This Week’s Deals for Xbox Live Members

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 19 January 2015.

Xbox One


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Terraria* Xbox One Game 50%
The Jackbox Party Pack* Xbox One Game 33%
Never Alone* Xbox One Game 33%
WWE 2K15  Xbox One Game 25%
WWE 2K15 Digital Deluxe Edition Bundle* Xbox One Game 30%
WWE 2K15: WCW Pack Add-On 25%
NBA 2K15 VC – 200,000 VC Consumable 25%
NBA 2K15 VC – 35,000 VC Consumable 25%
NBA 2K15 VC – 5,000 VC Consumable 25%
NBA 2K15 VC – 15,000 VC Consumable 25%
NBA 2K15 VC – 75,000 VC Consumable 25%
WWE 2K15 + NBA 2K15 Starter Bundle* Xbox One Game 40%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.

*These deals are available for Xbox Live Gold members only.

Xbox 360


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Dead Rising* Games On Demand 75%
Remember Me* Games On Demand 75%
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix* Arcade 67%
Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix* Arcade 60%
SSX Mount Eddie Classic Characters Pack* Add-On 50%
SSX Mount Eddie Pack* Add-On 50%
SSX Classic Characters Pack* Add-On 50%
XCOM: Enemy Unknown* Games On Demand 75%
XCOM: Enemy Within* Games On Demand 75%
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel* Games On Demand 50%
Mafia II* Games On Demand 75%
The Darkness* Games On Demand 75%
WWE 2K15 Games On Demand 33%
BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea – Episode 1 Add-On 50%
BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea – Episode 2 Add-On 50%
Bioshock Infinite – Clash in the Clouds Add-On 50%
Bioshock Infinite – Columbia’s Finest Pack Add-On 50%
Borderlands 2 Games On Demand 67%
Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Add-On 50%
Borderlands 2 Pyscho Pack Add-On 50%
Borderlands 2 Headhunter 1: Bloody Harvest Add-On 50%
Borderlands TPS: Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack Add-On 25%
Borderlands TPS: UVHUP & Holodome Onslaught Add-On 25%
Spec Ops: The Line Games On Demand 75%
Mafia II: Jimmy’s Vendetta Pack Add-On 50%
Mafia II: Joe’s Adventure Add-On 50%
BioShock Games On Demand 75%
BioShock 2 Games On Demand 75%
BioShock 2 Minerva’s Den Add-On 75%
Duke Nukem Forever Games On Demand 75%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.

*These deals are available for Xbox Live Gold members only.


117 thoughts on “This Week’s Deals for Xbox Live Members

    1. I don’t think American realise that we also speak English. 🙂 I think they just believe that the questions and whatnot aren’t UK friendly. Most of them refer to American things. So it wouldn’t be such a great experience.

    2. I saw a posting on the official YDKJ Facebook page where someone had asked about the UK. The YDKJ folks replied that the game has not been rated by PEGI yet, and it’s required for UK release.

      1. But for some it just can’t be anything other than evil Americans and their companies who “ignore the rest of the world” and treat everyone who isn’t from the States like second rate customers. 🙂

  1. I will be getting the DLC for Bioshoick Infinite that wasn’t on sale during the Holiday sale and also the Mafia II DLCs. Good deals for me this week. Thanks!

    Also, the fact that you can’t self-publish on the 360 is why the Jackbox pack isn’t availabe on that console…but I wish it was. That is all.

    1. The 4 DLC packs cost almost as much as the Bioshock Infinite season pass, which isn’t on sale. I think I’ll wait.

      The Mafia II DLC might be a good deal, though. It isn’t on sale very often.

      1. The DLCs for Bioshock Infinite were discounted enough during the Holiday sale that I think I figured it was cheaper to buy them individually and wait for sales like this one for the rest of what was included in the Season Pass. Hopefully I calculated correctly and didn’t overspend.

      2. you were actually able to get the download going, right? the permalink here and the xbox live page for it are both down. do you think this is because so many people are downloading it and it crashed the server or something?

      3. Yes, I was able to download DLC for Bioshock Infinite last night. It was going pretty well for a while, but then near around 75% complete, it really slowed down. But, it finished the download just fine.

      4. ha, it seems that the site is just phasing in and out. i was able to get burial at sea pt 1. and when i got done with that one i went for part 2 but it did the same thing as when i first tried. it wouldn’t even load the purchase confirmation page. weird stuffs…

  2. It’s dejavu with the 360. For a moment, I actually had to look at the date and see that this was the most recent sale. I could have sworn they offered almost the exact same games about a month ago, either as a regular sale, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday, or the 12 days leading to the new year sale.

    Oh, I’m still angry Jackbox Party Pack “can’t” be available for the 360. I looooove the Jack game they have, but even after 4 expansions, it’s done.

  3. Wow such great deals this week! Jack bok is such a good party game and using twitch stream you can even play with your friends who don’t own the game! I also just bought never alone because it looks like a game I would like. As for 360, all bioshock stuff is goof if you don’t have it already. Darkness is good, I hear good things about Mafia 2, I personally Love Duke Nukem and it is totally worth the price.

    1. Thye have already stated that they would need to start from scratch almost to port the borderlands 2 engine to the new generation… they didn’t say never, but they did say highly unlikely.

      1. Yeah I recall seeing a borderlands remastered pop up on a website not too long ago then quickly taken down.. it would be very surprising to me actually if they don’t port it. Especially with how well all these remasters have been doing on the new gen consoles. I don’t see how porting borderlands would be any more difficult than the countless other last Gen games that were ported.

        Anyway if take2 believes it can make a good profit by doing it you can bet on it happening !

  4. Should I buy both Xcom: Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within?
    I hear that one should buy both versions but then i hear that you should only buy one instead of the other.

    1. Enemy Within is the same game as Enemy Unknown plus a new faction. If you can only get one, that is the one to get. But if you want to see how the game is changed, then get both. I am not very far into EW and cannot see the differences yet.

    2. enemy within is the same as unknown but with all bonus addons and new classes. so considering they are the same price go with enemy within 10 dollars is a great price

    3. Everyone below answered which one to buy but I just wanted to add in that it’s a must buy and at this price for sure. Anything Sid Myer has his hand in is amazing. Firaxis is his company.

  5. A very great sale! I am gonna be talking about games that I have.
    Mafia II, you definately should buy this if you didn’t.
    Duke Nukem Forever, a great and very enjoyable to complete.
    Spec Ops The Line, I bought it from the extended countdown sale, and I just started it and I can say that is very awesome!

    1. you actually liked Duke Nukem Forever? the others you mentioned are great but that one is just horrible. lol someone will be mighty upset if they took your word on that one.

      1. Its an Above Average shooter with working controls in my opinion.
        What makes Spec ops a superb game is the city of Dubai, Story and characters (also the illusion of choice worked well). Great VA as well.

      2. You don’t exactly help the stereotype that call of duty fans have no idea about games.

        How anyone could find that game enjoyable and a great game is crazy. What next, ET the video game was a great game?

      3. Agreed, there’s nothing wrong in liking DNF, but recommanding it is wrong.
        I liked Sonic 2006 but I’d never recommand it because I know it’s terrible.

      4. I would, but you’re recommending one of the worst games to release since ET the video game. You can like the game ( although I don’t understand why ) but to recommend the game to others is crazy.

  6. Borderlands 2 – September release, season pass on sale by xmas. Borderlands TPS, October release – no season pass discounts, but discounts that might make the season pass an unworthy purchase in the future if the last 2 dlcs go on sale too when they are out.

  7. In other news, my second 360 to have gone ‘open tray‘ occured this week. My first was 3 days after my refurb from red ring limited warranty was up. You’re going to have to have to have a massive sale on them before I sign up to re-download all the content on 2 accounts again. It took hours last time and i likely have more than double the content now.

    1. Check with your internet service provider and make sure you don’t have a cap on your data plan. I was charged $20 for going over my limit (I didn’t know I had a limit). I replaced my 360 with the new E Series 500GB system and had to re-download everything. I think some of the data was part of the old billing cycle. Otherwise, I might have been charged more on my recent bill. I have AT&T DSL.

      Xbone games are massive downloads. I did a quick search and found out that NBA 2K14 is 43 GB. People are playing games online and watching streaming movies more often. I hate to think what will happen to Internet bills when people are watching TV all day with that upcoming app (I forgot the name).

    1. Yeah I’ve been wanting to check this game out, and the fact it’s inspired by American Indian culture working closely with them on the game has me wanting to push that buy button. Might just get it with that deal

  8. Good sale. I’ve spent today the same money amount as all the countdown days + week sales together from last christmas (which were very lackluster individually).

      1. I don’t think so. Glad you liked it though, at least you bought more than myself, I guess. The majority were repeated sales for games that were discounted not many time before, so a big part of the people that wanted those games already owned them. There always are exceptions though.

      1. i would also recommend that unless Gearbox screws that plan by adding only code vouchers instead of on-disc dlc just like their borderlands 1 goty edition.

      2. He is talking about Borderlands 2, the GotY edition has an on disk dlc. I had the standard copy and borrowed a friend’s disk 2 from the GotY edition and got all the DLC except the Headhunter packs. It has been out for a while

  9. Ha funny i saw a preowned duke nukem for 2 pounds and dark void for a pound during the xmas season and i still said no. but i did get a preowned UFC undisputed 3 for a pound, fuse for 51 pence binary domain for 2.50 and far cry 2 for 2 pounds and didn’t have to lose any memory space.

  10. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix is legendary!! recommend, the last REAL Streetfighter game with fast inputs/frames with 2d sprites, IV sucks so bad, sony can keep V for as long as they like

      1. Takes more than one or two people to flag a comment to get it removed, but yeah, I’ve noticed comments being removed for moderation for some reason.

      2. It’s a sad sad world. Flagging wouldn’t be a big deal if they were monitored more than once every few days. Should be monitored a few times a day IMHO

      1. Yep it’s a known issue.

        “Are you having difficulties making purchases on the Xbox Store? We’re
        working to correct this right away! Thanks for staying patient. We’ll
        update you on our progress in 30 minutes.”

    1. Known issue.

      “Are you having difficulties making purchases on the Xbox Store? We’re
      working to correct this right away! Thanks for staying patient. We’ll
      update you on our progress in 30 minutes.”

    1. It’s a known issue as stated on another post.

      “Are you having difficulties making purchases on the Xbox Store? We’re
      working to correct this right away! Thanks for staying patient. We’ll
      update you on our progress in 30 minutes.”

    1. It’s a known issue.

      “Are you having difficulties making purchases on the Xbox Store? We’re
      working to correct this right away! Thanks for staying patient. We’ll
      update you on our progress in 30 minutes.”

      1. I just had room for it and I’m using 2 250 GB HDD and 2 32GB Flash drives and even a 16GB Flash drive. I own way to many digital games. I don’t have all I own downloaded at this time due to space restraints. LOL

  11. What happened to the games? I bought the Bioshocks and Spec Ops from the Hungarian xbox live, yet they are not available there anymore. In fact, none of the 2k games are available… What a great way to sell something… “you can’t buy it there”. And piracy is the cause of everything, right… PC > xbox

    1. At this moment:

      Xbox Live service alert. See details >

      Purchase and Content Usage Limited
      Social and Gaming Limited

      This might be the cause… But I’m just guessing here… I was able to buy these games earlier, but some descriptions (for example for Bioshock) or some extras (for example for Bioshock 2) are not shown at the moment.

      I know some people had problems earlier this day with downloading Witcher 2, which is available to GOLD member free of additional charge.

      Let’s hope it’s just a minor problem.

  12. So my partner and I each purchased and downloaded deal of the week with Gold Borderlands The Presequel. We enjoy playing co-op games together, but another download, the Compatibility Pack is required to do so. When we have tried to do this over the past 2 days, we are unable to do so and get a Microsoft server error 800700E8. Yes we have checked our network, emptied our caches, and checked our XBox live connection. What’s up? We need this to be able to play together! Also we were considering the add-ons that are on sale this week, but need to have a usable game before spending more money!! Help!!!

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