If Sunset Overdrive Was Reality, This Is What It Would Look Like

The biggest games in our industry often launch with the fanfare of a live-action trailer. As Insomniac Games, the developers of Sunset Overdrive recently found out, perhaps not every game should attempt to cross over into real life. Take a look:

Check out the interactive behind-the-scenes video (complete with additional content, surprises and Easter Eggs) over on xbox.com/sunsetoverdrive.

Sunset Overdrive launches exclusively on Xbox One beginning October 28th.

43 thoughts on “If Sunset Overdrive Was Reality, This Is What It Would Look Like

  1. Haha that was awesome. I’m actually really looking forward to this game. I’ve been seriously thinking about picking up that sweet white xbox one bundle with this game.

    on a side note… if there’s anyone that’s playing destiny on xbox one and doesn’t have a clan and has been wanting to try to take on the vault of glass raid, my friends and I have a clan and we have 5 members total we are looking for one more guy.

    Everyone in our clan is currently sitting at level 24 to 26 and we’re all hoping to get to level 26 at least before we attempt it. A mic is needed and we’re all good gamers, we’ve been tearing it up on the strike Playlist. We’ve even been beating the level 28 strikes together so we’re hoping to get one more guy with some skill to join up with us… if you’re interested just message me here and we will figure out how to link up.

    1. Hey Mitchell though I can’t help with a new clan member for you as I have our own setup, I would like to propose an alliance between our clans. Let me know your clan’s name and I will send an alliance request from The REAL Dark Legacy. Someone already grabbed our name on Bungie, and I had to add the REAL portion as we have been around a lot longer – playing together since the Dreamcast! I had to do the same thing on GTA V.

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  2. For free games for gold on Xbox 360 on October how about either Ninja gaiden 3 razors edge edition or Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (that game has enough doc to stand on it’s own) and for the second game maybe Street Fighter 3 Online edition?

      1. My favorites

        360: 007 Legends and Portal – Still Alive

        One: Tomb Raider – Definitive Edition or MGS: Ground Zeroes and one from last month

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