Resident Evil is Now Available for Digital Pre-order and Pre-download on Xbox One

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The game that defined the survival-horror genre is back! Check out the remastered HD version of Resident Evil. In 1998 a special forces team is sent to investigate some bizarre murders on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Upon arriving they are attacked by a pack of blood-thirsty dogs and are forced to take cover in a nearby mansion. But the scent of death hangs heavy in the air. Supplies are scarce as they struggle to stay alive.


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122 thoughts on “Resident Evil is Now Available for Digital Pre-order and Pre-download on Xbox One

      1. It’s basically an up-“Res” (haha) of the already critically acclaimed Gamecube remake with only a few minor additions. I’m guessing it’ll be worth it for anyone who loves the series or has never played it.

      1. Agreed, this is my favourite game of all time!
        Would die if they did RE2 and 3 in the same style.
        I also hope they remaster zero like this one too.
        Not asking for much hehe!

    1. The mechanics may seem a bit – well, very – stiff to you nowadays, but of all the Resi series I think it has the best atmosphere. The pacing between the scares and senses of isolation and loneliness were abandoned in the more frantic later games.

  1. I’m pretty sure this is the first (and only) game available for preorder for the longest time, how come I’m never able to preorder games until like a week or 2 before the game comes out

    1. Why does it matter how soon you can pre-order it? No matter what you can’t play it unto l release day wether it’s 2 days or 3 weeks early on the pre-order 🙂

      1. Well for me I don’t usually have enough money all the time to pay full price for a game, when I do have the money I like to pay off a game so I know I have it paid off, which is why I go to Eb games, I can pay off a game like 6 months in advance, I might not have the money within the 2 weeks of being able to digitally preorder the game, for games like halo mcc, farcry and ac I had those games fully paid off at Eb games like 2 months before, but cancelled them and got xbl money when I was finally able to digitally preorder them online, I would just prefer some extra time like Eb games gives

      2. If something comes up and I need to buy something I don’t want to dig into the money I have saved for a game, when I have a game paid off I don’t have to worry when I buy something else that it will come out of the money I have saved for a game

      3. I am among those who do not understand this.
        If some sort of emergency shows up and it is more important than gaming, you may want to have the money at your disposal. If no such thing comes up, you simply buy the game closer to launch.
        Why would you lend money to some company anyway? It is not like they run out of digital copies at launch. At least bank tries to pretend it is giving you some interest…

      4. Go to your bank and get a high interest savings account intended exclusively for your games budget(banks are happy to give you more than one saving account). When the game comes out that you want, take that amount out. This is the same as giving the money to ebgames to hold onto except you get some interest that may eventually buy another game.

        If something comes up when you need to buy something, you can go to ebgames just the same and get your money back(except no interest), so it isn’t like your money is locked when you preorder at ebgames.

        I have even cancelled an ebgames preorder (earned from trade ins) and bought an xbox currency card with it and went home to get a digital preorder when I decided I wanted a digital version of a game instead. They will sell you a currency code of any amount, it prints out on the receipt, so you don’t need to stick to 25, 50 etc..

      1. I don’t think it would hurt Microsoft if they allow someone to preorder a game a lot further in advance, on my ps4 I have the chance to preorder uncharted 4, that game is suppose to come out late this year like November, I would like to preorder a game as soon as I have the money for it, not as soon as the game has gone gold

      2. I think they don’t want people complaining when a game doesn’t hit release date, I don’t want to pre order a game for it to be delayed

      3. As long as I know I have a game payed off and don’t lose the money if a game misses the date then I dont care when it comes out, it’s reassuring that I know I have the game payed off

      1. It could have been worse. I suppose for me, since I already own previous versions, it’s just not worth putting in another $20. I’d be more compelled to put another $20 for an updated Resident Evil 6.

        At any rate, considering the 360 Resident Evil games were frequently put on sale, I’m confident I’ll be able to get this one for $10 within 6-10 months.

      2. You couldn’t be a big fan of Resident Evil if you’re going to wait 10 months of the best games ever made, just to save 10 dollars.. Its 10 dollars man,l.. Loosen the purse strings a little

  2. Does anyone know if they added the “better” controls for this one? That’s one thing that was forgiven then because it was new, but now I can’t imagine playing with those horrid controls (that was half the horror for that game). But I loved the atmosphere.

    1. I can’t play any RE games as the controls are horrible in all of them. Obviously back in the day I (and most others) suffered through it because we didn’t have a choice. But if I go to play any of those games now I’d just get frustrated and walk away lol, hate those sluggish tank movements!!

    1. Original RE controls – Up = Character Forwards, Down = Character Backwards etc. It worked well because of the fixed camera angles. If it didn’t work like this you’d have to adjust your controls which each fixed camera change.

      IIRC it has the original and revised control options. Original D-Pad controls are the best 🙂

    1. The word “Remake” gets thrown around so much even I’ve made that mistake. But either way doesn’t it technically count as a REmake because of the gamecube version

    1. Microsoft is not that big in consumer electronics. CES is not about software, Lumia or Surface have their own events and Xbox is mostly on gaming shows. That leaves their computer accessories.
      Microsoft plans some announcements later this month, most likely just Windows stuff, though.

      1. You know I only found out by an TV advert that my Lumia phone can now use speech recognition like the Iphones.

        I think Microsoft could have still used the opportunity to put some of their games on the floor to be played like Sony have done.

    2. CES isn’t a big video games show and most of the time that stuff gets overlooked because of everything else. Sony hasn’t announced anything of interest in my opinion and I think they are just dumping that stuff here so they don’t have to bother with it at E3.

  3. Never played the original. Never owned a GameCube. As someone who thinks resident evils glory days ended the day RE4 was released (yes, RE4 was a great game. But quite far from what I think a RE game should be). I’m really excited about this.

    Can’t wait!

  4. I´ll probably pick that up when it gets in deals with gold.
    I played RE4 on the Wii and loved it. I bought Code Veronica for the 360 and never even started to play…

    1. Are you f*cking kidding me, lol. Pre-orders don’t entitle you to a bonus, pre-ordering is simply the action of buying a product ready for release. That deal is exclusive to PS because its a f*cking deal with capcom.
      Pre-orders are f*cking ridiculous anyway and killing the industry.

      1. Developers stop caring about the quality of there games because they’ve already made their money from Pre-Orders, How many games this year were riddled with bugs/server issues and some like HALO MCC (still broken) were rushed out because someone at MS was “oh we’ve got our money”

      2. That doesn’t make sense as the majority of pre-ordered items (physical, not digital) are not charged until the item ships or is picked up and can be cancelled before they are shipped.

      3. It’s actually the marketing budget which is affected by pre-order numbers.

        The more people pre-order the less budget the marketing guys have. You don’t need TV adverts everywhere or YT ads on every video if your product is already “sold” well via pre-orders.

    2. I agree, this game should be 360/One cross buy, it helps people ease into the console transition when they know they already have a few familiar games waiting for them on the new one. MS is really dropping the ball on that.
      I’m not buying this until it becomes a deal somewhere down the line though, already bought it on PS1, PC and GameCube in the past.

  5. Please tell me you’ve started development on the Xbox 4K. We need it ASAP. Beat Sony to market. Once Ultra HD BluRay format takes off, I’m upgrading my TV to a 77″ 4K OLED and will want the console to match.

      1. 77 is a nice size… I’m actually looking for bigger (96 possibly) We certainly don’t need new consoles for a long time though. Blu Ray is finally starting to be predominant in my local stores over DVD, but not by much. 4K needs to wait for a while, when technologies move too fast, it’s costly for both the developers and the consumer.

    1. Yeah, we need an Xbox Two, a true 1080p60fps machine that can scale properly to 4K. This gen is turning out to be not so “next gen” when even this game from 2002 can’t run at 60fps (I’m serious, it’s running at 30 with framedrops to 23 on the PS4, go see at Eurogamer). Then we have Ninja Theory basically admitting that the consoles are limiting their vision, so they made a PC port of Hellblade.
      MS should have listened to Epic once again, like they did with the RAM for the 360. They demanded at least a 2.5 TFLOPS GPU for this generation and their UE4 to run smoothly. MS failed to bring that to the table and now we’re seeing the fallout all over the place.
      This low end hardware gen won’t last 3 years, let alone 5 because when DX12 launches this year the performance gap between PC and consoles will become even larger. This didn’t happen with the 360, it stood its ground against the PC for quite some time. Maybe this was all calculated by MS and Sony because of much easier to scale PC hardware and forward compatibility, maybe we’ll see why on January 22nd, but it sucks for people expecting this gen to last as long as the last one did.

      1. History proves how far MS can push “old” technology. Don’t even have to look to far back. Just turn on your 360 & think about the ancient technology in that machine and watch what it can accomplish.

      2. That’s the best part to a closed system, the dev’s can dig out power from ever nook and cranny they can find and not worry about it working on systems and not on others (cough PC’s). Having every system sold being exactly the same goes a long way for the exact reason you just mentioned.

      3. *clears throat*
        A massive 512 Mb GDDR3 RAM 700MhZ
        3.2 GhZ 3 core Xenon CPU (great at release)
        Graphic Card based of the Radeon R520 (X1000 series)
        USB 2.0

      4. I’m sure it could run 1080p / 60fps if the dev’s really wanted it too. I highly doubt they wanted to retool the entire games code from the ground up to do it. They just made some tweaks from the Gamecube game and boom, here we are.
        Many people have no clue how expensive it is to do things like this and when you are talking about a very old game, they don’t want to dish out a ton of money.

      1. Why does everyone think I don’t have a gaming PC? I’ve had a gaming “PC” since 1988 when they were called Amigas. I’ve had a gaming “PC” ever since, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve preferred gaming on consoles ever since 2005.

        Seriously, every time I pine for greater console performance, I get told “get a gaming PC”, as if I don’t already have one!! WTF! I don’t like PC gaming anymore, is that so hard to comprehend?!

    2. They stated the XBO can display movies in 4k, but not games (obviously, neither can the ps4 and most PC’s). Though I’m not sure if that has changed or not since they talked about that awhile back. 4k gaming is still very far off considering so many companies already have displays better than 4k so I highly doubt that will be a long lasting “standard”.

      The next systems will be much more powerful after this gen’s “controversies”. Honestly, I have no interest in 4k gaming as I really don’t want to pay what the TV’s cost (or settle for a low end one). It will happen at some point but we don’t really need anything like that right now I don’t think. We need to let the VR phase die off like motion gaming and 3D lol.

      You only want one major fail at a time imo, VR will fit that bill nicely.

    3. If you think Microsoft or Sony is in a rush to deliver native 4k games via new consoles, you’re in for a disappointment. That’s not going to happen for another 6+ years.

      1. Well, the PS4 won’t do 4k games either… I say just enjoy the 720p – 1080p games for now and don’t worry about waiting until the next round of consoles. If you REALLY want 4k gaming, get a high end PC. It’s really the only way to do it right now.

      2. Oh I know it can’t. And I didn’t say I wanted it now, I said by the time I get a 77″ 4K OLED which will probably be 4 years at least. 🙂 I’m just trying to give MS a hint that they need to deliver something powerful next time and be first to market with it. Or they can be content to play second fiddle.

    4. Nice man. I’ve actually just built a gaming pc capable of 4k and ordered an awesome 50 inch samsung 4k tv for a monitor from futureshop it should actually be here today I’m hoping. I can’t wait to try some games in 4k. The beast has dual gtx 980s running SLI I’m hoping it’s just gonna eat up everything I throw at it haha. I’m hoping to have 4k resolution with around 45-60 fps..

      it would be really nice to see these consoles get some 4k but I don’t think we’re gonna see it :/

  6. Saving money doesn’t make someone cheap. I’ll spend those $10 on something else – like towards a new game and not a remake of a game that I already own multiple copies of.

    Don’t comment if you don’t understand.

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