Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is Now Available for Xbox 360

Borderlands: The Pre-SequelContent: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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Game Description: Launch into the Borderlands universe and shoot ‘n’ loot your way through a brand new adventure that rockets you onto Pandora’s moon! Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a new role-playing shooter in the critically acclaimed Borderlands series. Play as four all-new character classes while carving a path of destructive mayhem across Pandora’s never-before-seen low-gravity moonscapes with all new moves, weapons, and vehicles! Get high in low gravity and jump right in to fight alongside future megalomaniacal tyrant Handsome Jack, while preventing the destruction of Pandora and its moon. Contribute to the rise of the corrupt Hyperion Corporation and watch Handsome Jack’s transformation from a man trying to do good, into a ruthless tyrant, constantly seeking fortune, power, and infamy.

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27 thoughts on “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is Now Available for Xbox 360

    1. ms didn’t set this price i imagine its up to the gearbox to decide how much their own product can sell for. Apparently they are still living in a time where a 360 game can still hold for 60 bucks when theres a plethora of next gen titles available. Maybe a last dying grab?

      Good luck with that. I imagine a fair number are waiting for the price to drop down or even better the definitive edition to drop since theres a large amount of next gen content available now.

      Not sure theres many that are clamoring so much to pay 60 bucks+ season pass at 30 so what roughly just shy of 100 bucks for another borderlands

      Let’s see evil within, alien isolation, now. Sunset coming soon.

      yeah sorry this goes on the backburner

  1. These games are pointless to buy when they release, since we all know the Definitive Edition is coming with all the content for cheaper. Not to mention the Definitive Edition release will most likely include Xbox One/PS4 versions of the game.

    1. i wouldn’t be so positive on the next gen version. they made it pretty clear that this is basically a last gen grab before they devote themselves fully to next gen. They haven’t even indicated that they have gone beyond just considering next gen.

      but yeah definitely a definitive version for 360 after they milk this for a few months. That said I would love if the next gen version when it does come was more like the master chief collection; meaning all 3 games+dlc in one collection

      1. Whoops, I meant my original comment to infer that they would eventually release the whole series on next gen even if this game didn’t make it on its own.

      2. Possible depends how much they wanna double dip. Not like square enix has any shame rereleasing tombraider and no sleeping dogs again with minimal changes. Let’s see if gearbox has none either

      3. Tomb Raider felt like a completely different game to me, and it’s going to have a sequel on this generation of consoles so it makes sense. Can’t say anything about Sleeping Dogs since it’s true sequel is up in the air and it’s “sequel” Triad Wars is a completely different game. I’m not even saying Borderlands games will be a remaster at all (beyond a ratio/fps boost). There are thousands -if not millions- of people willing to repurchase the Borderlands Trilogy in full for one low price. Same with Mass Effect, Bioshock, etc. There’s no doubt it’s going to happen.

  2. If it were for Xbox one I would have probably Pre-ordered it. If it eventually shows up on the one I’ll buy but otherwise will just buy it for pc when it’s cheaper. They are crazy to release previous Gen games at this point in the race.

    1. agreed Tombraider was able to pull it off because at the time their wasn’t that much in terms of x1 releases. They hit the jackpot and are trying it again with SD. Not sure if that kind of mentality can go very far of rereleasing stuff with minimal additions at full msrp 60 bucks. Eventually their will be some backlash i imagine as the doubledipping might become ridiculous at some point

  3. I like borderlands but i can wait for the definitive version. 60 bucks last gen + 30 for season pass No thanks. I can wait I have evil within,alien isolation etc to keep me plenty busy.

    Unless your a big borderlands fan and don’t have a next gen machine yet i imagine most will wait on this until the definitive version comes along. Knowing gearbox even after the definitive edition they will stretch this out with even more dlc.after that.

    Since BL2 gearbox has been milking this as far as it can.

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