Countdown to 2015 Daily Deal – Day 3

Xbox One players can enjoy a scary good deal on Outlast while Xbox 360 players get a couple of deals on wheels – two wheels that is.

More Daily Deals incoming tomorrow!

For a full list of Xbox One deals, click over to the official Xbox Countdown to 2015 site here.

Xbox One

Content Title Content Type Discount %
Outlast Xbox One Game 60%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.

Xbox 360



Content Title Content Type Discount %
Moto GP  14 Games On Demand 33%
MX vs ATV Supercross Games On Demand 33%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.

For a full list of Xbox 360 weekly deals, click over to the official Xbox Countdown to 2015 site here.


114 thoughts on “Countdown to 2015 Daily Deal – Day 3

      1. i feel like it was just going back into the same place but the boss dude was creepy as hell. if it is on sale then maybe but i just felt it wasn’t worth it.

  1. I don’t even have an X1 and I’m thinking of buying Outlast at that price so when I get one I’ll have the game.

    And considering the 360 games just came out about a month ago those are some good deals there as well.

  2. Purchasing now, in hopes that the Outlast DLC will be on sale in the future. Also, don’t understand what Outlast and MX have in common, but I feel bad for those who only own a 360, since only a very small portion of people legitimately care about those games.

      1. Trust me, CoD peace, I am choosing not to. Honestly, I wish I could be as happy as a lad like you who seems to practically scream out loud with excitement at every digital game priced around $20. You are a lucky man

    1. Isn’t it funny how that works?
      For me it’s
      Day 1 Meh
      Day 2 Pretty Good
      Day 3 GREAT

      Weekly’s are awesome…I already picked up Thief, MGS and Titanfall. And still considering getting Tomb Raider, Scot Pilgram, Sanctum 2, One of the RE’s Skate 3 and The Evil WIthin.

      1. Or save the gas and spend $1.59 more and it’s ready for me to play anytime I want without having to put a disc in. OR in my case buy a knew 360 since my disc drive is being tempermental and not always opening for me.

      2. Thanks for the suggestion. I do think I will end up getting that but trying to budget myself at the same time and going to see what daily deals there is too.

      3. and while you at it, if you live in the uk and thinking about getting The Evil Within, go to game(dot)co(dot)uk and buy the limited edition instead. the prices are same and it comes with the Sebastian Diary book, the fighting chance dlc and a 3d lenticular artcard.

      4. Don’t live in the UK…I live in the US. And besides my disc drive is being finicky and I’m not always able to eject it so going digital only till I get my Xbox One. But thanks again for the suggestions.

    2. Sorry to say that but day 1 was craptacular. Shadows of Mordor 33% off really ? two weeks ago it was 50% ! I missed it and was about to get it at countdown to 2015, but @ 33% hell no!

  3. I can’t imagine what it would take to make me bite this holiday season. I’m expecting some AAA discs for Christmas, so I guess if GTA V digital was $20, I would buy something (not going to happen).

    Actually, I think 1/2 off of the season passes for either new TellTale game would get a purchase from me. They haven’t done wrong in my eyes with their last two efforts, so I look forward to what’s next.

    1. Don’t know what country you’re in but ShopTo in the UK have Sleeping Dogs: DE available on disc for £19.85 which is an absolute bargain, I doubt you’ll see it cheaper than that digitally.

      1. Bought it from Amazon UK for the same price. Indeed a bargain because in all the other countries it’s double. I’m actually hoping for a Dragon Age discount.Just few % together with the 10% from EA Access could turn into a deal

      1. I would never say that about you, but you do almost come off like a MS shill, being that you are quite the most excited person on here. Here, let me impersonate you for a moment.


        Man, that felt terrible.

  4. Eh … I dunno. Outlast was given away with PS+ on PS4 and frequently goes on sale (including dlc) for less than this on Steam and it isn’t graphically demanding so probably plays on a crappy laptop. The game has been out 6 months now on X1 … pretty weak sauce. I’ll just wait for the Christmas sale on Steam and buy this and the whistleblower dlc for this price and plug in a usb 360 controller to play it. Next.

    1. But its not currently free on PS4 and I don’t have a time machine to get it and its not on sale on Steam at the moment so currently its cheapest on xbo, yea that weak sauce comment makes complete sense.

      1. Well, since you’ve been living under a rock for the last 6 months I can see why you think it’s a good offer but for other people it’s stuff we already own.

      2. So how much is it on steam and the ps4 right now? Oh that’s right its more expensive but hey if a few quid bothers you that much maybe you should borrow my rock, its free.

  5. Outlast at 60% off, is a great deal. It’s a fantastic game, one that I did not even feel slightly short-changed at paying full price for. It reminded me, in the best possible way, of the PS 2’s glory days, it feels like an old-fashioned, out-of-style survival horror game and I mean that as the best compliment possible. It’s brilliant.

    Was kinda hoping The Whistle-blower DLC would be discounted as I already have Outlast for my Xbox One.

    Not having had physical relations with my sister, I couldn’t possibly comment on the quality of the Motocross games on offer but the discounts don’t look too good to me. 360 generally gets the better of these sales though, so it’s good for the Xbone to win one for a change.

    Will week 2 see a whole bunch of new weekly offers? I hope so.

    Also; do the ‘Deals of the day’ last all week. On my Xbone dashboard you can go and look back at past daily deals and when you click into them, the option to buy at sale price, is still available??? I don’t want to buy them but it might be of benefit to somebody if they missed out on that particular day…

    1. So far as the deals on the 360 today you gotta consider they just game out about a month ago. So I think they are great deals considering that.

      The daily deals don’t seem to have been taken down yet from day 1 but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go away anytime soon. However I do believe that maybe this year they might be letting them go longer (just like they are putting them up sooner) that that more people get to take advantage of those prices. But I wouldn’t chance it.

  6. I get all my indies on steam at 75% off and they run on damn near any hardware. I’m not gonna pay above the odds for Costume Quest 2 and Outlast… or any indie. With the exception of Pier Solar and the Great Architects, that’s a pretty appealing game to me and I’ll snap that up at a modest discount out of excitement to play.

  7. Quite surprised to see all the love for Outlast… as an owner of all current gen consoles I had already played it ages ago on ps plus. Good game and happy for all that want it but would really love to see more discounts on xbox one exclusives instead…. forza horizons 2 would be good thanks!

    1. A good game is a good game regardless of console exclusivity and not everyone is in the fortunate position to own all current gen consoles. Personally I don’t like it.

  8. Hoping for some AAA love , especially GTA 5 , COD AW , Dragon Age .
    Need to be decent discounts as I could easily live without GTA 5 as I have rinsed story mode on 360 .
    Not convinced that COD is anything more than a poor man’s Halo , now it has added jet packs .
    Dragon Age I have avoided as I can ill afford to spend X amount of hours on 1 game whilst I have a backlog of XB1 games building up .
    So , yeah – a decent discount and i will bite on one of the above .

    1. There are no jet packs in COD AW.

      Dragon Age is a long game if you want it to be, 105 hours my first playthrough, I skipped two areas.

      I don’t understand how people get backlogs of games building up, do I game really fast or is everyone slow? I’ve the same troubles has most people, with work etc so why do I get through my games fast and never get a backlog of games building up,

      1. Exoskeleton , jet pack all but name
        I live in the country side so my main past time is walking my 3 dogs down to the lake/reservoir .
        I guess you make more time for gaming than me .
        I also have on the go a PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox 1 and a Wii U currently connected to my TV – so I have ever growing libraries for all of the consoles mentioned .

      2. jk btw i am jealous because i won’t get to play zelda. i still love those game(s) but i will not be playing this upcoming one. the first for me.

      3. What exactly do you do on Destiny?

        I stopped playing that a month ago, I completed just about everything you possible could.

        I had three raids items maxed, had about 15 exotics, completed the story and raid on hard put about 10 hours into online, did hundreds of boring bounties and strikes, completed weekly and daily strikes as soon as they were live.

      4. Its more to do with the group of people I play with and help out. Numerous raids, nightfall etc… each week even if I have completed them plus I like the cruicable a lot. After playing it I can’t even go near CoD or other twitch shooters online.

      5. I have other interest as well as gaming. And when I do game I don’t always play single player play through and might be playing some multiplayer games. So that is how I end up with backlogs.

      6. Once I start a game I have to complete it before I move onto the next, otherwise I would just stop playing it and never going back to it.

        Once I complete FC4 ( might be a while, only 15 hours in ) I only have to buy Lego Batman than I’ve got no games to play till February next year.

  9. For a few days in a row now i can only see Magic the Gathering and Evil Within on sale in the Netherlands. This really feels like MS is taking the piss on us 🙁 I’d love to spend some money on games,

  10. For a few days in a row now i can only see Magic the Gathering and Evil
    Within on sale in the Netherlands. This really feels like MS is taking
    the piss on us 🙁 Dozen games on sale and we can only see 2 of them?

      1. The lowest it’s been prior to this is $17.99 and waiting all day thinking that Gatling Gears was going to be the only game this was very awesome for me. Actually the first of the dailies that I picked up. Still thinking about today’s but haven’t pulled the trigger on any of them.

      2. Pretty much this, 70% off is finally a good sale but it’s still 12$ and I’m not sure if I should buy it.
        Also I know we’ll have a 5$ sale in a few months like every other bad selling games.

  11. According to xbldb, we are getting saints row 4 and metro last light at a 66% off. Just Great… another deep silver sales, its like they pay microsoft to troll us every two months with those two exact games.

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