How to watch The Game Awards 2014

It all goes down TONIGHT ( December 5th at 9p ET/6p PT. You can also watch it on your Xbox (look for the link on the dashboard about an hour before the show) and pretty much everywhere else on the internet.

Follow the Game Awards on Twitter or hit their website for more information.

86 thoughts on “How to watch The Game Awards 2014

      1. What if he was playing a video game about watching a video games show while playing video games and at the same time was watching the show about video games.. ? Did I just blow your mind? Ohhh yeah.

    1. There’s absolutely no way it won’t come to X1, be not afraid.
      If not this edition precisely, then one of thousands SF5 editions with additional fighters and features that Capcom usually do, like some Ultra Mega Super Duper SF5, or the like

      1. Oi, we have an inferior fighting game therefor we have no right to request quality over buying out, right, beautiful, good talk.

    1. Indeed, it’s God dam pathetic that these companies like Sony and Microsoft can’t be bothered to invest money into first party games and has to steal third party games away from gamers.

      I don’t even care for Street fighter 5 and I own both consoles, but this practice is just dumb. No one is going to buy an Xbox one just for timed exclusive on Tomb Raider and no one is going to buy a PS4 for Street fighter 5 ( which hopefully for gamers who can’t afford both consoles is timed too )

    2. This is excellent news. Couldn’t careless about SF games.

      The best part is the outcry for future exclusives(timed or not) on Xbox One won’t/can’t be as large from the rabid insane sonyfanboys.

      So here’s your chance Microsoft, there’s not going to be a large backlash from now on, splash out and really hurt those sonyfanboys. While you are at it, have a aside swipe at Nintendo as well, buy the next Monster Hunter and make it exclusive for XBox One. This also helps to push forward lagging sales in Japan.

      Game On 🙂

    3. This is excellent news. Couldn’t careless about SF games.

      The best part is the outcry for future exclusives(timed or not) on Xbox One won’t/can’t be as large from the rabid insane sonyfanboys.

      So here’s your chance Microsoft, there’s not going to be a large backlash from now on, splash out and really hurt those sonyfanboys. While you are at it, have a aside swipe at Nintendo as well, buy the next Monster Hunter and make it exclusive for XBox One. This also helps to push forward lagging sales in Japan.

      Game On 🙂

  1. If Dragon Age Inquisition or Shadow of Mordor don’t get a nod as Game of the Year and instead they give it to another bloody Call of Duty game I will have lost all faith in gaming media and gamers.

      1. Calling any Call of Duty new and innovative is just silly. Besides all the fancy new armor powers in the new CoD are all straight out of Crysis and a bunch of other games.

  2. This is much better than the VGAs, similar, but the world premieres make this worth it. Those 2 comedians were pretty bad and I really don’t like Connan(he is NOT funny) but the rest of this show has been good.

      1. I was reading about how cheap ($50) and easy it is to attack companies with DDOS. Companies need to spend millions to counter these attacks and millions more to try to prevent them. Unfortunately according to this article I read it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

        Pisses me off that there are people in the world with nothing better to do then to mess with other people. What do they get out of it accept for some negative Karma.

      2. Doesn’t matter how big your company is or how many millions you spend encrypting your servers, DDOS is simple flooding a server with thousands of requests from fake users until it crashes. It’s armature hour, any old clown can do it.

      3. I watched a documentary on Netfilx about annonomous and how they came about. They even showed how easy it is to do ddos attacks with free to download software and thats it. Nothing to it and anyone with an axe to grind can do it and think they are some sort of hacking activist.

      4. I like to think of it as a revenge for The Raven.
        They money they didn’t use on giving a 2.50$ game will go to repair the damage.
        Of course, sadly, it’s not the case, it’s just people with too much free time. There was a time they only attacked big enterprises that did terrible things, then they just went wild.

  3. Only two awards did I feel were justly and correctly given, and those were Dragon Age for Game of the Year and the one for the Sierra founders.

    But Shovel Knight and South Park winning were attempts to appeal to the vast low brow audience demographic. You had all these beautiful indie games and the only one that looks like yet another pixelated nostaliga 8-bit over-hard arcade game is the one that wins. I screamed at my TV. These games are a dime a dozen and give indie a bad name in my eyes.

    1. It might just be because 2014 was a terrible year.
      I liked only 2 games this year, Bayonetta 2 and EDF 2025, the rest were generic sequels and broken mess like Unity and MCC.

  4. Ms, hopefully you read some of these. Anyways, games I would like you to get under your belt are No Man’s Sky, Mirror’s Edge 2, and whatever new Deus Ex game comes out. Go get em! 🙂

      1. The quote from the developer was it will debut first on consoles on the PS4 than on PC.

        You wouldn’t say debut first on consoles on the PS4 if it wasn’t coming to others in the future. My take is it’s timed exclusive.

      2. Confirmed at PSX 2014 console exclusivity on PS4 and Sony have partnered with Capcom “on development”. I don’t like fighters but I really don’t like the way these exclusive deals are going on all current gen systems

      3. My mistake. I read another post of his earlier and replied here rather than his SF post.

        Glad to see a lot of support for NMS. Been keeping an eye on it since it was announced. Looking forward to getting a release date on the XBO as I can decide if I’m going to get a PS4 or not.

      4. I have had a ps2 and loved it and a PS3 to play some exclusives. I’m not picky with either system side and am not a fanboy of either, but yes, no mans sky is a game that would make me get a ps4 if it’s an exclusive.

  5. Just watched it. That was one lame awards show. The only really cool thing was that Scottish guy Steve and his laser keyboard. These awards shows are desperate hypocrisy of an industry seeking recognition for something they are not.

  6. I was watching this on a replay and thinking the whole time “why in the world am I watching this” and about half way through I fell asleep. I’m not sure I will finish it although some of the premiers where cool to see the rest was just garbage and boring.

    1. Unless it’s a major event I just wait for the trailers and gameplay videos on that site which is very popular and owned by Google. ( You get moderated for saying the name of that site )

  7. what a trainwreck. they need to quit trying to force an awards show into video games. the awards were terrible. the announcements and trailers were terrible. the writing of the show was terrible. and the constant blowing of nintendo from Geoff is appalling. furthermore, where the hell was Xbox??

  8. So Microsoft, after watching that awful joke and waste of time (Eurogamer is completely right on that one) that the PS experience was, you can now start to do damage to PlayStation when they’re trying to dole out third party console exclusives that come to the PC. When Windows 10 hits next year, announce the synergy between PC and Xbox, make the Xbox your managed PC environment where you can reboot in Windows mode and run everything a PC gamer wants on there. It’ll still be a budget PC, but with the right drivers and API sets could be very much a worthwile endeavour and enlarge its use and userbase by a large amount. It would be like the Alienware Alpha only so much better and would give Sony little movement on the third party exclusive front. You could do so much cross buy and cross play goodness with the Windows Store too and get your consumer trust back. Win-win situation. Making it like a PC would also enable you to dish out a more powerful enthusiast class Xbox Two console in a year or so (compatibility would be key).

  9. Delaying Spartan Strike is useless under the current excuse. Yes, Master Chief collection needs work, but isn’t Vanguard Games working on that like I told you months ago when you asked about the twitter indie projects to list Major Nelson, before it was even officially announced? I’ll give my buddy over there a call as he’ll be happy with that delay. /s

    1. PS + not required , ALL users get the 3 free games .
      Mine are already downloaded except for NFS as I have no space left on my Vita card or my PS3 HDD to keep it in the bubble .

  10. Playstation **free** games to **ALL** users ;
    PS4 Plants vs Zombies : Garden Warfare
    PS3 Mirrors Edge
    Vita Need For Speed : Most Wanted
    Offer ends this Sunday at Midnight and the games are yours to keep forever – no PS Plus sub required .

    1. Made a PSN account just for this because I want a ps4 later.
      Took 30 minutes because the website is a mess and wouldn’t load so that’s not really going to make me want to buy one, but free is free.

    1. Lizard Squad just threatened to shut down Xbox Live forever on Christmas. MS better get to it, but this time go vigilante style. Once they have their personal information, they should post it publicly on the internet. This ISIS supporting trash should be eliminated by the world’s people.

      1. They really need to get a life i looked them up on twitter and every member has a twitter account im almost certain it can be traced its just pissing me off cause ya know we pay for gold and we don’t get a refund or compensation for lost time they really don’t care about people its also sad that people are cheering them on and think its funny.

      2. I don’t think they’re as stupid as to not route there IP through different servers while using Twitter. Plus unless you can prove they DDOS than Microsoft or Sony can’t ask Twitter for their IP address to try track them.

      3. At this point MS really wouldn’t have to prove anything to anyone based on probable cause since they are basically confessing. Even if they weren’t doing anything other than taking credit for problems they have nothing to do with (which I honestly believe is the case) they can still be charged at this point. If MS is honestly dealing with DDoS issues then they should make an example out of these amateurs.

      4. Yeah Hopefully their threats for Christmas is just bs considering that’s when alot of people will be getting new games as long as it stops that’s all that matters.

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