whats holding it back. I hope it releases soon for you.

    1. It’s ok, 9.9 times outta 10 Twitch has audio difficulties anyways. EVERY twitch live stream I have watched always has it’s audio cut out for half the event. All you see in the chat section is “we are aware of it and are working on it” comments from them lol.

      I usually find somewhere else to watch it because of this. I’m not making this up at all, though I may just have horrible luck lol. There have been 3-4 major twitch live streams that I tried to watch in the past… We will see.

    1. Microsoft can’t buy Capcom because Capcom are a Japanese company and Microsoft is a American company which main office is based in America meaning it’s an international company. Only a Japanese company can buy another Japanese company.

      Microsoft would have to buy the company with a shell corp and fight through all the legal laws.

      1. Microsoft has Offices all over the world, they are international as well. Their main HQ is in Seattle of course, but they can totally buy Capcom if they wanted. However, it’s up to the Japanese that run it to sell out to an American company (and yes, depending on approvals and what not from local / foreign governments).

        Just depends on how badly they need the cash to get debts paid and if anyone else is interested in buying the whole company. But like Some Guy said, they could also sell off some of their IP’s to make some quick money.

    2. It will take (Microsoft) a lot more than just buying a company like Capcom (which they can’t) to win this gen. First, they need to be in the game in order to win and right now they are only sitting on the bench watching.

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