JUST DANCE 2015 Now Available for Xbox One


Content: JUST DANCE 2015
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Game Description: The world’s #1 dance game is back with hot moves and new features! JUST DANCE 2015 gives the power to the community: challenge your friends, score on their performances and even be part of the game! Get ready for this year’s hit songs and quirky dance moves that have something for everyone.

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15 thoughts on “JUST DANCE 2015 Now Available for Xbox One

  1. I know just dance and kinect games usually get a big pass for the most part. Still this game is one of the better uses of kinect and works like it should. This is a game to have when company comes over and they really aren’t gamers. Easy to pick up and understand. I enjoyed the earlier one so i hope for more of the same.

    Good game to have when the ladies drop by 😉

    1. Why do calendars get released with next years date ahead of time? hard to schedule these things for exactly the next time period what with games taking months to develop. Sports games do the same thing. Better to just release the next year even if it means releasing it a few months prior. No rule that says we can’t get the 2015 version a few months early

      Unless you want them to literally wait until the calendar start of next year. They need time to start on the envitable 2016 and future versions

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