This Week’s Deals with Gold

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 09 March 2015.

Xbox One


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Xbox One Game 50%
Assassin’s Creed Unity Xbox One Game 33%
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut Xbox One Game 50%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

Xbox 360


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Bully Scholarship Edition Games On Demand 75%
L.A. Noire Games On Demand 75%
Midnight Club LA Games On Demand 75%
Max Payne 3 Games On Demand 75%
Red Dead Redemption Games On Demand 75%
Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass Add-On 75%
The Amazing Spider-Man Games On Demand 63%
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Games On Demand 60%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.


139 thoughts on “This Week’s Deals with Gold

  1. Sigh…nothing of interest for me this week. Sure would like to see some Xbox 360 XBLA sales soon rather than these repeated sales that seem to pop up every few months. Hope there are some good deals for others. As for me, my banked money will remain “as is”. Here’s to hoping next week will be of more interest.

    1. I got a weird message about the game not downloading because the license belonged to a different console, which was odd since I have never purchased the game before. Fortunately after selecting the option to attempt to download it from the error message, everything went through and the game is playable. Is that something like what you are experiencing, or is the game just not downloading, or not playing and you are attempting deleting and re-installing to fix the problem?

      1. i downloaded the game , when i try to play it”s telling me to download the game again because it”s not working. i tried to download again 2 more times , but still the same thing.

      2. Are you getting an error code? I have never heard of an error message that says to download a game again because it isn’t working. Me not having heard of one doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it is just new to me so I wouldn’t be of much help. However if you are getting an error code there is a page on the Xbox website where you can enter it and it will direct you to support pages and explain the potential problem in detail.

    2. I’ve changed my HD and had several problems re-downloading some games.

      After several contacts with the support, the troubleshoot below helped me:

      After deleting the game…
      – Clean console’s cache (3 times);
      – Turn off the console, unplug everything (HDD, every cable, Kinect) wait for some minutes and then plug everything again. Turn on the console;
      – Try to download into a flash drive and, then, move to the console;
      – Delete your account (only the account, not its content) and re-download it.

      I guess there’s no need to follow all the steps. Try each one separately.

      With most of the games, those steps helped me.
      Finally, I couldn’t download 4 of them, but this is due to account region. I will need to migrate back to my ex-region, download those games and, then, again move to my actual place (I’ve changed country. This is a pain for Xbox owners).

      1. I guess you’ll be happy to know that it’s super straight forward on the Xbox One.
        I suffer the same problems as you in the 360, but in the one you can change regions from the console menu, so it’s easier to download content bought in another country.

      2. That’s really good news…

        Anyway, so far, I’m playing on the other side on the current generation… 🙂

        But, of course, my X360 was not forgotten. Still lots to do…

    3. Don’t delete the game but check to see if any content on your Xbox harddrive is corrupted showing yellow notifications with a Exclamation point. Delete the content with a yellow notification then try redownloading again. After finding the corrupt file it allowed me to download Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Witcher 2.

      1. “Check to see if any content on your Xbox hard drive is corrupted showing yellow notifications with a Exclamation point” only TR is like that after i finish to download it .

      2. Hmm- well if there isn’t any yellow notifications other than the game itself- maybe it could be the hard drive corrupt. Usually it’s the caches files stopping them but guess could be other reasons.

        By any chance can you download other content besides Tomb Raider onto your hard drive?

    1. I would absolutely buy that game, but having just got Rayman Legends for free it seems too much platforming for too little time. Maybe next time it gets on sale..

      1. Those games are excellent but, I don’t know… we could have more variety. Feels that once a month we see a Rockstar sale.

        For the amount of times they were on “Deals with Gold”, most of people who wanted them have already bought. Or, if they REALLY wanted, I guess they’ve got a physical copy as cheap as they are now with the sale price 🙂

        Just wondering…

      2. These ar the things they have on table, they put them. Just in case you didn’t know, game prices aren’t on Microsoft’s control.

      3. Exactly.

        I can’t recall ho many times exactly they had these games on sale, but safe to say it’s been around a dozen times over the years.

    1. why not get a preowned midnight club la complete edition ( all dlcs on disc) from amazon instead. you will be saving yourself money, internet bandwidth and memory space.

      1. Well I live in EU. This is cheaper, I have enough memory and I probably have the best internet in EU. Anyway, thanks for the advice! Oh, and I prefer discs over digital but this offer is too good

      2. yeah but the southcentral dlc cost over 8 pounds which is why buying the complete edition that is about 4-5 pounds would be a great bargain.

  2. AC: Unity, £36? on cdkeys dot com you get the same digital download for <£12. (And yes, you need a card or paypal, sorry, but its still 1/3 of this temporary sale price for the same product).

  3. This sale is ok, I am not going to complain. However what I am REALLY hoping to start seeing is some good sales on 360 arcade games, especially ones that have not been on sale before, or at least haven’t been often. The reason is because I am worried that eventually when XBL service cuts out permanently I will forever miss out on any arcade games that I may have wanted to play but haven’t gotten because of hoping the price will go down.

    I know some of you are thinking that the developers of games deserve for me to pay full price for games I want to play, and you are right. I just can’t afford to buy full price for every game I am interested in, so these sales are so great for me! I make a full price purchase when I can for some games,but without sales and used games I would not be able to play most games. I am sure I am not the only one, and i hope you realize we are out here.

    So, Major, I hope this feedback reaches you and can make a difference! The arcade titles are the ones that I would be really excited to see go on sale, especially since the sales can get so repetitive. They have been awesome lately, but still. I have every rockstar title I want!

      1. Nah, people like me and others still like them. Sorry that you don’t. Some srcade games are better than recent junk that has been released~

      2. It’s funny, by your statement you are kind of agreeing with me. I said -some- games. Not most. You said -most- which means not all XD

      3. Yeah I see where you are coming from and am glad you have liked a few. I don’t alike a lot of the Arcade games either (at least most are better than indie *shudders*) but there are so many to try and I am sure you haven’t played all. Maybe something you didn’t care about will be something you like? Anyways, if arcade games ever go on sale and there is a good game, I’ll let you know so you can draw your own conclusion from vids or something 🙂
        Take care for now though ^_^

  4. The Cover art of Red Dead Redemption does not do justice to actual game itself. a first-timer might mistake it for a shallow wild west 3rd person shooter from the look of the cover art.

    1. Neither does the first few hours of game play, apparently… My fiancee swears by that game and I can tell it is amazing for what it is… but I haven’t been able to force myself past the beginning with all the horse riding. One of these days I am going to sit down and make myself play it cause I know I am missing out.

      1. you do that. i really enjoyed this game and the undead nightmare dlc was really something. 7th gen is about to come to an end, don’t miss out on one of it’s best before it becomes slightly obsolete like San andreas.

    2. Red Dead Redemption cover art is pretty good, it shows the main character with a western kind of look. But I agree someone can always make a mistake in thinking it looks cheap. Red Dead Redemption is one of the greatest games ever to be made, especially for 360

      1. I’ll answer that when I get home tonight, I’ve heard good things from those that have played it though

        If anyone reading this has played it, help out

      2. I’ve played it for a LONG time and am getting near to getting all the achievements. It’s a REALLY good game.

        The gameplay is fun and challenging. The beginning levels are pretty easy, but the levels get hard in the later worlds. Nothing that I’ve played has felt too challenging though. Basically you can switch between red giana and yellow giana. Yellow giana can twirl and kinda float through the air while red giana can do a really fast dash. If you get a kill on an enemy your dash/twirl will reset, but if you don’t you can’t use it again until you hit the ground. It creates some fun and challenging gameplay. If you enjoy the game you can play through the whole thing and while the levels get challenging, you get checkpoints fairly often and anyone can get through them, even if you have a lot of deaths.

        If you REALLY enjoy the game though there are many options to ramp up the difficulty. There’s a time attack mode where you have to beat the level in under a certain time and a score attack mode where you have to get points by collecting the gems and killing enemies. Those two are fairly easy compared to the other modes, but they can still offer a nice challenge if you don’t want to go for everything. There’s also an achievement for beating the game in hardcore mode. In hardcore you restart from the beginning of a level if you die. It’s still doable, but some levels are tough to do perfectly.

        There’s also an uber hardcore mode where you have to do the WHOLE game with one life, although there’s thankfully no achievement for that.

        There’s also achievements for collecting all gems and getting 5 stars on each level. This is a bit of a pain as there are a lot of areas that are hidden fairly well and you may never find without a guide. I’ve been doing the game completely on my own for the most part, but there have been a couple times where I’ve watched a guide and seen where the last hidden area is for a level and just though “SERIOUSLY? WHO IS EVER GOING TO FIND THAT?” They’re mostly reasonable, but a couple of them are just silly. It’s a minor complaint that some gems are hidden in places that are that difficult to find, but it still is a complaint. One of these areas I found by myself just by dumb luck, and I’m completely convinced that anyone who found the other couple areas also found it by dumb luck.

        The art style is very nice. The whole style changes when you switch from red to yellow Giana. It’s a nice atmosphere and it just looks fun. It’s kind of like borderlands (not the actual style, the fun part). Borderlands isn’t all fancy or anything, it just gives the impression that they’re not trying to be incredibly serious about the game and they’re just trying to have fun.

        It is a pain to get all achievements. Like I said, you need a hardcore run, a time trial run, a score attack run, a 5 star run, and collect all the gems on a level. Fortunately the 5 stars and all gems can be obtained on one of the other modes. However, there have been times where I’ve done my time trial run with 0 deaths or done my hardcore run incredibly fast, but you still have to do the other mode even if you actually accomplished that objective.

        There’s a lot of variety in the level design and boss design. I’ve never really felt like I’m playing the same level again. There are 33 levels that will take a while to complete even if you aren’t going for all the extra challenges. Definitely worth $7.50.

        If anyone wants to see some gameplay I’d be happy to stream the game for about an hour in the early evening. I have a Destiny raiding session at 8 PM mountain time, but I could be on earlier.

  5. Am I the only one who has never really liked any of Rockstars games (besides MC and RDR)? Anyways I hope people find some sales they like here. I don’t really like anything. I might get Unity or Giana Sisters for the X1, but idk.

    1. I’ve never liked GTA games, and their made my rockstar… so I’m with you on not liking most of their games. Although RDR was awesome. (maybe cuz I love westerns)

      1. Exactly. I hate GTA and kind of feel most of its market is Wanna be gansta’s or little kids (or adults) that think it makes them cool lol
        There are some decent aspect to the GTA but I just don’t understand the hype at all. Sorry to the people who actually like these games if I insulted you.
        I feel LA Noir was more of a tech demo for facial animation whatnot, and I never liked Max Payne though I keep wanting to give it another shot. I loved Red Dead because, well, it was great, even though the western setting turned me off initially. Midnight club was one of my first racing games (woohoo dub edition remix!) and so I love those always.

      2. I really find you wrong on the GTA franchise opinions! There are many people who just buy the game to feel free you know! The GTA games gives so much freedom that you can do everything! I mean come on, just try playing GTA V or IV if you haven’t, and you will see what I mean. The GTA games have great music and also great sceneries that you really want to explore. Give them a shot, please?

      3. I own GTAV and while the campaign is ok, I think the multiplayer blows. GTAIV was extremely boring. I honestly prefer Saints Row 3 XD
        Sorry!!! Haha

  6. these prices are back to being a joke. Until digital ‘sales’ are cheaper than standard physical prices, there is no way in hell I’d ever consider them

  7. Would anyone recommend unity at that price? I was never really fond of assassins creeds mission structure but did find combat and parkour semi-fun. Something that had me interested is the actual stealth of this game. That said, having parkour and stealth be the main draw to me, is this a buy? At what price should I get it at? What bugs are still present and what playable state is it in? Thank you in advance

      1. Actually foind a code for for $20 on CDkeys. Only unity (don’t want to replay black flag) so I was wondering, CDkeys is region free or it only works in certain regions? I’m in U.S. btw. Thanks!

    1. Gamedealdaily sells it for $20 US and BoxedDeal sells Unity and Black Flag together for $25 US. Black Flag is also available separately for $8 US. The codes work for Canadians as well. They also show up in your email instantly after purchasing.

      1. I could be completely wrong. Wouldn’t mind a digital version of GTA 5, or just a copy in general of GTA 4. It could be anything, there is supposed to be four games and I am hoping it will be like the last few months where I don’t own any of the games.

      2. Are you kidding now? Never GTA V will be a free game at least now! I was talking about GTA IV, but still I wouldn’t like it, because I already have it and its DLC and I got burned the discs.

  8. These Rockstar games seem to pop up very frequently – maybe a permenant price drop would be a better idea. Then focus on fresher deals.

    As for me, i would definitely pick up Spider-man for Xbox One, but i’ll wait until it’s below $20.

      1. Burden, jump off the high horse and enlighten us, or step aside and let the grown ups talk.

        Rockstar puts a game on Xbox Live for $50. Microsoft wants their cut of the pie, so they require $10 for every unit sold. So, does Microsoft cut their $10 to drive sales or does Rockstar? Or would they both take a cut?
        And what if EA wanted to have a Publisher sale at the same time? Who would take precedent?
        And what about ‘Ultimate Game Sales’? Does MS send out a blanket email to all publishers asking to contribute but take a loss on their product?

      2. When you get a clue how things work in the real world, let us know. You’ve stated nothing here that is relevant or remotely makes sense.

        Both Microsoft and the publishers will get together to decide and schedule their sales, but it is the publisher who has the final say on what they sell THEIR games at as Microsoft does not own them or have control over them. This is nothing like the physical market where the retailer pays for the product, but if they want to move excess units can have a sale since they already paid for the product.

      3. Aw yes, more insults and then a completely contradictory statement. You are quite delusional.

        You have ZERO evidence to prove that publishers decide the price. Like most of your comments on here, you just guess. I like to back up my comments with facts.

        Sony, in 2014, stated that they work with publishers to determine the price. And both publisher and platform get a cut. So, my question was: who takes a hit on their cut for a sale? Is it the publisher, platform or both? If it’s the platform (like Microsoft), then maybe they’ll forgo their cut to drop the price – which would mean they are dictating the sale – and not the publisher.

        I know these are complicated concepts for you. Us adults who actually work for a living usually dig a bit deeper and don’t just troll around.

      4. You are dense as you just basically backed up my statement there with your SONY example. Both the platform holder and the publishers will work to set prices, both standard and sale prices. But the publisher has the final say in the final price AS IT IS THEIR PROPERTY – not Microsoft’s. Do you honestly think Microsoft lowers Rockstar prices for sales of their own accord and TakeTwo/Rockstar would stand for it? Absolutely not, they agree to the sales and are more lenient than other publishers like Activision (which rarely has any sales with the exception of Ghosts last year due to its lower sales figures). Another fine example of the publisher deciding the sale was the recent Lords of the Fallen sale where it was up briefly before being pulled, where the PUBLISHER said this games was NOT to have been on sale.

        Your comment about “who takes a hit” is preposterous and makes no difference. The store (Microsoft) does not get a set amount, they get a percentage of the total. When the item goes on sale, they have the same percentage but a lower total per title – and make up for it in volume.

        Now kindly quit being hypocritical and launching insults yourself, especially since you have no idea what you are talking about or how retail business works. I’ve explained it the best I can, but you can go ahead and live in a state of delusion if you like.

      5. Thank you for clarifying. I’m not asking these questions because i’m some idiot – i want to know.

        I felt your initial comments were insulting so I replied in kind. I’m just a fellow gamer looking for answers, not arguements.

      6. It’s all good, my comments were never meant to be insulting – a little combative since I was insulted first but its all water under the bridge. For me, these were common sense/knowledge as I have had years working in online retail as well as in brick and mortar sales, while the majority of people may not realize these things that I and others with similar experience take for granted.

      7. I hear ya. It’s been almost a decade since i’ve been in video game retail. Now i’m in investments/finance – so learning about digital distribution and publisher/developer/platform profits is part hobby and part career.

    1. Not on digital. Those prices on consoles will always remain high because they can. Then have sales repeatedly on them.

      I have seen the retail price on many digital games hover at $20 for a year all while the Xbox digital version is $30-$40. And the games are on shelves as I see them at Gamestop, Wal-Mart, and other places. The digital though has a “sale” that brings the price in line with retail and occasionally a little lower. That is the digital future. If any of the people I know in the game industry, and they all say it, are correct then digital only will allow them to keep prices up. Then these sales can be utilized once sales drop enough to occasionally pull more people in. That all without dropping as far as they do now. Retail is holding that back currently since you can find games cheaper at retail many times currently.

      1. Unfortunately, what you say sounds very likely. Once we go full digital, we give up so much control as consumers since our options are reduced to one option.

        The only saving grace might be competition between platforms. This is why I really hope Nintendo improves their console marketshare – to increase competition.

    2. to spare you all from the ignorant michael burden replies below, i’ll share what i found in researching this:

      “Both Sony and Microsoft do not set the price of third-party games on their digital stores, but they do control factors that affect it, such as currency conversion.

      “In respect to third-party content, obviously we’re only part of the pricing equation, and the PlayStation Store is only part of the pricing equation,” Gara said. “And the publisher has a big say particularly about the price they offer it to us at. So I can’t be drawn into comment on that.”

      This was from a Eurogamer article. So both the platform and publisher have control over different pricing elements. Unfortunately, this doesnt clarify who decides sale pricing, but it could be either – or both – depending on circumstance. I reached out to Rockstar and Microsoft for more info, we’ll see if they grace this consumer with an answer 🙂

      1. i’m working on it – but if you knew me, you’d have a hard time getting over me too.

        Just some miscommunication between Mr Burden and I.

        Moving forward.

  9. Too bad the Giana Sisters: Twisted dream is not available here in Australia. Might be an oversight or another stupid regional deal thing only available at specific locations 🙁

    1. Once you click on the link and go to the Xbox page, just change the default region in the bottom left from whatever country it is set at to yours.

      1. Also what browser are you using? Some browsers don’t get along well with some webpages. And on what type of device? Computer? Tablet? Phone?

        Might want to try a different device or different browser or both.

  10. I’ve seen these games in ultimate sales, regular sales, other deals of the week sales, it’s like they’re not even trying :/ I know not everyone has the opportunity to purchase them on sale during their initial offering but this is just silly, next week GTAV will be on sale again… (and for the record this months GWG is one of the best I’ve seen imo) so… just call me confused

    1. Well it would be the first time that GTA V for XBOX one would be on sale and I hope you are right about next week! But I agree with you, specially about the 360 where there is so many games that could be on sale

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