Xbox Live Games with Gold for November 2014

For the month of November, Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to three new free games on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Volgarr the Viking, the newest ID@Xbox game, will debut on Xbox One as a free download. For Xbox One gamers, this is a journey back to the days of yore, when times were tougher, and you really only needed a couple buttons to play a game.


On Xbox 360, starting Saturday, November 1st, Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise ($14.99 ERP) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through November 15th.

Then on November 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Red Faction: Guerrilla ($19.99 ERP) for free through November 30th


*Titles are available as free downloads for qualifying Xbox Live Gold members in all markets where Xbox Live is available. Some regions may offer different titles depending on market availability. 


  • Jon Matthew MacMilan

    i just bought this three months ago…..smh…..i really like how you guys do that.


    • ImTheMetalLord

      Cool bro…so what did you buy this month so I know what they will be giving away in 3 months. Obviously they are watching what you buy to determine what to give away.


  • Harrison Bayer

    Blows my mind to see people complaining so hard over these games. I’m going to guess that these were the people who weren’t around for when all you got from your subscription was the ability to play online. Now MS is giving away free games, some better than others, and the tears start flowing.

    “Wah these aren’t high budget AAA titles! Playstation is so much better.” That’s all well and good. Please see yourself out and move on over to Playstation if you feel their give away games are better. The rest of us who find XBL a better quality service than PSN won’t miss you.

    This is like going to the grocery store every month, and at the end of your shopping trip they hand you a free pizza. You then throw the pizza on the ground and return all of your groceries because the free pizza you got was plain and the store down the road has been giving out peperoni pizzas.


  • Xboneme

    It is laughable that they have to give away garbage like that on the Xbone, because the console is just not living up to it’s name.


  • cortez

    Pinata is not available in my current location. this is like the 4th GWG this year. its like Xbox live enjoys having the option of violently shriveling up my p3n!s on the 1st and 16th of any given month.


  • Michael Miller

    Wow thanks for nothing this month. I own red faction guerrilla. And viva pinata and vulgaar suck balls. Once again your free games are disappointing. How about how to survive, or some other half way decent games. I demand another free xbox one game.


    • idleRAT

      Do let us know how you get on with that demand.

      I’m not trying to be rude, but if you’re unhappy with the service, why do you keep subscribing to it? They aren’t going to change anything because of people complaining on a blog(not even if you “demand” change), whether or not it makes them money is what they care about.

      I’m happy with the service I get(online play + the free games), so I’ll be sticking with it, but if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t keep paying for it.


      • Michael Miller

        Im happy with the online features. But they can take the free games away and id be fine with it. They give out games I already own. Or games id never play. So its whatever to me.


  • #NoBandwagon

    More quality games from Microsoft……THX


  • That one guy

    The game dose not show up on my 360 at serch or at games with gold…


  • Jason McArthur

    For the month of November, Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to three new free games on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Does Microsoft actually understand that the month of November starts November 1. Where in the bloody hell is the free game for the xbox one?


  • Slytherin Naga

    Why is it Australian’s are getting screwed over on games with gold for the Xbox ONE. I hate when this happens cause it means I can’t play the new free game while everyone outside of Australia gets to play it


  • plnkfloydian

    Viva linata was deleted from my hdd almost immediately, really really really bad game


  • WhatTheWhat

    I Love Viva Pinata but….red faction doh ehhhhhhhh i’ll try it :


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