REMINDER: Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Announcement and Live Stream

EA and Visceral Games are hosting an open multiplayer beta for Battlefield Hardline from February 3 to February 8 and I will be joining the developers in game while live streaming all of the action.

The open beta will be available to players around the world on a variety of platforms including the Xbox One and Xbox 360 and will feature three different maps and modes highlighting this all-new cops vs. criminals Battlefield multiplayer experience. For more information about the open beta, check out the official announcement here.

The stream is scheduled for Tuesday, February 3rd at 3p ET/12p PT and will be streamed live here.

Battlefield Hardline will be available starting March 17 and players can pre-order Battlefield Hardline now by visiting the official Battlefield website. And if you have EA Access, you will be able to play the game first – Battlefield Hardline will be available starting March 12 (five days prior to its official release date) for EA Accesss members, only on Xbox One.

45 thoughts on “REMINDER: Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Announcement and Live Stream

  1. Have had a lot of fun with BF4 recently. Loving the big open battlefields with tanks, etc. and the variety of action. If this game has that feel for me, big battles and variety, I might actually pick this up day one.

    1. i never liked the beta and never bought destiny LOL…Dragon age 100+ hours and still enjoying it. Now 2nd Assault DLC is free on EA access so some more BF4 to enjoy.

    1. By that logic you should never buy a bunch of franchise games like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, FIFA, Forza … there’s always going to be another one a year or two down the line,

      1. There’s always going to be another iteration in some form or another every other year. The main title then a different studio on a different title.

    1. i am starting to feel like that (not interested) about all games. i am hoping No Man’s Sky will change that. everything is starting to feel the same.

  2. I played the alpha/beta thing on the ps4 for like 30min and deleted it. It just wasn’t that interesting to me. Although I’m staying away from anything Battlefield related for a good long while.

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