Activity Feed and Suggested Friends Feature Now Available at

I’m happy to share some cool new features already available on to enhance how you discover and interact with your family, friends and fellow gamers:

Activity Feed: You can see everything on your feed, make text posts, and like, comment on, and share feed items directly from your browser.

Suggested Friends: This feature will help you expand your friends network and find new people to play on Xbox Live with.

As always, if you want to leave feedback on these new features or propose something completely new, head over to Xbox Feedback.

27 thoughts on “Activity Feed and Suggested Friends Feature Now Available at

      1. I would rather have it compare something like the achievements I have with the achievements they have. Right now it just is offering me to follow people based on them following me.

        I would also like to know who it thinks should follow me which is information that is not presented.

        Oh well just stuff that they can work on towards the future.

  1. Off subject:

    Anyone else notice that flagged posts are getting approved faster?

    Love the countermeasure and it works for me. Whoever is approving them faster I’ll send you some candy for V-Day.

  2. Hopefully this helps to troubleshoot the Xbox App when it hits with Win10 later this year. I’ve used it a bit in the most recent build, but it still freezes every so often (though that could be the OS itself). Either way, looking forward to more cross-platform integration.

      1. I got my wife flowers but she was hoping for Dragon Age Inquisition for the One.

        One year I also got her Darksiders which she was very happy with.

      2. Catherine, Dante Inferno and maybe a good co-op game like Army of Two or RE5 would make a good valentine day sales. and speaking of sales, any idea when the Spring Xbox Live Ultimate Sales is gonna start?

      3. Since the multiplayer portion of Army of Two was killed years ago by EA, it would actually be insulting to put that game on sale and cause nothing but problems for Microsoft once those that bought it found this out. I don’t recall Microsoft ever featuring a game on sale which had a dead multiplayer portion.

        And of those you list, Catherine is the only one that might fit into a Valentine’s Day theme.

  3. Still waiting for the ability of playing personal music over video games as we were able to on the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One. #facepalm Xbox One: welcome to a nerfed generation of consoles.

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