Another Chance to Buy Xbox One with Kinect at $449

With the new year well underway and an exciting lineup of blockbuster titles available in 2015, we wanted to bring yet another opportunity for Xbox fans to get your hands on an Xbox One with Kinect for the special price of $449. For two weeks, starting Sunday, Feb. 8 through Saturday, Feb. 21, fans will receive $50 off any Xbox One with Kinect in the U.S. at most major national retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart, as well as Microsoft Stores.

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If you’ve already taken advantage of the special pricing for Xbox One or Xbox One with Kinect, we’ve also got a fantastic lineup of Xbox One games available. Only on Xbox One can you play exclusive games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Sunset Overdrive, Dance Central Spotlight and Forza Horizon 2, along with the newest third-party blockbusters such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny, Far Cry 4 and the highly-anticipated Evolve, which comes to Xbox One next Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Don’t forget, the limited-time pricing of $50 off any Xbox One (without Kinect), at $349, is also available, so check with your local retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart, as well as Microsoft Stores) for more details and grab these deals while you can.

11 thoughts on “Another Chance to Buy Xbox One with Kinect at $449

    1. Kinect is awesome. I’ll never buy another console without it. Microsoft really needs to promote it more. There have been some great Kinect games recently: Fantasia, Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Dance Central Spotlight, Just Dance, and Xbox Fitness are all superb. Kinect Sports Rivals is also good. What I really want, though, is a re-release of Child of Eden, with updated Kinect 2 controls. That’d be amazing.

      1. Voice commands that could easily be done with the free included mic or 3rd party mic is worth the extra $150 to you? Ir blaster for controlling your tv when the system comes with hdmi-cec support which controls devices plugged in through hdmi (hdmi is only way to connect the xbox one by the way) except they disabled it for another bullet point on the kinect. The only thing the kinect can do that you can’t do just as easily without it is the camera part, but seriously, how many people actually use the camera? Everyone i know and everyone i have seen talking about the kinect just block the camera and use it just for voice commands.

  1. Sorry, but the Kinect is completely useless. There is a reason that sales flopped and Microsoft was forced to release a kinectless bundle even after swearing up and down it would NEVER be sold without. To each their own though.

  2. Just keep it at $450, I work at a game retailer and it is very hard to sell the kinect. NOBODY wants it. I personally love having it and try to tell people it is worth it, but nobody wants it

    1. One of my jobs,I too work at a retailer,Best Buy. When a family walks in,I’m talking wife,husband,children and they start to inquire about a console.
      It’s the X1 and WiiU that draws their attention every time. The aspect of of taking the game from TV to the tablet so they kid can play the game while they watch TV usually gets their attention, but more than often it’s over shadowed by the functionality & intuitiveness of the Kinect combined with this “All in One” device.
      Once I see they are drawn to the X1, it isn’t hard to close that sale.
      It’s honestly isn’t hard to convince a family to get that bundle.
      It sales itself.

      Now the gaming demographic which I imagine is more common at a Gamestop, who just wants to sit and play the game with a controller, now..MOST of them don’t want Kinect and require very little insight on which Console to get, but they often ask Which Console is my preference is why.

      I use my Kinect pretty often. It’s generally Xbox On,Sign in, whatever app(Hulu or Netflix lol) or game, then telling it to cut off when I’m getting sleep watching Netflix/Hulu.
      I use it as often as I use Cortana on my phone.

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