Join us for a G+ Hangout this week

Instead of recording a podcast this week, join @thevowel, @jeffrubenstein, @lauralollipop and me this Thursday night, January 22nd at 9p ET/6p PT as we get together and talk about news from this week’s Windows 10 event including our thoughts on the Xbox app and HoloLens.

Find all of the details at my Google+ page  or click the video below once we’re live and watch it from here.

Click here to find out what time the Hangout starts in your time zone.

45 thoughts on “Join us for a G+ Hangout this week

    1. Both e and Jeff are heading to San Antonio for PAX South, so they would not be in the studio. I want to have us all together so Laura can chat about her new project. Hangouts can be done when we are not together….Podcasts can only be done (with quality) when we are all in the same place.

      1. fair enough….. I would think with all the travel routers you all buy, you could get good quality in a Skype call and make a podcast.

      2. that brings up another issue entirely. as important as the internet is to the world, especially when it comes to business, and the fact that America has more money than anyone, it’s irritating how hit and miss our internet still is.

  1. About Xbox One store , do we get an update in 2015 ??
    With more search functions please! like arcade, fantasy, action, sport, etc.
    And bigger pictures when scrolling through “all games” in xbox store.
    And why are we seeing the same game cover over and over again in the store.
    Instead, why not make an edition/version button under every game when you buy a game in the store?.
    btw. this is not hate. i love my Xbox One. i just think the store needs to be updated.

    1. Completely agree on the multiple cover issue, I have been saying this since the 360, with a whole wall of Rock Band dlc making it difficult to find other new releases etc

  2. wow!
    I’m really looking foward Hololens.
    Just imagine playing halo (using xbox one streaming) and simulating a 150 inch TV with hololens!
    that would be awesome!

  3. e didn’t quite answer the question about the wireless Xbox One controller support. The question was when will we be able to use our XO controllers wirelessly on our PCs? Major?

      1. Not quite.

        The link that e tweeted is for drivers that allow you to use the Wireless Xbox One controller through an USB cable.

        MassRoots is questioning about a way to use the controller without any wires.

      2. Exactly! I thought the question was pretty straight forward. Being able to use my XO controller wirelessly on my Surface is a must! Especially when Windows 10 launches.

  4. Question about the Hololens;
    Taking for granted it will be compatible with the Xbox One (can’t wait for E3 this year)
    However the difference between VR & AR is blatant. But, couldn’t MS simply make an solid blocker like cover? Allowing VR games to be playable on the X1.
    That is AR is transparent, you can see both real world and virtual at same time. Where as VR you can only see what’s in your viewer.
    So for example, what if in addition to the Hololens you had a set of 7.2 surround headphones with a solid visor that slid down over the transparent glass, thus creating a VR Headset at the cost of a piece of plastic.

    1. They should make the outer lens a shading LCD matrix. That way it can shade to complete black and you basically have your VR headset. It’s low power (just like an old LCD watch), but it will drive the cost up more. The ambient light seeping through the sides will help reduce eyestrain in the end as well (it’s THE major issue with Oculus type devices at the moment other than the still visible pixels)..

      Still a bit on the fence about buying a dedicated HMD though, but if it’s done well enough for the right price, I might bite.

    2. Hololense is NOT VR though, it’s completely different as it augments your surroundings through the glasses. Why would you wear a VR helmet with cameras showing you your surroundings when head tracking tech still isn’t spot on yet?

      I could care less about VR as it will last about as long as 3D has, it was cool for a minute, now no one cares about it anymore. The same will happen to VR. I predict that 1 month after everyone buys a VR helmet it will be sitting on a shelf collecting dust because there’s next to no good software for it. The big dev’s aren’t going to dive in until it’s a commercial success, which it wont be.

      1. I realize it’s not a VR Headset, that’s why I asked if a “clip-on visor” could make into one.
        As for how ‘you couldn’t care less’, that’s just it, it’s you.
        The Minecraft tech demo looked awesome, no doubt. But what of games like COD, Titanfall, or something like Skyrim? Where Total Immersion would be best.
        Topping off that are games that are in production? Such as Adr1ft
        Due out on Xbox One, it’s firstly a pc/Oculus VR game.
        Fact is A LOT of people want Xbox VR, all I was doing was asking IF a solid face plate blocking the real world, (leaving you with the projection images only) would make in into a VR Headset?
        Though if they could do mine with TheHeraldOfDeath’s suggestion (below) that would be awesome.

  5. Laura is as adorable as they come. She’s like a kid in a candy store. HoloLens is cool as hell, and I’m happy for her that she got to work on something so interesting. Really, I’m as excited as she seems to be. Ever since seeing holograms in cartoons and movies as a kid, I’ve been waiting for the day a company would come up with some way for the public to get to use them, and there is no better company than Microsoft to make that product. I will definitely be buying a HoloLens.

      1. nope. I will pay in US currency, and they won’t cost that much. If they do, Microsoft is going to have a very tough time selling them.

      2. Are you serious? dude. You are going to pay for a thing never happened before, and you are thinking paying only 200 dollars or something? Hell no.

      3. I can see both your points, while I wish and hope the price won’t exceed 3 digits. Fact is there’s some serious tech in the hood.
        But on the flipside of that is that if it does take off then advancements will be made and consumers will need to upgrade, in which MS should keep the cost low.
        (though it didn’t stop Apple and their pricey iphone turnover)

  6. For people skeptic about how well the HoloLens are going to work:

    Just watched the On Sight (the project Laura has been working on) video on the HoloLens website. And NASA is going to use the technology to control hovers in Mars this July.

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